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Customer order management and pricing
Improper behavior of transport order cancellation (when more transport orders were being loaded/unloaded on the same tour stop)

Previously, when transport order was cancelled (and more transport orders were being loaded/unloaded on the same tour stop), the system informed about cancellation failure, but in reality the transport order got cancelled. This is not supported, as during the order cancellation, the tour stop address also changes (which would affect also the delivery of other orders, if they exist on the same tour stop). The behavior was corrected and the order cancellation is really aborted when more transport orders are being loaded/unloaded on the same tour stop.
Additionally, the order cancellation logic was improved (by locking the cancellation process into one code transaction), to ensure that the order cancellation is launched only when the processing of underlying transport leg does not fail.

Customer order management and pricingGerman translation of menuitem for cancellation of transport order was corrected (previously was "Abbrechen", now is "Stornierung")2021-07Bug83480
Customer order management and pricing
New feature: Calculation transport costs

Previously, when transport order was generated from some trade order, it was possible to calculate transport costs (ie. to run a price calculation) only when transport order was already existing. Which was quite late in the process.
With new feature 'Calculation transport costs' it is possible to calculate expected transportation costs even when no transport (or even trade) order is registered.

Feature can be launched from several places:
- Standalone form 'Calculation transport costs' (main menu -> CAPcargo Trade & Distribution -> Inquiries -> Calculation transport costs) - the trade order data has to be specified manually (as no trade order is existing yet)
- Menuitem 'Transport cost calculation' on the trade orders - the process uses the data from the trade orders

In both places, the system simulates in the background the shipment builder creation process (to be able to get relevant transport quantities), and then performs a driving time & distance calculation (if activated via parameter) and standard contract finding (and price calculation).

Further key characteristics:
- Cost calculation result is not physically stored (ie. is rather just an inquiry, even though 'under the hood')
- Cost calculation can be performed only on the trade orders that would result into a single transport order
- Calculation details are also accessible from the form
- The resulting route can be also visualized on the map
- Standard general driving distance & time calculation newly takes into account also the 'preferred route' parameterization. Hence it is possible to reflect the 'preferred routes' also during the standard price calculation (ie. outside the calculation transport costs process).

2021-07New feature82042
Customer order management and pricing
New feature: Order controlling

New “Order controlling” form has been introduced, that enables the user to view multiple transport orders and the related sub-contracting/intercompany orders at once with all related information about plan/confirmed values, price calculation values and other details.
The form greatly reduces the efforts that were previously needed, to find issues/discrepancies between the various entities.
Hence the user can work in a single form to do the controlling, adopt values, add surcharges etc. Orders that have been successfully checked will be approved by the user.

Form is accessible:
- from main menu (CAPcargo Transport -> Common - Transport Order Management -> Order controlling)
- from individual order type forms

2021-07New feature82515
Customer order management and pricing
Create/update multiple header surcharges at once

New form “Create/update multiple surcharges” allows the user to create/update multiple header surcharges at once for multiple selected orders. The user can define per created surcharge type if the surcharge should be applied to the transport orders, sub-contracting / intercompany orders or all of these orders. This specification is done via the field “Customer/Vendor”.

The form supports the following order types:
- Transport order
- Sub-contracting transport leg (LTL)
- Intercompany transport order
- Intercompany transport leg (LTL)

Form 'Create/update multiple surcharges' can be launched from the above described order forms, from the header menuitems section.

2021-07New feature82519
Dispatching and confirmationNew parameterization on the D365 worker, where it is possible to define which GPB screens should be automatically launched when GPB client is started2021-07New feature82058
Dispatching and confirmation
Several scrolling related issues were corrected in the GPB 'Resource' screen

Following issues were corrected:
- Horizontal scrolling of resource column sometimes did reset back to the first column
- Vertical scrolling bar was sometimes not accessible

Dispatching and confirmation
Error message when filtering on certain date in the GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen

In GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen, in certain data constellations it could previously happen that when user filtered on some date then the GPB reported a system error (and didn't show the expected resources). The issue was corrected.

Dispatching and confirmationIn GPB in both gantt screens, when certain actions were performed (that required automatic refresh of the gantt grid), then the tour focus was sometimes lost.2021-07Bug83532
Dispatching and confirmation
In certain constellations, several actions could get failing in the GPB 'Tour Dispatching' form and user only received some error infologs

When some D365 form was opened from the GPB 'Tour Dispatching' form (eg. 'Change of department' or several others), the GPB screens should be refreshed when D365 form is closed. The issue was that the GPB screen refresh was sometimes not performed correctly (and the original tour was not entirely selected), thus many further tour actions were failing. The failed tour selection could be noticed by missing vertical orange selection bar in the tour overview. This issue was corrected and the tour is properly selected even after D365 forms are closed.

