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Feature 'Close roads' is newly respected also in driving time & distance calculations of transport orders and sub-contracting orders

The "Close roads" geo services feature has been enabled to have effect on the distance and time calculation not just on tour, but also on transport order, subcontracting LTL and FTL orders.
For the transport order distance and time calculation:
- will be taken into consideration the transport type (of the transport order) and the vehicle type defined on it
- if either transport type or vehicle type will be defined on a valid "close roads" geometry plan, distance and time calculation will take the geographical restrictions into consideration.

For subcontracting LTL order:
- if the tour defined on LTL order has resources, it will check for geometry plans based on the vehicle type coming from the resources
- if no resources present, it will take the vehicle type from the tour header
- if tour header vehicle type is empty, it will take it from transport type

For subcontracting tour (FTL) order:
- similar to LTL, but look at resource legs first.

2023-07New feature96917
"Close roads" visualization in the map

Follower of the task 95001 of previous R34 release - the 'Close roads' segments can now be also visualized in the map.

Key points:
- button 'Show on map' (in the "Closed road" form, launched from Transport parameters form -> Geo services -> Close roads)
- button 'Show on map' (in the "Polylines" form, launched from Transport parameters form -> Geo services -> Close roads -> Polylines 'View')

2023-07New feature96853
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Improvement of various labels and helptexts in Optimizer jobs form

Certain labels and helptexts were improved in the Optimizer jobs form.
Also, the Optimizer Id was lenghtened from 40 to 60 characters, as the process of updating TMS tours with additional legs via Optimizer makes the optimizer Id longer.

2023-07New feature96847
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Extra validations related to fixed break setup

Extra validations were added in Optimizer parameters and in Resource combination plan related to fixed break setup, to avoid unexpected results during subsequent processing.

2023-07New feature95862
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Optimizer takes into account the 'Not accepted vehicle types' on TMS addresses

Optimizer can now take into account any vehicle type that would be defined on a transport address as "not accepted vehicle types". For the moment, only the vehicle types coming from the truck (vehicle) are taken into consideration. Vehicle types coming from trailers will be fixed in a subsequent release.

2023-07New feature95825
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Permanent removal of Optimizer parameter "Activate 'defect' start/end calculation"

Optimizer parameter "Activate 'defect' start/end calculation" has been removed as an option. This was a temporary workaround to account for activities on tour start/end locations. This workaround generated other problems in tourplan generation, and decision was made to remove this parameter.

2023-07New feature93808
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Provide the ability to chose between HPRN-based or exact calculation of Distance Matrices during dispatching to Optimizer.

A new parameter "Ignore HPRN" has been introduced in Optimizer parameters, with default value False.
For fast calculations of distances between addresses used on legs sent to Optimizer, High Performance Routing Networks are pre-calculated and defined on vehicle types. However, these are not mandatory. The system is able to calculated all distances "on-the-fly", with most accurate information available from the Map at the moment of calculation, but at the cost of significant less speed of calculation.
This can happen automatically, if no HPRN is defined on a particular vehicle type, or if user toggles this new parameter to True (either on Optimizer parameters, or on the Optimizer dispatching form).
When no HPRN is used in calculations, then also any geometry plans ("close roads") defined and valid in Transport parameters are taken into consideration.
Warning: due to longer period of time needed to process the request, it is advised to NOT close the GPB window used for Optimizer dispatching until response has been received in the tourplan form. Otherwise, tourplan might remain 'stuck' in Calculating status.
This is a known issue and will be fixed in a subsequent release.

2023-07New feature93753
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Improvement of various labels and helptexts in Optimizer parameters

Various labels and helptexts in Optimizer parameters have been improved for clarity (added hh:mm where necessary).

2023-07New feature92410
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Add confirmation dialog to "Delete tour plan"

When clicking "Delete tour plan" button, instead of directly deleting the selected tourplan, a dialog was added to ask for confirmation of the delete action.

2023-07New feature92370
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Tour start/end parameters include now possibility to start tour on first load address and/or end tour on last unload address in tour.

The parameters related to setting locations of tour start/end were enhanced to also include:
Tour start = First load address in tour - when this is selected, the tour start is the same as whichever location the Optimizer process decides is best for first loading
Tour end = Last unload address in tour - when this is selected, the tour end is the same as whichever location the Optimizer process decides is best for last unloading

In the same way as the other values already existing for these parameters, these new values can also be selected in main Optimizer parameters, directly on Vehicle, or in the Resource Combination plan.

2023-07New feature92142
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Implement possibility to select and delete multiple tourplans at the same time.

The "Delete tour plan" function has been adjusted to support deleting multiple selected tourplan records at the same time.
The tour plan form has also been adjusted to allow multi-selection.
When multi-selecting records, only the delete function is available.

