TopicTitle & DetailsRelease MonthTypeID
Customer invoicing'Create and post invoice batch' was previously not working when some customer transport group rule was applied2021-11Bug84973
Customer invoicingTechnical enhancement to better support project specific custom developments, in the area of customer invoice & reversal posting2021-11New feature84816
Customer invoicingTechnical enhancement to better support project specific custom developments, in the area of transport order reversal posting posting2021-11New feature85709
Customer order management and pricing
Work instruction 'fast entry' fields on transport order header are now enabled for editing even when order is in status Plannable/Dispatched/Delivered

Previously, the 'Work instruction (Load)' & 'Work instruction (Unload)' fields on transport order were enabled for editing only when transport order was in status 'Registered'. This was enhanced and both 'fast entry' work instruction fields are now enabled also when the transport order is in dispatching (until transport order is invoice).

2021-11New feature85655
Customer order management and pricing
Reformulation of the tariff level change dialog, when user manually deletes some collection order

When deleting a collective order, then previously system asked for confirmation about resetting the tariff level with a dialog "Tariff level will be set to 'Detail' for all lines. Continue?". The dialog was slightly confusing, as it might have been understood that answering "No" will break & undo whole operation (so collective order will not be deleted). Which was in reality not happening as the dialog is related only to tariff level change and regardless whether user answers "Yes" or "No", the collective order is always deleted.

To avoid the misunderstanding, the dialog was reformulated to "Do you want to set the tariff level for all order lines to 'Detail'?".

2021-11New feature84718
Customer order management and pricing'Checked imported order' form is now opened in the 'grid' view even when there is just one record existing (previously the form was opened in the 'line' view)2021-11New feature83950
Customer order management and pricing
Periodic tasks 'Contract finding transport order' sometimes failed with an error

Periodic tasks 'Contract finding transport order' sometimes failed with an error 'Cannot edit a record in Transport orders (CIRTRASalesTable). Your changes to this table were not saved because another user also changed the table. Click Restore on the Command menu to update the table, and then enter your changes again.'
The issue was especially happening when 'Reset contract for all order' parameter was activated in the properties of the 'Contract finding transport order' periodic task. The issue was corrected.

Customer order management and pricing
Unable to attach documents to transport order once it is invoiced

Previously, in TMS AX 2012, it was possible to attach documents to transport order even when it was invoiced. This functionality was later lost, during the upporting the TMS module into D365. This task restores the functionality.

Customer order management and pricingWhen importing documents to transport order (that has some status invoice document rule of requiring document to fulfil invoicing criteria), then order invoice status was not updated properly2021-11Bug85422
Customer order management and pricing
'Order controlling' form failed to open when license configuration for 'Shipment builder (based on WHSLoadLine)' was deactivated

The issue was corrected and 'Order controlling' form is now independent to license configuration for 'Shipment builder (based on WHSLoadLine)' setup. Only individual (shipment builder related) form elements are now supressed (eg. 'Trade orders' field), when the shipment builder is not activated via licence configuration.

Dispatching and confirmationIn 'Route/cost optimization', the variations (which were generated from some template) were sometimes not shown in the form2021-11Bug86058
Dispatching and confirmationManually created new tours were sometimes not automatically selected in the GPB gantt screens2021-11Bug84380
Dispatching and confirmation
Ignored selected routes (in 'Generate/Update tour out of route/zone' dialog, in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen

When the 'Generate/Update tour out of route/zone' was used, tours should have been created/updated depending of which routes were selected in the dialog. The issue was that the selection of route (that was done in the dialog) was ignored and whole original transport leg scope was used. The issue was only happening when 'Generate/Update tour out of route/zone' was manually called from GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen. The issue was corrected and the route selection (that is done in the dialog) is now respected.

Dispatching and confirmation
Tour filtering via truck loading app status 'Open' was not working correctly

In certain constellation, it was possible that when filtering the tours (in GPB gantt screens) via truck loading app status 'Open', then the resulting tour overview was not reliable (ie. some tours were shown even though they were not to be handled in truck loading app). The issue was corrected.

Dispatching and confirmation
Wrong durations of the resource legs in the GPB gantt screens (in level 2)

Previously, it could happen that the end date & time of resource assignment was not calculated correctly after certain dispatching actions. The issue was especially happening when transport order was planned via 'Dispatch directly to new tour' process. The issue was corrected.

Dispatching and confirmation
Some resources were not shown in the GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen

The issue was happening when resource did not have any vehicle capacity defined. The issue was corrected, the vehicle capacity criteria is now taken into account only when transport type filter is applied.

Dispatching and confirmation
In GPB gantt screens, transport order could not be sometimes deleted from the tour

The issue was especially happening when a quantity split was existing for transport order (that was created from sales order with some bulk item). Such transport order could not be removed from tour in GPB (and user was wrongly informed that 'Order line XXX cannot be removed because this would cause a quantity split, which is not allowed for an order which is based on a shipment from the trade module'. The issue was previously already corrected for TAL forms, is now also corrected for GPB (and such transport order can now be removed from the tour also in GPB gantt screens).

