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Dispatching and confirmation
GUI improvement of the resource name visualization on the GPB 'Resources' screen

Previously, the resource icon size was not consistent across all resources, which was causing some graphical inconveniences (eg. the resource name was not aligned and started on different position). The behaviour was improved.

2022-03New feature64641
Dispatching and confirmation
Improving of resource capacity indication in Resource Screen (RS)

The red/green capacity indication in RS can never be 100% accurate due to performance constraints. If each tour with all its stops and orders [and potentially differently assigned carrying resources] [and potentially different capacities per country] needed to be analysed in detail for each resource in RS, that would take too long. Therefore some short cuts are taken and the RS red/green is to be considered a 90% accurate information.

Another fact which makes it unsharp is, the fixed truck/trailer combination which is respected if such a truck (or trailer) is selected (meaning, the total capacity is counted); but it could well be, that for this particular tour the dispatcher would dissolve the fixed combination.

In short, the waterproof capacity validation only can happen in Gantt Screen (GS) with the conflict analyser. However, in this release, the "short-cut capacity calculation" from RS was improved (without performance impact) as follows:
- The capacity definition per transport type is better respected mainly also for the none-capacity resources (e.g. tractors or bridges)
- In the previous version a non-capacity resource was by definition if ALL vehicle capacity entries for this vehicle were 0, for ALL transport types.

As soon as one transport type assigned capacities for that vehicle, it was also considered a capacity resource for other transport types, which led to "wrong" conclusions in RS
- Now it is possible to define a resource as non-capacity resources for certain transport types, but for capacity resources for other transport type. Quite hypothetical, but more accurate and better for performance too.
- The definition "a none-capacity resource (e.g. tractor/bridge) is not validated in RS and always shows green" is still valid.

2022-03New feature80342
Dispatching and confirmation
Pre-load transport leg (load during night, before tour start)

A new flag on the transport leg was introduced, indicating that the LOADING activity for this leg happens pior to its tour's start point in time, e.g. in the night before. Hence the loading activity scheduler will calculate 0 duration for such legs in the tours. [And also hand over 0 duration to the optimizer.]

- Tour start date/time defines the work start point for all activities which are NOT pre-loaded
- Tour start date/time does not necessarily define the tour departure time. (Can be, if all activities are 0, pre-loaded, or no activities exist)
- [There is no depot work planning feature, hence we do not provide advanced depot planning activities. However, what can be done, is, to register the confirmed pre-load activity and store it on the tour, also if that activity started earlier than the tour start. This is also used in the Truck Loading App, where we can release a tour to depot to work on it also before tour start]

This feature is a simple approach, which allows to store the information on the right place (leg), interpret it for the optimizer, give the dispatcher the chance to change it on the leg(s) and initialize the flag from one rule so far, the cross-docking split rule.
Further rules are possible (e.g. depending on unloading time window, or depending on route, etc), but not implemented yet.

2022-03New feature82272
Dispatching and confirmation
Cosmetic enhancement in dedicated filter dialog in GPB gantt screens

When certain license configuration keys were deactivated, empty white space was shown in the filter dialog (instead of deactivated filters). The dialog visualization was enhanced, the remaining filters are now repositioned, to avoid empty white space.

2022-03New feature83469
Driver App
Introducing a version check control (between mobile apps & middleware), to ensure that only compatible versions are used

Mobile apps now show a warning in case of being connected to not compatible middleware version and provide a install instructions and download link for compatible mobile app version (if update is allowed via 'Can update app manually' in the mobile app user parameters and if app has sufficient privileges).

2022-03New feature84758
Dispatching and confirmation
Improvement of 'Show in GPB' menuitem on the transport order form

Previously, the 'Show in GPB' menuitem on the transport order form showed only the order's first tour in GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen. This was not too convenient in case the order was planned into several tours. _x000D_
The behaviour was enhanced, all tours of the order are now shown in GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen.

