TopicTitle & DetailsRelase MonthTypeID
Customer order management and pricingTariff surcharge (with some qualification criteria) were sometimes not added to the order during price calculation2021-06Bug81322
Customer order management and pricingWrong transport order status after confirmation of the 'Sender delivery' or 'Receiver pick-up' order2021-06Bug81572
Customer order management and pricingSystem error was sometimes encountered when changing the planning quantity on transport order (which was already sub-contracted via sub-contracting transport leg order (LTL))2021-06Bug82143
Customer order management and pricing
EDI process sometimes attempted to update (or delete) an already confirmed package

Previously, it could happen that EDI process tried to update (or delete) an already confirmed package. The attempt was failing, but user was informed via infologs. The behavior was corrected, EDI process newly tries to update (or delete) only packages that are not yet confirmed.

Customer order management and pricingTransport order sometimes couldn't be cancelled, when being returned to depot after failed delivery2021-06Bug82405
Dispatching and confirmationFiltering per resource (eg. driver) was sometimes not working correctly in GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen2021-06Bug79159
Dispatching and confirmationSystem error during toll cost calculation (in the tour dispatching); system didn't handled correctly the countries that have no toll cost system2021-06Bug80657
Dispatching and confirmationTransport order automatic cancellation logic was enhanced, to handle correctly the failed delivery cases2021-06Bug80920
Dispatching and confirmationSeveral issues were corrected in the area of 'Truck loading history'2021-06Bug81242
Dispatching and confirmationSeveral issues were corrected in the area of 'Cleaning matrix' (eg. cleaning activity determination logic)2021-06Bug81484
Dispatching and confirmation'Distance and time calculation' on transport order (and also on tour) could be previously used only when the license configuration key 'Advanced truck attributes' was purchased/activated2021-06Bug81566
Dispatching and confirmationConflict analysis form sometimes failed to open (when launched from GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen)2021-06Bug81761
Dispatching and confirmationSeveral issues were corrected in the area of 'Empties management' (eg. the empties quantity on the SSRS report 'Pallet docket' was sometimes not corresponding to empties records)2021-06Bug81921
Dispatching and confirmationIn GPB 'Resources' screen, when the resource was planned to the tour (via drag & drop to GPB gantt screen), then the resource was sometimes not moved from 'Available' to 'Planned' section2021-06Bug82140
Dispatching and confirmationIn GPB gantt screens, the "i" icon (next to the tour stops) was sometimes not shown even though there were some work instructions for the tour stop2021-06Bug82158
Dispatching and confirmationPreviously, it was possible to remove 'Sender delivery' transport leg even when it was already confirmed2021-06Bug82215
Dispatching and confirmation'Failed delivery' and 'Failed pick-up' reason codes in the tour confirmation (in tab 'Order') were editable2021-06Bug82217
Dispatching and confirmation
During the 'Complete tour execution' the system sometimes failed to post the packing slip, even though the 'Create packing slip' sub-process was activated

Please note: 'Complete tour execution' process was also renamed to 'Confirm & finalize tour' and is newly located on the transport type.

Dispatching and confirmationIn 'Dispatch light - Tours' form, users could change the tour stop address even though it contained already some transport legs2021-06Bug82621
Dispatching and confirmationTour stop quantity sum was sometimes not calculated correctly after certain dispatching actions2021-06Bug82659
Dispatching and confirmation
Process 'Conflict analysis' (and its sub-processes) were sometimes not working correctly

- Process button 'Conflict analysis' can be configured to only analyse and update status (red/green) or also to open the conflicts. This works well and stable. If no conflicts exists, an info appears and conflict form is not opened.
- Sometimes it occurred, that this info log "no conflicts exist" appeared, even though conflicts were existing. This was fixed. It was due to a buffer issue: When another user worked with the same tour, the wrong info happened to the not-updated tour which was sent for conflict analysis. Now, the proper buffer error appears and the user has to refresh. After that the conflict analysis works well.
- Further, the process button "Release for departure" was improved to correctly work according to the process parallelization and also to better handle 'no conflicts', 'already accepted conflicts', 'open conflicts' etc.
- It still can happen that after tour release the conflict status (red/green) on the tour is not properly updated, even though conflicts were correctly analysed. This is subject of further improvements in a successor release.

