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Customer invoicing
Performance improvement of the billing proposal matching

Billing proposal matching performance was greatly improved. Internal tests show a performance of cca 4 minutes (to match a billing proposal of 4000 lines). Previously, billing proposal matching of 4000 lines took cca 6 hours.

2022-JuneNew feature90140
Customer order management and pricing
Several improvements in the handling of address area on the transport order (and in driver app)

Following improvements were done in the handling of address area on the transport order:
- When creating new order lines, then address areas (on the order line) were previously not initialized from the order header
- When updating address on transport order (via several functionality), then the address areas (on the order line) were not updated from the order header
- Confirm the address area scan activity when last driver app address area scan activity is confirmed
- Barcode scanning activity for address area was sometimes shown in driver app only as optional (but could not be 'swiped away')

2022-JuneNew feature79248
Customer order management and pricing
Error message when opening 'View details' option on the 'Order calculation id' in the 'Calculation overview' form

The 'View details' option on the 'Order calculation id' in the 'Calculation overview' form (that can be launched from order lines) was disabled, as it makes no sense (ie. it would just reopen the same 'Calculation overview' form).

Customer order management and pricingOrder line quantities info were not shown in the order controlling form (when order controlling form launched for several multi-selected transport orders)2022-JuneBug89333
Dispatching and confirmationRegistration of failed delivery was previously not possible when the order loading was already confirmed2022-JuneBug89629
Dispatching and confirmationQuick general filter on 'Package confirmation' form was previously not working2022-JuneBug90271
Dispatching and confirmation
When Transport order uses Backward scheduling, processing of failed pickup doesn't fail anymore if retrying on the same transport order

Correction of known issue 90520 of release 10.0-CAP26.0.

Dispatching and confirmation
Printing of the 'Loading list' from the tour could previously fail

The issue was happening especially when 'Loading list' was printed from the tour that was previously released to depot.

Dispatching and confirmation
Incorrect handling of manually created work instructions for the transport order header

Work instructions (that were manually created on transport order header) were sometimes not triggering the work instruction notification icon on the GPB tour stops. Furthermore, such work instructions were also not shown in work instruction form (launched from the GPB tour stops) and were not transmitted to mobile apps.

Dispatching and confirmationPreviously, mobile app related infolog was triggered in GPB gantt screens during setting the tour back to dispatching, even though no mobile app was activated via license configuration keys2022-JuneBug90034
Dispatching and confirmationNew menuitem 'Change address' was added to context menu of tour start/end stops (in GPB gantt screens), to be able to conveniently change start/end address of the tour2022-JuneNew feature89533
Dispatching and confirmation
Tour was sometimes not automatically refreshed in GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen, after certain dispatcher actions

The issue was encountered for example when planning transport order directly to new tour (with allocation of some resource, with activation of 'Release tour for departure' option).

Dispatching and confirmationRe-planning a tour from one truck to another (via tour drag & drop in GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen) now correctly respects also truck's fixed combinations of trailer & driver/passenger2022-JuneNew feature90278
Dispatching and confirmationFailed delivery registration is newly not possible when unloading is happening on the very last tour stop, as it would lead to unsupported data structure2022-JuneNew feature90416
Driver AppReducing a duration of the "Syncing..." dialog, when 'Start working' or 'Depart' or 'End tour' was used in the driver app2022-JuneNew feature90581
Driver App
KNOWN ISSUE: File names with '+' letter are not handled correctly in the driver app

The issue affects mostly attachments (eg. work instruction or address attachments).

2022-JuneKnown issue90670
Driver App
KNOWN ISSUE: Scanning barcode with internal camera (in "Scan barcodes" dialog) sometimes produces wrong result

In some scenarios (and with some mobile devices), the camera based barcode scanner provides wrong result. Exact cause is currently unclear.
It's recommended to use a Zebra device with it's built in scanner, as there the issue was not encountered.

If the user can't complete an activity because "Unknown barcode" caused by wrong result they can always use the "Confirm without barcode scan" function as a temporary workaround.

2022-JuneKnown issue90733
Driver App
New functionality 'Pre-loading' (D365 & driver app)

Some sites load the goods into the vehicle before the driver starts his shift. In this case no detailed loading (ie. package by package) is needed by the driver, but only the confirmation of an aggregated load activity that represents that driver found everything in order. This is to be solved by 'Pre-loading' functionality, that introduces a simplified processing in the driver app and in D365.