2023-07New feature91798
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Tourplan 'Download content data'-related improvements

Helptext of parameters and naming of downloadable files in case of in case of using the "Download content data" function in the tour plan form have been improved.

2023-07New feature91172
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Additional information added to Optimizer tour to identify whether HPRN was the source of creating DiMa or not.

One extra column "HPRN usage" was added to the "Tour plan" and "Distance Matrices Information" forms. In this way, the user can quickly identify whether any optimizer tour was created by using a DistanceMatrix which used an HPRN to be created (process faster, but less accurate), or which was created on-the-fly during the dispatching process (process slower but more accurate).

2023-07New feature90169
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Optimizer: Installation documentation

Update was made to the Installation guide of D365 to include specific instructions related to Optimizer.

2023-07New feature89672
Driver App
'Express' parts of the processing of online check (for unknown barcode) are newly deactivated by default

Based on experience from productive usage of mobile apps, the 'express' parts of the processing of online check (for unknown barcode) are newly deactivated by default. As, on certain configurations, these could cause database deadlocks and other issues.
If 'express' parts are needed by some projects, these can be manually activated via new parameter "'Express export' in online check" (in Mobile app parameters).

2023-07New feature96491
Truck loading App'Goods not ready' activity is now removed only after last package has been picked (previously it was removed after first package has been picked)2023-07New feature96275
Truck loading App
Temporary workaround to issues when multiple users work on the same Truck loading app tour

If many users work on the same Truck loading app tour, they don´t get each others´ feedbacks when the app syncs with the middleware. This means that activities that were confirmed by others still appear as not confirmed.

The reason is that app-middleware sync doesn´t understand that the tour has changed just because there´s new feedback. The first idea was to temporarily solve it by marking the confirmed activities as changed in D365 and re-export the tour when we have feedback from multiple users. Unfortunately this did not make the activities go away in the app. A rougher workaround was implement: if we have feedback from many users (in Truck loading app tour), CANCEL (=Deleted:Yes) all activities when processing the confirmation / feedback from the app.

Following exceptions will not be cancelled:
- Start loading / start unloading
- Loading completed / unloading completed
- ULD Info (used for parent activities of carrying resource information in some cases)

Downsides of this approach:
- the data must still travel from middleware to D365 and back before others can get the new feedbacks from other users.
- Completed activities will completely disappear from the app, they can´t be seen even by changing the filter in the top right of the screen.
- "This barcode has been already scanned" check doesn´t recognize cancelled activities
- The package and unit counters display wrong information because it rightfully excludes cancelled activities. Each cancelled (in this case: completed) activity will not appear in the counter anymore.
- Counter in the tour list shows [completed/total]
- Counters in the tour details show [completed/open] per unit
- And for both counters the completed=cancelled activities will not be considered in the completed/open/total

Please note:
The approach introduced in this task is only a temporary workaround, the issue itself will be resolved properly in the future by handling the app-middleware integrations differently.

2023-07New feature96252
Driver App
Improvement of the online check of 'Unknown barcodes' in the mobile apps

Previously, if some barcode was not yet know to mobile app (but already exists in the middleware and is just not yet synchronized with mobile app), then when scanning such barcode then previously users were only getting a info message that "This package is known but you need to wait for an update" and user had to wait for next app synchronization.
This is now improved and when such situation is encountered then the app synchronization is triggered immediately, so that user can fluently continue.

2023-07New feature95744
Dispatching and confirmation
OS: Rename 'Customer wish' to 'Requested date' in the order/leg grid

The current fields 'customer wish load from/till' and customer wish unload from/till' were renamed to 'requested load date from/till' and 'requested unload date from/till'. - In the order screen (OS) all sorts of transport legs are shown, not only "customer pickup legs and delivery legs"; on those typically a customer wish can exist and there the naming makes sense. But on other legs (being in the same grid), like cross-docking legs, these 'wish' fields could also be used as requested slots which is to be considered in the planning. But for depot arrivals or departures the naming 'customer wish' is confusing.

This task has no functional enhancement/impact, it's just about changing the labels.

2023-07New feature99159
Dispatching and confirmation
Changing the resources on a tour via 'Edit tour' menuitem previously become visible in GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen only after manual refresh

Newly, the resource change is immediately visible, as automated grid refresh was added

2023-07New feature99140
Dispatching and confirmation
Create tour per each selected transport leg when orders are dragged and dropped onto GPB gantt screen (with Alt-key hold)

It is now possible to plan each selected transport leg into new separate tour, when creating tours via drag & drop (from GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen into gantt screens). It is achieved by pressing (and holding) Alt-key when drag & dropping of legs onto GPB gantt screens.
Additionally, new flag 'Create 1 tour per transport leg' was introduced to the dialog (which is triggered by Ctrl-key, when drag & dropping of legs onto GPB gantt screens) to have a better transparency of the result (ie. whether legs will be planned into 1 new tour, or into separate new tours).