Dispatching and confirmation
Customer wished dates (for loading/unloading) were sometimes not actualized on the transport legs, after the dates were changed via 'Change date/time' menuitems on the transport order

The issue was happening when only 'Load date to' or only 'Unload date to' were changed in the 'Change date/time' dialogs.

Dispatching and confirmationIn certain data constellations, 'Merge all tour lines' dispatcher action didn't merge all tour stops2021-11Bug85411
Dispatching and confirmation
Sequence of tour stops sometimes could not be changed in the GPB gantt screens

Changing a tour stop sequence (via 'drag & drop' of tour stops in the GPB gantt screens) sometimes failed with an error infolog 'Tour line moving at that position not possible!'. The issue was corrected and infolog is populated only when the 'dropping' action would lead to inconsistent data (eg. when dropping unload stop before load stop etc.).

Dispatching and confirmation
Several issues were corrected in the area of cleaning type determination

Following issues were corrected, in the 'Add cleaning activity' dialog:
- some cleaning activity suggestions were sometimes duplicated in the dialog
- in some cases the cleaning activity suggestion was not generated for the truck
- load address was missing in the dialog, hence cleaning activity could not be generated

Dispatching and confirmation
Address area information was sometimes not available in the dispatching module

During failed pickup retry (or during failed delivery planning) the address area information were sometimes not taken into account on the loading/unloading leg points/tour stops. Issue was caused by a code imperfection, where system was able to correctly fetch address area information only on the transport leg points that were related to 'very first' loading (or 'very last' unloading). Which, especially for failed pickup & failed delivery, was quite often not the case. For example in the failed pickup scenario, the effective loading of goods mostly doesn't happen on the very first transport leg loading point (as there the failed pickup is registered), but on second/third loading leg point. And there the address area information was not previously available. The issue was affecting also several conflicts that are testing the address area (resulting either into 'too few', or 'too many' conflicts). The issue was corrected and address area information is available also for transport leg points that are not 'very first' (or 'very last'), as far as the transport leg address is matching either the original load (or unload) address of the transport order.

Dispatching and confirmation
Conflict255 ('Qualification - missing certificate for driver') was previously sometimes not detected in the conflict management

The issue was especially happening when some driver qualification (without valid certificate) was required by some other resource (eg. truck).

Dispatching and confirmation
Periodic task 'Distance and time calculation' (for tours) sometimes failed to finish (and got stuck in status 'Processing')

The issue was especially happening when the periodic task 'Distance and time calculation' (for tours) was running and some tours were being deleted in the meantime. The periodic task then sometimes did stuck in the status 'Processing'.

The issue was fixed and the periodic task now handles these situations correctly (and continues & finishes).

Dispatching and confirmation
Performance driven code optimization of engine that loads (and selects) tours in GPB gantt screens

Improvement was achieved by simplification of the code structure, without any negative impact on tour planning functionality.

2021-11New feature84264
Dispatching and confirmation
Avoid the re-usage of the same tour line id (within one tour)

Previously, when the tour stop (with highest tour line id) was removed and some new tour stop was generated in the same tour, then the new tour stop got the same tour line id (as the mechanism for tour line id determination was just looking for highest existing tour line id (and simply did allocate the next higher value)). This could lead to potential issues (both in TAL & GPB & mobile apps), as the data model & code was not designed to encounter different tour stops with the same tour line id (even though these tour stops do never exist both at the same time).
As a precaution, the mechanism for tour line id determination was reworked (and system is now internally always storing the "highest" allocated tour line id per tour), so the tour line id is never re-used for other tour stops (of the same tour).

2021-11New feature84353
Dispatching and confirmation
Improvement of the left/right horizontal scrolling (ie. into the past/future) in the GPB gantt screens

Scrolling left/right (ie. into the past/future) is now more fluent in the GPB gantt screens. The tours are being loaded onto the screen (via background services), as soon the scrolling action is performed.

2021-11New feature84424
Dispatching and confirmation
When both 'Vehicle group' and 'Driver group' filters were applied at the same time in the GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen, the result was previously not entirely reliable

Dispatching and confirmation
In GPB, the 'Generate/Update tour out of route/zone' sometimes did not plan all pre-filtered routes/transport legs

The issue was happening only in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen; feature was working correctly in the TAL 'Dispatch light - Transport legs' form.

Dispatching and confirmation
Performance improvement of the D365 dialogs and forms, when being opened from GPB screens

Performance improvement was achieved via optimization of user authorization process (that is being performed when opening D365 dialogs and forms from GPB screens).
Opening of D365 dialogs and forms should be now significantly faster, from all GPB screens.