2022-03New feature84837
Dispatching and confirmation
Introducing an advanced persistent design configuration of the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen (grid fields/filters/sorting)

Newly, it is possible to store the design configuration of GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen per each user/worker. Users/workers can activate/deactivate fields in the grid, change the column width, activate/deactivate filtering for each column, set up distinct filters per column etc.
The current design configuration can be saved to current worker either manually (via dedicated 'Templates' action button group) or is saved automatically (when just closing the form).

Further notes:
- The automatically saved design configuration is not saved to templates (but is saved directly to user), and is re-loaded next time the user opens the form. It also overrules the assigned template (that is saved on the worker).
- Templates are stored in 'Template OS configuration' (main menu -> CAPcargo Transport -> Setup -> GPB) and can be also managed there.
- Assignment of template to worker is done on the 'Workers' form (in tab CAPcargo Transport, in section Filter Initialization Dispatching, in group Transport legs, via parameter Template OS configuration)

2022-03New feature84891
Customer invoicingPosting a customer invoice (that had an invoice surcharge added in the invoice pool) was previously failing2022-03Bug84898
Shipment BuilderWhen shipment lot quantity was deleted on the 'Create/Update transport order' dialog - for bulk or direct delivery order line - then the transport order line was not updated (ie. deleted)2022-03Bug85794
Other / General
Replacement of Microsoft authentication library in GPB

Authentication with Microsoft services uses now the new MSAL library - previously used ADAL will be deprecated 30.06.2022. This change has no functional impact.

Microsoft authentication is used in GPB in one process:
- GPB integration with D365

2022-03New feature85875
Dispatching and confirmation
Automated removal of resource assignment (in the tour header) after removal of resource assignment in GPB gantt screens

Previously, when resource was planned for the whole tour (via vehicle/trailer/driver/passenger field on the tour header), the removal of resource assignment from tour in GPB gantt screens did not clear the corresponding field on the tour header. This was enhanced by this task and vehicle/trailer/driver/passenger fields on the tour header are now also cleared when resource assignment is removed from the tour in GPB gantt screens (if the resource was still assigned for the whole tour).

2022-03New feature85893
Shipment BuilderWhen generating a new sales/transfer line by splitting off quantity - via the Goods load splitting dialog of the Goods management form - the system previously threw too many redundant info messages2022-03Bug85927
Customer order management and pricingWhen using PTV xServer2, it was previously not possible to calculate driving time & distance for collective orders2022-03Bug86303
Master data
In certain constellations it was not possible to register new default tour template

The issue was caused by orphaned default tour stops, which were not linked to any default tour template. _x000D_
As previously, it was possible to create (and save) default tour stops that were not linked to any default tour template. This could be achieved when creating new default tour template, by saving a new default tour stop record before the new default tour header was saved. _x000D_
Such constellation then caused that no new default tour template could be created (until the orphaned default tour stop was deleted). The issue was corrected and now it is possible to create default tour stops only when default tour header is already saved.

Dispatching and confirmation
Separation of 'Plan Date From (+Days)' & 'Plan Date To (+Days)' worker default GPB date parameterization between GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen & GPB gantt screens

Previously, the 'Plan Date From (+Days)' & 'Plan Date To (+Days)' worker default GPB date parameterization was shared both for GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen & GPB gantt screen. This was improved, the GPB screens have now standalone parameterization of above mentioned fields, for better flexibility of setup of both GPB screens. The setup is done on the worker form, in tab CAPcargo Transport, in section Filter Initialization Dispatching (in field groups Transport legs & Resource Dispatching/Tour dispatching).

2022-03New feature86610
Dispatching and confirmation
Enabling 'Change means of transportation' of several transport legs on the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen & D365 'Dispatch light - Transport legs' form

Previously, when several transport legs were multi-selected and 'Change means of transportation' was launched, only one transport leg was updated. This was enhanced, system now correctly respects the multi-selection and changes the 'Means of transportation' on all selected transport legs, when launched both from GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen and from D365 'Dispatch light - Transport legs' form.

