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Improving an address geo-coding matching level accuracy for 'non-Swiss' addresses (ie. 'Austrian address case')

Previously, when geo-coding an address, address state ID was used (as input parameter to PTV geo-coding interface). This worked fine in most cases but not in all cases (eg. the geo-coding was working correctly for Swiss addresses, but was not working optimally for Austrian addresses (which were geo-coded with very low matching level accuracy)). Newly, instead of state ID (eg 'N' or 'ZH') the system uses the state description (eg. 'Niederösterreich' or 'Zürich'). Which is working both for Swiss & Austrian addresses.

2023-05New feature95223
Introduction of new feature - to allow the closing of streets (for certain vehicle types, transport types, for certain period)

New feature is being released, to allow the closing of streets (for certain vehicle types, transport types, for certain period of time).

This tasks contains:
- data structure to store the needed data and simple UI:
- Polygons
- Geometry
- 'Period of time' / vehicle type / transport type criteria

- Transmitting the data to PTV xServer, so that these are reflected in PTV xServer internal calculations
- Optimizer (Dima creation / but not supported by HPRN)
- Driving distance & time calculation

What is still remaining (ie. was not included in the current R34 release):
- UX to show polygon data on a map

The feature is considered as "beta" and is currently aimed rather for wide testing purposes. It is not recommended for parameterization (and usage) on the productive applications

2023-05New feature95001
Removing the 'Geo service product' parameter from the 'Means of transport type'

Previously, in the 'Means of transport type' form, there existed a parameter 'Geo service product', with following options: "None", "PTV xServer [1.x]" and "PTV xServer [2.x]". The parameter gave the impression that it is possible to process different means of transportations via different versions of PTV xServer (or even deactivate the PTV xServer for certain means of transport types). The parameter was actually not respected in the dispatching processes as it lacked further configuration (eg. setup of concurrent interfaces to different PTV xServers etc.). Thus the parameter 'Geo service product' was removed from 'Means of transport type' form.
Newly, the centrally parameterized PTV xServer is used for all means of transport types that do not have 'Timetable linked' activated.

2023-05New feature91004
Truck loading AppBarcodes can newly be specified on vehicles, so these can be scanned by Truck loading app users to confirm the 'Start loading' of the vehicle (if there is no barcode specified for vehicle, the 'Start loading' can be still confirmed by swiping off the acti2023-05New feature81380
Truck loading AppBarcodes can newly be specified on compartments, so these can be scanned by Truck loading app users before loading/unloading2023-05New feature81378
Dispatching and confirmation
Showing last resource position in the GPB map

New button 'From tour(s)' was added to the 'Resources' button group in the GPB map screen. Once button is pressed, map shows the last positions of all vehicles of all tours (that are currently shown in the GPB map screen)

2023-05New feature95733
Dispatching and confirmation
New feature: color concept in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen

This feature enables the user to setup differentcolors in GPB parameters, for the background of the different values in the columns:Transport type, SLA, Temperature and/or ADR to be shown in the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen. Using thisfunctionality, transport legs with dangerous goods, different transport types, temperature-controlled transport orders and different service level agreement can be more noticeable for thedispatcher when working with the screen in GPB.

Key point:
- Parameterization of colors is done in GPB Parameters (in section 'Transport orders /-legs')

2023-05New feature95373
Dispatching and confirmation
Small improvement of the readability of tour orders (in the GPB gantt screens), when higher amount of orders are in one tour stop

Previously, the order record spacing (in tab 'Orders') was slightly distorted when higher amount of orders (ie. more than 10) is planned in the same tour stop.