2021-11New feature34360
Dispatching and confirmation
Re-introduce selective part delivery merge (both to GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' & TAL 'Dispatch light - Transport legs' form)

Historically, before GPB was introduced, when transport leg was split via several quantity splits, it was possible to select which transport legs exactly should be merged together again. Unfortunately this feature was not implemented into GPB, as the 'Merge part deliveries' menuitem was not enabled for transport leg multi-selection.
This task enhances it, it is now possible in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen to use 'Merge part deliveries' menuitem even when several transport legs are multi-selected.

Consequently, the 'Merge part deliveries' menuitem was also enabled in the 'Transport leg' action pane section in TAL 'Dispatch light - Transport legs' form (previously was only accessible in 'Only for internal test purpose' section).

2021-11New feature57662
Dispatching and confirmation
Way bill report & Tour report enhancement, to contain confirmed values (if these are already available)

Following SSRS print reports were adjusted, to print confirmed quantity values (if these are already available):
- Way bill report
- Tour report

Additionally, the waybill report (when printed from the tour) was enhanced, to contain quantity details of the transport leg (that is planned in the tour). Previously, the way bill report (when printed form the tour) was containing only quantity details of the transport order line. Which, in certain cases (eg. when transport leg was split via quantity, or via some depot/address), was providing inaccurate quantity details.

2021-11New feature70675
Dispatching and confirmation
GPB technical enhancement - implementation of the web service connection caching mechanism

In order to improve performance of the GPB client (and to reduce the overhead of communication management between GPB client & D365 backend), a web service connection caching mechanism was introduced. The same caching mechanism was previously successfully used in certain functionalities in the GPB 'Transport legs /-orders' screen (eg. during paging & filtering of transport orders/legs), was in this task implemented also to other GPB screens.

2021-11New feature79268
Dispatching and confirmation
New feature: visualization of preferred routes also in the GPB Map

Feature of preferred routes visualization, introduced originally on the D365-embedded map (for the 'Calculation transport costs' feature) has been introduced also to the GPB Map. So it is now possible to see the preferred routes utilization also for normal TMS tours (eg. when 'Show tour on map' is used).

In the GPB Map screen, the visualization of preferred routes is managed in the 'Get Feature Layers' section (in the map side control panel), where individual preferred route layers activation/deactivation parameters are available.

2021-11New feature83609
Dispatching and confirmation
Adjustment of the validation of tour start change (by drag & drop of the whole tour in both GPB gantt screens)

Mechanism for adjusting the tour start (by drag & drop of the whole tour in both GPB gantt screens) was enhanced, to better cover the scenarios where projects customized the visualization identification of the tour (eg. showing tour id & route id, instead of plain tour id).

2021-11New feature85359
Dispatching and confirmation
Carrying resource menuitem naming & helptext was adjusted

Following small GUI improvements were done to carrying resource menuitems, both in GPB gantt screens & TAL 'Dispatch light - Tours' form.

In GPB gantt screens:
- 'Carrying resource' menuitem was renamed to 'Auto assign carrying resource', new helptext was added

In TAL 'Dispatch light - Tours' form (in 'Only for internal purpose' action pane section):
- 'Assign carrying resource' menuitem was renamed to 'Auto assign carrying resource', new helptext was added

2021-11New feature85758
Dispatching and confirmation
Better support for GPB client, when multiple users/instances were launched from one physical GPB client installation

Since the introduction of the Edge browser and Webview2 components in GPB in 10.0-CAP20.0 release, projects who are accessing one common central GPB installation via a shared network drive (and/or RemoteApp) experienced white screens as soon as a second user tried to open the GPB application browser windows. The reason for that was that the browser cache was not handling multi simultaneous users correctly. This has been mitigated.
Each user now has a local cache folder per the environment variables, for example: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\GPBWebView2Cache\.

2021-11New feature85935
Dispatching and confirmation
New 'Driver group' default filter specification on the D365 worker

In GPB gantt screens (and in the GPB Resources screen), the driver group filter can be now initialized from the D365 worker/user.

Key characteristic:
- New default filter 'Driver group' was introduced to new field group 'Resources/Resource Dispatching/Tour Dispatching' in the 'Filter Initialization Dispatching' section on the Worker (tab CAPcargo Transport). Several default driver groups can be specified, separated by "," (comma). These default driver groups are then initialized for the worker/user in the GPB screens
- Previously existing default filter 'Vehicle group' was moved to new field group 'Resources/Resource Dispatching/Tour Dispatching'

2021-11New feature85946
Dispatching and confirmation
Several issues when creating a new tour via 'drag & drop' (+CTRL key) in GPB

Process of planning transport legs via 'drag & drop' (from GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen or from GPB Map screen) into new tour (in GPB 'Tour Dispatching' or 'Resource Dispatching') was sometimes not working correctly. The issues were happening only when following constellation occurred:
- Several transport leg were multi-selected by user
- User was using the advanced method (ie. when holding CTRL key during the 'drag & drop' action).

Then users could experience following wrong behaviour:
- several browser windows were opened (ie. each browser window for each selected transport leg), which resulted into incomplete tours
- tour was created with wrong tour start date
- resources were not allocated properly

All issues were corrected.

