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Customer order management and pricing
Status term invoice was not always correctly initialized in the dialog for new transport order creation

In the dialog for creation of new transport order, there exists a simple mechanism, to ensure that 'Status term invoice' is properly initialized (as the field can be initialized from several sources, eg. from transport delivery terms, from customer account or from main transport parameters). In certain cases the 'Status term invoice' initialization mechanism was not performing correctly and was corrected.

Customer order management and pricingOrder surcharges that were calculated via multiplication (ie. via 'Number' surcharge field) were showing wrong values in the 'Create/update multiple surcharges' overview form2021-10Bug84421
Customer order management and pricingRemoval of the duplicated 'Save' menuitem in the 'Order controlling' form2021-10Bug84445
Customer order management and pricingTariff surcharges were previously not shown in the 'Tariff surcharges (contract)‘ section of the ‘Order calculation overview’ form2021-10Bug84583
Customer order management and pricing
Driving distance values were sometimes differently calculated on the D365-embedded map (that can be launched from the 'Calculation transport costs' form)

The driving distance values were sometimes differently calculated on the D365-embedded map (that can be launched from the 'Calculation transport costs' form). The issue was corrected and the driving distance on the D365-embedded map should not have any major difference now anymore.

Please note: the issue was happening only on the D365-embedded map (for 'Calculation transport costs'), the standard driving time & distance calculation (as used for example in GPB screens or in dispatching module) was not anyhow affected.

Customer order management and pricing
Two smaller enhancement of the 'Order controlling' form

Following enhancements were done on the 'Order controlling' form:
- 'Load name' & 'Unload name' dedicated filters now start to show the possible filtering values as the user types the characters
- Date information was removed from the 'Load name' & 'Unload name' grid columns (as dedicated columns exist for dates)

2021-10New feature84455
Customer order management and pricing
UI improvement on Transport order lines (reorganizing menuitems on the transport order line)

Two menuitems "Calculation overview" and "Work instructions" were moved from "Inquiries" group directly to the main view, so no extra click is needed:
- "Calculation overview" is now placed right after the "Remove"
- "Work instructions" is now placed right after "Calculation overview"

2021-10New feature84630
Customer order management and pricing
Better initial focusing of the D365-embedded map on 'Calculation transport costs' form

The D365-embedded map (launched from 'Calculation transport costs' form) sometimes opened without focusing on the 'to be displayed' route (or was focused, but not exactly precisely). The focusing mechanism was improved.

2021-10New feature84937
Dispatching and confirmationIn GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen, after the conflict analysis was performed, sometimes only the first selected transport leg was automatically refreshed2021-10New feature84925
Dispatching and confirmationFramework for generic custom columns was improved, to allow more reliable filtering in the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen2021-10New feature84638
Dispatching and confirmation
If order has packages and carrying resource assignment is done on order level, splitting the order line to multiple carrying resources is blocked

In TAL it's possible to split one tour order into multiple carrying resources. If carrying resource assignment is not done on package level (parameterization on Transport type), it is not possible to determine which package should go to which carrying resource. Hence the splitting such order line is blocked.

2021-10New feature84517
Dispatching and confirmationBetter icon for electric vehicles, affects a resource visualization in GPB screen (minor cosmetic adjustment)2021-10New feature84602
Dispatching and confirmationLoading (and unloading) quantities were sometimes not shown in the tour stop tooltip on the GPB map screen 2021-10Bug85032
Dispatching and confirmation
'No conflicts detected.' infolog was sometimes shown after 'Release for departure' process, even though the tour failed to be released (as some conflicts were detected)

The issue was corrected and the 'No conflict detected.' infolog is shown only when there are really no conflicts detected.

Dispatching and confirmationin GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen, the conflict analysis status (and icon) was automatically refreshed only when some conflict was detected on the transport leg load point2021-10Bug85084
Dispatching and confirmationPreviously, on GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen, it could happen that when launching conflict analysis for a single transport leg, conflicts of all legs were detected/reported2021-10Bug84955
Dispatching and confirmationNew button 'Clear route/cost variations' was introduced to GPB Map screen, it is now possible to remove pushed 'Route/cost optimization variations' visualization from the map2021-10New feature28233
Dispatching and confirmation
Field 'Block instruction activity updates' was not shown in 'Dispatch light - Tours' form when Mobile app license configuration keys were disabled

The issue was corrected and the field 'Block instruction activity updates' is now always shown in 'Dispatch light - Tours' form, regardless of the Mobile apps license configuration keys.