Please note:
- the combination of both Alt-Ctrl-keys is not supported, either Alt or Ctrl should be used

2023-07New feature98874
Several improvement of GPB Map screen

Following improvement were done in the GPB Map screen:
- Performance improvement of loading tours onto the screen (loading of tours is now parallelized; especially loading of higher amounts of tours onto GPB Map screen should be noticeably faster)
- Improvement of smoothness of map screen (when zooming in/out)
- Performance improvement of map screen (when zooming in/out, while 'Animate tours' option is activated)
- Better tour color handling, when multiple tours are selected (previously it could happen the more tours were using the same color)
- Previously it could happen that some selected tour was colored in the same color, as is the color of the road

2023-07New feature98861
Dispatching and confirmationIntroducing a possibility to show load/unload country in the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen2023-07New feature96356
Show static direction of movement when visualizing transport leg in the GPB Map screen

Previously, the air line visualization of transport leg on the GPB map didn't suggest the direction (and user understood the direction only by looking at one of the addresses to see whether it indicates load or unload). This was improved and air line visualization now uses graphical 'arrow' elements, to suggest the direction.

2023-07New feature94107
Loading of transport legs into GPB Map screen is now faster

Performance improvement is especially noticeable when higher amount of transport legs (eg. 400+ unplanned transport legs) is to be loaded into GPB Map screen.

2023-07New feature94094
Dispatching and confirmation
Several GUI related enhancements of the 'fly-out' tabs in the GPB gantt screens

Working with 'fly-out' tabs in the GPB gantt screens (eg. Address, Activities, Orders) shall be now more user friendly, as several enhancements were done (eg. scrolling, spacing, vertical re-sizing, duration visualization etc.)

2023-07New feature92417
Dispatching and confirmation
'Cross dock split' function was added to main action ribbon in both GPB gantt screens (to Dispatching button group)

'Cross dock split' function was previously accessible in both GPB gantt screens only via 'right mouse click context menu' on tour stops.

2023-07New feature91915
Dispatching and confirmation
'Orders in Tour' function was added to main action ribbon in both GPB gantt screens (to Dispatching button group)

'Orders in Tours' function was previously accessible in both GPB gantt screens only via 'right mouse click context menu' on tour stops.

2023-07New feature91913
Dispatching and confirmation
'Reload' masterdata button in GPB 'Resources' screen newly reloads also new driver group & vehicle group

Previously, only new drivers & vehicles were reloaded.

2023-07New feature91042
Dispatching and confirmation
Enhancing GPB filters, to filter not only via 'id' but also via 'description/name'

Previously, in GPB screens, the dedicated filters were filtering via one 'main' field (eg. Driver filter was filtering via Resource name etc.). This was not user friendly and was thus enhanced.
Newly, many GPB filters are filtering also via 'additional' field (eg. Driver filter now filters also via Resource description (where usually the driver's full name is stored)). The enhancement requires no additional parametrization, as it is immediately active.

2023-07New feature88396
Dispatching and confirmation
Warning for missing setup of empties identification parameter is newly triggered only on empties transaction of 'Movement type = Transfer'

Previously, the warning was triggered also for empties transactions of 'Movement type = Exchange/IOU', which was a bit confusing (as the empties identification parameters are needed only for 'Transfer' movement types).

2023-07New feature96650
Several fields were previously missing in the 'TAL Mobile app parameters' data entity

Following fields were previously missing in the 'TAL Mobile app parameters' data entity:
- EmptiesDummyCustomerExternalAddresses
- EmpiesDummyCustomerOwnAddresses
- UnplannedEmptiesEnabled

2023-07New feature96556
Driver App
Performance improvement of mobile apps change tracking (of the shipment builder related changes)

Reducing the change tracking records (related to shipment lot & shipment) that are being pushed to mobile apps, to include only relevant changes for the mobile apps.

2023-07New feature96515
Driver App
New form 'Mobile app change tracking', for troubleshooting analysis of mobile apps

New form was added, to see the mobile app change tracking records (TALdraChangeTracking). Form is meant to be used mostly in the troubleshooting analysis (eg. to see what changes were registered for mobile apps).
Previously, these records were accessible only via table browser.

Main menu -> CAPcargo Transport -> Inquiries -> Mobile apps -> Mobile app change tracking

2023-07New feature96489
Driver App
Store history of push notifications for Mobile app tour

Newly, all push notifications (that were sent with a Mobile app tour, such as "Tour ABC has been assigned to you.", "Tour ABC has been updated.") are saved in the history and are accessible in new dedicated form 'Push notification log'.
Previously, only one last push notification was saved/accessible.

'Push notification log' form can be opened from Driver app tour & Truck Loading App tour forms only.