2021-06New feature83050
Dispatching and confirmationIn GPB gantt screens, the conflict analysis process sometimes failed to analyse conflicts upon first launch (but was analysing conflicts only on second launch)2021-06Bug83052
Driver App
Confirmation of loading/unloading in driver app sometimes failed to update the D365 tour confirmation, when 'One load/unload per tour stop' instruction activity rule was applied

The issue was especially happening when 'One load/unload per tour stop' instruction activity rule was applied and loading/unloading activity were grouped in the driver app.

Driver App
Enhancement of the driver app, to ensure that the proper tours are displayed to driver even after fundamental application changes

To avoid that driver sees tour from previously linked D365 application, or from previously logged in user, or no tours at all etc.

Following fundamental application changes are now handled correctly:
- Change of the 'logged in' user in the driver app, eg. when different driver signs to driver app on the device where some other driver was signed in previously.
- Change of the mobile app middleware URL, eg. when driver switches between accessing several D365 applications
- Update of the application from the Google Play Store

2021-06New feature80548
Driver AppConfirming of 'Arrival' in the driver app sometimes trigger the resending of the whole tour to the driver app2021-06Bug82157
Driver App
Scheduled task 'Process Mobile app activity feedback" previously failed to process feedbacks in other D365 legal entities

Please note: the scheduled task 'Process Mobile app activity feedback' processes feedbacks from driver app & truck loading app in all D365 legal entities (regardless of the company where the scheduled task was created in). Hence there should be just one 'Process Mobile app activity feedback' scheduled batch set up, even though the mobile apps are used in several D365 legal entities.

Driver AppMobile app change tracking sometimes couldn't process certain changes (and was skipping them)2021-06Bug82605
Driver AppThe processing of mobile app activity feedback was sometimes failing in D3652021-06Bug82708
'Message Group ID' field was sometimes not populated (or was populated wrongly) on the transport order

The issue was happening especially when no customer criteria was specified in the 'Integration message groups' rules. The issue was corrected, the 'Message Group ID' rules (in the 'Integration message groups' setup) with no customer criteria are newly interpreted as "valid for all customers".

IntegrationsExternal codes for loading/unloading addresses were sometimes not exported in order status messages2021-06Bug82060
IntegrationsReason code description was sometimes not exported in transport order status messages2021-06Bug82079
IntegrationsPreviously, it was not possible to import a new work instruction template to existing transport addresses via data entity (it was possible to import only an update of existing work instruction templates)2021-06Bug82247
Shipment BuilderTransport order planning quantity was sometimes not updated based on shipment lot quantity update2021-06Bug82300
Shipment BuilderWarehouse & site couldn't be sometimes changed on the sales order line, when CAPcargo shipment was already existing2021-06Bug82547
Subcontracting/IC order management and pricingCalculation of driving time & distance sometimes failed on sub-contracting transport leg orders (LTL)2021-06Bug81941
Other / GeneralData migration task - to update tour stops, as the parameter 'One load/unload per tour stop' was moved to 'Instruction activity rules' (parameter was previously existing on transport type)2021-06Data conversion81580
Other / GeneralData migration task - to create new 'Instruction activity rule' for each transport type (that had 'One load/unload per tour stop' parameter activated)2021-06Data conversion81581
Other / GeneralData migration task - to move the 'process' button parameterization from main TMS parameters to all transport types2021-06Data conversion81616
Other / GeneralData migration task - to move work instruction transactions from tour header to first tour stop2021-06Data conversion82647
Other / GeneralData migration task - to correct the tour stop quantity sum (if some packages are loaded/unloaded on the tour stop). Data migration task corrects only tours that are not yet fully closed (ie. are not in status 'Done')2021-06Data conversion82666
Other / GeneralData migration task - to correct the work instruction templates (on Transport address)2021-06Data conversion82900
Other / GeneralData migration task - to create a default driver group "Existing drivers before R18", so that previously existing drivers would still appear in GPB 'Resources' screen (until some project specific driver groups are established)2021-06Data conversion83068
Driver App
KNOWN ISSUE: It is needed to monitor the mobile app scheduled tasks (and react if some of them goes to error), otherwise date exchange with mobile App middleware will not work correctly

We have noticed that the mobile app recurring data jobs started failing quite often (one or more jobs fails almost daily) after updating the system to D365 10.0.19. There's no error in the batch log. The issue can always be resolved by changing the job status to Waiting.