Dispatching and confirmation
New work instruction direct entry option (on transport order, per load/unload address)

Two new work instruction related fields were added to the dialog for new transport order creation (and also to the transport order header), in tab Address:
- Work Instruction (Load)
- Work Instruction (Unload)

Fields can be used for direct specification of work instructions already during the transport order creation process. As both fields are physically creating the address related work instruction records (in the work instruction framework), they are also accessible in the dispatching (and in the mobile apps).

Additionally, all contact information of the transport order header is newly gathered into 'Contact' tab.

Dispatching and confirmation
Printing of tour related reports was sometimes not possible in the GPB gantt screens

In certain constellations, the printing of tour reports was not possible in the GPB gantt screens, as the reports were generated correctly but the printing dialog was not automatically closed (hence the reports could not be processed/printed).

Printing of following reports was affected:
- Loading list
- Unloading list
- Way Bill
- Pallet docket

The issue was corrected.

Dispatching and confirmation
Transport leg (created via failed delivery process) newly inherits the carrying resource assignment of the original transport leg

Previously, transport leg (that was created via failed delivery process) was never assigned to carrying resource, even though the original transport leg was. This mechanism was improved, the transport leg (created via failed delivery process) now newly inherits the carrying resource assignment (ie. vehicle & compartment) from the original transport leg, in case the original transport legs was assigned to some carrying resource.

2021-10New feature82476
Dispatching and confirmationIn GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen, product descriptions were sometimes not corresponding to the content of the transport order line2021-10Bug83371
Dispatching and confirmation
Several 'Work instructions' related enhancements were introduced

Following 'Work instruction' related enhancements were introduced:
- In GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen, a new dedicated menuitem 'Work instruction's was added (previously, the Work instruction menuitem could be added only as generic custom menuitem)
- In GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen, it was possible to create/edit/delete work instructions. This was disabled, as it is not supported to have work instructions on the transport leg level
- In 'Dispatch light - Tours' form, a new dedicated menuitems 'Work instructions' was added both to action pane & tour stops
- To prevent work instructions duplication on the tour stops, a new validation was introduced to work instructions templates (on Transport address), to ensure that work instructions can be activated for 'Add to tour stop' only when other 'Add to..' parameters are not activated.

2021-10New feature83588
Dispatching and confirmation
Conflict 405 'Process - Tour line with zero duration' was adjusted to check only PLANNED values (and renamed)

Conflict 405 'Process - Tour line with zero duration' used to validate if a tour has no planned or confirmed 0 duration activities/driving times. As there is no big added values in providing a conflict on confirmed values (ie. warning the dispatcher that there have been 0 times confirmed), therefore the conflict was adjusted to only have PLANNED 0 times validated. To better illustrate its adjusted purpose, the conflict was also renamed to 'Process - Tour stop with 0 planned duration time'.

2021-10New feature81171
Dispatching and confirmation
GPB GSR and GST truck and trailer filters improvement during filtering

Truck and Trailers filters doesn't filter the correct data when checking both of them or separately. The issue is fixed and works good.

Dispatching and confirmationIn GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen, a filtering on custom generic fields was sometimes not working (when field was of type 'dropdown selection')2021-10Bug84529
Dispatching and confirmation
GST: the tooltip is not correctly shown, it is not respecting the opening hours

Incorrectness in GST screen respecting the customer wish, the opening hour should be respected regarding address information on each tour stop setup.

Dispatching and confirmation'Max pickup attempts after failed pickup' parameterization on Contract/Version/Relation was sometimes not respected during failed pickup registration process2021-10Bug84607
Customer order management and pricingOrder controlling' form was not automatically refreshed when the price calculation was performed2021-10Bug84451
Dispatching and confirmation
Transport order could not be sometimes deleted from the tour

The issue was especially happening when a quantity split was existing for transport order (that was created from sales order with some bulk item). Such transport order could not be removed from tour (and user was wrongly informed that 'Order line XXX cannot be removed because this would cause a quantity split, which is not allowed for an order which is based on a shipment from the trade module'. The issue was corrected and such transport order can now be removed from the tour.

