For more than 7 months the GPB team has worked on the latest release. While in the past the focus was on new features, this time it was different. First customer feedbacks have been taken into account and existing processes have been made much smoother. To improve the performance, background processes have been introduced. This helps to move heavy processes to the background while the user can continue working without being blocked. Next to background processing, also caching and web-services helped to optimize the performance. Further, these are elements, which already help the transition to D365.But of course there is no CAPcargo release without additional features. Two examples: The manual adjustment of the expected arrival date and time on tour stop level has been requested by many customers and is now available. Also new is the graphical information of the assigned crew on a truck. This helps to get on a quick view of important information. The first releases were allowing mainly CAP.Transport customers, so transportation and forwarding companies, to use GPB. With the latest release now also the manufacturing and trading customers can benefit from the GPB features: for instance, the dispatchers can see the actual warehouse picking status directly from a tour’s perspective..

More details of over 50 improvements are available in the release letter for release 1.4. The GPB journey continues and the GPB team is already working on the next release, which is expected to come out during summer 2017.