Because of this issue, it's important to monitor the batch jobs and react if some of them goes to error. Otherwise data exchange with mobile app middleware will not work correctly.

2021-06Known issue83008
Customer order management and pricing
Commodity as contract finding criteria

Commodity was added to the contract finding criteria. This allows to setup different tariffs per commodity (or commodity group).

2021-06New feature81531
Customer order management and pricingNew track & trace status 'Departed' (Status300) on a tour stop2021-06New feature82543
Dispatching and confirmationTo prevent a potential data inconsistency, the resource leg table now requires following fields as mandatory (resource, tour, tour stop start, tour stop end)2021-06New feature25872
Dispatching and confirmationIn GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen, when 'Change rough plan date' function was used then sometimes the date details were not updated in the leg point box overview, in lower part or screen2021-06New feature58617
Dispatching and confirmationPerformance driven enhancement of the dispatching process2021-06New feature79304
Dispatching and confirmation
Splitting of 'Release tour(s)' process into 'Release to load' and 'Release for departure'

Previously, there existed only one tour release process (done by 'Release tour(s)' functionality), which was the trigger and criteria for several other processes and validations. The previous solution proved to be quite rigid, as it didn't cover the cases where the first loading needs to be managed and monitored (via tour confirmation) before the tour is released for physical truck departure (as previously the tour confirmation was only available when tour is released).
Thus an additional release step 'Release for depot' was introduced, which precedes the physical truck departure.

Key points of the changed 'tour release' process:
- New process 'Release to depot', which can be done for tours that needs to be loaded in some depot. 'Release to depot' doesn't change the tour status to 'Released' but allows to launch the tour confirmation form (and confirm certain activities, incl. loading of the truck). Process can be further parameterized in 'process' menuitems (newly located in the transport type), as it can trigger several other sub-processes.
- To better manage the 'Release to depot' process, a new status 'Released for loading' was introduced to tour stop level (both in D365 'Dispatch light - Tours' form & in GPB gantt screens), which can be either 'None' (for tour stops that are not depots), or 'Open' (for the tour stops that are depots, but are not yet released to depot), or 'Released' (for tour stops that are depots and are already released to depot (for loading or unloading).
- New loading status icon in the GPB gantt screens (inside the tour gantt box), with following statuses/icons - 'Not released for loading', 'Released for loading', 'Vehicle loading in progress' and 'Vehicle loaded'. The icon visualization first needs to be activated (in main TMS parameters, section Goods planning status, parameter 'Show loading-release status')
- New loading/unloading status in goods management form, with following statuses - 'None', 'Released for loading' (only for loading), 'Loading in progress' or 'Unloading in progress', 'Loaded' or 'Unloaded'.
- The previously existing 'Release tour(s)' functionality was renamed to 'Release for departure', still changes the tour status to 'Released'.
- The previously existing tour status 'Confirming' was renamed to 'Departed' (and is not triggered anymore by the confirmation of the loading in the first depot).

For more details please contact your consultant at CAPcargo AG.

2021-06New feature80379
Dispatching and confirmationIn both GPB gantt screens, the 'Show capacity' tree view now shows also the details for all 5 planning units2021-06New feature80614
Dispatching and confirmationNew field 'Description' in the GPB generic buttons parameterization, to show the label text when some label (eg. @TRA19) was used to setup generic button name2021-06New feature81332
Dispatching and confirmation
Main TMS parameter 'Modification planning blocked from tour status' was deprecated

General dispatching parameter 'Modification planning blocked from tour status' (located in main TMS parameters) was deprecated. Parameter (and its logic) was replaced by individual validations/checks, for each affected process. The individual validations/checks quite (but not entirely) correspond to previous parameterization of 'Modification planning blocked from tour status' = 'Confirmed'.

2021-06New feature81533
Dispatching and confirmation
Better coverage of the sales return order

With this enhancement the sales return order handling has been improved and better integrated. A new Driver app function is available with which the driver can register returns at any tour stop. This function support planned return, sales return order already created and planned in the tour, and unplanned returns, for which no sales return order has been created yet.
Furthermore, the return order receipt process has been modified to also accept package identification codes (that are scanned at return order registration in Driver app) and not just RMA numbers.