Dispatching and confirmationWhen 'Complete tour execution' was launched as a periodic task (in some batch group), then the batch group was not inherited to all periodic child tasks2021-10Bug83282
Dispatching and confirmation
In certain cases it was not possible to plan transport order into new new tour, via 'drag and drop' in the GPB

Planning of the order/transport leg into new tour (via 'drag and drop' from GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen onto 'Resource Dispatching' screen) previously sometimes failed with error 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object'. The issue was happening especially for transport orders with no transport quantity (ie. with zero transport quantity). The issue was corrected.

Dispatching and confirmationConflict140 'Resource - Capacity-resource leaving tour stop without load/order' was sometimes detected in conflict management even when it should not2021-10Bug83007
Dispatching and confirmation
Correction of the conflict status on tour (red/green), in both GPB gantt screens

Depending on the process button configuration of the process 'Tour release for departure', the conflict status of the tour got lost after the process got executed, meaning it showed "grey" (status unknown), even though the conflicts might have been just analysed before within the same process, and therefore the tour should show red/green in GPB.
This was fixed by correcting the following: At the end of the tour release process, the system re-calculated all scheduling again which reset the conflict status. This rescheduling is not needed anymore, since scheduling happens in real time at all necessary events. Hence that re-scheduling is skipped now and should also improve the performance.

Driver AppProcessing of mobile apps change tracking was sometimes failing with reason 'An error occured during change tracking'2021-10Bug84775
Driver App
Wrong order quantities in the mobile apps

In certain constellation, a wrong order quantity could have been sent sent to mobile apps. The issue was happening especially when following criteria were met:
- Transport order had some packages
- Carrying resource assignment was used
- Parameter 'One load/unload per tour stop' was activated

The issue was corrected.

Driver App
New feature: Visualization of carrying resources and address areas in the CAPcargo Driver app

Currently, address area information is already shown in the CAPcargo Driver app, but only if an instruction activity "Scan barcode (address area)" is used. With this feature we will always visualize the activities according to address area.

Address area and carrying resource information is now always exported to Driver app and displayed to the driver, whenever such information is available in D365. Carrying resource information is displayed either as separate parent activities, or as a text in the load/unload activities.

This design covers:
-visualization of carrying resources and address areas in Driver app
- confirmation of Mobile app activities that are related to carrying resource assignment records.

2021-10New feature80250
Driver App
New feature: Driver App enhancements on address area capacity

In this feature the following setup was added:
- new activity that lists the address area capacities of all address areas of the tour stop
- show the address area capacity directly on the address area activity.

2021-10New feature80705
Driver App
Introduce an update mechanism of transport order work instructions in the mobile apps

Previously, transport order work instructions were handled only when new tour was released and sent to Driver app.
This task introduces an automated update process of transport order work instructions to mobile apps.
Following processes are covered (the list is not complete, rather for illustration):
- when new order is added to the tour (or previously planned order is removed from tour), while tour was already submitted to mobile apps
- when transport order instructions are changed in TAL
- when tour stops are merged (or split)
- etc.

2021-10New feature80873
Driver App
Logic for showing transport order work instructions in driver app was enhanced, to better cover the failed pickup cases

Previously, the transport order work instructions (that are address related) were shown in the driver app only on first tour stop (for loading) and last tour stop (for unloading). This was not sufficient for some business cases, for example for failed pick-up case (where truck is returning to address later and thus loading does not happen on the very first tour stop of the order).
The 'first' and 'last' condition was re-worked, so that transport order work instructions (that are address related) are newly shown in the driver app also for the 'not first' & 'not last' tour stops (as far as the address & loading activity matches).

2021-10New feature80995
Driver App
Driver app: Clean up Driver app data in D365 (and in middleware)

Previously, it was possible to delete historical mobile app tours data only manually. Now, the deletion of historical data is possible also via periodic tasks.

