Connecting industry needs

CAPcargo is acting as an independent software vendor (ISV) within the Microsoft ecosystem. But why are ISV’s needed if the platform is already rich in functionality? Microsoft Dynamics 365 is covering the main business processes – let’s call it the main highways – addressing the wide business requirements, out of their standard.

The ISV partners are bridging the very specific industry needs, which never can’t be handled in a global application, with the powerful business platform. Such an ISV solution can either solve horizontal needs, like connecting credit card payments or vertical needs, like the CAPcargo module solving the logistic industry business.

The Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem provides tools and frameworks that let independent software vendors (ISVs) build, deploy, sell, and therefore monetize vertical industry solutions that can be repackaged. Dynamics 365 Business Application Platform works like any other developer tool, but instead of writing in computer code – all 1s and 0s – with Dynamics the ISV has all the tools and frameworks to build, deploy, and sell the industry-specific solutions.

One Version – always up to date

Microsoft continuously enhances Dynamics 365 with new functionalities several times per year. A big challenge is that companies cannot benefit from enhancements if they are not on the latest version. Thanks to One Version, new updates are now automatically broadcast, downtime is minimal, and customers enjoy the benefits of staying current with recent features and fixes without having to go through expensive upgrades.

Feature management lets customers control when new features are applied. Therefore, as an independent software vendor (ISV) partner, we can innovate together with Microsoft to take advantage of new features without having to handle the waiting times that come with long release cycles.