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Customer order management and pricing
Map [embedded in D365] that shows the route of calculation transport costs can be now closed

The closing of the D365-embedded map previously didn't close the form and the D365 client got stuck with 'Please wait. We're processing your request.' The issue was corrected and the D365-embedded map can be now closed in the usual way (ie. by pressing the 'x' icon in the D365 top right action pane section).

Please note: the issue affected only the D365-embedded map (that is used in calculation transport costs form); the map (that is used by GPB client) was not anyhow affected.

2021-08New feature83772
Customer order management and pricing
Further enhancements of the 'Calculation transport costs' feature

Following enhancement were done, in the area of the 'Calculation transport costs':
- In 'D365-embedded' map, the layer activation/deactivation checkboxes are shown only for preferred routes that are activated in main 'Transport Parameters'
- In 'D365-embedded' map, the map layer activation/deactivation checkboxes work more reliably
- Order & vehicle attributes (ie. order total weight, vehicle length/width/height/tare weight/number of axles) are newly saved with the driving time & distance calculation (and are used also for the preferred route calculation/visualization)

2021-08New feature83830
Dispatching and confirmation
Deleting a tour activity (or adding a new tour activity) doesn't deselect the tour stop anymore

Previously, by deletion of the tour activity from tour stop, the tour stop selection was lost. This mechanism was improved and after deleting the tour activity, the tour stop stays further selected. Same applies for the addition of the new tour activity (ie. the tour stop is still kept selected after adding a new tour stop activity).

2021-08New feature79160
Dispatching and confirmation
Instruction activities on the tour stops were showing wrong planned date (were showing 01.01.1900)

As the instruction activities (eg. Scan address barcode, Picture, Signature etc.) don't have any planned start date, this situation was wrongly interpreted by the system and some default date 01.01.1900 was shown in the activities of the tour stop.
The behaviour was improved and now empty planned start date is shown when activity doesn't have any planned start date.
Additionally, the duplicated column 'Planned start date' was removed in the activities of the tour stop.

2021-08New feature80277
Dispatching and confirmation
Several enhancements in the area of tour activities (in the GPB gantt screens)

Following enhancements were introduced to the tour activities (in the GPB gantt screens):
- Possibility to change the activity sequence, either by new "up" & "down" arrow icons or via drag and drop
- When adding a new activity, not all active activities were available in the lookup
- The default activity sequence was sometimes not respected (eg. some of the system generated activities were not sorted according to the predefined sequence)
- Activities were previously cached in GPB during GPB client start; newly the activity list is populated from D365 backend only when D365 dialog (for adding a new activity to the tour stop) is launched. This means that users do not need to restart GPB client when some new activity is added in the D365 backend.

2021-08New feature81144
Dispatching and confirmation
Enhancement and unification of functionality of the new tour creation dialog (between both GPB gantt screens)

In GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen: (do for start/end addresses individually)
- Initialize start/end address from potential active dispatch sector filter of GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen
- If still no address is initialized, then read start/end address from the 'user>worker>dispatch sector'.
- If still no address is initialized, then read from main parameters start/end address

In GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen: (do for start/end addresses individually)
- Initialize start/end address from the default depot of the drop-location-vehicle (vehicle>depot)
- If no address is initialized, then initialize start/end address from potential active dispatch sector filter of GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen
- If still no address initialized, then read start/end address from the 'user>worker>dispatch sector'.
- If still no address is initialized, then read from main parameters start/end address

Please note: the initialization logic is the same both for single-selected and multi-selected transport legs

2021-08New feature81992
Dispatching and confirmation
Replacing the Microsoft Internet Explorer by Microsoft Edge browser, when opening D365 dialogs/forms from GPB

As the support for (previously used) Microsoft Internet Explorer is officially ending in August 2021, the GPB client is now using Microsoft Edge browser when opening D365 dialogs/forms from GPB. This also solves the issue that on some GPB client sessions the browser windows control elements were sometimes missing.

Please note: depending on the Windows installation, sometimes an additional component WebView2 is needed. GPB client performs a compatibility check during GPB client start and informs user when some required component is missing.