Dispatching and confirmation
'Tour report' sometimes failed to generate in GPB and users only got 'Report is empty' error feedback

The issue was happening only GPB gantt screens and only in certain special constellations.

Dispatching and confirmation'Set tour status back to Dispatching' menuitem was sometimes not working correctly in GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen2021-11Bug86132
Dispatching and confirmation
Automatic refresh of GPB gantt screens, when tour was created via 'drag & drop'

Previously it could happen that when creating tours via 'drag & drop' (either from GPB 'Transport legs /-orders' screen, or from GPB Map screen), then the GPB gantt screen was not automatically refreshed (and new tours were appearing only after manual refresh). This was enhanced and GPB gantt screen is now refreshed automatically after 'drag & drop' action.

2021-11New feature86236
Driver App
Simplifying the visualization of carrying resources in the CAPcargo Driver app

When both following conditions are met then the carrying resource information is not anymore shown in driver app (in the Load/Unload activity (in AdditionalInfo2 field)):
- Tour has only one carrying resource with capacity
- No compartments are used in carrying resource assignments on this tour

As in above case, the displaying of carrying information doesn't bring any additional information value and thus was supressed.

In other cases (ie. if more carrying resources with capacity exist on the tour, or if compartments are used), then the carrying resource information is shown in every load/unload activity.

This change impacts only the carrying resource information that is written in the Load/Unload activity. It doesn't impact the "Group per carrying resource" tree structure (where the vehicle is a parent activity of load/unload activities).

2021-11New feature85756
Driver App
Better driver app coverage of transport orders that have order lines with & without packages

Previously, when one transport order contained some order lines with packages and some order lines without packages, the resulting driver app tour was incomplete (ie. contained only details related to order lines with packages). This was enhanced, system now can handle such cases (and resulting driver app tour contains also details for order lines without packages).

2021-11New feature86234
Driver App
Update mobile app with customer wish date changes

When customer wished loading/unloading dates are updated on the transport order, the impacted Mobile app tours are now re-sent automatically to provide up-to-date information in the app to the user.

2021-11New feature85761
Driver App
Replace Microsoft authentication library

Authentication with Microsoft services uses now the new MSAL library - previously used ADAL will be deprecated 30.06.2022. This change has no functional impact.

Microsoft authentication is used in two processes:
- Mobile app middleware integration with D365
- App user "Microsoft" login (Driver app and Truck loading app)

2021-11New feature85871
Driver AppWork instruction attachments are newly shown in the Activity details screen instead of Tour stop details screen (previously the attachments were shown in tour stop details screen)2021-11New feature85477
Driver App
Barcode scanning code library had to be replaced, as the previously used one is deprecated

This task refers to replacing the old barcode scanning functionalities, for both Driver and Truck loading apps. All the places that are using scanning were covered, e.g. :
- Scanning of middleware URL
- Tour stop details screen (where core barcode scanning process is performed)
- Return order (planned & unplanned) with packages

2021-11New feature85449
Driver App
Attachment icon and filter icon were sometimes overlapped by the tour stop title, in the mobile app

If the tour stop title (vehicle/trailer name for truck loading app app, address name for driver app) is long enough it could previously overlap the icons for attachments and filters.
The design of the tour stop title was altered, to avoid such overlap even for longer titles.

2021-11New feature85199
Driver AppWhen work instruction is removed from mobile app tour, related attachment(s) are now also removed2021-11New feature85232
Driver App'Must scan package barcode' parameter was not respected when new packages were added to a tour that has already been sent to mobile apps2021-11Bug86232
Driver App
Mobile app "One load/unload per tour stop" parameterization can now be used even for orders that have address area information

Enhancement related to known issue 85133 of release 10.0-CAP21.0.

Following points were corrected:
- Missing confirmation of tour orders
- Missing carrying resource information in the apps

Mobile app parameterization for "One load/unload per tour stop" can now be used even for orders that have address area information.

2021-11New feature85017
Driver App
Sending an instant message to driver previously sometimes failed

The issue was especially happening when tour was also submitted to truck loading app.

Driver AppPartial carrying resource assignment (ie. when some packages are assigned to carrying resource but not all) could previously lead to a problematic situation in the driver app, where some packages could not be scanned2021-11Bug86211
Driver App
Feedback infologs were introduced to menuitems for sending (and withdrawing) tours to (and from) mobile apps

Previously, user didn't get any feedback after clicking the menuitems 'Send to Driver app' & 'Send to Truck loading app', as the effective creation of mobile app tours (and also the sending to apps) is not done in the real-time. Which was a bit confusing (as user might get an impression that nothing had happened and started clicking the menuitems again etc.) Also when sending to app was not possible, such information would be quite useful.
Hence the menuitems were enhanced to perform several checks when being pressed, to be able to pre-inform user about expected result. Newly, user will receive feedback (via different infologs) when sending (or withdrawing) tours/resources to mobile apps.

