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Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
"Driving time [hrs]" was added in KPI details on individual optimized tours and overall tourplan

An additional KPI ("Driving time [hrs]") was added to the KPI Details summary tab on the TourPlan and the Optimizer tour details. This additional Key Performance Indicator shows how much time (in hours) was spent on each optimized tour actually driving.

2023-08New feature99089
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Eliminated button "Check Dimas" from Tour Plan form.

It was determined that button "Check DiMas" on Tour Plan form was redundant, since the same information could be obtained by using function "Distance Matrices Information". This button was thus eliminated.

2023-08New feature99068
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Not accepted vehicle types on address - trailer vehicle types considered

Previously, in Optimizer dispatching processes, only those 'truck' vehicle types defined as 'not accepted' on addresses were taken into consideration. 'Trailer' vehicle types have now been enabled for consideration when declared as 'not accepted' on transport addresses.

2023-08New feature98897
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Query added to "clean up tour plans" periodic function for more flexibility

Previously, the only possibility to setup a "clean up tour plans" periodic function was by defining a number of "older than" days by which all older tourplans would be deleted.
This has now been enhanced with standard query, so that more complex periodic functions can be setup. Tourplans can now be deleted based on a combination of "older than" (if desirable to do so) and standard fields on tourplan (created time and date, tour plan status, created by, tour plan number, optimization provider etc.)

2023-08New feature97441
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
'Heartbeat' feature (Restart all 'in-progress' jobs) updated to include xDiMa creation.

The periodic function "Restart all 'in-progress' jobs) has been updated, so that it takes into consideration not just long-running xTour jobs, but also long running xDiMa jobs (in the case of user dispatching to Optimizer by using the "Ignore HPRN" parameter set to True.

Due to this change, customers upgrading to this release or later, should delete old batches setup via periodic function interface and create a new on from the interface. In case of manual batch setup, the class name to be used is: TALoptRestartPollingController.

2023-08New feature97273
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Added option to configure optimization providers (APS)

The first optimization provider supported by CAPcargo was the PTV xTour. However, there are several optimization engines, available on the market. Therefore the enhancement has been made to allow to configure a optimizer provider per company. Furthermore a "Generic" optimization provider has been introduced that allows for using standard D365 data entities for exporting order data and available vehicles. which can be picked up by an external APS. More details and potential customizations to be discussed with CAP consultants.

Forcustomers already using Optimizer who are upgrading to this release orsubsequent releases, they will have to first switch the Optimization provider fromthe default value 'Undefined' back to 'PTV xTour' in Optimizer Parameters>Integration>Optimization provider before continuing operation of Optimizer. Assistance can be provided as necessary.

2023-08New feature95314
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Remove need for Optimizer to have some default cost on vehicles predefined as precondition to run

Historically Optimizer dispatching process was designed to stop and warn in case that minimum cost data on the used vehicles' technical data cost fields was not customized to be greater than 0.
This condition has been removed. Even if all cost fields are equal to 0, Optimizer process will still run.

2023-08New feature93362
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Removal of obsolete "Minimal tour duration" parameter

A code remnant of an obsolete parameter "Minimal tour duration" was still part of one KPI calculation. This has been removed from codebase. No UI impact visible.

2023-08New feature90722
Dispatching and confirmationMoving of tour stop via 'drag & drop' (from GPB tour stop overview directly onto tour header gantt box) has been disabled, as such action is not supported2023-08New feature100027
Individual tour refresh in GPB newly doesn't geo-code addresses

Automated geo-coding action was removed from individual tour refresh (aka. from 'Refresh current' tour context button in GPB gantt screens), as refreshing of tour should just reload existing data. For address geo-coding, other dedicated features should be used.

