Home shopping is not new, but distribution channels are changing. Manufacturers might skip local distribution centers and sales points and deliver goods directly to the home address of the buyer. In urban areas, people don’t have a car or don’t want to shop anymore in the suburbs.

Logistic service providers not only take a delivery role, but offer also additional services. Starting from taking an old sofa back to the mounting of new equipment. For the transportation company this is only some extra business, others would call it off-site manufacturing.

The rendering of the additional services is on the other hand not just an activity the regular driver is doing. Know how is needed and customers are expecting that the local “driver” is representing their values.

Challenge of home delivery division

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For the delivery is in most cases an appointment needed with the customer. Calling them up is time intensive but has the advantage to double-check details with them (can we sell additional services?)

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What is the best sequence of the stops the driver has to take in order to keep the delivery time promises?

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We need to ensure that the appointed driver/staff has the right know how, education and equipment in order to serve the customer.

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How shall we handle pre-alerts, e.g. 1 hour prior to delivery? office, driver, automated message?

Even though customer has ordered the items, sometimes they reject the goods or the customer was not at home. Where to deliver?

CAPcargo customer in the home delivery division

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The MELO group was founded in the year 2015 based on the Munich based company Presse-Vertrieb Hermann Trunk. Still today the distribution of newspapers and related products are an important element of the family owned MELO group. Today over 2000 employees are working in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain and the United States of America.

Melo uses the CAPcargo application in various areas. Among other things, CAP.Transport handles central order management, tour planning, customer price calculation and invoicing. CAPcargo DriverApp is used as a front-end device for all drivers. Detailed scanning of all parcels enables the customer to obtain up-to-date tracking information on the shipment. www.melo-group.com/en/

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NCC industry focusses on industrial production – stone materials, asphalt, foundation work and recycling of construction materials. They are a proactive partner with combined expertise in manufacturing and contracting with strong focus on sustainable solutions.

NCC has been using our solutions CAP.Trade&Distribution and CAP.Transport since Q1 2018 for the self-billing of the external forwarding agents. In the future they plan to use our CAPcargo DriverApp. www.ncc.com

Many challenges and CAPcargo has some replies. Are you ready to learn what we can do to reach the next Level?