2023-05New feature95361
Dispatching and confirmation
Several UI enhancements of the dynamic bar text/title configuration of GPB screeens

GPB screens and dynamic bar text/title configuration (ie. 'GPB GS text templates' form) were enhanced in the following way:
- to not show duplicated cities, in case the same cities occur next to each other on the tour stop sequence
- new data source 'Resource leg -> Vehicle' was added to 'GPB GS text templates' configuration
- new targe 'Applied on = Level 3 header' was added to 'GPB GS text templates' configuration
- for enum visualization in GPB, the enum value description is shown (previously sometimes the enum id was shown)
- Resource name was sometimes overlapping the side color side ribbon on tour overview (in GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen)

2023-05New feature94939
Dispatching and confirmation
Improvement of the action button ribbon in both GPB gantt screens

Following enhancements of action button ribbon (in both GPB gantt screens) were done:
- 'Refresh current' button was added to 'List' section - refreshes the currently selected tour(s)
- The previously existing 'Refresh' button was renamed to 'Refresh all' - to better describe its purpose
- 'Send messages' & 'View message history' buttons were added to 'Mobile apps' section

2023-05New feature94744
Dispatching and confirmation
Improvement of the 'Create new tour' dialog, that is launched when new tour is created in GPB gantt screens, via drag & drop of legs (from GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen, while pressing CTRL key on keyboard)

Following enhancements were done:
- The 'Process' tab (with Sequence optimization options) is now always shown and available
- If 'Tour sequence optimization in real time' main parameter is TRUE, then the 'Sequence optimization' is also set to TRUE by default, and 'Respect business hours' and 'Respect customer wish' options are initialized from parameters
- If user selects a route, then system asks if the user would like to initialize default values from the route. The sequence optimization settings are then also initialized from the route (ie 'Launch sequence optimization' & 'Unload all before load'

2023-05New feature94462
Dispatching and confirmation
Better controlling of several tour related action buttons on the transport order form (and 'Dispatch light - Tours' form)

Following enhancements were added:
- 'GPB - Resource Dispatching' button was added to the 'Dispatch light - Tours' form
- In transport order form, the 'GPB - Resource Dispatching' & 'GPB - Tour Dispatching' buttons are now enabled only when transport order has some legs
- When using 'GPB - Resource Dispatching' on a transport order/tour that has no resources assigned, user is newly informed via infolog (to understand why GPB 'Resource Dispatching' cannot be opened)

2023-05New feature93449
Dispatching and confirmationNew confirmation dialog is now launched when user tries to delete a tour stop in the GPB gantt tour screens (previously the tour deletion happened directly, without any confirmation)2023-05New feature92871
Geo-servicesDriver home' addresses were added to the address layers in the GPB map2023-05New feature92529
Dispatching and confirmationSmall GUI enhancement of dedicated filter dialog (in both GPB gantt screen) - the "OK" button is not anymore cut by the filter dialog right edge, in case some longer filter value is selected (eg. 'Dispatching type' = 'No Dispatching only')2023-05New feature90063
Dispatching and confirmationSmall GUI enhancement - capital letter wording correction of 'hover the mouse over' tooltip for showing the 'Customer wish' details, in both GPB gantt screens2023-05New feature90058
Dispatching and confirmationIn GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen, in 'hover the mouse over' dialog with vehicle capacity utilization chart, the capacity unit titles were previously sometimes overlapping (ie. unreadable) with capacity utilization chart2023-05New feature90057
Dispatching and confirmationWhen selecting and dragging multiple selected transport legs (in the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen), the GPB now shows summary of all planning quantity of the selected transport legs2023-05New feature56674
Other / GeneralTechnical correction of several code objects, to avoid the problems with nested data access loop (Customization Analysis Report (CAR))2023-05New feature86398
Shipment Builder
Confirmed inventory quantity (of the shipment lot quantity) is newly calculated also via unit conversion logic

Previously, the calculation was done only proportionally, which was less precise. The proportional calculation is only used when no unit conversion is specified.

2023-05New feature96159
Shipment Builder
Enhancement of the 'Deliver remainder' dialog

Following enhancements were added to the 'Deliver remainder' dialog:
- Automatic re-detection of the chain - as the first step of create/update transport order (directly or via the dialog), the system now re-detect the chain once again, making sure that all elements are linked to the shipment/transport order. Please note that re-detecting the chain happens in both directions.
By this it is ensured that all elements of the chain are identified when the shipment/transport order is created.
- New dialog for the remaining qty validation of the 'Deliver remainder' dialog was introduced for bulk items (also direct delivery bulk). Both when the qty is manually entered and when the Cancel qty button is used. The dialog pops up when the system tries to reduce the transactional qty below the total qty in transportation (confirmed inventory qty when available, inventory qty if confirmed inventory qty is not available).