2023-08New feature99463
Dispatching and confirmation
Tour stop 'fly-out' detail tabs can newly be 'undocked' and repositioned on the screen(s)

Previously, in GPB gantt screens, the tour stop 'fly-out' detail tabs (ie. Activities, Address, Orders) were sometimes overlapping the tour stop section (if 'fly-out' details tabs were opened on a tour with higher amount of tour stops). Therefore following enhancement was introduced - to avoid such 'overlap' (and to provide dispatchers full view on tour stop section) - the tour stop 'fly-out' detail tabs can now be 'undocked' from their original position and can be freely positioned anywhere on the screen (even onto another monitor). The 'undocking' is done by simple clicking (and holding) on the 'fly-out' tour stop detail tab header, when the tab is expanded.

2023-08New feature99395
Dispatching and confirmationAdding horizontal & vertical scroll bars to Address 'fly-out' details tab (in both GPB gantt screens)2023-08New feature99392
Master data
Adding new vehicle/trailer icons

Following vehicle/trailer icons were added to the system and can be selected in D365 (either on vehicle or on vehicle type) and are then shown in the GPB screens:
- Limousine
- Electric limousine
- Van
- Minibus
- Coach
- Daily van 5
- Rigin/Box truck 3
- Logging truck
- Tipper truck and trailer 2
- Tipper truck and trailer 3
- Tank truck

2023-08New feature99244
Dispatching and confirmation
All tour status icons are now suppressed in GPB gantt screens once tour is in status 'Confirmed' or 'Done'

Tour status icons were suppressed as they are relevant only for active tours.

2023-08New feature99138
Dispatching and confirmation
Several GUI improvements on the GPB gantt screens

Following GUI improvements were done on the GPB gantt screens:
- Visualization of the selected tour stop was improved, the 'blue frame' around selected tour stop is now more noticeable (and better centered)
- Horizontal scrolling performance & smoothness was improved, in tour stop overview. The impact is more noticeable on tours with higher amount of tour stops.
- Minimized tour stops are now better readable
- In tour stop overview zoomed in text, scroller is added if the template text does not fit the available space
- In tour stop overview, the 'tooltip' dialog now has maximum width (and the tooltip text is wrapped instead of one line text)
- Capacity double click was previously not working on minimized tour stop
- Load/Unload area box (in minimized tour stop version) is now red colored when failed pickup/delivery exists
- On driving break template, in minimized version, the 'km' label is not anymore shown on the right connection line

2023-08New feature98819
Dispatching and confirmation
GPB gantt screens, improvements of the dynamic configurable sections/titles

- In case some tour stop address is not valid (for the specific date), then the tour configurable sections were showing such address as 'empty', which was leading to confusing visualization. Newly, the original address (ie. which was valid in the moment when creating tour stop) is shown instead.
- New parameters 'GST empty gantt bar left/right header text' in the GPB GS text templates - to be able to configure left or right tour header text as 'empty' (to have more space for other sections)

2023-08New feature97266
Dispatching and confirmation
Several improvements in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen, for 'Goods pre-loaded' legs:

Following improvements were introduced to GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen, for 'Goods pre-loaded' legs:
- New dedicated filtering checkbox 'Goods pre-loaded':
- if checkbox = all, then all legs are shown, regardless of "Goods pre-loaded" flag value. This is also default filter value.
- if checkbox is empty = only legs (which do not have "Goods pre-loaded" flag set) are shown
- if checkbox is ticked = only legs (which have "Goods pre-loaded" flag set) are shown
- New optional column was added, to be able to show 'Goods pre-loaded' status icons directly in the main grid

2023-08New feature96808
Geo-servicesIn 'Route/cost optimization' tour scenarios, the route can now be visualized on the GPB map screen (via 'Show on GPB map' button)2023-08New feature91523
Dispatching and confirmation
Removal of support for old browsers in GPB client

Old browser support was deactivated already in 10.0-CAP22.0, but could have been still activated manually (ie. on demand). This task removes the support for old browsers entirely,

2023-08New feature90595
Dispatching and confirmation
Address opening hours can now be shown directly in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' grid, as custom columns (via 'Template OS configuration')

Two new columns are available (for loading & unloading leg point).

