Neue Funktionen – 8x pro Jahr

Die technischen Optionen, die wir innerhalb von Dynamics 365 haben, ermöglichen es uns, unseren Kunden 8 Releases pro Jahr zur Verfügung zu stellen. Der Vorteil dieser kurzen Release-Zyklen ist eine häufigere Veröffentlichung neuer Funktionen, und wir können schneller auf Kundenbedürfnisse reagieren. Unsere Kunden müssen nicht jedes Release übernehmen, aber sie können, abhängig von ihren Bedürfnissen und der aktuellen Situation.

Release Month Relase Name Ship Date Technically compatible with Microsoft Service Update Funtionally compatible with Microsoft Service Update CAP end of support Mobile Apps  – Oldest supported
Android version
2024-01 10.0-CAP39.0 24.01.2024 (tbc) 10.0.37/38 (tbc) 10.0.38 ca Jul 24 Android 11
2023-11 10.0-CAP38.0 29.11.2023 10.0.36/37/38 10.0.37 ca May 24 Android 11
2023-10 10.0-CAP37.0 04.10.2023 10.0.35/36/37 10.0.36 ca Apr 24 Android 11
2023-08 10.0-CAP36.0 23.08.2023 10.0.34/35/36 10.0.35 ca Mar 24 Android 11
2023-07 10.0-CAP35.0 05.07.2023 10.0.33/34/35 10.0.34 24.01.2024 Android 11
2023-05 10.0-CAP34.0 26.05.2023 10.0.32/33/34 10.0.33 29.11.2023 Android 11
2023-04 10.0-CAP33.0 05.04.2023 10.0.31/32/33 10.0.32 04.10.2023 Android 11
2023-03 10.0-CAP32.0 02.03.2023 10.0.30/31/32 10.0.31 23.08.2023 Android 10
2023-01 10.0-CAP31.0 25.01.2023 10.0.30/31 10.0.31 05.07.2023 Android 10


Microsoft D365FO SU Microsoft Dynamics 365 (ERP solution); SU = Service Update. Microsoft ships 8 SU per year.
CAPcargo release Includes TAL (basic application), GPB, Mobile Apps and potential further components. CAPcargo ships 8 releases per year.
Microsoft D365 SU supported 4 SU are allowed to be in production. Customer is allowed to maximally skip 3 SU in a row.
CAPcargo release supported 4 releases are allowed to be in production. Customer is allowed to maximally skip 3 releases in a row. CAPcargo declares active support including hotfixes, technical documentation, data migration paths during the support period. – If our customers follow our supported release road map, they shall always be well taken care of in their production.
Microsoft D365 SU being in or out of service End of service indicates the date when no new cumulative service updates will be provided.
Microsoft will not provide any fixes to issues on versions that have reached end of service. Microsoft will also not investigate or troubleshoot any issue that you may encounter on an older version. If you encounter an issue on a version that has reached end of service, you will be required to update to the latest update and report the issue if it persists.
CAPcargo release being in or out of service
For the CAPcargo product this does NOT apply!
CAPcargo does not distinguish between “in service” and “supported”. CAPcargo supports a customer also with hotfixes (for critical/production issues) during entire support period (4 releases). See also “CAPcargo release supported”.
CAPcargo functional compatibility On which D365 SU a CAPcargo release was functionally tested.
CAPcargo technical compatibility On which D365 SU a CAPcargo release can be installed and run.