Key points:
- Two new criteria ('Valid for transport address' & date range 'Valid from'/'Valid to') were added to the 'Instruction activity rules', that are considered by the system when instruction activities are generated
- New action type 'Pre-loading' was added to 'Instruction activity rules'. Main purpose of the pre-loading action type is to set the 'Pre-loading' flag on the load transport leg point that fulfils the criteria of this rule record. As soon as the 'Pre-loading' flag is set the system is going to calculate with 0 duration for the load activity.
- Pre-loading is interpreted by the system that loading was done before the driver started his tour, moreover, it was done outside of CAP.Transport. Hence no confirmation in expected by the party who performed the pre-loading. Therefore, at departure from a tour stop that contains pre-loading transport leg points, the system automatically performs the confirmation of the pre-loading transport leg related tour order lines and package tour order lines (by taking over the planned quantities 1:1). Furthermore, it also confirms the load activity if it’s not done by the driver app automatically

Additionally, the 'Active' flag ware removed from the 'Instruction activity rules' grid and is now transformed into 'Show only active rules' filter.

2022-JuneNew feature90332
Driver App
KNOWN ISSUE: Driver app performance (and mobile storage usage), if driver adds many pictures

If the driver adds many pictures (or other attachments) while working on the tour, the app might slow down and the storage consumption might become a problem.

This issue can happen especially when using the "skip remaining activities" process (ie. swiping "Depart" before completing all mandatory activities on a tour stop) and attaching many pictures in the dialog(s). For example if 5 Unload activities remain, then the driver swipes "Depart" and attaches 3 pictures, the app will create in total 3 * 5 = 15 pictures. If this is repeated on three stops then there are already 45 pictures. And currently, the app might not handle this very well.

Therefore, for the time being (until issue is fixed), it's recommended to attach as few pictures as possible, especially in the "skip remaining activities" process (since it multiplies the attached pictures).

Please note:
- The "Picture" activity doesn't seem to suffer from this problem, at least not as much. So even if the tour has 50 stops with "Picture" activity in each, the app handles the situation well.

2022-JuneKnown issue90598
Driver App
KNOWN ISSUE: Disappearing feedbacks with very big driver app tours

Tours with a large number of stops and activities (for example 50 stops, 700 activities) can sometimes suffer from lost/missing feedbacks. This means that some activities (that driver completed in the app) don't appear as completed in D365 backend. And when the driver does logout/login (forcing full data refresh from the middleware), those activities appear as not confirmed in the app, too.

If the driver notices that old & already completed tour reappears as "in progress" in the apps, they should complete all the remaining activities to solve the problem.

2022-JuneKnown issue90599
Driver App
Introducing a driver app administrator feature, to clean up the Mobile app reason codes

New button 'Clean up' has been added to the 'Mobile app reason code' inquiry, via which it is possible to clean up all records from TALdraReasonCode table.
Once button is pressed, a dialog is shown telling the user "You are about to remove all records from Mobile app reason code table. This will not remove the reason codes from the middleware - a system administrator must do it separately before you should proceed with removal of the reason codes in D365. After removing the reason codes you can recreate them by clicking 'Settings create/synchronize' button. Are you sure you want to continue?". Upon clicking 'OK', the mobile app reason codes are removed.

2022-JuneNew feature90616
Driver AppKNOWN ISSUE: With the reduced automatic synchronization between the driver app and middleware, updates from D365 backend might sometimes not appear in the app2022-JuneKnown issue90668
Driver App
Unplanned return order: corrupted barcode when scanning done via Zebra device scanner

In "Unplanned return order" functionality, the driver can scan barcodes of packages that the customer is returning. If the driver was using Zebra device scanner, the barcode values could previously contain corrupted data.
Issue was noticed at least with driver app CTP3.3 and CTP3.4 release candidates.

Driver App
Unplanned return order: no activity was created for unloading the order, if the unloading was planned on already existing tour stop

When driver reported unplanned return order, and specified such return address that already exists among the upcoming tour stops, the unloading of this return order was previously not handled correctly in the app activities.

Driver App
Empty tour stop in D365 backend, that is not displayed in the related driver app tour (in mobile device)

The issue was happening when driver was registering a return order already on the first tour stop. Then, instead of creating (and automatically confirming) the load order line in the same tour stop, a new tour stop was created. Such data situation is unfortunately not yet supported and lead to further issues.
Until the behaviour is enhanced, the registration of return order on the first tour stop is disabled.