2021-06New feature81579
Dispatching and confirmation
Sequence optimizer enhancement

The sequence optimizer has been enhanced in this version.
- New parameter that allows for the customer wish on the tour stops to be respected in the optimizer
- New parameter that allows to hide the sequence optimizer dialogue and uses predefined settings instead
- Support for 'unload all before load' has been introduced. Meaning that the optimizer prioritizes stops with delivery first and then optimizes the loadings. Especially useful for tours with closed box trailers used as resources where side loading is not possible.
- Several places have been enhanced where the optimizer can automatically be called after creating tour such as create tour from route/zone and multi select drag and drop legs to tours in GPB including the newly introduced parameters before.

2021-06New feature81834
Dispatching and confirmationNew filter 'Driver group' was added to both GPB gantt screens2021-06New feature81892
Dispatching and confirmationNew validation was added, to ensure that only vehicles (eg. trucks & trailers) that are in some vehicle group are displayed in GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen 2021-06New feature81915
Dispatching and confirmation
New field 'Confirmed departure' and 'Departed' flag were added to the tour confirmation

Previously, in tour confirmation, the departure data (eg. date & time) was stored only in the estimated departure field (which was entirely managed by scheduling mechanism and field was actually calculated from last confirmed activity). So the tour confirmation form actually didn't indicate whether the truck has already departed or not yet.
Now, with the driver app, we have information about departure and this can be used in tour confirmation.

Hence following enhancements were done:
- new field 'Confirmed departure' was added to tour confirmation (to tour stop level), stores the date & time of the truck departure from location. Field is available for user changes (for manual tour confirmation in D365) and is also filled by truck departure confirmation (from driver app).
- new checkbox 'Departed' was added to the tour confirmation (to tour stop level), checkbox field confirms the truck departure from the tour stop and triggers the recalculation of the scheduling for successor tour stops (from the 'Confirmed departure' date & time). 'Departed' flag is considered as a last action on the tour stop and can be confirmed only when all activities & orders are confirmed in the tour stop).
- Field 'Estimated departure' was renamed to 'ETD calculated' (which stands for 'Estimated time of departure, calculated'), to be in line with the ETA/ETD naming conventions.

2021-06New feature81968
Dispatching and confirmationIn both GPB gantt screens, the tour stop "i" icon opens again the overview of work instructions & order internal remarks (for load or unload)2021-06New feature82253
Dispatching and confirmation
Two new simplified view modes were introduced to both GPB gantt screens

As it is not always necessary to work with all tour details in the GPB gantt screens, two new simplified view modes (that are less demanding on the GPB performance) were added.

GPB gantt view mode overview:
- All details - previously existing view mode that loads all GPB details
- No details - loads only following details: start & end date/time, tour id, start & end city, tour status
- Bar extensions - shows the same amount of details as "no details", plus gantt bar extensions for delay/earliness (aka. red or green bar extensions for customer wished date & time)

The view modes can be changed by new dropdown selection 'Detail data loading' (located above the main gantt grid, on the right side of the screen). Default GPB gantt screen view mode can be also defined on D365 worker.

2021-06New feature82400
Dispatching and confirmationTour can be sent to driver app before it is released for departure, but until then driver can not confirm departure from the first stop2021-06New feature82421
Dispatching and confirmationIn 'Dispatch directly to new tour' dialog, the parameter 'Release tour(s)' was renamed to 'Release tour for departure" and enhanced (ie. launches newly the main process 'Release for departure', incl. all activated sub-processes)2021-06New feature82459
Dispatching and confirmationDeprecated functionality: "View details in 'Resource Dispatching'" and "View details in 'Tour Dispatching'" functionality was removed in both gantt screens2021-06New feature82630
Dispatching and confirmationPerformance related optimization when the tour is generated from the default tour2021-06New feature82794
Dispatching and confirmationFunctionality 'Set tour status back to 'Dispatching'' sets tour status only when tour is in status 'Released'2021-06New feature82966
Dispatching and confirmationGoods management status 'Goods ready to load' was renamed to 'Goods ready' (to be more in line with mobile app processes)2021-06New feature83040
Driver App
The previously existing 'Instruction activity rules' were enhanced with a new activity type and a new criterion (to be able to set up 'One load/unload activity per tour stop' – or not – per route/zone)

Additionally, the previously existing parameter 'One load/unload activity per tour stop' was moved from transport type to the new instruction activity rule and incorporated there.
It is also possible on the tour stop to manually overwrite (ie. change) the data defined by 'Instruction activity rules' parameterization (both in D365 'Dispatch light - Tours' form and in both GPB gantt screens), which are then also transmitted to the DriverApp.