Menuitems in both GPB and TAL 'Dispatch light' were enhanced.

Additionally, mobile app status icons (in the tour overview, in the GPB gantt screens (level 1 & level 2)) were a bit enhanced - previous status of 'ExportPending' was renamed to 'Sending…'

2021-11New feature83004
Driver App
New validation was added, when resources are being removed from the tour (that was already submitted to mobile apps)

Logic of new validation (when removing resources from the tour (that was already submitted to mobile apps):
- When mobile app tour is sent to the app(s), but is not accepted yet: no validation
- When mobile app tour is accepted in the app(s): new additional dialog, to inform user that mobile apps will be affected
- When mobile app tour already has some confirmations: removal of the resource from tour is not allowed in TAL anymore. To remove resource, the existing confirmations have to be undone.

2021-11New feature83250
Driver App
Mobile apps recurring periodic export tasks end up in 'Error' during package deployment

Starting from Microsoft update 10.0.19 recurring periodic export tasks often end up in 'Error' during package deployment. Tasks had to be manually set back to 'Waiting', to resume them.

Following settings need to be set, to ensure that periodic tasks recover automatically from this error:
1) Set "Maximum retries: 5" on the Mobile app export jobs. This can be done in the Batch jobs form.
- Make sure that the new form (and not the legacy one) is used. This can be verified in the batch jobs form - the 'Switch to legacy form' menuitem must be visible in the top of the screen (between 'Copy batch job' and 'Options'), above the form action pane.
- Change the batch job status to 'Withhold'
- Click the job to open its details
- Go to Batch task details, General tab page and see the "Maximum retries" field in Administration field group
- Enter "5" in the field
- Change the batch job status back to 'Waiting'
2) Enable feature "Batch reschedule failed recurrent jobs" in Feature Management Workspace

Driver App
Previously, the driver app tour was sometimes not cancelled when the related tour was deleted in D365

The issue was especially happening when 'Asynchronous' change tracking mode was activated in mobile app parameters.

Driver AppWhen carrying resource was assigned on the package level (and not all packages were assigned to the same carrying resource), then the load/unload activity for packages showed sometimes wrong quantity in the mobile apps2021-11Bug85015
Driver App
Driver app tour was not cancelled if driver was removed from the tour

The issue was only happening when mobile app 'Change tracking mode' was set to 'Asynchronous'. The issue was corrected and driver app tour is now cancelled after removal of driver from the tour even when asynchronous change tracking mode is used.

Driver App
Several issues in resource data showing in the mobile apps

Following issues were corrected in resource data showing in the mobile apps:
- If order was originally not assigned to carrying resource, then split to many carrying resources after being sent to Driver app, the activities were previously not created correctly.
- Compartment info was sometimes not shown in the truck loading app (in tour stop activities).
- Carrying resource info was sometimes not shown in the Additional info 2 (in tour stop activities).
- Quantities from other resource (eg. trailer) were sometimes shown in truck loading app, where only current resource quantities (eg. truck) should be shown.

Driver AppMobile apps were not updated, when the order was re-planned into a different tour (by drag & drop action in the GPB gantt screens)2021-11Bug85246
Driver App
When carrying resource assignment was done on the package level, then the package barcode scanning was not possible in the mobile apps

The barcode scanning in the mobile apps previously failed in the validation, where scanned barcodes are verified against D365 backend. The issue was corrected and the package barcodes are now validated correctly against D365 backend even when carrying resource assignment is done on the package level.

Driver App
Several driver app tour activities with the same sequence number

Via certain parameterization of 'Instruction activity rules' it was previously possible to achieve a duplicity in the numbering of mobile app activities (where several driver app tour activities were shown with the same sequence number). The issue was corrected and duplicity is prevented now.

Driver App
Default return address for direct delivery from tour stop transport address was sometimes not available when creating an unplanned return order in driver app

The issue was especially happening when 'Default return address initialization' parameter in mobile app parameters was set to any other value than to 'Return address for failed direct delivery'. The issue was corrected and default return address for direct delivery from tour stop transport address is now always available when creating an unplanned return order in driver app, regardless of the 'Default return address initialization' parameter.

Driver AppWork instructions (that were added to transport order after the order was transmitted to driver app) couldn't sometimes be confirmed in the driver app2021-11Bug85473
Removal of unused elements in the 'TAL Contract relation' data entity

Following elements were removed from the TALContractRelationStaging table, as they are not used in this data entity:
- field 'Location_LocationId'
- field 'LogisticsPostalAddress_ValidFrom'
- relation 'Location'

Misleading entity category for several TAL data entities

Several TAL data entities were previously wrongly classified (ie. their 'Entity category' was wrong), which could lead into issues (eg. when data entities of category 'Parameters' were imported/exported, then previously these also contained several data entities that were not parameters (but rather 'Master data') etc.)
All TAL data entities were thus reviewed and their categorization adjusted.

