As of mid of October 2013 the CAP.Transport & Logistics release 2012.200 R2 (based on MS Dynamics 2012 R2, CU6) has been available.

Given the fact that the last two releases were mainly technically driven by new Microsoft versions (upgrade to 2012 R1 and R2), this new release contains more functional enhancements for the logistics industry.

In the area of geographical maps, we have introduced a new state-of-the-art look and feel map (mouse zooming/navigating) using the PTV technologies as in the past. Toll cost calculation features have also been enhanced.

Based on the known CAPcargo maxim, i.e. reflecting the needs of the logistics industry in an ERP system, we have brought together extended map data with planning requirements. The map is the source for information such as routing, distance, driving time and resulting toll costs. The planning system provides information such as accurate resource costs, qualifications, activity times and planned extra costs (ferry, tunnel, etc.). A combination of these inputs allows a new simulation which enables the planner to find the most ideal route for his or her particular requirements. By comparing the result of the simulation with the revenue (profitability view) the planner quickly receives an overview and a perfect decision base on which route should be taken for a certain tour; unique features which are not provided by other known systems.

CAP.Transport and CAP.Trade&Distribution benefit from the above mentioned enhancements. Bigger improvements in CAP.Transport have been made in the order management (e.g. credit limit management) and in the truck planning (truck-meets-truck traffic, routing).

Within CAP.Trade&Distribution the unique connection between sales and transfer orders on one side and transport orders on the other side has been strengthened by further improvements of the so called “CAPcargo shipment builder”. The functionality is now stronger than ever. The enhanced cross-company functionality allows a direct, seamless and transparent information flow between several legal entities.

Oliver Franz, responsible for the Product Management at CAPcargo, states in terms of future developments:

„The new AX2012 platform offers completely new options in the product development area. Finally it is technically possible to introduce graphical user interfaces, for instance, in the world of ERP systems. Borders do no longer exist. CAPcargo had seen these great opportunities and launched the development of the so called “CAPcargo Graphical Planning Board” during summer 2013. But also mobile applications, customer/vendor portals and graphical dashboards are on our near future roadmap.”

CAPcargo and AX2012 offer new opportunities, not only in the software development, but also in the project implementation. The usage of the powerful Excel PowerPivot, which is integrated with an add-in into AX, allows a user friendly analysis of the collected data in the system. Furthermore the readiness of the product for a better usage of the internet (Enterprise Portal) gives new potentials.