To be able to better register the history, the creation of push notifications was refactored to use a more centralized logic.

2023-07New feature92748
Driver App
Empties visibility in the driver app

Newly, driver app also supports the empties management (and registration) process. It is possible to see foreseen empties transactions in the driver app, to confirm them, also to register new ones.

Following business cases are covered:
- Planned empties
- Unplanned empties (on the existing tour stop)
- Unplanned empties (on the new tour stop)

2023-07New feature63347
Shipment Builder
Sales order line confirmed dates are now updated from the manually changed rough plan date (even in backward planning)

In case the backward planning is activated, then when the user manually changes the rough plan dates of a transport leg, the new dates are now written back to the sales lines confirmed date fields.

2023-07New feature98872
Shipment Builder
Resource information in 'Product transportation status' form

3 new fields were added to the header of the 'Product transportation status' form, next to the delivery tour:
- Delivery truck
- Delivery trailer
- Delivery drive

Fields are filled with the truck + trailer + driver of the delivery tour. In case of multiple trucks/trailers/drivers found, the first one is used.

With these fields, user can get more overview about resources that are used in delivery tours.

2023-07New feature98870
Driver App
Performance improvement - adding driver app info from trade to the package line

In order to improve the synchronization performance, 3 new fields were introduced to the Package line level:
- Order number
- trade order number
- Line number
- trade line number
- Product
- product name

If any of related package lines doesn't have all these values filled, the system will use the previous logic.

All 3 fields are also shown in the package information details screen, in the driver app.

2023-07New feature97434
Shipment BuilderAdditional info about shipment (ie. shipment id) was added in case the shipment synchronization fails due to deadlock (or update exception)2023-07New feature97431
Shipment BuilderPreviously, when 'Remove not picked shipment lots' was supposed to split load lines (and trade lines too) and a work line was cancelled in the same process, the split could not happen because transport order was not synchronized.2023-07New feature96601
Shipment Builder
Option to validate shipment synchronization on the Load level, in 'Release to warehouse' process

New parameter 'Synchronization check on Load' was introduced to Trade and Distribution parameters. Parameter defines whether the load synchronization check at release to warehouse is called for each load separately instead of commonly for the whole tour.

When parameter is deactivated (default configuration):
- Previously existing logic is applied (release to warehouse is stopped for the whole tour when some 'not synchronized' shipment is encountered)

When parameter is activated:
- Synchronization validation is skipped for the whole process
- Each Load is validated separately. In case related shipments are synchronized - the load is posted. If there is a shipment that is not synchronized - the posting of the load is skipped and process continues with the next one.

2023-07New feature96513
Dispatching and confirmation
Interpretation of load code 'None' of Work instructions has been changed

Until now, work instructions with load code 'None' were shown only on pickup and delivery legs.
This has been changed and now they´re shown on all load/unload points (shuttle legs, unloading of pickup leg, loading of delivery leg).

2023-07New feature98526
Shipment Builder
It is newly possible to 'Remove from transportation' a trade order that has no transport order (but for which shipment lots or shipments are already existing)

Previously, the 'Remove from transportation' button was enabled only when some transport order exists.

2023-07New feature98418
Shipment Builder
SCM status 'Packing slip posted' for shipped transfer order lines

Previously, the final SCM status for transfer order lines in CAPcargo transport was 'Warehouse works finished', while for sales order lines the final SCM status was 'Packing slip posted'. This turned to be confusing for the warehouse, especially when there are packing slip posted sales lines in the tour (SCM status 'Packing slip posted') and completely picked transfer order lines in the same tour (SCM status 'Warehouse work finished'), then - because a minimum logic is applied - the SCM status on the tour is 'Warehouse work finished'. So warehouse doesn't know - at least not easily from the tour overview - whether the sales order lines are successfully packing slip posted or not.

This weakness was solved by introducing a SCM status 'Packing slip posted' also for transfer order lines. Differently to sales order lines, the 'Packing slip posted' status on the transfer order lines is reached when they are shipped.

2023-07New feature98416
Dispatching and confirmation
Allow the transport order line quantity fields to be changed even though some underlying package are already confirmed

Transport order line quantity fields (eg. Transport quantity/Transport Unit/Plan quantities) can newly be changed even though some underlying packages are already confirmed. This was previously not possible and needed to be enhanced, to better cover the package confirmation via mobile app scanning.
Mobile App scan now directly confirms the package tour order lines 'one-by-one' (previously, the package tour order lines got confirmed just 'all-at-once', after last package was scanned).

2023-07New feature96783
Driver App
New parameter 'Disable customer wish calculation', for mobile app tour stops

New parameter 'Disable customer wish calculation' was added to mobile app parameters. If parameter is activated then no customer wish information is calculated on Driver app tour stops. This can be used to improve performance of mobile app tour export integrations in high volume scenarios (large number of tours with large number of stops being updated/re-exported constantly).