2021-06New feature79550
Driver AppDeleting mobile app tour in driver/truck loading app form now deletes the tour also from mobile app middleware, also adding a new periodic task for cleaning up of mobile app tours2021-06New feature81205
Driver AppSeveral GUI enhancements of the scanning process in the driver app2021-06New feature81706
Driver AppAdditional field on the activity tile was introduced to driver app, that shows additional information that is related to the activity2021-06New feature82081
Driver AppNew dedicated menuitems 'Send to Driver app', 'Send to Truck loading app' (and also the menuitems for withdrawal from both) were added to both GPB gantt screens and to the D365 'Dispatch light - Tours' form2021-06New feature82442
Driver App
Setting tour back to Dispatching does not anymore cancel the driver app tour

Cancellation of Mobile app tours (ie. Driver app & Truck loading app tour) was detached from the 'Set tour status back to Dispatching' process into separate standalone menuitems 'Withdraw from Driver app' & 'Withdraw from Truck loading app'. Menuitems are available both in D365 'Dispatch light - Tours' form, as well as on both GPB gantt screens.

2021-06New feature82602
Driver AppDriver app "Depart" activity updates the new "Departed" field(s) in TAL tour confirmation2021-06New feature82661
Integrations'Sent message id' field length was extended, to allow more than 10 characters2021-06New feature81538
IntegrationsMulti selection of 'Checked imported order' (for error checking) previously didn't work correctly - system checked only one 'Checked imported order'2021-06New feature81680
IntegrationsPerformance optimization of the transport order EDI import process2021-06New feature81950
Master dataThe parameterization of 'process' menuitems was enhanced by new new processes (and sub-processes) and moved to transport type (was originally located in main TMS parameters)2021-06New feature80214
Master dataPeriodic task 'Add time zone to address' newly processes all addresses only when parameter 'Also get time zones when already existing' is activated2021-06New feature82513
Master data
Automatic deactivation of individual sub-processes when main process is deactivated

In 'process' button parameterization (newly in transport type), the deactivation of the main process (by setting the 'Show process button' off), all individual child sub-processes are newly also deactivated.
Additionally, the individual sub-processes can be activated only when main parent process is active (ie. has 'Show process button' activated).

2021-06New feature83009
Dispatching and confirmationUnification of the date format in GPB screens (to dd/mm/yyyy)2021-06New feature80492
IntegrationsMessage framework enhancement - new 'Order blocked' event (Status116) & possibility to create a manual message (Status000)2021-06New feature82347
Other / GeneralPossibility to log GPB client throttling events to 'ThrottlingLog.txt' text file2021-06New feature82681
Shipment Builder
Enabling the part delivery for shipment based transport orders

Previously, it was not possible to split (via part delivery) transport orders that were created via shipment builder (ie. were created from D365 trade orders). Newly, the part delivery of shipment builder based transport order is allowed, when following conditions are met:
- shipment must be synchronized
- in case the trade order is processed via WHS, all picking must be done

The condition list contains only most important conditions, for the entire list please contact your consultant at CAPcargo AG.

2021-06New feature81699
Shipment BuilderEnhancement of the 'Create/Update transport order' dialog, for the direct delivery trade orders (eg. change of delivery terms, mode of delivery, transport company and customer account)2021-06New feature82224
Dispatching and confirmation
KNOWN ISSUE: If 'Synchronous' mobile app change tracking mode is used, then in GPB gantt screens it is not possible to delete resource from the tour

If 'Synchronous' mobile app change tracking mode is activated (in mobile app parameter), then in GPB gantt screens it is not possible to delete resource from the tour (even when tour is not anyhow involved with mobile apps).

