The New Microsoft Dynamics AX

Goodbye ‘AX7’ welcome to ‘The New Microsoft Dynamics AX’

On March 8 and 9, 2016 Microsoft will launch officially the new AX version. What can be expected of the new version?

A new name…

Admittedly, Microsoft’s product naming logic might be something we will never really understand. After AX2012, the project name for the next major release was called ‘AX7’, ‘AX2015’, ‘AX2016’ but also ‘Rainier’. Now we know it, the new name will be simply ‘Microsoft Dynamics AX’.

Does this make sense? Yes, since a cloud-based solution will be updated regularly. Therefore larger new versions or cumulative updates are not needed anymore. Sounds good, but what happens to the name when the next technology change is knocking on our doors?

Microsoft has made tremendous progress with LifecycleServices (LCS), supporting exactly these continuous improvements of running applications. Whether really the majority of organizations are willing to leave path of the saying “never change a running system” behind, will be interesting to see. The challenge will not be that AX can’t manage the adoptions. More how can we make sure that the connections to all the surrounding systems and partner applications are not interrupted?

Cloud-first application

In the beginning, the new Microsoft Dynamics AX will be available only as cloud version. A version for On-premise and private cloud implementations is expected towards end of the year 2016. The same is valid for data upgrade tools for existing clients. Finally we understand, what Microsoft understands with “cloud first”. Microsoft Azure is the engine for the new Microsoft Dynamics AX and indeed the new Microsoft – complete integration across products on any platform and on any device.

The on-premise version will make use of new capabilities of Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016. Both are expected to be released during this year.

Mike Ehrenberg, a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Technical Fellow calls the coming release „the most significant thing we’ve done in ERP in ten years.” Indeed, it is fully-browser based (HTML 5) and available for Windows 10 Edge users, as well as users on other modern browsers. The user shall be able to power up the business themselves and build business-specific mobile applications using PowerApps. An additional app for Windows will be available as universal windows platform app, working on PC, tablet or phone. The users will love it and it is certainly part of the new wave within Microsoft.

Business Logic

According to Pepijn Richter, Director Product Marketing Microsoft Dynamics AX, the new Microsoft Dynamics AX will feature approximately 97% of the business logic that can be found in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU9. This is an important message especially to existing AX customers. Running on R3 CU9 or CU10 is the ideal point to migrate at a later moment to the new Microsoft Dynamics AX.

ISV solutions

The industry solutions will remain extremely important for a major part of the implementations. Microsoft is aware of this fact and has invited ISV partners at an early stage to start with their migration to the new version. CAPcargo is working with the new AX technology since March 2015.

An exciting moment for the industry. Join us on the way to The New Microsoft Dynamics!