Following 'clean-up' periodic tasks were added:
- 'Clean up Mobile app tours'
- 'Clean up Mobile app messages'

Via both periodic 'clean-up' tasks, it is possible to remove historical data (eg. mobile app tours, messages, attachments sent to mobile apps, even the tours from mobile apps etc.), if they are not needed anymore. In case of attachments, only the attachments related to mobile app tours (that are being removed) are physically removed from the file share; the attachments that are attached in TAL (eg. in tour confirmation, as received from mobile apps) - these are not removed.
It is possible to use the 'clean-up' periodic tasks also without calling the middleware cleanup (by writing a small customization) - to better support the projects who don't use the CAPcargo mobile apps.

2021-10New feature82953
Driver App
''Departed' field on tour confirmation was sometimes not updated correctly from Driver app feedback

Sometimes the "Departed" field of a tour stop in Tour confirmation remains unchecked even when the driver has confimed the departure from that tour stop.

The bug happens because the system incorrectly thinks that the related "Drive" activity is arrival, not departure. And this happens because it doesn't exclude deleted/cancelled activities (which have sort code 9999) when it checks if the related Drive activity on the tour stop is the first or last Drive activity on the stop. (First Drive activity is arrival, last Drive activity is departure).

And this means that the "Departed" checkbox will remain unchecked (and Departed date&time is not updated).

Depending on Transport parameters this might prevent the tour from reaching Confirmed status.

Driver App
'Distance/Time confirmed' flag in tour confirmation was sometimes not updated correctly from Driver app feedback for the last tour stop

When the driver confirms the last activity of the last tour stop, the processing in TAL should set the 'Distance/Time confirmed' flag on the last tour stop.

But if this tour stop had deleted/cancelled activities, then the "is this the last activity?" check failed (it should exclude the cancelled/deleted records but it did not). And this caused that the "Distance/Time confirmed" flag remained unset.
And depending on Transport parameters this might have prevented the tour from reaching Confirmed status.

The issue was corrected and 'Distance/Time confirmed' flag is now updated.

Driver App
Wrong layouts in Mobile address area capacity

Address area activity (the activity tile itself has information which should be nicely shown on multiple lines) and during the development the layouts were shown wrong. The fixed layout it shows in new line, each info for the correspondent activity (capacity, kg, m3 etc.)

2021-10New feature84760
Compartment related data entities were renamed with more generic names

Two data entities were renamed, to better illustrate the data entity purpose:
- 'TAL Compartment capacity' was renamed to 'TAL Compartment/Address area capacity'
- 'TAL Compartments' was renamed to 'TAL Compartments/ Address areas'

2021-10New feature84835
Several surcharge related data entities were renamed

Following data entities were renamed, to better illustrate the data entity content:
- 'TAL Surcharge group contract relation' -> 'TAL Tariff surcharges groups'
- 'TAL Surcharge contract relation' -> 'TAL Tariff surcharges (contract)'
- 'TAL Tariff surcharges (contract)' -> 'TAL Tariff surcharges within surcharge group'

2021-10New feature84615
Support for PTV xServers 2.xx (initial release)

Previously, only PTV xServers 1.xx were supported. This task introduces the possibility to use PTV xServers 2.xx.

Following parameterization is needed:
- In Transport Parameters (in Geo service section), switch 'Geo service product' from 'PTV xServer [1.xx]' into 'PTV xServer [2.23]'.
- Then in 'xServer parameters' specify the paths to xServer 2.xx xLocate/xRoute/xMap/xTour services (incl. Token, if applicable)

Then all CAPcargo modules functionality will start using the PTV xServer 2.xx (eg. driving distance & time calculation, map visualization etc.), both in D365 and in GPB screens.

Please note:
- PTV xServer 2.xx interface should be used in productive applications only after detailed testing of the company processes (as the results from xServer 2.xx might slightly differ from the results of xServer 1.xx versions, due to different approach and coverage of the xServer 2.xx). Main processes of CAPcargo modules were tested with PTV xServer 2.23
- using PTV xServer 2.xx requires an installation of the PTV xServer 2.xx version, also new licensing.
- development of the xServer 2.xx interface will continue in next releases, due to wider coverage/features of xServer 2.xx versions

Functionality that is not working under PTV xServer 2.23:
- D365-embedded map (that can be launched from the 'Calculation transport costs' form) doesn't open. Please note: the issue happens only in D365-embedded map (that is used in calculation transport costs form); the map (that is used by GPB client) is not anyhow affected and works with xServer 2.23.

