Beginning of December the R2 release of AX2012 finally was made available. Microsoft have significantly increased the range of functionalities and stabilized AX2012. Apart from various industry extensions for retail and the service sector, to name a few, the extended BI and reporting functionalities and their interplay with SQL2012 should be of particular interest for logistics companies. The possibility to carry out budgeting directly in Excel underscores the practical value, which the complete integration of the newest Microsoft technologies provide. The software has been equipped with eleven new, additional country specific localizations for important markets (Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, India, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia). This emphasizes the global scope of AX2012. CAPcargo will equally have brought our own industry specific solutions up to the newest level by the middle of February 2013. The interest from “new” AX2012 countries is remarkable at any rate.