Possible workarounds:
- remove resource in D365 'Dispatch light - Tours' form (in header view) - possible only when resource is shown there
- delete whole tour and re-do it again
- switch the mobile app tracking mode:
- to 'Asynchronous' - which is recommended in general for projects that do use mobile apps
- or even to 'Disabled' - only recommended for projects that don't use mobile apps at all. But for these, the mobile app change tracking mode is already defaulted to 'Disabled', or even the parameter is not visible (due to mobile app licence configuration key being not activated)

2021-06Known issue83146
Dispatching and confirmation
KNOWN ISSUE: "Set tour status back to 'Dispatching'" menuitem in 'Dispatch light - Tours' form shows unnecessary mobile app related dialogs even when mobile apps are not used

When dispatchers use the "Set tour status back to 'Dispatching'" menuitem in D365 'Dispatch light - Tours' form, the system also asks two following mobile app related YES/NO dialogs, even when mobile app tours are not existing:
- This tour has already been sent to the Driver App. Since though no confirmations exists yet, the tour still could be withdrawn. Do you want to withdraw it?
- This tour has already been sent to the Truck Loading App. Since though no confirmations exists yet, the tour still could be withdrawn. Do you want to withdraw it?

The mobile app related dialogs appear even when licence configuration keys 'CAPcargo Mobile Apps - Driver App' & 'CAPcargo Mobile Apps - Truck Loading App' are not activated.

In order to set tour status back to 'Dispatching' (when mobile apps are not used), dispatchers can just ignore both mobile app related dialogs (and answer either "yes" or "no").
In case the tour was really already submitted to mobile apps, then the mobile dialogs do what they claim to do (and dispatcher's answer does matter).

2021-06Known issue83152
Dispatching and confirmation
KNOWN ISSUE: When GPB gantt screens are in '1-day' view mode then sometimes finding a tour doesn't entirely select the tour

When GPB gantt screens are in '1-day' view mode then finding a tour (via tour id search field or via various "Open in GPB" D365 menuitems) sometimes doesn't entirely select the tour - tour stops are correctly loaded at the bottom of the GS screen but tour itself is not focused in main gantt grid.

- change the GPB gantt screen mode to '3-day' or '7-day' view mode. Can be done individually directly in the GPB gantt screens, or via parameterization of D365 worker (ie. individually for each user) or in TMS main parameters (ie. default fall back parameterization).

2021-06Known issue83176
Dispatching and confirmation
KNOWN ISSUE: 'Release for departure' option in 'Dispatch directly to new tour' dialog doesn't print SSRS reports even when print sub-processes are activated on the transport type

If tour SSRS reports are needed (after transport order has been dispatched directly to the new tour), the print reports have to be printed manually from the tour.

2021-06Known issue83160
Driver App
KNOWN ISSUE: When adding/removing truck loading app depots to mobile app user, the updated depot list might not be exported to Mobile app middleware

The list of depots for mobile app user is maintained in a separate table. When depots are added or removed, the mobile app user record itself doesn't change. This means that the record is not considered as changed and thus might not be exported to mobile app middleware.

- Change some field in the mobile app user itself (eg. the default route, or truck loading app Yes/No). Such changes will ensure that the export of the updated depot list happens in next scheduled periodic task run.

2021-06Known issue83035
Driver App
KNOWN ISSUE: Sales return order known issues (only for 'unplanned' sales return order cases)

When sales return order is created by registration in driver app, following issues might be encountered:
- The transport unit of the sales return order is currently limited to 10 characters only. The mobile activity feedback with transport units (that are longer than 10 characters) are failing to be processed, thus no transport order (for return order) is created.
Workaround: until the issue is fixed, transport units (for return order) should be created with maximum of 10 characters.

- Shipping and delivery addresses are switched in the sales return order in D365. This issue happens only when 'Create return order automatically' functionality is activated in the mobile app parameters.
Workaround: users can correct (ie. switch) the addresses manually in the created sales return order in D365

- Transport quantity (that was registered in driver app) is not respected in the created return order in D365 (ie. the transport quantity in transport order is always 1). This issue happens only when no packages were registered in driver app during the creation of the sales return order (ie. when driver decided just to type in the quantity directly, without any barcode scanning).
Workaround: drivers have to create "n" sales return orders in the driver app, to match the returning quantity (eg. driver needs to register sales return order for 3 pallets, so he has to actually register 3 individual sales return orders).

Above issues are affecting only the 'unplanned' sales return order cases (ie. when sales return order was not foreseen upfront and shall be registered by driver in driver app).

2021-06Known issue83177
Driver AppIn driver app tour, the summary count of load/unload activities was sometimes calculated wrongly, if the tour stop contained both loading & unloading2021-06Bug82153