2021-10New feature84016
New data entity for administration of TAL Surcharge groups

New data entity 'TAL Surcharge groups' was added to the system, it is now possible to import (or export) surcharge groups.

2021-10New feature83935
New data entities for administration of mobile apps parameters

Three new data entities were created, both for export and import projects:
- TAL Mobile app global parameters
- TAL Mobile app parameters
- TAL Return-order transport unit (Driver App)

Please note:
- Due to the security 'best practices', passwords for mobile apps middleware services & fileshare are not included in the 'TAL Mobile app global parameters' data entity.

2021-10New feature83996
New data entity for 'Order origin codes'

New data entity was created, both for export and import projects:
- TAL Order origin codes

2021-10New feature84012
New 'Track and Trace' related data entities

Following new data entities were added, both for export and import projects:
- TAL Status message criteria
- TAL Status message criteria line
- TAL Status message setup
- TAL Message groups
- TAL Integration message groups
- TAL Status message template
- TAL Status message template lines

2021-10New feature81765
Track & Trace status message were sometimes generated wrongly for failed pickup cases

The issue was especially happening for status messages of type Status425 ('Load/Unload package finished').

''TAL Rule collective invoice' data entity could previously fail to import

Importing via 'TAL Rule collective invoice' data entity sometimes previously failed with 'Unable to cast object of type 'Dynamics.AX.Application.CIRTRAInvoiceCollectionRule' to type 'Dynamics.AX.Application.CIRTRACollectionRule'.' error. The issue was corrected.

Master data
Impossibility to cancel/skip the address geo-coding validation process

During the address creation, it can happen that entered address data cannot be validated against PTV map component, as only similar address is found. In that case the user is informed via 'The map cannot accurately geo-code the required address...' dialog, with 'Yes', 'No' and 'Cancel' options. The issue was that the 'Cancel' option didn't previously work correctly and instead of cancelling the geo-coding/validation, it only re-opened the dialog again. The issue was corrected and 'Cancel' now really cancels the geo-coding/validation process (and keeps the entered address details).

Customer order management and pricing
All three tariff units can be shown in the 'Order controlling' form

Previously, in the 'Order controlling' form, via form customization it was possible to add only Tariff unit 1.
Newly, it is possible to add also Tariff unit 2 & Tariff unit 3 (with their tariff quantities).

2021-10New feature84435
Other / General
Tariff surcharges labels in wrong German translation

In the tariff surcharges the 'from' and 'to' are using wrong labels.
It should be 'von' 'bis' and not 'startdatum' and 'nach'.

Other / General
Data migration task - to populate new fields on transport order header & line

Data migration task for 84125.

Data migration task fills new fields:
- a new parameter 'Further packages expected' (on transport order header)
- a new field 'No. of future packages' (on transport order line)

on transport orders that not yet delivered/invoiced.

2021-10Data conversion84990
Other / General
KNOWN ISSUE: Issues when using "One load/unload per tour stop" with orders that have address area information (Driver app and Truck loading app)

If transport orders have an address area information, and 'One load/unload per tour stop' mechanism is used, some issues might occur. Therefore 'One load/unload per tour stop' should not be used together with orders that have address areas until the issues are fixed.

1) Missing confirmation of tour orders:
- If transport order has address area in the load address, confirming grouped load/unload activities on depot stops (=other than transport order load/unload address) in the app will not result in order confirmation in D365
- Additionally for Truck loading app tours the same issue happens also when transport order load/unload address is Depot, if the order points to an address area in the depot.

2) Missing carrying resource information in the apps:
- If transport order has address area in the load/unload address, any load/unload activities on depot stops (=other than transport order load/unload address) will not show carrying resource information (carrying resource is shown as a separate "parent activity" or as a descriptive text in the load/unload activity, depending on D365 setup)

2021-10Known issue85133
Shipment Builder
Allow the package confirmation even when not all packages are picked

Previously, for shipment based transport orders, a package confirmation could only happen if the entire tour order was fully picked. In case the tour order was not fully picked, then the package confirmation was blocked (and user was informed via infolog 'Tour order line XXX contains loads that are not fully picked.') This was not sufficient, as for example in mobile apps the loading confirmation should be allowed even before the tour order is fully picked. Hence the validation was adjusted.