2021-08New feature82976
Dispatching and confirmation
Further adjustment of several tour dispatching processes, for more fluent process sharing between GPB and D365 (and to be able to better differentiate the infologs/dialogs when multiple tours are selected)

Following processes were adjusted:
- Release to depot (process menuitem)
- Release to depot (core menuitem)
- Release for departure (process menuitem)
- Release for departure (core menuitem)

2021-08New feature83459
Dispatching and confirmation
New work instruction direct entry option (on transport order, per load/unload address)

Two new work instruction related fields were added to the dialog for new transport order creation (and also to the transport order header), in tab Address:
- Work Instruction (Load)
- Work Instruction (Unload)

Fields can be used for direct specification of work instructions already during the transport order creation process. As both fields are physically creating the address related work instruction records (in the work instruction framework), they are also accessible in the dispatching (and in the mobile apps).

Additionally, all contact information of the transport order header is newly gathered into 'Contact' tab.

2021-08New feature83496
Dispatching and confirmation
Enhancement of the mobile app status filters, in both GPB gantt screens

Two new filters are available in both GPB gantt screens, in the 'Filter->General' section:
- Driver App status (with values: None, Open, Pending, Rejected, Accepted)
- Truck Loading App status (with values: None, Open, [Partially] Transmitted)

2021-08New feature83539
Dispatching and confirmation
Enhancement of the 'Calendar per country' feature (adding possibility to define calendars per zip code), renaming the feature to 'Calendar per area'

Previously existing feature 'Calendar per country' has been enhanced with the option to define calendars per zip code. As a consequence the feature was renamed to 'Calendar per area'. This enhancement also contains a generator that supports generating zip code records for zip code range, similar to the Route/Zone route plan generator. The Opening hour framework respects these new entries. Calendar entries per zip code have higher priority than calendar entries defined per country.

2021-08New feature83760
Dispatching and confirmation
New feature: New display field on vehicle and GPB 'Resources' screen to show the last registered mileage, new 'Mileage history' form

Previously, it was possible to register the mileage of vehicles via tour confirmation or via Driver app (at tour start and tour end) in case the vehicle is activated for it. The registered mileage is stored on the resource assignment records but these values could only be viewed within the tour confirmation form. This was enhanced and newly the last registered mileage is visible also in the GPB 'Resources' screen and in the 'Vehicles' form in D365.
Additionally, a new menuitem 'Mileage history' was added to the 'Vehicles' form in D365, where all registered mileage for the vehicle is shown (and is editable). The 'Mileage history' form can also be opened directly from GPB 'Resources' screen (by clicking on the 'Mileage' info box).

2021-08New feature83762
Dispatching and confirmation
Enhancement of the tour confirmation (both in TAL & mobile apps): after confirming different transport quantity, the planning units are not anymore reset to zero when no conversion is specified

Previously, when changing a confirmed transport quantity (during tour confirmation process in D365) then, in case that no conversion rules were specified between transport unit & planning units, the planning quantity was reset to zero. This could lead to the loss of manually specified planning quantity.
When the tour confirmation was done via mobile apps, then the planning quantity was reset to zero even when the same transport quantity was confirmed.
The tour confirmation mechanism was enhanced (both in D365 & mobile apps), to apply a conversion only when it is set up (for certain planning unit). For planning units (for which no conversion is set up), their values are kept untouched.

2021-08New feature83882
Dispatching and confirmation
New feature: New fields that indicate whether the vehicle has an open Vehicle damage claim

The vehicle table has been enhanced with the button 'Vehicle damages' that lists all claims of type 'Vehicle damage' related to the vehicle. New tile was added to the GPB 'Resources' screen that displays the vehicle damage information. The number of 'open' damages are shown. Furthermore, a new conflict (Conflict ID 9115) has been introduced via which it is possible to check if the dispatched vehicles has some 'open' damages (incl. the reference to the resource).