Driver App
Unplanned return order with packages: transport quantity and planning quantities ware always 0 on the transport order line

When unplanned return order (with packages) is registered in driver app, a return order is created in D365 backend. The issue was that that the planning quantities (and transport quantity) of this order was always 0.

Newly, the conversion (from the package unit to transport unit & planning units) is applied, even when unplanned return order (with packages) is registered in driver app. (Previously, such conversion was already applied, but only when unplanned return order was registered directly in D365 backend)

Driver App
Driver app push notifications were sometimes sent to wrong drivers

The issue was only happening when several drivers were re-using the same driver app, then in some scenarios the driver app didn't recognize the driver log out and continued to deliver the push messages even though another driver was already logged in.

Driver App
Duplicate instruction activities on the mobile tours

Depending on the instruction activity setup, it's possible that many rules would provide the same activity on the same tour stop. Certain control mechanism is in place which should prevent creating duplicate activities but it was failing in some situations.

Geo-servicesSequence optimization optional parameter 'Unload all before load' was sometimes not working correctly on PTV xServer2 installations2022-JuneBug90461
Previously, the sequence optimization didn't handle correctly the tour stops that have no load/unload (eg. waypoints, generated from tour routing rules)

When tour contained both tour stops (with load/unload) and tour stops (without orders), then the sequence optimization aligned into optimized sequence only the tour stops (with load/unload) and the tour stops (without orders) were just added afterwards (ie. close to the end of tour).
The issue was corrected, the sequence optimization now includes also tour stops (without orders) into optimization query to PTV xServer.

Geo-servicesIn certain constellations, the sequence optimization process previously didn't successfully finish (ie. request to PTV only timed out)2022-JuneBug90718
Geo-servicesGPB map screen sometimes could not be re-opened after "Preferred routes" layer was cleared from the map2022-JuneBug90480
Support for different types of PTV xServer2

As it is possible to setup a connection to different types of PTV xServer2 (eg. to dedicated API version, to most actual version, to experimental) and not all types do use the same URL structure, certain code adjustments had to be done, to support them.

Examples of supported xServer2 types & its URL structures (eg. for xRoute component):

Dedicated API version
- xServer-2 [2.23]
- Use Fix Product Version: YES
- xRoute URL: https://serviceaddress:port

Most actual version of the backend
- xServer-2 [2.23]
- Use Fix Product Version: NO
- xRoute URL: https://serviceaddress:port

Experimental version
- xServer-2 [2.23]
- Use Fix Product Version: NO
- xRoute URL: https://serviceaddress:port/services/ws/XRoute/experimental

2022-JuneNew feature90119
Geo-servicesKNOWN ISSUE: Adding more intelligence to algorithm, tour sequence optimization is performing much slower in the current release version2022-JuneKnown issue90731
Geo-servicesKNOWN ISSUE: Tour sequence optimization on extensively large tour sometimes fails (and tour is not optimized)2022-JuneKnown issue90732
New data entity for administration of 'Template OS configuration' form (GPB related)

New data entity 'TAL Template OS configuration' was added, both for export and import projects.

2022-JuneNew feature82208
Status messages criteria type 'Transport leg type' has been removed as it was covering only very simple cases (and thus was not actively used by projects)

Instead of 'Transport leg type' status message criteria type, it is advised to use 'Transport leg' criteria type, as it is more flexible (and can cover the same business cases as 'Transport leg type' criteria type).

2022-JuneNew feature87693
Status messages criteria: Deprecate obsolete criteria type "Transport leg type"

Track & Trace, Message Framework:
Back in summer 21 we added the leg type as own fields to the leg. Therefore there is no purpose anymore in maintaining a separate criteria type "transport leg type" on the status message criteria, since we just can use the new fields on the legs.

Hence, in the configuration, the transport leg type criteria can be replaced by transport leg fields criteria.

Also the failed delivery/pickup and the sender delivery & receiver pickup are available as fields and can be used and combined with the others.

Therefore we remove the criteria type "Transport leg type" completely. Customers can change their configuration anytime also those with older releases than R26.

Since the new feature exists already since summer 2021 (R20), also customers skipping R26 or R27 can easily change to the better already existing configuration. Therefore there is no need in keeping the old criteria type for 4 more releases. Hence the old criteria type is removed in R27.