2021-10New feature84981
Shipment Builder
''Release to warehouse' process is newly based on transport legs (previously was based on tour)

Previously, the 'Release to warehouse' periodic task was based on the tour level. This turned to be not optimal (and too rigid), hence the periodic task is newly based on the transport leg level.
The general logic works in the same way, the only difference is that system only considers tours that need to be released to warehouse (previously, this was not possible).

Following logic was implemented:
- Select all transport legs that need to be released to warehouse (SCM status = "Goods registered" or "Partially released to warehouse") which are in tours that meet the criteria regarding "Tour start +days" (this logic previously existed already)

2021-10New feature84331
Shipment Builder
Amount of periodic tasks in 'Release to warehouse' process (when launched as periodic task)

When using the periodic task 'Release to warehouse - Tour' from the CAPcargo Transport menu, the splitting logic '1 batch per tour Id' was previously used. The issue was corrected, the spitting logic is newly only used when 'Release to warehouse' is called directly via the dedicated menuitems (either from GPB or from 'Dispatching Light - Tours' form).

Shipment Builder
Tour order was sometimes not confirmed when all packages were confirmed

Tour order was sometimes not confirmed when all packages were confirmed. The issue was happening only for tour orders (that belong to transport orders that were created from trade orders) and only when its packages did not contain license plate id. The issue was corrected and the tour orders are automatically confirmed when all packages are confirmed (and no more packages are expected). To better manage such cases:
- a new parameter 'Further packages expected' was introduced to transport order header
- a new field 'No. of future packages' was introduced to transport order line

Shipment Builder'Release to warehouse' process from tour/transport leg could previously fail if new D365 credit management feature was activated2021-10Bug84647
Subcontracting/IC order management and pricingTariff surcharges that were calculated via 'Activity duration' calculation base were sometimes not calculated correctly (instead of multiplication based on activity duration, only the flat amount was applied)2021-10Bug84655
Subcontracting/IC order management and pricing
NOT PRODUCTION RELEVANT: Cleaning new subcontractor order data (new table)

For the upcoming harmonization of the subcontractor orders a new table was already filled with data which is not needed in normal production. New in this release there is a parameter to switch on/off that generation of data for testing purpose (default OFF). Since these are not used anywhere in production they are cleaned by means of this data job. No risk, just cleaning up.

2021-10Data conversion84596
Truck loading App
De-coupling 'Send to apps' from 'Release to depot' & distinguish Truck loading app activation between load/unload

Like for driver app where we have a clear separation of 'Send to app' & 'Release for departure', we also have separated 'Send to Truck loading app' & 'Release to depot'.

By means of flags, these [separate] processes can be activated per tour stop. In order to automate, these parameters are pre-defined on master data 'depot' and 'route/zone' and then initialized by the priority first route/zone, then depot.

However, the process 'Send to Truck loading app' can only be activated if the process 'Release to depot' is activated. Vice versa not, 'Release to depot' can work without the app. Meaning, the depot releasing can happen independently of using the Truck loading app.

Therefore this data job ensures, that on the depot master table the configuration (where only the app flags are set, but not the 'Release to depot' flag) doesn't happen.

2021-10Data conversion84795
Dispatching and confirmation
Address name added to the Truck loading history form

New physical field 'Address name' was created in the truck loading history table, to store address name. Field can be used for filtering/searching. Previously, only address id was shown in the form.

Truck loading App
UI improvement of the tour list (in Truck loading app)

Tour detail section (in the tour list in Truck loading app) newly shows tour end address for load tour and tour start address for unload tour. Previously, the addresses were switched.
Additionally, if route exists for the tour, it will be shown in front (before load/unload address).

2021-10New feature84713
Truck loading App
Enhancements in showing work instructions in Mobile apps when orders are added/removed from tour (or when carrying resource assignment is changed)

Some minor issues can still be encountered in certain specific cases, these will be fixed in a future release.

2021-10New feature85051
Truck loading App
Issue when switching user account in Truck loading app

If user did logout from their current account and logged in with another account, the screen would sometimes start flickering and the login process would not complete without clearing app data.