2021-08New feature83992
Dispatching and confirmation
Improvement of the tour selection & focusing mechanism on GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen, when user is scrolling into the future/past

Previously, when user scrolled into the future/past on the time line (in GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen), then the behaviour of loading/selecting the tours was sometimes misbehaving (eg. original tour view point was horizontally changing and the selected tour was not displayed (but still selected), or selected tour got sometimes even unselected etc.). The tour selection & focusing mechanism was improved and GPB 'Tour Dispatching' now keeps the selected tour visible on the screen (when user scrolls to the future/past on the time line), until it exceeds the filtered view point (and the potentially activated pre-/post-loading additional interval), and only then it is unselected.

2021-08New feature84365
Driver App
Unplanned return order registration in driver app is now blocked, if the carrying resource was assigned and tour was submitted also to truck loading app

Reason for such blocking is that currently it is not possible to register a carrying resource for the unplanned return order. And if carrying resource is assigned on the tour, but not on the unplanned return order, then the system doesn't know which truck loading app tour should get the unload activity for the order.
The applied blocking mechanism is only temporary, until it will be possible to register a carrying resource for the unplanned return order.

2021-08New feature83178
Driver App
Enable the driver to enter date reference in the driver app

Introducing the ‘Input’ activity action type enables the user to define such instruction activity rules, that instructs the driver to give some type of an input at the tour stop.
Since the instruction which asks for the input directly comes from the description of the activity, the new action type can be used for a wide variety of business cases like load/unload description.
Once the confirmation from the driver app arrives to D365, the driver’s input is stored in the Driver app activity feedback from where it can be taken up by other processes.

2021-08New feature83534
Driver App
Show transport unit description in the dialog for creation of unplanned return order (in the driver app)

When creating an unplanned return order in the driver app, previously only transport unit id was shown in the dialog. Which was not too user friendly (as the transport unit id is typically not so self-explanatory). The dialog was enhanced and now user has to select the transport unit description instead of transport unit id.

2021-08New feature84089
New data entities for administration of TMS external codes

Several new data entities were created, both for export and import projects:
- TAL External code classes for...
- TAL External codes for…

2021-08New feature80451
New data entity for process parameterization

With the move of the process parameterization (previously the process parameterization was done in the main 'Transport Parameters', newly it is done in the transport type), the previously existing data entity 'TAL Process parameter' was adjusted and renamed to TAL Process parameter V2.

2021-08New feature83100
Preparation for the PTV xServer2 architecture implementation

Adjustments of the PTV xServer interfaces (ie. xRoute, xLocate, xMap, xTour) for the upcoming xServer2 implementation. The previously existing xServer interfaces should work in the same way, without any functional impacts.

Please note: PTV xServer2 is not yet officially supported in this release, will be supported in the upcoming TMS release(s).

2021-08New feature83221
Enabling the secure https communication with PTV xServer components

Previously, the protocol definition (eg. http/https) of the PTV xServer calls (from D365 code) was decided entirely by the code (and only http protocol was supported). This was too rigid, as it didn't allow the https communication with PTV xServer.
Newly, the protocol definition is decided entirely by the PTV xServer parameterization (in the main TMS parameters) and both http & https protocols are supported.

Important (for all projects that use the PTV xServer services): Please note that this enhancement requires a manual adjustment of the xServer parameterization change (in the main TMS parameters->Geo services->xServer parameter), otherwise all PTV xServer components will start failing.
If the previous parameterization of xServer (eg. for xLocate) was '//', then it should be adjusted into or into, depending whether http or https protocol should be used. Same adjustment should be applied to all other xServer components (ie. xRoute, xMap, xTour).
Please note that usage of https protocol requires other infrastructural adjustments (ie. xServer installation has to be enabled for communication via https protocol).

2021-08New feature83781
Other / GeneralEnsuring that all TMS data entity duties are assigned to some security role2021-08New feature79402
Other / General
Technical enhancement, for wider application of the GPB custom fields framework

Following methods were changed from 'private' to 'protected', to allow more flexible implementation of the GPB custom fields framework:
- TALgpbQueryBuilderTransportOrderLegs/setGridFilterValues
- TALgpbQueryBuilderTransportOrderLegs/addQueryRangeFrom2ComplexOperators

2021-08New feature83979
Shipment Builder
New feature: shipment builder integration without load line entity (to cover better the handling of bulk items)

A new approach has been introduced in shipment building in order to satisfy those demands which wish not to use the load line entity for integration between trade and transport: integration via sales/purchase/transfer order line.