2023-05New feature96053
Shipment Builder
Several enhancements of the packing slip posting from tour

Following enhancements introduce in area of packing slip posting from tour:

1) Packing slip posting from pickup/delivery tour
New setup parameterization 'Tour packing slip posting origin' was added to the 'Trade and Distribution parameters'. When printing packing slips from a tour, system will newly print only the packing slips:
- for the leg types 'first pickup' of the legs in this tour, if the parameter is on 'pickup tour'
- for the leg types 'last delivery' of the legs in this tour, if the parameter is on 'delivery tour'

2) Allow posting of packing slip in the sequence of tour stops
New flag 'Packing slip print order' was added to the 'Trade and Distribution parameters'. If activated, then packing slips are posted in the sequence of tour stops (from start to end of the tour).

3) Allow the re-printing of packing slips
New button 'Packing slip' has been added to the tour (into 'Print' button group), to allow the re-printing of previously posted packing slips.

2023-05New feature94988
Other / General
Ensuring that CAPcargo module ISV licenses are working in Microsoft update 10.0.34

Previously, after installing the Microsoft update 10.0.34, the CAPcargo module ISV license were misbehaving. Following symptoms were noted:
- When importing a license deployable package via LCS to a D365 system with Microsoft version 10.0.34, CAP solution doesn´t become visible. No warnings or errors can be seen in the deployment logs.
- When importing via command line, we see this warning : 04/27/2023 10:32:26: Warning: method: readISVLicense, message: License value for CAPcargo Transport and Logistics is incorrect.

This issue might lead also to disabling CAPcargo solution in systems where licenses have already been imported successfully.

This task corrects it and CAPcargo module ISV licenses are now compatible with Microsoft update 10.0.34

2023-05New feature95938
Dispatching and confirmation
Transport unit ID is removed from several tour reports (as the transport unit description is printed on the reports already)

Transport unit ID was removed from following tour related SSRS reports:
- Tour report
- Loading list
- Unloading list

2023-05New feature95907
Dispatching and confirmation
Allow to produce a snapshot of current tour planning (ie. 'On call list'), for easy export

This task allows to populate a snapshot overview of toursand tour stops of a given date range, in tabular structure. Results can be easily exported, for example to import them to external systems, or to use them off-line (ie. whenhaving an on-call support shift at home).

Key point:
- new inquiry 'On call list' was added to TMS main menu (CAPcargo Transport -> Inquires -> On call list)

2023-05New feature95814
Shipment Builder
Allowing TAL trade order security roles to have access to 'CAPcargo scheduling information' tab on trade orders

The 'CAPcargo scheduling information' tab (on trade orders) is now also available to users with following security roles:
- T&L Sales clerk
- T&L Purchase clerk
- T&L Warehouse clerk

2023-05New feature95787
Customer order management and pricing
Possibility to filter/sort via 'Street' in address lookups

Previously, it was not possible to filter/sort by the street name in the load/unload address lookups on the 'Create transport order' dialog (and also on transport order header details form).

2023-05New feature95676
Dispatching and confirmation
"Non-transport" addresses are newly treated as always open

For "non-transport" addresses (ie. when address is specified only as location in global address book, but not as transport address), the address opening hours could have been previously obtained from the 'Calendar per area' parameterization (eg. from the country calendar). This turned to be misleading, as such "non-transport" addresses are often representing a "non-business" addresses (eg. personal/home addresses) and 'Calendar per area' is aimed for different case.
The handling of opening hours (for "non-transport" addresses) was therefore modified in the following way:
- Opening hours of "non-transport" addresses are not anymore determined from 'Calendar per area' setup
- For the visualization purposes (eg. in GPB, in mobile apps etc), opening hours of "non-transport" addresses are not shown anymore
- For the technical purposes (eg. for tour sequence optimization etc.), the "non-transport" addresses are considered as always opened

2023-05New feature94800
Customer order management and pricing
New feature: Temperature controlled transport orders

If the transport order is defined as ‘temperature controlled’ with the value in the ‘Temperature’ field, such information will be visible in the ‘All transport orders’ grid and in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen. It will be also shown in the ‘Transport order’ form, as well as in ‘Default order’, ‘Pre-order’ and ‘Offer’. Functionality is also be enabled in the Customer portal.
Furthermore, in D365, the user is able to filter, sort and search the values entered in the ‘Temperature’ field. Like this it will be easier for the user to distinguish transport orders/legs that need special temperature conditions during the transportation.