2023-07New feature96589
Dispatching and confirmation
Performance improvement of Tour report printing (new main parameter 'Print ADR data on Tour report')

Tour report creation was taking noticeably long time, especially on tours with higher amount of tour stops (eg. 40sec on tour with 80 tour stops). The reason for long creation times is the printing of ADR data on the tour report, which is not always needed on all projects. Hence a new main parameter 'Print ADR data on Tour report' was introduced, which allows the projects (that do not need ADR data on tour report) to have dramatically better performance (3sec on the same tour with 80 tour stops).

Please note:
- New parameter 'Print ADR data on Tour report' is by default not activated, so the performance improvement is immediately active.
- If it is needed to print dangerous goods ADR data on tour report, the parameter shall be manually activated. The report creation is then longer (but report will contain ADR data).

2023-07New feature96283
Master data
Additional validations in Resource combination plan (for drier/passenger, for trailer/additional trailer)

Additional validations were added to the Resource combination plan, so that the usage of driver or passenger would be crosschecked on other lines of same resource combination plan, to avoid possible overlap.

2023-07New feature96282
Customer order management and pricing
Transport order for dangerous goods is more visible/recognizable in order entry

If the transport order contains at least one transport order line with dangerous goods, the transport order is marked with an icon in the transport orders grid and in transport order header. Moreover, all transport order lines containing dangerous goods are marked accordingly in the transport order lines grid. Like this it is easier for the user to recognize the transport orders containing dangerous goods.

2023-07New feature95653
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
KNOWN ISSUE: Adding additional legs to TMS tours via Optimizer dispatching may malfunction in certain constellations of data setup

In certain constellations of data setups, the adding of addditional legs to TMS tours via Optimizer dispatching may not function as expected.
This may include behaviors such as:
- tour start and first load are at same location, but the tourstops are still displayed separately.
- process stops with error "Pickup location of order A is located at location B, but the stop location is location C".
- process stops with error "A vehicle location of the input tour does not match the specified vehicle location of the used vehicle. Please check the vehicle location of the used vehicle."

However, when the existing TMS tour is successfully updated with additional legs, the results are accurate and trustworthy.

2023-07Known issue99226
Dispatching and confirmation
KNOWN ISSUE: Gantt tour bar too short IF customer-wish-deviation parameter activated, customer wish is multiple day range and zoom-level is highest

If a transport order has a customer wish unload-DATE-range bigger than 1 day, and the transport type parameter "show deviation to customer wish" is activated (used mostly for FTL long-tour business), then the length of the tour bar in GST and GSR are wrong in the deepest zoom-level (1 day view or smaller): The bar shows for example a couple of hours too short, while the green bar (room until customer wish deadline) is shown too long. Once you change zoom level e.g. from 1-day to 2-days or more, the tour bar gets correct. Changing back to 1 day, it gets wrong again.
If the customer wish range is on ONE day only, then no issues. If the parameter "show deviation to customer wish" is not activated, then no issues.

2023-07Known issue99223
Driver AppKNOWN ISSUE: If driver rearranges tour stops in driver app, this new sequence is sometimes lost if any update is received from D3652023-07Known issue99225
Driver App
KNOWN ISSUE: New tour stops are sometimes not sent to Driver app if multiple stops are added to existing tour simultaneously

If multiple new stops (orders to different addresses) are added to a tour after it´s sent to Driver app, sometimes these new stops are not sent to the app. This issue can happen if more than new stop are added within ~1 minute (the recurrence interval of the Mobile app change tracking batch).

Currently, there´s no other way to resolve the situation than withdrawing from Driver app (or 'hard deleting' Driver app tour) and sending the tour again.

2023-07Known issue99224
Driver App
KNOWN ISSUE: Planned arrival time not shown in tour stop list Driver app

'Planned arrival time' should be shown on each stop in the tour stop list in Driver app, unless the driver rearranges the stops (in that case it gets hidden).

In CTP4.0 this mechanism got reversed (which is wrong), showing 'Planned arrival time' on tour stops only after driver rearranges the stops.

Issue will be fixed in CTP4.1 only.

2023-07Known issue99136
Transport type and Vehicle type were previously not respected in "Close roads" feature

In "Close roads" feature, Transport type and Vehicle type selection in Validity group were previously not respected (as criteria for applying the polyline road closure).