2022-03New feature86619
Dispatching and confirmation
Adding new fields to GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen

Following new fields were added to the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' grid:
- Transport type
- Service level agreement (SLA)
- Plan units 1-5

2022-03New feature86623
Shipment Builder
Implementing change management to activity request on the transport orders (that were created via shipment builder)

Recently introduced feature of setting up activities for transport order (via activity requests on the transport order line & special 'Instruction activity rule') was enhanced by adding the change management to the activity requests on the transport orders (that were created via shipment builder). So system can now handle the situations where some activity request is changed on the shipment builder originated transport order line, until the order is dispatched in the tour.

2022-03New feature86667
IntegrationsWhen exporting driver groups (via 'TAL worker in driver group' data entity'), only first driver/worker was exported from each driver group2022-03Bug86797
Dispatching and confirmation
Performance improvement of the sequence optimization of the tour

When using the 'Sequence optimization' on tour that has higher amount of tour stops (eg. 50+ tour stops), then dispatchers could experience long waiting times (or process didn't even finish due to time out). _x000D_
Sequence optimization code was redesigned, to better handle the tours with higher amount of tour stops.

2022-03New feature86831
Dispatching and confirmationPerformance improvement of process for moving legs/stops stops from one tour to another (on both GPB gantt screens)2022-03New feature86869
Dispatching and confirmation
Performance improvement of the driving distance & time calculation (via PTV xServer)

Performance improvement was done via code optimization, with no functionality impact. Improvement should be noticeable especially on tours with higher amount of tour stops.

2022-03New feature86898
Other / General
Data migration task - to populate the new 'Plan Date From (+Days)' & 'Plan Date To (+Days)' fields

Data migration task for 86610.

Data migration task populates the new set of 'Plan Date From (+Days)' & 'Plan Date To (+Days)' fields from previously existing set.

2022-03Data conversion87048
Truck loading AppImprovement of handling of push notification in the truck loading app, to ensure that app synchronizes with middleware when notifications are opened2022-03New feature87054
Dispatching and confirmation
Performance improvement of the GPB gantt screens, when planning tours with high amount of orders (eg. 500+ orders)

Previously, when planning tours with high amount of orders (eg. 500+ orders), the dispatchers could experience random screen freezing after some actions (eg. shifting whole tour back/forward in time). Certain code optimizations were performed and the GPB application screen freezing should occur less frequently.

2022-03New feature87066
Dispatching and confirmation
Improvement of the moving of tour stop to another tour (keep the transport leg structure)

Previously, when moving the tour stop to another tour, the related transport legs were handled/moved individually. This could result into different tour stop structure on the target tour (eg. some transport legs were not merged anymore together). The behaviour was improved, system now tries to respect the original transport leg merging structure also on the target tour.

2022-03New feature87071
Dispatching and confirmation
New feature 'Tour validation' has been introduced to the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen

A new feature is added to the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen – Tour validation – that enables the user to check the transport legs before they are planned into the selected tour. It is parameterizable what the system analyses when the new logic is executed:
- capacity check: compares all planning quantities of the not yet planned transport leg with the minimum available capacity of the entire tour in all units
- qualification check: validates the static qualifications of the not yet planned transport leg and the static qualifications of the tour whether there are conflicting/missing qualifications

Based on the capacity validation and the qualification validation, each transport leg is classified whether based on the capacity it would fit into the tour and whether based on the static qualifications it would fit into the tour. This information is shown on the transport leg directly in the grid, furthermore, new filters are introduced to show:
- only those transport legs that would fit into the tour based on capacity/qualification check
- only those transport legs that would not fit into the tour based on capacity/qualification check
- all the transport leg regardless the result of the capacity/qualification check

Limitation/simplification of the new logic is that at this point the exact position of the not yet planned transport leg in the tour is not known. Hence the validations always consider the whole tour – both for capacity and qualification validation. This also means that the function performs best – most accurate – for distribution, collection and direct tours.