Dispatching and confirmation
Enhancement and redesign to the work instruction framework

The work instruction framework was redesigned, to remove the historical (and not performing) functionality and to solve the previously happening work instruction duplicity (when several trade order lines were transported in the same transport order line).

Key characteristics:
- Work instructions of the trade orders are newly stored in the separate trade work instruction transaction table, which is then used as a source for the transport work instruction transactions (which are then accessible on the transport legs, tours etc.). The creation of the transport work instructions (from the trade work instructions) happens during shipment builder synchronization.
- In case the trade work instructions needs to be modified (while transport order is already existing), the update of transport work instructions can be triggered either manually (via 'Synchronize work instructions) or will happed during next shipment builder synchronization. Please note, that the change of the trade work instructions does not reset the 'Synchronized' flag to FALSE.
- Work instructions can be newly targeting only the tour stops (via 'Reference table'), the target of 'tour header' was removed. In case the dispatchers need to create work instruction for the whole tour, it is advised to do so on the first tour stop.
- Transport address work instruction templates were enhanced, to better manage for which entities should the template be used (ie. new activation flags 'Add to transport order', 'Add to tour stop', 'Driver app', 'Truck loading app').
- Work instructions of trade orders are newly shown in both mobile apps.

2021-07New feature78885
Dispatching and confirmationWhen changing the tour start date (via 'Edit tour') the main GPB gantt grid view point is now automatically adjusted, to directly show the changed tour2021-07New feature81276
Dispatching and confirmation
New 'Loading status' filter in GPB gantt screens

New 'Loading status' filter was added to the 'Filter' dialog in both GPB gantt screens, to be able to filter the tours that correspond to the chosen release to depot loading status.

2021-07New feature81871
Dispatching and confirmationIn D365 'Dispatch light - Tours' the 'Conflict analysis' was not sometimes working properly (ie. stating that there were no conflicts detected, but in reality there were some conflicts detected).2021-07Bug83515
Dispatching and confirmationNewly created tour was automatically shown in GPB gantt screens only when there were some tours already previously loaded on the screen2021-07Bug81684
Dispatching and confirmationMoving a tour stop to another tour previously sometimes failed with 'Remote server returned an error: (500) Internal server error'2021-07Bug82792
Dispatching and confirmation
Delete of resource from the tour in GPB was not possible when 'Synchronous' mobile app tracking mode was activated

If 'Synchronous' mobile app change tracking mode was activated (in mobile app parameter), then in GPB gantt screens it was not possible to delete resource from the tour (even when tour was not anyhow involved with mobile apps). The issue was corrected.

Dispatching and confirmation
'Set back to Dispatching' menuitem in D365 'Dispatch light - Tours' form showed incorrect dialogs (about mobile apps)

After 'Set back to Dispatching' menuitem in D365 'Dispatch light - Tours' was used, the user was receiving two incorrect dialogs 'This tour has already been sent to the Driver App/Truck Loading App. Since though no confirmations exist yet, the tour still could be withdrawn. Do you want to withdraw it?' even though tour was not anyhow related to driver app & truck loading app. The issue was corrected and the dialogs are shown only when it makes sense.

Dispatching and confirmationSearching (or direct opening) a tour in both GPB gantt screens (when gantt screen is in '1-day' view mode) previously sometimes didn't entirely load (and focus) a tour in the gantt, but only loads the tour stop details in the bottom of the screen 2021-07Bug83193
Dispatching and confirmation
Transport order (and trade order) work instructions were previously not shown when work instruction overview was opened from the tour stop

The issue was corrected, the work instruction overview on the tour stop now shows the work instructions of the transport orders (and also indirectly of the trade orders), as well as the work instructions that were generated directly from the transport address.

Dispatching and confirmation
In some constellations, an incorrect infolog was shown when carrying resource could not be assigned to the tour

The issue was especially happening when no resources were assigned to the tour, then wrong infolog was shown (which implied that several vehicles are found). This issue was corrected and dialog/infolog handling was improved.