Truck loading App
More order related information on loading/unloading detail page in mobile apps

Following information were added to Truck loading app and Driver app (to tour order line details, or to packages):
- Customer
- Transport unit Id + description
- Route Id and route description of the transport leg + Route of last leg (ie. delivery leg)
- All planning quantities + units
- Commodity (only on tour order line details)
- Barcodes
- Measurements/Dimensions

2021-10New feature84103
Truck loading App
Push to Truck loading app only packages/order lines that are ready for loading

The logic (in D365) that sends information to the Truck loading app (at Release to depot or when an order gets added to a tour which is already released to a depot) needed to be enhanced, to push to app only the order lines/packages that are ready for loading (eg. are picked). The logic also properly handles different types of order (eg. Sales order, Purchase order etc).

2021-10New feature84123
Truck loading App
Improved online check for 'Loading completed' & 'Unloading completed' truck loading app activities

Truck loading app tours have an activity 'Loading completed' & 'Unloading completed'. When the user swipes these activities, the app newly makes a real time check against D365, to make sure that everything is ok and the loading/unloading can be finished.
Previously, the online check was very simple (and swiping of both activities was possible in the truck loading app, as far as D365 was reachable).

2021-10New feature82992
Truck loading App
Visualize compartment of carrying resource on the load/unload activities in the Truck loading app

Depending on 'Group per carrying resource' instruction activity rule, the compartments of the carrying resources are shown either as separate parent activities, or as text in the Load/Unload activities.

2021-10New feature82232
Truck loading App
Possibility to use 'Release to depot' process also without Truck loading app (and allow more detailed depot activation for truck loading app processes)

Previously, it was possible to use 'Release to depot' process only in combination with Truck loading app (as there was just one activation parameter 'Truck loading app' on the depot, which actually enabled the depot also for 'Release to depot' process).

This was enhanced, newly it is possible to use 'Release to depot' process also without Truck loading app. This was achieved by re-working of the depot parameters, now both processes have dedicated activation parameters on the TMS depot and it is also possible to manage truck loading app in more detailed way (ie. activate depot for truck loading app only for loading, or only for unloading, or for both).

Key characteristics:
- new parameters on Depot ('Truck Loading App (Loading), 'Truck Loading App (Unloading), 'Release to depot')
- same new parameters on Route ('Truck Loading App (Loading), 'Truck Loading App (Unloading))
- same new parameters on tour stop ('Truck Loading App (Loading), 'Truck Loading App (Unloading))

The priority of parameterization is:
- tour stop -> route -> depot (so parameterization on tour stop has the highest priority)

Please note:
- While it is now possible to parameterize the depot for 'Release to depot' without Truck loading app, the opposite setup is not supported (ie. the depot can be activated for Truck loading app only when it is also activated for 'Release to depot' process).
- The new parameters on the tour stop can be effectively managed (ie. changed) only in the GPB.

2021-10New feature82808
Dispatching and confirmation
Transport leg types improved: can be multiple & respects failed delivery/pickup better

The transport leg types (pickup, shuttle, distribution, direct) are used for filter purposes in several places. So far each leg was exactly 1 type. New is, that each leg can be multiple types, which is rather rare but can happen. Example: Order from depot X to depot Y is a shuttle, but also a direct leg. - Further the failed pickups and deliveries are better covered, meaning that for example for failed pickup the first and the second leg are of type pickup (first failed attempt, 2nd successful attempt).

2021-10New feature84359
Dispatching and confirmationAdditional comma was sometimes shown in GPB 'Transport legs /-orders' screen (in 'Commodities' field) when the transport leg contained multiple order lines (and some had commodity specified and some not)2021-10Bug84417
Shipment Builder
KNOWN ISSUE: Incorrect planning quantity on the (shipment builder based) transport order line when part-delivery is registered

Plan quantities are calculated incorrectly when part delivery is registered for shipmentbased transport orders. The issue is present regardless the base of thetransport order is a load line – WHS based shipment builder – or the order line/ order line chain – non-WHS based shipment builder. Furthermore, planquantities are wrongly determined both when the part delivery is registered onthe trade order line – Scheduled part delivery function – and when the partdelivery is registered on the transport leg or tour – Part delivery function.
Only thepart delivery functions are affected by the incorrect plan quantity calculationissue. At transport order creation and when processing the warehouse feedback,the plan quantities are calculated correctly.

2021-10Known issue86291