The new approach is not parameterizable. If processing the order line via warehouse management processes is possible (ie. warehouse is WHS enabled, storage dimension group of item is WHS enabled), then the integration will be done by the load line entity – regardless whether it already exists or not yet. On the other hand, if processing the order line via warehouse management processes is not possible (ie. either the warehouse is not WHS enabled and/or storage dimensions group is not WHS enabled), then the integration will be done directly by the trade order line.

The order line integration approach is meant to be used by those businesses who wish not to use the Warehouse management module for processing the items in the warehouse (e.g. because of complexity or because of not fitting business processes). This way more simple picking and/or registration processes can be implemented.

2021-08New feature82597
Shipment Builder
Show confirmation data for trade orders

The 'Product information status' form of the trade orders (sales, purchase, sales return order) has been enhanced with the buttons 'Show attachments' and 'Show claims' and the transport leg level. The function 'Show attachments' lists all attachments of the tour activities Load, Unload, Picture and Signature. The function 'Show claims' lists all claims of type 'Damaged goods' that are linked to the tour stop of the selected transport leg. These attachments and claims are usually (but not necessarily) recorded during the confirmation via mobile apps.

2021-08New feature83758
Shipment Builder
Support for package identification also for the 'Return order receiving and put away' work creation process

In 'Mobile device menu items' form, it is now possible to activate 'Allow CAPcargo package identification at goods receipt' also for the 'Return order receiving and put away' work creation process. Previously it was possible to activate it only for 'Return order receiving' work creation process.

Additionally a small correction of the warehouse validation was done - when searching return orders via package identification, the system validates if the warehouse of return order is identical with the one the user is logged in. Previously, this validation was done on return order line level. Newly, this validation is done on the return order header level (via storage dimensions 'Site' & 'Warehouse')

2021-08New feature84081
Truck loading App
'Vehicle loading in progress' tour loading status now respects the package loading level

Previously, the GPB tour loading status 'Vehicle loading in progress' was validating only the transport order line level (ie. 'Vehicle loading in progress' was set when loading of at least one tour order line was confirmed). Newly, the 'Vehicle loading in progress' status is set when loading of at least one package tour order line is confirmed.

2021-08New feature83402
Dispatching and confirmation
Transport leg types improved: can be multiple & respects failed delivery/pickup better

The transport leg types (pickup, shuttle, distribution, direct) are used for filter purposes in several places. So far each leg was exactly 1 type. New is, that each leg can be multiple types, which is rather rare but can happen. Example: Order from depot X to depot Y is a shuttle, but also a direct leg. - Further the failed pickups and deliveries are better covered, meaning that for example for failed pickup the first and the second leg are of type pickup (first failed attempt, 2nd successful attempt).

2021-08New feature84068
Customer order management and pricing
Wrong initialization of 'Status term invoice' on transport order that was created via shipment building process

Previously, when transport order was created via shipment building process, the 'Status term invoice' (on the transport order) could be initialized wrongly (ie. not from the 'Transport delivery terms' (as specified in the 'Transport delivery term mapping' table) but directly from the customer account). The issue was corrected.

Additionally, new fallback mechanisms were added to the initialization of the 'Status term invoice' (for the transport orders that are created via shipment building process). New logic is following:
- 'Status term invoice' is determined from the 'Transport delivery terms'
- If not found, then 'Status term invoice' is determined from the customer account
- If not found, then 'Status term invoice' is determined from the main 'Transport Parameters'

Customer order management and pricing
Non unique integration message groups

Previously, in 'Integration message groups' form it was possible to create different message groups with the same 'Service (SLA)' and 'Customer account' conditions. This was corrected by introducing a new validation that prevents the saving of such duplicate message group.