Please note:
- The 'Tour validation' action button appears in c (in Conflict field group) when some tour validation is activated in main GPB parameters, and becomes available when some tour is selected in some GPB gantt screen

2022-03New feature87152
Customer order management and pricing
Performance improvement of the contract finding engine of all order types

Performance improvement was done via code optimization, with no functionality impact.

2022-03New feature87195
Dispatching and confirmation
New work instruction indication icon on the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen

Previously, GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' grid had no indication whether some work instruction exists for the transport leg. Hence the dispatcher had to click thru all transport legs one by one to find out which leg has some work instruction. This was enhanced by adding a new work instruction 'i' icon to the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' grid, so that it is immediately visible which transport leg has some work instruction (and which has none). Hovering the mouse over 'i' icon further shows the related work instruction in the tooltip.

2022-03New feature87219
Dispatching and confirmation
Performance improvement of the process for adding transport leg into tour

Performance improvement was done via code optimization, with no functionality impact.

2022-03New feature87220
Dispatching and confirmationGeneric custom buttons on the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen now support also multi-selection of transport legs2022-03Bug87244
Shipment Builder
'Remove from transportation' button is better handling the multi-selected trade order lines

When multi-selecting trade (purchase, sales and transfer) lines, the 'Remove from transportation' button was previously validating only the last selected trade order line. This logic was not ideal and was improved - the 'Remove from transportation' button is newly validating all selected trade order lines and button is enabled if there is at least one trade order line which has a related transport order.

2022-03New feature87246
Shipment BuilderData on sales/purchase/transfer order forms was previously sometimes not refreshed after the scheduled part delivery was performed2022-03Bug87256
Shipment Builder
Goods load splitting was not working correctly for certain business cases

The issue was especially happening when goods load splitting was attempted for several trade orders (that had several lines, with different picking status).

Dispatching and confirmation
Performance improvement of the GPB gantt screens (when opening tab 'Order' per tour stop, that contains high amount of orders)

Previously, a random poor performance (and even GPB client freezing) was noticed, when opening tab 'Order' per tour stop, that contains high amount of orders (eg. 500+ orders in one tour stop). The code was enhanced, to better handle such situations.

2022-03New feature87282
Dispatching and confirmationCertain mobile app menuitems & buttons were shown in GPB gantt screens, even though the mobile app configuration key were not enabled2022-03Bug87293
Driver AppPreviously, when opening notifications in both mobile apps, the notification "Syncing..." dialog could sometimes hang2022-03Bug87300
Dispatching and confirmationVertical auto-scrolling of gantt grid now happens when dispatchers try to drag & drop tour into another resource in the GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen2022-03New feature87321
Dispatching and confirmationCopyright information on the GPB map screen was adjusted, to show 'PTV, HERE, TomTom' (previously 'PTV, NAVTEQ' was shown)2022-03New feature87365
Customer order management and pricing
Existing transport orders could not be processed, even though the customer parameterization of "Invoice and delivery on hold" & "Allow processing/invoicing of existing transport orders' would signify so

Combination of customer parameterization of "Invoicing and delivery on hold=All" & "Allow processing/invoicing of existing transport orders=Yes" was previously not working correctly, as the already existing transport orders could not be processed (eg. the price calculation could not be performed, tours could not be released for departure and also could not be confirmed). The issue was fixed.

Please note:
- Combination of customer parameterization of "Invoicing and delivery on hold=Invoice" & "
Allow processing/invoicing of existing transport orders=Yes" currently allows the creation of transport legs (for existing transport orders), which is not exactly correct (ie. the transport leg creation should be also supressed). But this should not represent a major issue, as such transport legs cannot be then planned into tours, due to existing validations. It will be further addressed (and potentially improved) in the future TMS releases.

Dispatching and confirmationNo resources were sometimes loaded on GPB 'Resources' screen2022-03Bug87494
Dispatching and confirmation
Pre-selected time filters were sometimes not working reliably on the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen

The issue was only in the pre-selected filters, the manual time filtering (eg. greater than...) were not affected.