IntegrationsPreviously, when importing data entity for 'Geometry validity' with more than one record of same validity type, only one record was imported (and others showed error that the record already exist)2023-07Bug96365
Dispatching and confirmation
When geocoding the tour stop address from the GPB (and exiting the geocoding dialog via 'OK - adjust address', then the tour stop address is geocoded but it is not adjusted (and old address is still being used)

Issue was corrected and 'OK - adjust address' button now also 'adjusts' the address.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Fixed loading time was taken in consideration in OPT tour even when TrLegs were marked as preloaded

When marking Transport Legs as preloaded, Optimizer still took into consideration the fixed part of the loading activity, thus artificially using time on tour for loading activity.
This was fixed so that:
- in case all legs sent to Optimizer are non-preloaded, both the fixed and variable activity time of loading is taken into consideration
- in case all legs sent to Optimizer are preloaded and there are no legs also unloading at same location as preloading, both the fixed and variable activity time of loading are counted as 0
- in case legs sent to Optimizer are a mix of preloaded and non-preloaded legs and there are no legs also unloading at same location as preloading, the fixed activity time of loading is added on the tourstop, and the variable time of loading is added only for the non-preloaded legs
- in case legs sent to Optimizer are a mix of preloaded and non-preloaded legs and there are some legs also unloading at same location as preloading, the greatest value between the fixed activity time of loading and fixed activity time of unloading is added on the tourstop, and the variable time of loading is added only for the non-preloaded legs

Depending on how Optimizer groups the loadings together (based on capacity, time etc.), there might still appear differences i activity time between OPT tourplans and actual TMS tours. This cannot be avoided 100%, because all legs are sent upfront to PTV for planning, and upfront it is not known whether the preloaded legs will be planned together without any non-preloaded legs at the same time or not, or whether some unloading at same location would be planned at the same time with loading.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Wrong sequencing in timeline of optimizer tours

In certain scenarios, even though tour activities were calculated correctly, some tour activity lines in the Optimizer tour had timestamps on them which were "out of sequence" with the ones before them. This has been fixed.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Start/end location of vehicles from resource combination plan not taken correctly from each instance

When the same vehicle was used multiple times in the same resource combination plan, the tour start/end location defined by tour start/end parameter was taken from the first line (instance) containing this vehicle on the resource combination plan and applied to all tours generated for this vehicle. This has been corrected.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
'Download content data' button only visible to user with System Administration role

Button 'Download content data' in Tour Plan form was not displayed (and functionality not avaiable) for users without SysAdmin role. This was fixed, so that user with T&L Dispatcher can also have access to this function, used mainly for troubleshooting.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Confusing error displayed when dispatching to Optimizer legs of incompatible transport types

In case of selecting legs of incompatible transport types to be sent to Optimizer dispatching, the process correctly stops and flags the issue. However, in the same step, an unclear error was shown to the user. This has now been fixed.

Truck loading App
'Loading/Unloading completed' check in Truck Loading App sometimes failed when it shouldn't

Symptoms: after completing all activities in Truck Loading App tour and swiping 'Loading completed' / 'Unloading completed', the app sometimes responded: "Loading cannot be completed! Make sure you (and other users) have loaded all the goods and then try again in a few seconds. If you still get this error message, please contact the dispatcher."

When further attempting to swipe again, the validation was usually not triggered anymore.

Issue was corrected and the validation is now reflecting also the messages in the 'Pre-processing' state.

Truck loading AppIn some configurations, beeps of successful/unsuccessful barcode scan could sometimes stop working in Truck loading app2023-07Bug96776
Truck loading App
Wrong behavior when 'Loading/unloading completed' check fails, and user selects 'Complete anyway'

Previously, after 'Complete anyway', the 'Loading/unloading completed' activity was not marked with red "x" (to mark a skipped activity) and tour was not moved to 'Completed'. The issue was corrected.

Truck loading App
Loading completed / Unloading completed did not trigger the expected process in the app in some constellations

Previously, under certain specific constellation in Truck loading app, it was possible to mark the tour as 'Completed' before completing all activities, bypassing the logic that is usually triggered when Loading completed or Unloading completed activity is swiped.

Dispatching and confirmationWhen changing the 'Group per carrying resource' external confirmation via dropdown menu (in Address 'fly-out' tab, in both GPB gantt screens), system previously showed an error and nothing was changed2023-07Bug99179
Dispatching and confirmationSend update to warehouse' action (in GPB gantt screens) could be previously used only by users with 'System administrator' security role (other users just faced "(401) Unauthorized." error)2023-07Bug99170
Dispatching and confirmationRegenerate instruction activities' action (in GPB gantt screens) could be previously used only by users with 'System administrator' security role (other users just faced "(401) Unauthorized." error)2023-07Bug99163
Dispatching and confirmation
Mid-term driver plan was not respected when transport order was planned via drag & drop in GPB

Previously, when transport order was planned into tour (via drag & drop from GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen into 'Resource Dispatching' screen), the driver was not automatically assigned to the tour if the 'Driver combination logic = Mid-term driver plan' rule was configured on the truck.