Key points:
- New table/form 'Temperature codes'
- New activation parameter 'Allow temperature-controlled transport orders' in the transport type
- New field 'Temperature' on transport order header (and on transport order creation dialog)
- New column 'Temperature' on the transport order main grid
- Possibility to import transport orders (with 'Temperature' specification) via transport order EDI
- 'Temperature' field was also added to default order, pre-order, offer
- 'Temperature' information was also added to GPB screens and to Customer portal
- Possibility to define record background color for different temperatures in GPB (more information in color concept task 95373)

2023-05New feature94683
Customer order management and pricingIn the transport order creation dialog, customer account can be newly determined also by selecting an exact contact person2023-05New feature94663
Customer order management and pricing
Transport unit dimensions and package initialization

This tasks enhances the handling of dimensions in the TMS. Previously it was not possible to enter goods dimensions on order line. Now this is possible to enter length, width and height on order line (incl. measurement unit like cm).

The affected elements are transport order create, transport order line, order line import, default orders. Copy order (and its return order equivalent) will also copy the dimensions on order line if available.

Having the order line dimensions allows us also finally to calculate the plan unit which represents a volume (m3) for example.
Furthermore, the dimensions on the order line act as a vehicle to initialize the dimensions and measurement units in the package creation dialogue. Lastly, its possible to initialize package unit from the transport unit, instead of a generic parameter which was for most customers too limiting.

2023-05New feature94646
Customer order management and pricing
Introducing a new validation/warning, when creating potentially duplicate tariff surcharge

Previously, when user was creating a tariff surcharge (that might be potential duplicate of some existing tariff surcharge), no validation was applied. And because during price calculation (when tariff surcharges are effectively applied & calculated), some unexpected results could be encountered, as price calculation applies always only first found tariff surcharge (of the same surcharge type).
To improve the user awareness (and to avoid such misunderstood results), a new validation has been added. New validation covers following cases:
- When user is adding new tariff surcharge (to contract version or relation)
- When user is adding surcharge group to contract version or relation
- When user is adding new tariff surcharge to surcharge group

In above cases, when user is creating new surcharge, a new validation is triggered, which checks whether user is creating a potential duplicated surcharge. Following criteria are tested:
- Same surcharge type
- Same 'Inactive' flag
- Date validity (ie. 'Valid from' & 'Valid to') - here no exact match (but intelligent match) is tested, to detect also overlapping date validity ranges

If such potential duplicate is detected, user is informed via new info message. The info message is of type 'Warning', so just informs the user (but does not prevent from saving such duplicate).

2023-05New feature93484
Dispatching and confirmation
KNOWN ISSUE: if a tour stop has manually created empties, and its tour stop address is changed, then the empties transactions disappear from D365 (but are still shown on the tour stop in Driver app)

When a tour stop address is changed, the empties transactions on the tour stop are not handled correctly. They point to the tour line via TourId, TourLineId and AddressId, but the link breaks when address is changed. The transactions still stay in the database, but are not shown in Tour confirmation because the link is broken. They are however still shown in Driver app because there was no change in the Empties transaction.

2023-05Known issue96353
Data migration task - to clear usage data and personalization of Vehicles form for all users, to avoid system crash in some situations

Data migration task for 81380.