2021-11New feature81500
New data entity: TAL UN-Number

New data entity 'TAL UN-Number' was added to the system, it is now possible to export/import TMS UN numbers from/to D365.

2021-11New feature85664
Dispatching and confirmation
Improve visibility of preferred route types on map

Several enhancements were done in the visualization of the preferred routes in the map (in 'Calculation transport costs' feature):
- A colouring was added to the preferred route visualization (on the map). Each supported preferred route type is newly visualized in different colour in the map:
- BK1 preferred route - in light green
- BK2 preferred route - in dark green
- BK3 preferred route - in red
all other (not supported) preferred route types are displayed in blue colour.

- Colouring agenda was also added to the map control section (where each preferred route type can be activated/deactivated)
- Calculated route is now a bit thinner on the map, to better see on which preferred route type is the calculated route happening

2021-11New feature85735
New feature: introducing feature layers in the GPB Map

For PTV xServer there are several additional data available next to the 'usual' map data.
These are called the 'Feature layers'. In this release we have introduced two new feature layers:
- Preferred routes - further described in task 83609
- Truck attributes - these represent the route limitations (eg. truck weight/height limits etc.)

Visualization of feature layers can be activated/deactivated directly in the GPB Map screen (in the bottom part of map control panel).

2021-11Dispatching and confirmation84971
Other / GeneralClosing Edge browser windows (launched by GPB client) didn't previously released all used memory (could lead to excessive RAM memory usage)2021-11Bug86263
Other / General
Data migration task - to recalculate tour activities to fix possible wrong data in resource assignment end date & time

Data migration task for 85725.

The data job will recalculate the tour activities and resource leg start/end times on all tours that are not in status "Done".
In test systems there can be a large number of such tours, some of them can be many years old.

A large number of open tours means that the job can take a long time to execute.
It's also possible that test systems have some bad/broken data, which can result in errors in the data migration job Infolog. But those errors can be ignored - the job doesn't break any data, the scheduling can just fail if the test system has old tours which already have some data issue.

In production systems, no infolog errors are expected.

2021-11Data conversion85892
Dispatching and confirmation
"Generate tour out of route" dialog has been replaced with a new dialog

In order to enhance the usability, the "Generate tour out of route" dialog has been replaced with a new one.

Any customizations / extensions to the existing dialog (CIRTRARouteTour) must be reimplemented with the new one (TALRouteTour).

2021-11New feature85086
Customer order management and pricing
Allow the specification of TMS address (and TMS address group) based tariff zones also for "Simple" tariff zones

Previously, it was possible to specify tariff zone via exact TMS address(es) or TMS address group(s) only when tariff zone type was 'Advanced'. This was not necessary and was enhanced, now it is possible to specify TMS address based tariff zones in both "Advanced" & "Simple" tariff zone types.

2021-11New feature84840
Other / General
Implementation of Azure Service Bus for the GPB client/server communication

GPB technical adjustment - previously used "polling" mechanism (to manage open connections between D365 & GPB) can be replaced by Azure Service Bus mechanism. Apart of better performance of the GPB client, this switch allows also to greatly reduce the communication between D365 & GPB client, thus lowering the risk that the application is affected by the recently introduced 'priority-based throttling' policy of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Please note:
- Activation of Azure Service Bus mechanism in the Transport module requires certain D365 parameterization, as well as changes in the D365 hosting setup.
- For more details & guides please contact your responsible CAPcargo AG consultant.

2021-11New feature83790
New data entity 'TAL Tour activity detail'

New data entity 'TAL Tour activity detail' was added to the system, it is now possible to export activity details of the tour confirmation from D365 (the data entity is allowed only for exporting).

2021-11New feature85357
Other / General
Data migration task - to fill the new internal field on the tour

Data migration task for 86127.

Data migration task fills the new internal field on the tour, to store the highest allocated tour line id on the tour.

2021-11Data conversion85465
Other / General
Fix compiler errors with D365 10.0.23 version

New compiler checks were introduced in Microsoft update 10.0.23, and we needed to make adjustments to solve the errors.

2021-11New feature85406
Master data
Removing infolog "Certificate type exist on …" when assigning qualification based certificate to driver/vehicle/trailer

Infolog didn't have any business value and was rather confusing, hence was removed and is not shown anymore in employee & vehicle qualification forms.

Customer order management and pricing
Unexpected client crash when re-opening the D365-embedded map (that is used for 'Calculation transport costs' visualization)

D365 browser window could sometime crash, when user opened the D365-embedded map (that is used for 'Calculation transport costs' visualization). The issue was especially happening when the D365-embedded map was opened and closed several times during the same session.

Please note:
- the issue was related only to D365-embedded map (that is used for 'Calculation transport costs' visualization); the standard GPB Map was not affected.

Dispatching and confirmation
GPB client sometimes crashed after re-opening GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen for the second time

In certain data constellation it could happen that further reopening of GPB gantt screens was not possible and GPB client just crashed. This was encountered especially on the GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen, but could theoretically happen also on the GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen. The issue was corrected.