Customer order management and pricing
Wrong address names were shown on Track & Trace records, when address of the transport leg was specified without TMS address id (eg. via global address book only)

This issue is corrected now and all Track & Trace messages have the correct address name assigned, regardless whether transport leg address was specified with (or without) TMS address id.

Customer order management and pricing
Mix of languages could happen in the customer invoice SSRS report, in certain constellations

The issue was especially happening when the language of the D365 user and the language of the customer invoice was different. The issue was corrected, the language of the customer invoice report is now determined entirely by the language of the customer invoice.

Customer order management and pricing
Potential mismatch between invoice amount (in customer invoice pool) and the total amount (of the collective order)

In certain specific (and very rare) constellation, the invoice amount (in the customer TMS invoice pool) was not exactly matching the total amount of the (collective) order. The issue was happening only for the collective orders and only when the same collective order id was used in different order types (eg. number sequences with exactly same definition were used in collective transport order & collective part-invoice order etc.).

Dispatching and confirmation
Clearing the resources from the GPB map sometimes didn't clear all resources

The issue was especially happening when the resources were visualized on the GPB map via 'Get Resources for tour' right mouse context action on the GPB map screen, on the tour. The issue was corrected and 'Clear' button (in the Resources section) now clears all resources from the GPB map.

Dispatching and confirmation
Driving distance and time calculation was determined on the tour only via the speed profile of the default vehicle type of the transport type of the tour

Previously, the driving distance and time calculation was determined on the tour only via the speed profile of the default vehicle type of the transport type of the tour. This was corrected, newly it is determined via speed profile of the motor vehicle of the tour. The speed profile of the default vehicle type of the transport type of the tour is used only as a fall-back (ie. when there is no motor vehicle assigned to the tour).

Dispatching and confirmation
GPB client was sometimes crashing when specific sequence of actions was performed

The issue was happening especially when users were pulling tours (track view) from unfiltered GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen onto the map screen and in the same time users were trying to search for suitable resources for the tour (via 'Get Resources for tour' right mouse context action on tour, on the map screen). The issue was corrected by better handling of the situations when parallel 'cross-GPB-screens' actions are launched before previous action is fully finished.

Dispatching and confirmationManually created resource assignments (eg. absences) sometimes appeared in 'Resource assignment' form as active, but were treated by code as inactive (and thus were not showing in the GPB)2021-08Bug83490
Dispatching and confirmation
Tour deletion could sometimes fail in both GPB screens

The issue was especially happening when the tour was already released for departure (ie. in tour status Release, or Departed, or Done) and contained already some costs.

Dispatching and confirmation
Certain tour related SSRS reports could crash the entire client session

Previously, certain tour related SSRS reports could cause a crash of the browser window (with "An unexpected client error has occurred" error) and browser window had to be manually reloaded to be able to continue working. The issue was especially happening in following SSRS reports:
- Loading list
- Unloading list
- Waybill
- Pallet docket

The issue was corrected.

Dispatching and confirmation
Activity time on the tour stop was sometimes incorrect after the merge of the tour stops

The issue was fixed and activities which have variable times activated (for example Load/Unload) are now re-calculated based on parameterization on transport type (and the new quantity). For activities with fixed times, the highest fixed time is used.

Dispatching and confirmation
Distorted layout of 'Copy from default tour' dialog

In previous release(s), the layout of the 'Copy from default tour' dialog got distorted and was quite user unfriendly (ie. the dialog was too narrow and users could not see all details in the default tour grid). The issue was corrected and the dialog layout was expanded, to show all details again.

Dispatching and confirmation
'Assign carrying resource' sub-process was added to the 'Release for departure' process parameterization

New sub-process 'Assign carrying resource' was added to the 'Release for departure' process parameterization (on the transport type). The sub-process was previously existing (when processes were parameterized in main 'Transport Parameters'), was accidentally omitted when moving the process parameterization to the transport type.

Dispatching and confirmation
Process 'Release for departure' sometimes didn't finish correctly, as some blank D365 window was launched (which failed to fully load)

The issue was especially happening in the GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen and was caused by certain combination of data and activated sub-processes. The loading of D365 windows was corrected and the 'Release for departure' process is not interrupted anymore.