Dispatching and confirmationIt was possible to encounter infologs & errors (that were related to truck loading app) even on systems where truck loading app feature was not activated2022-03Bug87531
Customer order management and pricing
When copying a transport order, the amount of packages (as shown on the order line) was sometimes not corrrect

The issues was only happening when automatic package creation was deactivated on the transport type. Then the packages were not generated on the copied transport order, but the original amount of packages was still shown on the copied transport order line. The issue was corrected and amount of packages is zeroed on the copied transport order line.

Customer order management and pricingPrinting of Way bill report on the transport order form was not possible2022-03Bug87586
Master data
Improvement of barcode scanning validation in the truck loading app

In truck loading app, barcode scanning now validates (=rejects) scans that are related to activities that are filtered out.

2022-03New feature87592
Dispatching and confirmation
Performance improvement of driving time & distance calculation (against PTV xServer) in certain configuration

Previously, the 'Truck attributes' (eg. dangerous goods etc.) data preparation was always done during driving time & distance calculation, regardless whether the 'Advanced Truck Attributes' license configuration key was activated. So it could happen that 'Truck attributes' data preparation was performed even though the results were not effectively used in driving time & distance calculation. The behaviour was improved, the 'Truck attributes' data preparation is now performed only when 'Advanced Truck Attributes' license configuration key is activated.

2022-03New feature87615
Dispatching and confirmation
Establishing an 'Azure Service Bus' parameterization check during GPB client opening

Previously, when Azure Service Bus setup was not parameterized correctly, the processes in the GPB (or in the D365 dialogs that ware launched from GPB) were failing and user was just informed that there was a connection issue with Azure Service Bus. This was improved by adding a new Azure Service Bus parameterization check during GPB client opening, to inform the user that the setup is not correct.

2022-03New feature87657
Dispatching and confirmation
Rework of GUI structure of the action menuitems in the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen

The structure of action menuitems on the top ribbon in the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen was reworked, for better experience of the dispatchers (eg. some menuitems were moved to different sections, creation of new sections for Conflicts, Sub-contracting, Packages, Inquiry etc.).

2022-03New feature87689
Shipment BuilderShipment lot quantity was not properly updated when direct delivery intercompany work was partially completed2022-03Bug87702
Dispatching and confirmationCancelling a 'Dispatch in tour' dialogue could sometimes hang the browser session2022-03Bug87706
Dispatching and confirmation
GUI enhancement of the GPB splash starting dialog

GUI enhancement of the GPB splash starting dialog (which is newly launched after entering GPB user credentials, before the GPB main window is opened). GPB splash dialog is now more following the design of the Microsoft office splash starting dialogs and shows the status of background activities in bottom left corner.

2022-03New feature87762
Shipment BuilderWork instructions (originating from D365 trade orders) were not displayed in GPB and also not in mobile apps2022-03Bug87772
Dispatching and confirmationRemoving orders from tour stop sometimes did not update the capacity utilization of the tour stop2022-03Bug87888
Driver AppTour stop sequence was sometimes not updated in driver app after performing a tour sequence optimization in GPB gantt screens2022-03Bug87989
Dispatching and confirmation
Sequence optimization of tour could sometimes fail with error

The issue seems caused by sub-optimal server configuration. If issue is encountered, please contact CAPcargo support, for advice how to modify the server configuration.

Driver App
When last package was removed from the transport order (that was already submitted to mobile app), then the transport order disappeared from mobile apps entirely

Both truck loading app & driver app were affected. The issue was corrected, when last package is removed from the transport order (that was already submitted to mobile app), then the transport order is now kept in the mobile app and can be processed/confirmed as transport order without packages.

Customer order management and pricing
Different results of driving time & distance calculation, when 'Preferred routes' feature was activated

Previously, when 'Preferred routes' feature was activated, then the route visualization and driving time & distance calculation (launched from 'Calculation transport costs') could in certain cases provide different result than when launched from other TAL & GPB processes. The issue was corrected and the driving time & distance calculation (and route visualization) in 'Calculation transport costs' was improved.

