The food industry is changing rapidly. For a very long time, “faster, cheaper, more” was the best recipe. In the meanwhile, fresh, health, natural or regional are becoming an important differentiator.

At the same time, we all know, not everybody is willing an able to pay the price for local, close to home made food, like it is expected. On the other hand, the consumer spend for food is getting less and less compared to their income. Sometimes it feels like “quality is good, as long as I get it for free”.

The food industry needs to find ways, how these new trends can be built into their market offer. Those who will manage these customer expectations best, will become the future leader.

Challenge of the Food industry

food industry cycle with a truck persons and a factory

The supply chain is often an important element, when it comes to reliability, but also cost wise, for the food industry. Whether direct deliveries to the point of sales, end customer or distribution center, the delivery is expected very much in time. A late delivery has an important negative impact (refused reception, lost revenue, etc.).


Knowing of the importance and the time sensitivity, often the shipping needs to be controlled and planned in house. A simple hand over to the logistic service provider would be convenient, but at the end, the supply chain is part of the offered product and hence needs to be controlled.

CAPcargo customer of the Food industry

Company logo Wech Austria CAPcargo reference

The Austrian Wech Group is operating out 5 sites with over 700 employees. Together with farmers, which are acting as partners, Wech is delivering about 45’000 tons of poultry products (chicken, turkey) to their customers.

The entire group is working with the entire pallet of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Main focus is on production, sales and distribution. Since the group is operating out of several sites and the fresh products must be delivered in time (time sensitive) the distribution requirements are high. With its own and subcontracted fleet, the products are delivered throughout the country and for transport planning the Wech group is using the logistics solution CAP.Trade&Distribution.

Company logo BMI Germany CAPcargo reference

As a dairy and cooperative with more than 65 years of tradition, they know how to combine different requirements and interests. The product range comprises a total of more than 120 fresh products. This makes it possible to cover the entire range: from food retail, through catering, to bulk consumers.

To guarantee the punctual delivery of your products, BMI has chosen the CAP.Trade&Distribution logistics solution.

Company logo DAUNAT France CAPcargo reference

Daunat Bretagne was founded in 1976 and was able to sell the first packed sandwiches in France. The company produces sandwiches, salads, burgers and some desserts. For transport planning, Daunat uses the CAP.Trade&Distribution logistics solution. Thanks to the 60 distribution points they have, delivery within 24 hours is almost 100% possible.

Many challenges and CAPcargo has some replies. Are you ready to learn what we can do to reach the next Level?