CAPcargo products are available for the latest Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 release with immediate effect. The main objective of CAP.T&L release 2012.140 was to bring our solution up to the latest AX release, in order to allow our customers to benefit quickly from all Microsoft improvements – in line with our motto. Furthermore, we were keen to make our solution available in the new countries, since our solution is interesting for target customers who are active internationally.

On the surface, little has happened with R2 in AX, but deep down a lot more has happened. For example:

Microsoft has strengthened AX with the so-called Data Partition (data is distributed on different data bases) in a technical sense. This satisfies the high security requirements with respect to data sharing within companies, but also caters for data sharing with clients (externally).

Within CAP.Trade&Distribution in particular we have been able to realize significant simplifications and automations in the area of the „shipment builder“. The complex background process, which turns a sales order into a transport order, has been simplified as well as automated for the user. Additionally, transport orders can now also be generated from a standard AX transfer order. A significant improvement could also be achieved in the information flow. For example, the planned delivery time, a possible, foreseen delay (ETA) and the effective delivery time originating from transport planning are directly visible on the sales order. These are new functionalities, which have a direct benefit for customers!

In CAP.Transport the changes have, for once, rather taken place on the surface. As the usability completely changed with AX2012 (functionally as well as procedurally), the objective now was to include various feedbacks from users and to make the operation of the system even more intuitive.