Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations ranked as top ERP system

Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O, the platform for the CAPcargo Transport Management System is the best ERP system when it comes to product features, user satisfaction, vendor experience and capabilities. Great achievement!

Software Review’s has published in April 2020 their results from the latest customer rankings in their Data Quadrant Report for Enterprise Resource Planning. 1107 customers review were completed, evaluating 22 ERP systems. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations has achieved with 8.2 out of 10 the highest composite score. Best in e.g. business value crated, breadth of features, quality of features, product strategy and rate of improvement, usability and intuitiveness or ease of customization and implementation.

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CAPcargo in work-at-home mode

Who would have imagined three months ago that our habits and cooperation methods will so quickly change and are even working?

End of February 2020 CAPcargo has decided that from the 2nd of March on we keep our office locations closed and everybody must work from home. We did this much before official government instructions were communicated. Why? Our sense of responsibility towards the health of our employees, customers and partners.

It has helped that out team knew that this step will come. For us at CAPcargo we know that many small exchanges within the team are helping to create great solutions. But how to keep this exchange running, when everybody is working isolated? We quickly established two daily synchronization calls within the various teams. Surprising result? It works!

And the customer exchange during implementation projects? New and known processes. Operating our consulting team out of Switzerland and having many customers all over the world, for us it is the common process to work often remotely together with our customers. However, totally new for us was to run analysis and design workshops over distance. Yes, new methodologies are needed. It is not realistic to have a workshop call taking 8 hours. Making smaller pieces, being well prepared, setting expectations and targets are making it possible. Result? It works!

We see it as a chance

We are all learning a lot during this time, we need to adopt, change and reflect. Saying good-bye to old habits is also a big chance. Many of us enjoy the time without commuting to work or being close together with their family. Having simply more time is also a gift. Nevertheless, we are looking very, very much forward, seeing us again, not only digitally.

CAPcargo Privacy Policy

Based on Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution and the data protection regulations of the Federal Government (Data Protection Act, DSG) and in accordance with GDPR, every person is entitled to protection of their privacy and to protection against misuse of their personal data. We comply with these terms. Personal data will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold or passed on to third parties. The details can be found in the following explanations.

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CAPcargo driver app bald am Start

Wenn Kundenfragen zu neuen Entwicklungen führen – Das CAPcargo Driver app

Wir haben die gleiche Frage von Kunden immer und immer wieder gehört: «Wieso bietet ihr nicht ein eigenes Fahrer App an? Weisst du, nicht ein grosses Fleet Management System, wir müssen nicht den Motor überwachen, einfach um Aufträge zu übermitteln und Bestätigungen zurückzusenden.»

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Microsoft Inspire ist zurück in Las Vegas

Microsoft Inspire ist der Ort, an dem sich Partner treffen, um als eine Community zusammenzuarbeiten und zu feiern. Mit Tausenden von Partnern aus über 130 Ländern wird es vom 14. bis 18. Juli möglich sein sich von gemeinsamen Erfahrungen und Erkenntnissen inspirieren zu lassen.

Auf welche Neuigkeiten dürfen sich die Teilnehmer in diesem Jahr freuen?
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transport logistic 2019 in München – CAPcargo erhält grossen Zuspruch

Entgegen der Trends bei den traditionellen Ausstellungen, hat die transport logistic in München auch in diesem Jahr wieder ihre Stellung als die globale Leitmesse bestätigt. Nochmals 10% mehr Aussteller, eine zusätzliche Halle, ein Plus von 5% bei den Besuchern. München entwickelt sich immer mehr zum Platz, wo sich die Logistikwelt trifft und Logistiktrends konkret werden. Die Anzahl an Transportexperten an einem Ort ist einmalig. More…. →