Who is CAPcargo?

The logistic industry reflects the fast changes of a globalized economy. New business requirements must be implemented within a short timeframe. CAPcargo’s mission is to support the challenges of the logistic industry with innovative applications. Thereby we can strengthen operational efficiency, lean processes and innovative capacity of our customers.

Since the beginning in the year 2001, our team has been pursuing the notion that the seamless integration of a software solution for the transport and logistics industry within an ERP environment creates tangible benefits. ERP for the logistics industry isn’t just a buzzword for us, it is a thorough conviction.

Our values

Logistic excellence

Diamond as icon for CAPcargos logistic excellence

Thanks to our solutions it is possible to reach “logistic excellence”. We think further and are not only solving today’s requirements but are also anticipating future changes. We aren’t afraid to question the norm and are supporting change.


Dot and rectangular strokes as icon for CAPcargos commitment abut us

We stand in for our actions and commitments. Thanks to our clear focus we are expert in our field and are taking responsibility. The things we do, we do right and are delivering high quality.

Together for more

Four fists in a circle as icon for CAPcargos together for more

Our Success and strengths come from working together as a team, with our employees, customers and partners. We listen carefully and seek the dialog. We know very well, together we can achieve more.