Data migration task clears the usage data (and form personalization) of Vehicles form for all users, to avoid system crash in some situations

2023-05Data conversion95795
Geo-servicesAddress visualization on map (via coordinates) was previously not working in the 'Geocoding-failed addresses' form, even though address had some (even not correct) geo-coordinates2023-05Bug95510
Dispatching and confirmationIn GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen, the 'hover the mouse over' tooltip (for showing the customer wished dates & times), the year & month & separator was sometimes missing2023-05Bug96560
Dispatching and confirmationOpening the tab 'Qualifications' (in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen) was previously possible only for users with system administrator access rights2023-05Bug96155
Geo-servicesAddress was disappearing from detached 'Docking panel' windows in GPB map, when user clicked on another pin on the map2023-05Bug94101
Dispatching and confirmationIn GPB gantt screens (in tour stop overview), in the 'hover the mouse over' tooltip (for "i" information icon, to show existing work instructions), the 'Truck Loading App' field was shown even when truck loading app configuration key was not activated2023-05Bug93392
Dispatching and confirmationPreviously, when setting 'From' & 'To' date filter in the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen, no validation was applied (and users could set 'From' date that was later then the 'To' date)2023-05Bug82066
Dispatching and confirmationDispatching company' & 'Company' lookups (in the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen) were previously showing only fragment of company id, when company id was longer than 3 characters2023-05Bug44171
Driver App
Two issues were corrected, in 'Regenerate instruction activities' process

Following issues were corrected, in 'Regenerate instruction activities' process & button (in tour dispatching forms & screens):
- 'Regenerate instruction activities' process did not reset the "One load/unload per transport order line" settings on tour stops
- 'Regenerate instruction activities" process removed the instruction activities from tour stops which should be blocked for instruction activity update (ie. which had "Block instruction activity updates" option activated)

Driver AppPreviously it was possible to send 'Confirmed' and 'Done' tours to mobile apps (ie. to Driver app and Truck loading app). This is newly blocked.2023-05Bug92886
Shipment BuilderShowing related 'Work' in 'All loads' form was previously not working correctly when new shipment builder configuration key (ie 'Shipment builder (based on WHSLoadLine)' was activated2023-05Bug96289
Shipment Builder
Correction of trade order type printout in the Loading/Unloading list SSRS reports, for shipment builder originating transport orders

Previously, for transport orders that were created via shipment builder (and their shipment building area is Sales order - Non WHS or Sales return order), then the trade order type was printed as suffix to the product name (eg. "Monitors - Return"). This was corrected and trade order type is now removed from item name and is now printed before the product name (eg. "Sales order - Monitors"). Also the trade order type is now used as a source, instead of shipment building area.

Shipment Builder
Confirmed inventory quantity (on the shipment lot quantity) was previously sometimes not updated correctly

The issue was especially happening when tour related external confirmation feedback was processed.

Dispatching and confirmationWork instructions were previously not copied to new transport order line, when quantity split was performed on the transport legs (that belong to transport order which was created via shipment builder)2023-05Bug96045
Shipment BuilderWhen creating a new collection address (on the 'Create purchase order' dialog), the address is newly created for the vendor account that is selected in the dialog (previously, the address was created against legal entity)2023-05Bug95517
Dispatching and confirmationIn GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen, the "i" informational icon (for work instructions) was previously sometimes shown even when order had no work instructions2023-05Bug96466
Dispatching and confirmation
Error 'Attempted to divide by zero', when confirming a tour

The issue was happening only when planned transport quantity was zero and dispatcher tried to confirm a 'non-zero' transport quantity. Issue was corrected and should not occur anymore.

Driver AppError message: "The unit to convert to is not specified. The conversion existence cannot be checked because the parameters are wrong." when Return order activity is 'processed' in the Driver app2023-05Bug96294
Customer order management and pricingCopy order (return)' process was sometimes not launching the 'Copy order (return)' dialog, even though the dialog was activated in main TMS parameters2023-05Bug96051
Master dataPreviously, it was possible to delete transport type group even when it was actively used in the TMS2023-05Bug95917
Master dataWhen deleting transport type group, then the assigned child elements (eg. transport type assignments to this group) were previously not automatically deleted2023-05Bug95915
Customer order management and pricing
Several points were corrected in the area 'Passenger transportation' (ie. only effective when license configuration key 'CAPcargo Unofficial Features - Passenger transportation' is activated)