IntegrationsElements 'EventTime' & 'SignedBy' were previously not filled in the track & trace status messages, when the sender delivery package was confirmed via cross-docking form (ie. confirmation without planning)2022-JuneBug90470
Other / General
Data migration task - to transform the route selection lookup of the truck loading tours into new format

Data migration task for 89658.

Data migration task updates the route selection lookups of the existing truck loading tours into new format (ie. route id + route description).

2022-JuneData conversion89660
Other / General
Data migration task - to transform previously existing 'Transport leg type' status message criteria

Data migration task for 87693.

Data migration task transforms previously existing 'Transport leg type' status message criteria into 'Transport leg' status message criteria.

2022-JuneData conversion90564
Other / General
Data migration task - to populates new 'Valid from' & 'Valid to' date range criteria on the 'Instruction activity rules' form

Data migration task for 90332.

Data migration task populates new 'Valid from' & 'Valid to' date range criteria on the 'Instruction activity rules' form, depending on the 'Active' flag, applying the following logic:
- When 'Active' flag was set, the 'Valid from' is populated with earliest system date and 'Valid to' is populated with latest system date
- When 'Active' flag was not set, the 'Valid from' is populated with earliest system date and 'Valid to' is populated with current system date minus 1 day

2022-JuneData conversion90391
Shipment BuilderWhen updating certain fields on trade orders, the transport order update in some installations could fail with error2022-JuneBug90431
Shipment BuilderPerformance improvement of posting a packing slip from tours2022-JuneNew feature90144
Shipment BuilderDeletion of non-confirmed shipment lot quantity was not possible when another related shipment lot qty was already confirmed2022-JuneBug90265
Shipment BuilderInventory reservation during tour release to warehouse even though the WHS item was parameterized for manual reservation only2022-JuneBug90131
Shipment BuilderWhen using containerization in the direct delivery case, the synchronization (after closing a container) was sometimes now working2022-JuneBug90443
Shipment Builder
Product variants data can be newly reflected in the transport unit/quantity calculation

When creating transport order from trade order (and also when planning load capacity), it is newly possible to reflect the product variant data in the transport unit/quantity calculation.

Key points:
- 'Transport type combination' parameters was added to the product variant
- When available, then the values are taken from:
- Transport type combination
- Total weight per inventory unit
- Product variant specific unit conversion
- When not available (as for example the related license configuration key is not activated, or the feature is not activated):
- If transport type combination on the product variant is not available, then released product is used
- If total weight on the product variant is not available, then the weight is calculated (per inventory unit) from the released product
- If product variant specific conversion is not available, the the product specific unit conversion from the released product is applied

2022-JuneNew feature90334
Shipment Builder
Collection address on the purchase order

Previously existing 'Shipping address' (that was on the purchase order line) was introduced also the to purchase order header and to the dialog for creation of new purchase order.

Key points:
- Shipping address fields (from purchase line) are newly also available on the purchase order header (in section 'Address'). Field is used to initialize & update the equivalent field on the purchase line.
- 'Requested ship date' field (from purchase line) is newly also available on the purchase order header (in section 'Delivery'). Field is used to initialize & update the equivalent field on the purchase line.
- Both fields are newly also available directly in the dialog for creation of new purchase order
- Following label adjustments were done:
- 'Shipping address' field group was renamed to 'Collection address'
- 'Shipping name' field was renamed to 'Collection name'
- 'Requested ship date' field was renamed to 'Requested collection date'
- 'Confirmed ship date' field was renamed to 'Confirmed collection date'

2022-JuneNew feature90330
Truck loading App
KNOWN ISSUE: Truck loading app version CTP3.3 (that was released with TMS 10.0-CAP26.0 release) is not working optimally with current release, hence it is recommended to use with this release rather Truck loading app CTP3.2

If a newer version of the app has already been installed in the device, following steps should be done before installing CTP 3.2:
- Clear app cache & data
- Uninstall the app

2022-JuneKnown issue90669
Truck loading AppReducing a duration of the "Syncing..." dialog, when 'Start loading' or 'Start unloading' was used in the truck loading app2022-JuneNew feature90583
Truck loading AppWhen launching truck loading app, a route selection lookup newly shows route id + route description (previously only route description was shown)2022-JuneNew feature89658