Together for more. Or achieve more together. We do not only work according to this motto, but also act according to it in addition to our main activity. The IT industry stands for progressiveness and is often associated with prosperity. We also know, however, that there are other groups and sections of the population that cannot benefit from this. With our annual Christmas donation, we share the happiness with others.

Skopje - North Macedonia

poverty line 30%
child labour 6%
marriage before the age of 18 12%

CAPcargo has been supporting the SOS Children’s Village in Skopje, Macedonia, since 2017. The gap between rich and poor has widened further in Macedonia since independence. More than 30 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. 6 percent of children are affected by child labor. 12% of children marry before the age of 18.

The SOS Children’s Village in Skopje helps locally. The organization primarily strengthens families. In some cases, an accommodation in the children’s village is the appropriate solution to address the problem. The children can grow up in a safe and quiet environment until they can stand on one’s own feet.