Following points were corrected in the transport order create dialog, in 'Passenger' tab:
- if a passenger can be selected directly in the lookup, this one shall be taken (and no need to select it via Passenger Search form). So design now allows a direct selection or to go via Passenger Search form.
- if selected via Passenger Search form, the earlier selected passenger should be taken
- "Create new passenger" button was moved next to the identification field
- if customer account is added after the passenger selection, both passenger name & identification ID are also removed (previously only identification ID was removed)

In Passenger form:
- Form pattern was changed, to be able to show more information in the left side grid overview section

IntegrationsResource validity fields (ie. 'Effective from' & 'Effective till') were previously missing in the resource data entity (ie. in 'Operations resource' data entity)2023-05Bug95820
Dispatching and confirmationExternal confirmation was previously not working for the additional activities that were not yet calculated for the related tour line2023-05Bug95792
Dispatching and confirmation
In last released version, pre-dispatching (ie. transport leg creation) was not possible in systems that have no shipment builder configuration key activated

Due to the bug in the last released TMS version (ie. 10.0-CAP33.0), the pre-dispatching (ie. transport leg creation) was possible only in systems that had some shipment builder configuration key activated. The issue was corrected and the pre-dispatching now works again even for pure transportation projects (ie. that are creating transport orders directly, without involvement of shipment builder)

Subcontracting/IC invoicingCancelling the printout of self-billing vendor pro-forma invoice was previously causing unsupported data constellation of underlying sub-contracting order (as the temporary pro-forma voucher id was not removed from the sub-contracting order)2023-05Bug95644
Customer order management and pricingWhen creating transport order from default order, planning qty 5 was not initialized correctly; system took the value from planning qty 4 from the default order2023-05Bug95523
Customer order management and pricing
Transport order could not be updated, when assigned contact person was deactivated (or even deleted) in the master data

Previously, when deactivating or deleting a contact person (that was already assigned to some existing transport order), then these transport orders could not be further anyhow modified/updated, as the validation prevented the saving of modified transport order. This was corrected in the following way:
- Deactivated contact person does not anymore block the change of existing transport orders (that has this contact person assigned)
- Deletion of contact person (in master data) is newly possible only when contact person is not assigned on any transport order

Billing proposal staging index updated (data entity 'TAL Billing proposal')

Previously in the billing proposal lines the external the externalsalesID and external line number were mandatory fields for importing because of the staging index. Imports without these fields failed to import because of duplicate key violations.

Currently in the billing proposal these fields are so called 'soft criteria' which you can configure to used or not in the billing proposal matching process. Therefore these should not be mandatory to import. This misalignment of the staging table index has been adjusted. New mandatory fields for import billing proposal lines are billing proposal ID, Linenum (billing proposal Linenum, can be autogenerated).

Note: because of change in the unique index of the data entity staging table it´s possible that existing staging data is not compatible with the new index. Therefore it´s recommended to clean up staging table TALBILLINGPROPOSALLINESTAGING before installing this CAPcargo version. Otherwise there´s a risk that updating the D365 system with this version fails in database synchronization error. If your deployment already failed, you can clean up the staging table and retry with the same deployable package.

Instructions for cleaning up the staging table:
1) First check if you have data in TALBILLINGPROPOSALLINESTAGING table: use the table browser for this: https:/[D365URL]/?mi=systablebrowser&tableName=TALBILLINGPROPOSALLINESTAGING . If this table is empty then there´s no need to do anything. If you see entries in this table, continue with next steps.
2) Go to Data management workspace
3) Identify any data projects that have been used to export or import "TAL Billing proposal lines" data entity (TALBillingProposalLineEntity). You can look at "DefinitionGroup" field of the entries in the table browser (that you opened in step 1), you will find data projects with that name.
4) Either remove each data project, or remove all executions in the job history (by clicking "View history" in the data project details screen). If some entry in the job history can´t be removed "Record can´t be deleted" make sure that it has no staging data behind "View staging data".
5) Finally use the table browser again to ensure that there is no data in the table

Master dataOption 'Also get time zones when already existing' (in the 'Add time zones to addresses' periodic task) was previously not respected correctly, the address time zones were not 'corrected' when some time zone was already filled2023-05Bug92823