Dispatching and confirmationCapacity utilization popup (in GPB gantt screen) previously contained some hardcoded texts (eg. Unit, Loaded qty, Vehicle capacity, Free capacity, Used in %), which were not translated when GPB client was launched in some other language2023-07Bug97987
Dispatching and confirmation
When removing a filter for exact tour id (in the GPB gantt screens), the main GPB gantt grid was sometimes not refreshed automatically

Issue was happening only when GPB gantt screen was in "1 Day" or "3 Days' viewing mode; the behavior was correct in "1 Week" viewing mode.

Dispatching and confirmationPast/Future assignments' overview was previously sometimes not cleared in the GPB 'Resources' screen, when screen was reopened (or resource was de-selected)2023-07Bug96558
Subcontracting/IC order management and pricing
Invoice account was not properly inherited on new transport leg sub-contracting (LTL) order, when transport legs were dropped on existing tour in GPB gantt screens

When dropping new transport legs on a tour (which is already sub-contracted via transport leg sub-contracting (LTL)), the invoice account of the new LTL sub-contracting orders is newly determined from the invoice account of existing transport leg sub-contracting (LTL) order. Previously, invoice account was determined from the vendor account, which could have lead into inconsistent sub-contracting structure.

Dispatching and confirmationExit' button on all GPB screens did not close the GPB screen2023-07Bug92535
Geo-servicesMap labels (eg. city, street name etc.) got previously removed when switching on feature layers (eg. when truck attributes feature layer is activated)2023-07Bug23480
Driver AppChange tracking of new (ie. manually created) work instructions on a tour stop was previously not working - new work instructions were not sent to Driver app2023-07Bug96190
Shipment BuilderPeriodic task 'Create transport orders from sales return orders' was shown in the menu only to users with 'System administrator' security role2023-07Bug99120
Shipment Builder
Available quantities were sometimes not calculated correctly in the 'Deliver remainder' process on trade order lines

Available to split off calculation did not consider the packing slip posted (product receipt posted in terms of purchase order) and invoiced quantities correctly. The issue was fixed.

Customer order management and pricing
It was possible to create new packages even on transport order (that was created via shipment builder)

The issue was occurring since 10.0-CAP34.0 release, and was corrected by this task.

Shipment Builder'Release to warehouse' process on tour was previously failing, when tour contained certain combination of inventory transaction statuses2023-07Bug96375
Shipment Builder
Release to warehouse process was previously failing when (next to sales order) also some sales return order or purchase order was planned in the same tour

The issue was corrected and release to warehouse now does not try to process the sales return orders (and purchase orders).

Shipment BuilderIn shipment builder (in volume quantity calculation), the length system unit was previously sometimes not converted to volume system unit2023-07Bug95462
Shipment BuilderTour execution (Trade)' dispatching process was previously sometimes not confirming the WHS shipment for transfer order (even when 'Confirm outbound shipment' was activated in the process parameterization (on transport type))2023-07Bug99099
Shipment Builder
Release to warehouse process was failing, when negative load weight/volume amounts were encountered

At releasing to warehouse from tour, negative load weigh/volume error could occur, which blocked the release to warehouse process ( and no warehouse work was created).

Since the standard D365 functionality can only handle fully reservable load/order lines, the release to warehouse process from the tour has been improved to be able to handle partially reservable load/order lines.

During the release to warehouse process, the load line quantity is temporarily reduced to the reservable quantity (hence the standard D365 logic can be used) and after the release to warehouse process is finished, the load line quantity is reset to the original value.

This worked well, except if the system faces negative inventory when it calculates the reservable quantity for the load line. When the reservable quantity is negative, the load line quantity is reduced to a negative number and the negative weight/volume error occured.

CAPcargo code was not prepared for negative inventory because it's fairly uncommon in a WHS warehouse that negative physical inventory is allowed.

Following solution was adopted:
- when the negative physical inventory is encountered in the release to warehouse process, it is newly handled in the same way as if the physical inventory was 0.

Dispatching and confirmationIn certain configuration, removal of cross dock split was not possible in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen2023-07Bug96721
'Date to' selection issue in the 'Close roads' feature parameterization

Two minor issues were corrected in the 'Close roads' feature parameterization:
- The calendar selection dialog was sometimes not behaving properly, when specifying the 'Date to' (eg. year was missing).
- After saving the validity period, there was no possibility to change the dates afterwards (as the change of date was possible only when new record was created, but before the record was saved)

Customer order management and pricing
'Load/Unload date fixed' fields were previously enabled in transport order creation dialog only when some transport type was specified

When creating a new transport order manually, on the new transport order creation dialog, the 'Load/Unload date fixed' fields were previously disabled by default (and were enable for user changes when some transport type was selected, much further down in the creation dialog).

