The industry solution CAP.Transport specifically extends the generic business solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations for forwarders and transport companies, which are active in general cargo, part load traffic and full load traffic by road and intermodally.

A unique single-shipment-concept facilitates a transparent collaboration in an intercompany framework without boundaries or complicating workarounds. Automated, customizable invoicing according to specific needs simplifies processes and allows a tangible reduction of administrative resources.


Capture, calculate, plan and carry out your transport orders. Delivered orders are invoiced according to previously agreed rates and contracts, which have been passed on to accounting. Clients can be tied in directly via a web interface. Interfaces with onboard units and route planning systems allow the optimization of routings and tours.

Transport companies can set up fulfillment processes which are not only optimized for cost, but equally reflect specific customer requirements with the CAP.Transport&Logistics transport module. With the MIS, state-of-the-art controlling is possible. Service provision can be continuously improved, since sources of inefficiency are easily identifiable.

The transport logistics package was developed together with customers and industry experts. It supports all core processes of the transport business, including general cargo, part load traffic and full load traffic.

The system provides user-friendly functions with the well-known MS-Windows / Office look and feel in the areas of product management, dispatching, detailed planning, fulfillment, shipment confirmation and invoicing.

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