Dispatching and confirmationPreviously, after resource swap, the address names were not filled correctly in the 'Resource planning overview' form2021-07Bug82673
Dispatching and confirmation
Several issues were corrected in the area of empties management

Following issues were corrected:
- Empties movement type could not be changed when new empties records were being registered. This is now allowed.
- Previously, it was possible to register empties records (of movement type 'Transfer') without any validation (eg. even when transport address was not parameterized accordingly). The issue was solved by introducing a new validation, that user can newly save empties records (of movement type 'Transfer') only when they match the empties management parameterization on the transport address.
- Previously, when user tried to register manually a new empties record (in tour confirmation). the pallet docket number was not generated from number sequence and was mandatory. Newly, the pallet docket number is generated from number sequence and is not mandatory. Please note: the pallet docket number is generated from number sequence only when a matching record exist in transport address empties parameterization which has 'Pallet report print amount' > 0.
- Field 'Pallet docket number' is newly accessible also in the 'Empties records' inquiry.
- Fields 'Movement type' and 'Pallet docket number' are newly accessible also in the 'Manual empties journal'.

Dispatching and confirmation 'Complete tour execution' processes sometimes didn't end in 'Error' status even though some errors were encountered. The issue is corrected and the status of complete tour execution batch is set to "Error", when some errors are encountered.2021-07Bug83281
Dispatching and confirmation
Several issues were corrected in the 'Release for departure' menuitems (only in the D365 'Dispatch light - Tours' form)

Previously, when the 'non-process' menuitem 'Release for departure' was launched in the D365 'Dispatch light - Tours' form was launched, then some tour related reports were automatically generated. The issue was corrected and automated tour related reports are generated only when the 'process' menuitem 'Release for departure' is used (and printouts sub-processes are activated).

Dispatching and confirmation
'Block Tour release at conflict level' parameterization was sometimes not respected when releasing tour for departure

Additionally, the conflict analysis is not anymore performed during several dispatching actions (eg. during direct tour confirmation & direct order confirmation).

Dispatching and confirmation
Merging of tour stops with different transport types is newly supported

This task introduces the ability to merge tour stops of different transport types. A parameter allows to enable/disable this feature. In order for tour lines with different transport types to be merged, the transport types must have the same plan units (combination and sequence). Planners will benefit from a more realistic number of tour stops, activity times are more accurately calculated. For depot workers and drivers it will give more clarity on loading/unloading list respectively the driver app as the number of stops will reflect the actual situation.

2021-07New feature83362
Dispatching and confirmation
Adjustment of several tour dispatching processes, for more fluent process sharing between GPB and D365 (and to be able to better differentiate the infologs/dialogs when multiple tours are selected)

Following processes were adjusted:
- Release to depot (process menuitem)
- Release to depot (core menuitem)
- Release for departure (process menuitem)
- Release for departure (core menuitem)
- Undo release to depot

2021-07New feature83130
Driver App
Removing the limitation of 10 characters (when creating transport unit of the sales return order)

Previously, the transport unit of the sales return order was limited to 10 characters only. The mobile activity feedback with transport units (that were longer than 10 characters) were failing to be processed, thus no transport order (for return order) was previously created. The issue was corrected and transport unit of the sales return order now has the same field characteristics as the transport unit itself, hence it is possible to setup transport unit of the sales return order with more than 10 characters.

Driver AppIf the sales return order was created in the driver app and the quantity was set manually (ie. not via barcode scanning) then the newly created transport order had sometimes wrong transport quantity2021-07Bug83219
Driver App
In driver app, it was sometimes not possible to register a truck mileage via virtual keyboard

Previously, under certain parameterization, in driver app it was possible to register a truck mileage only via +/- arrows, but the mileage could not be typed in via virtual keyboard. This was especially happening when 'One load/unload activity per tour stop' was deactivated in the 'Instruction activity rules'. The issue was corrected, the truck mileage can be registered in the driver app also via virtual keyboard.

Driver AppMenuuitems for 'New User' and 'Edit user' were accessible only by users with 'System administrator' security parameterization2021-07Bug83685
IntegrationsRule invoice document types' field was added to the data entity 'Customers V3', both for import and export projects2021-07New feature82315
New data entities for Invoice document type

Two new data entities were created, both for export and import projects:
- TAL Invoice document type
- TAL Invoice document type transaction

2021-07New feature82317
Master data
GUI improvement of the process parameterization on the transport type

Previously, the process parameterization was done in one "Process" section in the transport type. To improve the GUI experience (and to allow further improvement of the processes) the section was moved into own dedicated menuitem "Processes" (located in the top action pane in the transport type). Menuitem opens a new form where all main processes as structured into individual sections.
Additionally, the parameterization of processes was enhanced, to show which individual sub-processes are launched before the main process (ie. 'Run before core process') and which are launched after the main process (ie. 'Run after core process').

2021-07New feature82648
Other / General
Data migration task, to fill CIRTRATransType.PlanUnitCombination

Data migration task for 83362, that corrects the plan unit combinations.

