With the separation from the CREALOGIX group, a geographical move to a new office equally took place.

At the end of March 2012 it was time and the new location on Ifangstrasse 12 in Kloten / Switzerland could be occupied. This step definitely marked the beginning of a new era. The new space ideally support our specific needs for concentrated work in a peaceful atmosphere on the one hand and a creative exchange between the team members on the other.

Further important points for the choice of location were the proximity to the airport and the numerous modes of public transport departing nearby. Guests and employees are thus able to reduce their travel time to a minimum. “Given the proximity of the airport we are now able to conduct really efficient one-day workshops with clients and partners. Fly in in the morning, fly out in the evening!”, says Mike Laib, responsible for marketing and sales.

A new, positive team spirit emerged after a short time as a result of the move. Quite astonishing what such a mere change of scene can achieve.