Dispatching and confirmation
Duplicated resources in the 'drag & drop' info tooltip (when assigning resources from GPB Resource screen into GPB gantt screens)

Previously, in certain constellation it could happen that when assigning resources from GPB Resource screen into GPB gantt screens (via 'drag & drop') then in the tooltip info (where all 'to be assigned' resources are shown) were some resources duplicated. The issue was especially happening when some resource combinations were used (but was happening only in the tooltip info display; the effectively planned resources were not duplicated on the tour, thus the duplicated resource planning did not occurred).

Shipment Builder
If the 'Flexible volume dimensions' parameter is activated on the container type, then the shipment lot quantity weight & volume was calculated incorrectly (which lead also to wrong planning unit values on the transport order line).

Shipment Builder
'Release to warehouse' periodic function stopped upon encountering first order that could not be released to warehouse

In case the tour has a single order that blocks the 'Release to warehouse' process (e.g. credit limit block or not enough stock) then the tour is not released to warehouse. Which is in general correct & expected.
The issue was that when the 'Release to warehouse' was launched as a scheduled periodic task (via batch tasks), then the whole batch process was set to 'Error' status and therefore did not process any further tours. Such behaviour is not expected and was corrected in this task.
Newly, the elements that cannot be released to warehouse are just skipped and the batch task continues with the next 'Release to warehouse' process (ie. either tour stop or transport leg, depending on the load building scope).

As a consequence, 'Release to warehouse' batch task goes into 'Error' only in case some really unexpected error is encountered.

Shipment Builder
Changing the scope of infolog, when re-planning a shipment based transport leg (from one tour to another tour)

When re-planning a shipment based transport leg (from one tour to another tour), the infolog 'Transport leg XXX was removed from tour YYY despite it already had a warehouse work" was previously shown per shipment lot, which could cause several infolog duplicities. The infolog logic was adjusted and infolog is newly shown per each transport leg only.

2021-11New feature85204
Shipment Builder
Enabling process of partial release to warehouse

Previously, when 'Release to warehouse' process was used, either whole quantity of respective item was released to warehouse (ie. when all conditions of 'Release to warehouse' were fulfilled) or the item was not released at all (eg. when some quantity was not available).

This task introduces a process of partial release to warehouse, where those elements (that can be released to warehouse) are released, and the rest is not released. The elements that were not released to warehouse can then be processed either via 'Load line split' process (in Goods management form) or via 'Remove not picked shipment lots' (in TAL shipment form) or they can be released later.

Partial release to warehouse is done via same 'Release to warehouse' menuitems (and scheduled tasks), if activated via parameterization.

Parameterization is done in the 'Trade and Distribution parameters (module overlapping)', in the section 'Shipment builder', in the new field group 'Release to warehouse'.

2021-11New feature84935
Shipment Builder
KNOWN ISSUE: Incorrect planning quantity on the (shipment builder based) transport order line when part-delivery is registered

Plan quantities are calculated incorrectly when part delivery is registered for shipmentbased transport orders. The issue is present regardless the base of thetransport order is a load line – WHS based shipment builder – or the order line/ order line chain – non-WHS based shipment builder. Furthermore, planquantities are wrongly determined both when the part delivery is registered onthe trade order line – Scheduled part delivery function – and when the partdelivery is registered on the transport leg or tour – Part delivery function.
Only thepart delivery functions are affected by the incorrect plan quantity calculationissue. At transport order creation and when processing the warehouse feedback,the plan quantities are calculated correctly.

2021-11Known issue86291
Subcontracting/IC invoicingPreviously, when activated, the 'Account payable' module standard parameter 'Update vendor accounting using the invoice date' was not respected during TMS sub-contracting invoice posting2021-11Bug25972
Subcontracting/IC order management and pricing
Under certain constellation, the tariff quantity on the transport leg sub-contracting order (LTL) could get removed by the system

The issue was especially happening when 'Useconfirmed quantity' feature was used on the transport leg sub-contracting order (LTL), but thecontract/version/relation parameterization (to use the confirmed quantity) wasnot set up, or when not all required order elements were confirmed. Then,instead of preserving the existing tariff quantity, the system did reset the tariffquantity to zero. The issue was corrected, the tariff quantity is now updatedby confirmation values only when it really should & can.

Truck loading App
New feature: Possibility to 'Send to/Withdraw from" Truck loading app even for individual resource

Newly, it is possible to launch 'Send to Truck loading app' and 'Withdraw from Truck loading app' also per each individual resource (previously this was possible only per all resources of the whole tour).

Key characteristics:
- To distinguish the new 'per resource' feature from previously existing 'per whole tour' feature, the menuitems for new feature are named in the following way:
- 'Send resource to Truck Loading App'
- 'Cancel resource from Truck Loading App'

- Both menutitems are available in following places:
- In GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen:
- In the 'right mouse click' context menu of the resource leg (in level 2)
- In the 'right mouse click' context menu of the whole tour (in level 1)
- In GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen:
- In the 'right mouse click' context menu of the resource leg (in level 2)

This feature allows to selectively submit individual resources (eg. for loading) to the truck loading app, while still keep other resources (eg. for loading) not yet submitted to truck loading app (and activate them later).