Dispatching and confirmationLoading/unloading information of the unplanned return order was previously not shown in the GPB gantt screens (in level 3) 2021-08Bug84095
Dispatching and confirmation
Registration of failed pickup was not possible in certain cases

The issue was especially happening when the order was being loaded in the depot address and was previously already registered for failed delivery. If so, then the failed pickup registration was not possible and system reported (wrongly) an error 'Failed pickup can be performed only on the first loading address of the order'. The issue was corrected and the failed pickup registration is possible even for such cases.

Dispatching and confirmation
Two issues were corrected in automatic refresh mechanism when transport leg was planed via 'drag and drop' into the tour

Following issues were corrected:
- Previously, when a new tour was created in GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen (via drag and drop of transport leg from GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen), then the newly created tour was not immediately visible and manual refresh of the GPB gantt grid was needed. The issue was solved and GPB gantt grid is automatically refreshed and the tour is shown and selected.
- Previously, when a transport leg was planned into a tour (via drag and drop from GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen), then the transport leg screen was sometimes not refreshed (and the transport leg was still visible between unplanned legs).

Dispatching and confirmation
Tour was sometimes showing longer in GPB gantt screens than it should

In certain constellations, the tour was showing a longer duration (ie. tour gantt bar in level 1 was displayed incorrectly). The issue was happening especially when the tour earliness/delay feature (aka customer wished delivery date & time) was activated in the transport type. Then a certain part of tour earliness was sometimes wrongly displayed as the tour duration. The issue was corrected and the tour is now visualized reliably.

Dispatching and confirmation
In certain constellations, the change of the confirmed quantity (in the tour confirmation form) could lead to client session crash

The issue was especially happening when some empties records were related to the transport order line (for which the confirmed quantity was being changed). The issue was caused by attempting to launch a user dialog 'Update empties?' inside the running code transaction (which caused issues on certain D365/TMS installations).
The issue was temporarily fixed by suppression of the 'Update empties?' dialog (when user is changing the confirmed quantity), and forcing the empties records to update automatically.

Dispatching and confirmationVisualization of the 'Route/cost optimization' scenarios in the GPB 'Map' screen was previously sometimes failing (the map loaded indefinitely)2021-08Bug84407
Driver App
Shipping and delivery addresses were sometimes switched up when sales return order was created automatically from driver app

The issue was happening only in the sales return order (that was created automatically from the driver app), the addresses were correct (ie. not switched up) on the transport order.

Driver App
Manually created 'Wait' activities (in the driver app) had to be confirmed twice

When manually creating (and confirming) the 'Wait' activity in the driver app, then previously such activity (after synchronization with D365) appeared as 'not yet confirmed' in the driver app and had to be confirmed again. The issue was corrected, and such 'Wait' activities now don't lose the confirmation status after synchronization with D365 backend.

Driver App
'Partially failed' failed pickup status in tour confirmation even though the entirely failed pickup was registered in the driver app

In certain constellation, when the entirely failed pickup was registered in the driver app, then the failed pickup status in D365 tour confirmation showed only as 'Partially failed'. The issue was especially happening when the transport order did not contain any packages. The issue was corrected and the proper "Fully failed" failed pickup status is now shown.

Driver App
Changed tour stop sequence was sometimes reset after first confirmation in the driver app

Previously, when driver changed a tour stop sequence (in the driver app) and then started to confirm the tour, then the changed tour stop sequence could get lost (and original tour stop sequence was re-used). This was especially happening when drivers were registering a failed delivery. The issue was corrected and the tour stop sequence (specified by the driver) is kept even after the failed delivery is registered.

Driver App
Middleware service password could not be set/changed in the Mobile app parameters

Previously, in certain cases it was not possible to set/change the mobile app middleware service password, as the middleware password was not saved to D365 database when value was added/updated in the form. With wrong middleware password, several mobile app services were failing (eg. sending the instant messages to driver, instant barcode check when scanning the barcode in the mobile apps, etc.). The issue was corrected and the middleware password can now be set/changed properly.