Truck loading App
Tour was sometimes sent to truck loading app even when no 'Send to Truck Loading App' button/process was launched

Previously, when carrying resource assignment was done on the truck loading app enabled tour stop (while the tour was previously already sent to driver app), then the tour was automatically sent also to the truck loading app. _x000D_
This was corrected and the tour is newly submitted to truck loading app only when 'Send to Truck Loading App' is pressed or when some process (that will trigger the 'Send to Truck Loading App') is launched.

Other / General
Data migration task - to correct the capacity utilization on the tour stops

Data migration task for 87888.

Data migration tasks updates the capacity utilization on the tour stops (that belong to tours that are not closed) and planned start date of the tour is 01.12.2021 or later.

2022-03Data conversion88146
Dispatching and confirmationGPB app could sometimes become unresponsive, when left inactive for longer time2022-03Bug88179
Other / General
Data migration task - to populate the TALOSGridColumnSetup table from TALintOSGridColumnSetup

Data migration task for 84891.

2022-03Data conversion88192
Customer order management and pricing
In Microsoft D365 base product version 10.0.25 and later, the lookups for 'Other address' were not working correctly in the dialog for creation of new transport orders

The issue was happing with Microsoft D365 base product versions 10.0.25 & 10.0.26, but not with older versions.

Customer order management and pricing
'Order type' field was previously editable in the dialog for creation of new orders/pre-orders/offers

Previously it was possible to launch the creation of transport order, but change the order type to 'Offer' (or to 'Pre-order') in the creation dialog. This could lead to unsupported data constellation in the transport order form, as each order type has different requirements for data structure. The issue was corrected and it is not anymore possible to change order type in the dialog for creation of new orders/pre-orders/offers, as the order type is defined already by the menuitem that was used.

Other / General
Deprecation of ADAL authentication library in GPB

ADAL authentication library is replaced with MSAL authentication library because Microsoft is deprecating the ADAL library. It represents no functional impact to users and no actions are required on customer side. Using 10.0-CAP23.0 or older version after June 30th 2022 is not recommended because Microsoft doesn't anymore support ADAL.

More information:

Dispatching and confirmationTour stop details (ie. in level 3) were sometimes not loaded correctly in GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen (the loading spinning wheel never finished)2022-03Bug88305
Dispatching and confirmationMobile app status icon was sometimes not shown in the resource leg level (ie. in level 2) in the GPB gantt screens2022-03Bug88309
Dispatching and confirmationIn the GPB 'Resources' screen, the capacity & qualification 'fitting/non-fitting' vertical bars (ie. green/red vertical bars on the resource) were sometimes overlapping with the resource icon2022-03Bug88326
Dispatching and confirmation
Window title of GPB 'Resources' screen was in some cases not reliable (was showing tour information details even though it should not)

When GPB 'Resources' screen is in 'Tour link (Gantt)' mode, the window title should show the tour information, in case some tour is connected (ie. selected) in GPB gantt screen. This mechanism was in certain situations not reliable and was corrected by this task.

Other / General
KNOWN ISSUE: Sequence optimization of tour is not supported by PTV xServer2

Sequence optimization of tour is not supported by PTV xServer2, as following faulty behaviour was encountered, after using sequence optimization on the test application that has PTV xServer2 enabled:
- tour stops being duplicated
- disappearing tour end stop
- tour end stop being positioned to the middle of the tour

- It is currently not recommended to switch to PTV xServer2 if the project relies on the sequence tour optimization feature.
- Should the feature still be used with PTV xServer2, this should happen only after careful testing of all tour structure scenarios. Also each individual sequence optimization result then should be manually verified by user.
- The issue is only with with the PTV xServer2, the previous PTV xServer [1.x] versions are not anyhow affected.
- CAPcargo team will handle the sequence optimization compatibility with PTV xServer [2.x] in the future TMS versions.

2022-03Known issue88384