2021-07Data conversion83470
Other / General
KNOWN ISSUE: Driver app & Truck loading app activities are not updated when transport work instruction is modified in D365 (or new work instruction is added in D365)

When adding a new work instruction (or changing the existing one) on the orders/tours that were previously already sent to driver app (or to truck loading app), such changes currently doesn't trigger the update towards the apps.
In certain constellations (eg. when app user didnt start yet the confirmation) this can be corrected by withdrawing the tour from the app (and sending it again). When app user already started the confirmation, dispatchers can inform the app user via instant messaging (or via call).

2021-07Known issue83638
Other / General
KNOWN ISSUE: Map [embedded in D365] that shows the route of calculation transport costs currently doesn't render correctly on certain PTV xServer configurations

The rendering of the D365-embedded map doesn't work on certain PTV xServer configurations.
Please note: the issue affects only the D365-embedded map (that is used in calculation transport costs form); the map (that is used by GPB client) is not anyhow affected.

2021-07Known issue83734
Other / General
KNOWN ISSUE: Map [embedded in D365] that shows the route of calculation transport costs currently fails to close

The closing of the D365-embedded map doesn't close the form and the D365 client gets stuck with 'Please wait. We're processing your request.'
Workaround is to reload the whole browser tab.
Please note: the issue affects only the D365-embedded map (that is used in calculation transport costs form); the map (that is used by GPB client) is not anyhow affected.

2021-07Known issue83735
Other / General
Data migration task - to transform all transport address work instruction templates to only target a tour stop

Data migration task for 78885.

Data migration task does following:
- updates the 'Reference table label' to 'Tour line' on all transport address work instruction templates
- sets flag "Add to tour stop" on all transport address work instruction templates (that don't have any target flag checked, ie. when all 'Add to purchase order', 'Add to sales order', 'Add to transfer order', 'Add to transport order', 'Add to tour stop' are not set)

2021-07Data conversion82533
Driver AppAfter the unplanned return order registration in the driver app, the feedback processing in D365 previously sometimes failed with some 'Box:API...' system error message. 2021-07Bug83482
Other / GeneralCorrection in the usage of mobile app license configuration keys, certain menuitems were not following correctly the license configuration key setup2021-07Bug83262
Shipment BuilderWrong tariff quantity was sometimes calculated from gross weight in sales return order2021-07Bug83430
Shipment Builder
Several enhancement in the area of direct delivery of the trade order

Following enhancement were done, in the area of direct delivery of the trade order:

- Same time delivery - system newly only considers the same time delivery flag, if it is set on the last element of the chain (and this element is a sales order line).
- TMS rough scheduling - system newly provides the TMS rough scheduling related functionality (ie. writing back confirmed dates, excluding data fields from synchronization) on the last element of the chain, if this element is a sales order line.
- Release to warehouse - There are 2 direct delivery chain cases, when it is possible, that the 1st element of the chain is a sales order line (and a load line exists for this order line). Hence release to warehouse for such cases is newly supported from CAPcargo transport.
The release to warehouse function (both from tour and from transport leg) takes up those load lines, that are related to direct delivery chains, if:
- the load line is related to the 1st element
- 1st element is a sales order line
On the other hand, the release to warehouse functionality ignores (=does not release to warehouse) all those load lines, that are not related to warehouse management enabled items.
- Update transportation quantities with actual quantities - since the release to warehouse from the tour and from the transport leg is supported, the system also handles the feedback from the warehouse. However, since the shipment lot quantity records of direct delivery shipments are not based on load line quantities, following adjustments were done in the update process:
- all shipment lot quantity records without license plate are deleleted
- based on the information that is provided by the warehouse new shipment lot quantity records are always created.
After updating the shipment lot quantity records with warehouse information, the system registers a synchronization log entry, that will trigger the TMS package creation at the next synchronization.
- Packing slip posting - since TMS packages are generated based on the information that is provided by the warehouse, these packages are now taken up by the packing slip posting from the tour. Packing slip posting for items, that are not picked via WHS processes is still not supported.
- Driver app enhancement - following enhancement were introduced:
- loading information to be taken from the first element of the chain
- unloading information to be taken from the last element of the chain

2021-07New feature82205
Subcontracting/IC invoicingD365 standard vendor invoicing (pending vendor invoice) process sometimes failed to post (issue was happening when no purchase order, or a purchase order without the SLA field filled was used)2021-07Bug83167
Truck loading App
New dedicated 'Truck loading app' status icon was added to the GPB gantt screens, to visualize whether tour has been submitted to truck loading app

The icon is shown in the tour gantt box (next to similar 'Driver app' related icon), and can have following statuses:
- no icon - tour was not sent to truck loading app
- yellow icon - tour was partially sent to truck loading app
- green icon - tour was entirely sent to truck loading app

2021-07New feature82806