Driver App
Too many work instructions were sometimes created to mobile app tours

The issue was especially happening on the tour stops where some transport order was loaded/unloaded, but the tour stop itself was not providing any address related work instructions (eg. tour stop was originating from the depot split of the transport legs). Then the system sometimes generated for such depot split tour stop also the work instructions of the original load/unload transport order addresses.

Driver App
Mobile app feedback processing of the failed pickup sometimes failed with error 'Function CIRTRAcTourOrderLine.setFailedPickup has been incorrectly called.'

The issue was especially happening when the transport type parameter 'Retry after failed pick-up' was set to 'None'. The issue was corrected and the mobile app feedback is now processed correctly even when 'Retry after failed pick-up' parameter is set to 'None'

Previously, it was possible to import via EDI a cancelled transport order

The issue was happing when the EDI file had the following structure:
- Import type=Create
- 'Cancel status' & 'Reason code' were specified

Then the transport order was imported as 'cancelled'. The issue was corrected, now the importing of such EDI file will fail during the checking of imported order and user is informed via new errors:
- Cancel status not allowed for import type 'Create'
- Cancel reason not allowed for import type 'Create'

'Message Group ID' field was sometimes not populated (or was populated wrongly) on the transport order

The issue was happening especially when no customer criteria was specified in the 'Integration message groups' rules, as the system interpreted such integration message groups as 'not valid for any customer'. The issue was corrected, the integration message group rules with no customer criteria are newly interpreted as 'valid for all customers'.

Master data
Discrepancy between pallet account codes (are mandatory on empties identification data in main 'Transport Parameters, but are not mandatory on empties management setup on 'Transport address')

Previously, the pallet account was declared generally as mandatory (in 'Empties identification data' form, in main 'Transport Parameters'), regardless of the empties movement type. Newly, the pallet account is mandatory only for empties records of movement type 'Transfer', as it is not needed for 'Exchange/IOU' movement types (where empties records are not transferred between registered pallet accounts).

Affected forms:
- 'Empties identification data' form (in main 'Transport Parameters')
- 'Empties management grid (on 'Transport address')

Consequently, the layout of 'Pallet docket' SSRS report was adjusted (to correctly handle the situation when pallet account is not specified).

Other / GeneralPreviously, the table CIRWMSWorkInstruction was declared as 'obsolete'. As it is foreseen to keep & reuse the table also in the future released, its property 'IsObsolete' was changed to 'No'.2021-08Bug83918
Other / General
Security roles 'T&L Sales Clerk' and 'T&L Warehouse worker' required a 'Full user' license type

The security parameterization was corrected and 'T&L Sales Clerk' and 'T&L Warehouse worker' security roles require again only a 'Light user' license type.

Shipment Builder
Deadlock at 'Release to warehouse' & 'Complete tour execution' processes

Previously, in certain constellations, it could happen that the 'Release to warehouse' & 'Complete tour execution' processes caused a blocking of the entire batch table. The issue was corrected and does not happen anymore.

Shipment BuilderTransport legs couldn't be removed in the goods management form when some shared package exists, even though the shared package was not related to the transport leg2021-08Bug83563
Shipment Builder
'Remove from Transportation' menuitem accessible even though no transport order exists; several other trade order related menuitems were accessible only under 'System administrator' security role

Menuitem 'Remove from Transportation' (that exists on several trade order forms (on the line level)) was previously enabled even though there was no transport order existing. The issue was corrected and the menuitem is now available only when there exist at least one transport order for this trade order line.

In the same task several other menuitems were corrected (ie. 'CAPcargo scheduling information' trade order line menuitem & 'Product transportation status' trade order header menuitem), which were previously accessible only to the users with 'System administrator' security role.

Truck loading AppDuration of certain activities (eg. signature) in tour confirmation was calculated wrongly when multiple users were working on the same tour2021-08Bug83066
Other / GeneralData migration task (for 83490) - to correct the activation of the previously manually created resource assignments (eg. absences)2021-08Data conversion84060