2021-11New feature83076
Truck loading App
"Send to Truck loading app" now considers tour stop's transport type instead of the tour's transport type when checking for vehicles that have a capacity

'Send to Truck loading app' process was previously validating vehicle capacity using the transport type of the whole tour. This approach was not entirely wrong, but in certain complex business cases it could provide less reliable results. This task enhances the validation logic, 'Send to Truck loading app' process now newly validates vehicle capacity using the transport type of the tour stop (ie. depot) where loading/unloading happens.

2021-11New feature84783
Truck loading App
Better work instruction change tracking for mobile app when transport order (that is loaded/unloaded in the truck loading app enabled depot) is changed

Follower of the enhancement 85051 (delivered in TMS release 10.0-CAP21.0).

Following work instruction related business cases are now better covered:
- when moving transport orders from one carrying resource to another in Truck loading app
- more reliable handling of cases where one depot is enabled only for one truck loading app flow (eg. either only for 'loading' or only for 'unloading')

2021-11New feature85138
Truck loading App
Enhance confirmation in case where order line is split into many carrying resources in Truck loading app depot

In case the truck loading app tour has order lines that are split into multiple carrying resources, a special confirmation logic had to be introduced, to ensure that order line is confirmed with correct quantity. System basically waits until all load/unload confirmations from the truck loading app are received, then the total quantity of the order line can be calculated (by summing up the confirmed quantities from each carrying resource), and only then the order line is confirmed.

2021-11New feature85185
Truck loading App
Transport order/line was sometimes submitted to truck loading app even when it should not be

In certain complex scenarios, it could happen that transport order/line without carrying resource assignment (which is planned in the tour that has some other order/line already assigned to carrying resource) was still submitted to truck loading app. The issue was happening especially when carrying resource assignment was done on the package level (and in certain combinations of order/lines, package assignment & 'not assignment'). The issue was corrected.

Truck loading App
User can't partially disable a depot for Truck loading app (for loading or unloading) if there are some unfinished truck loading app tours against this depot

Previously, when user tried to disable depot for example for loading in truck loading app (while still having it enabled for unloading in truck loading app), it was not possible as system failed with validation 'Can't disable Truck Loading App on depot while ongoing Truck Loading App tours exist. Please finish all Truck Loading App tours and try again.'. The validation itself is correct, but should be triggered only when user tries to disable the last truck loading app activation parameter on the depot.

Truck loading App
Depot could get deactivated for 'Release to depot' but still kept enabled for Truck loading app

It was previously possible to deactivate the depot for 'Release to depot' while have it still activated for some Truck loading app process. Such parameterization is not supported and the previously existing validation was enhanced, to prevent it.

General rules are:
- It is possible to parameterize the depot for 'Release to depot' without Truck loading app
- the depot can be activated for Truck loading app only when it is also activated for 'Release to depot' process.

Truck loading App
Updated "Mobile app depot" was not always exported to the middleware

When a depot was enabled/disabled for Truck loading app, a related entry in Mobile app depot was created/updated. Above described mechanism didn't work 100% reliably, as sometimes the updated version was not sent to the Mobile app middleware. Now this issue is fixed.

Driver AppExcessive showing of infolog 'Please check Driver app storage settings in Driver app parameters!' after trying to send tours to driver app2021-11Bug86013
Driver AppPush notifications (eg. instant messages and notification about new/updated/cancelled tours) sometimes didn't immediately work for newly added mobile app users (or when existing mobile users are removed & re-added)2021-11Bug86124
Driver App
Unresponsiveness of mobile apps when internet connection was lost

Two issues were identified, that could cause mobile app to become unresponsive (and stuck):
- 'grey screen' - when middleware was not reachable (eg. internet connection is not available, or middleware is temporarily stopped), the mobile apps could stuck in grey screen.
- unable to log in - even when correct credentials were re-entered

Both issues did occur if the mobile app (where user was successfully logged in earlier) was launched again when connection to middleware or internet is not available.

Both issues were corrected and both mobile apps now automatically recover (and continue) as soon as the internet connection is available.

Dispatching and confirmation
[Fixed in 10.0-CAP22.1] Manual creation of a new empty tour via dedicated menuitems was failing in TMS release 10.0-CAP22.0 with error 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.'

The issue was affecting both TAL 'Dispatch light - Tours' form and GPB gantt screens and is corrected in TMS release 10.0-CAP22.1

Driver App
KNOWN ISSUE: Opening tour stop address in Google Maps in driver app doesn't work in Android 11

In the driver app (that is installed on the device that is running on Android 11), if the user tries to click the arrow icon on the tour stop, message "Can't open Google Maps!" is displayed and map is not opened.

2021-11Known issue86698