This is now enhanced, and 'Load/Unload date fixed' fields can be set regardless of the transport type.
Please note: 'Load/Unload date fixed' fields are still depending on the 'Load/Unload date to' specification (and can be set only when no 'Load/Unload date to' is specified).

Customer order management and pricingNo. of packages' field on transport order line was sometimes showing incorrect value, even after form refresh2023-07Bug96643
Geo-servicesValidity interval (that is defined in "Closed roads" feature geometry, in Transport parameters) was previously sometimes not respected2023-07Bug96572
Dispatching and confirmation
Inconsistency between 'i' icon & 'tool tip' overview (for work instructions, in the GPB leg screen)

Previously, in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen, it could happen that work instruction 'i' icon was not consistent with the icon 'tool tip' dialog (where work instructions are shown). User could sometimes experience that 'i' icon signified that there are some work instructions on the leg, but actually no work instructions were shown in the 'tool tip' dialog overview. The issue was corrected.

No possibility to set alert in EDI (in the checked imported orders), based on field type check status = Error

In checked imported orders, the alert definition was previously limited (as alerts could be created only against 'Error log' table). This was corrected, and it is now possible to set alerts against 'Checked imported order' table again.

Customer order management and pricingQuantity update on transport order line could lead to wrong update on transport leg, if transport leg was already qty-split before2023-07Bug94280
Dispatching and confirmationWork instructions for transport leg now shows only instructions related to the leg (previously, all work instructions of the transport order were shown)2023-07Bug93866
Driver App
Change of mobile app integration schema (important only for projects that do *NOT* use the CAPcargo middleware for mobile apps)

In case of mobile app custom implementation (either Driver app or Truck loading app), the change of integration schema has to be reflected in the custom implementation, to ensure that mobile app continue working even after the upgrade to 10.0-CAP35.0.

New Mobile app activity types:
- Unit empties (12) - used in Mobile app reason codes to provide a list of possible empties units for unplanned empties registration
- Empties loading (34) - used in new Empties loading activities and feedback of planned and unplanned empties
- Empties unloading (35) - used in new Empties unloading activities and feedback of planned and unplanned empties

New fields in Mobile app tour header (TALdraTourEntity):
- DEFAULTEMPTIESADDRESS (string) - default transport address id (Mobile app reason code) for unplanned empties unloading/loading between planned tour stops
- DEFAULTEMPTIESUNIT - default empties unit for unplanned empties that are reported between tour stops
- EMPTIESADDRESSES - comma-separated list of transport address ids (Mobile app reason codes) which can be used to report unplanned empties unloading/loading between planned tour stops (=new unplanned stop to drop off or pick up empties). If empty, the user is not allowed to register unplanned empties unloading/loading between planned stops.

New fields in Mobile app tour stop (TALdraTourLineEntity):
- CANDOEMPTIES (0/1) - indicates if the user is allowed to register unplanned empties unloading/loading on this tour stop
- DEFAULTEMPTIESUNIT - default empties unit for unplanned empties unloading/loading on this stop
- ADDITIONALINFO - freetext/string field (1000 characters) for information that will be shown in the tour stop card. Currently not used in any feature, but can be populated by customer extensions, and will be used by product features later.

2023-07New feature94418
Dispatching and confirmation
Improvements of the 'drag & drop' mechanism of the tour stops

Following improvements were introduced on the GPB gantt screen, when performing a tour stop drag & drop actions (withing the same tour, or between two tours):
- When performing a sequence change of tour stops (via 'drag & drop' within the same tour) the original selection and focus of the dragged tour stop is now kept (so user doesn't have to search for it)
- When tour stop is dragged and dropped to another tour (in main tour gantt overview), the selection and focus now stays on the original tour (from where the stop was dragged). In tour stop overview section, the system now selects the one previous tour stop (ie. the last previous in the position from which the tour stop was moved out of the tour). Previously, the selection & focus was done on the target tour (and on its first tour stop).
- When there are multiple stops in tour stop overview and there is a scrollbar which indicated that not all of them are visualized (since not fitting onto the screen), when trying to drop the stop on the right/left side when getting to the edge, the scroll now happens automatically. Previously, it was possible to change the sequence only within the visualized range of the stops in the screen.

2023-07New feature98823
Dispatching and confirmation
Improvements of the dynamic text/title configuration of GPB gantt screens

Following improvements were introduced on the 'GPB GS text templates' screen, when defining a dynamic text/title for the GPB gantt screens:
- 'Tour stops -> Address name' has been added to 'Data source' selection (so that the name of the AddressLocation can be selected)
- When defining a naming rule in 'GPB GS text templates' screen, it is now possible to use a special character '^' when defining a separator, to force displaying the "white space" character in the names. As common practice (to specify "white space" as " ") doesn't work, as " " at the end of the string gets automatically removed (as it is considered as user entry typing mistake)

2023-07New feature96314