With the new AX2012 version Microsoft has surpassed a milestone in the ERP world. The most notable changes are the perfect integration with Microsoft Office, expanded possibilities for analysis and a welcome improvement in user friendliness. Since we are a vendor of a vertical solution which is certified by Microsoft for Dynamics AX, it was important to us to transfer this new kind of user friendliness into our solution to achieve the same look and feel. The challenge lay in the realization of a change from a functional towards a process-oriented kind of user guidance. Hence, our product team could not limit itself to learn, understand and realize technical innovations; it also had to familiarize itself with a completely new approach to using the software. Our product and development team has invested more than 750 days to complete the migration to the new version. In other words, as Beat Pallagi, responsible for Research and Development puts it: “AX 2012 is not just another version. Given its depth, it is almost a completely new ERP system.” Therefore, it is all the more pleasing, that we managed to release CAP.Transport as announced in spring 2012.

New order management in CAP.Transport 2012.100