In case when more opening hours slots are specified:
- in GPB, the multiple opening hour slots are indicated with "..." (and dispatcher can see all slots in the overview tab, below the main grid)
- in 'Dispatch light - Transport legs', the multiple opening hour slots are concatenated into one field (separated by ",")

2023-08New feature86632
Dispatching and confirmation
Enhancement of the work instruction "i" icons, in GPB screens

Via "i" icons in GPB screens, it is possible to see for example which work instructions (or other remarks) are present for the underlying record (eg. leg or tour stop). The information grid (that is shown after "hover the mouse over" the "i" icon) was enhanced by new columns, to give more clarity on the shown information.

Key points:
- new column 'Origin' - to show whether work instruction was created on transport order, trade order, tour stop, transport order additional stop etc.
- new column 'Init from' - to show whether work instruction was created manually, or was generated from address template

2023-08New feature84963
Driver App
Mobile app attachment integration with middleware: use different integration library

Mobile app attachment integration (exchange attachments between D365 and middleware) was adjusted to use a different integration library. The original library was deprecated. This change has no functional impact but one parameter in Mobile app parameters must be adjusted by CAPcargo IT after this release has been installed to the system. Mobile app integrations (also for attachments) will keep working also before the parameter has been changed.

2023-08New feature96069
Shipment Builder
'Release to WHS' transaction scope redesign

The aim of this task is to redesign the tour release to WHS functionality.

Previously: one database transaction was used for the entire tour.
Newly: 'Release to WHS' now follows the load building scope, so one database transaction is per transport leg or tour line.

Affected processes:
- Batch 'Release to WHS - Tour'
- 'Release to warehouse' from D365 'Dispatch light - Tours' form
- 'Release to warehouse' from GPB - gantt screens

2023-08New feature99540
Other / GeneralCAPcargo code compatibility adjustment to match Microsoft Platform Update 10.0.36 (Fall version)2023-08New feature99728
Customer invoicing
Import document enhancement verified yes/no + additional information

The existing data entity TAL Imported attachment has ben enhanced with two new fields: verified and additional information.
This allows documents that are imported from external (scanning) systems to be marked as verified if the document verification happens outside the TMS.

Furthermore notes recorded during the verification on the external system can be uploaded. The verified and notes flow into the existing fields on transport order status invoice document for the uploaded document type. This is existing functionality which existed prior to this release , but could not be feed using data import, which is now made possible.

Note; the flag verified and notes can only be used for importing against transport orders, other importable document targets such as tours and addresses are not supported as these cannot be configured to have any invoice document rules.

2023-08New feature99476
Subcontracting/IC order management and pricing
Showing 'Total...' fields in Tour sub-contracting order (FTL)

Following fields were added to Tour sub-contracting order (FTL), to side details pane (to section 'Totals'):
- Total amount freight
- Total amount surcharges
- Total amount order

Fields were also added to 'TAL Sub-contracting Tour' data entity

2023-08New feature99474
Master data
Enabling 'Activate' button on address details 'History' view

Previously, the 'Activate' button was disabled for transport addresses

2023-08New feature99461
Dispatching and confirmation
New option for activity duration calculation

For variable order calculation (available on load and unload activity) a new calculation type has been introduced. Next to the previously existing calculation "hours minutes and seconds" the calculation type "seconds" is available. This comes in especially handy when having to calculate on detail level in city logistics.

The values for calculation type "seconds" can be entered with up to two decimals. Example: 1,3 seconds per KG, would result in an activity of 4 minutes and 20 seconds for a 200KG order. The setting of calculation can be set for each plan unit individually, meaning combinations of different calculation types across plan units are allowed. Having a fixed and variable time is also still possible with the new seconds calculation method.

2023-08New feature99341
Dispatching and confirmation
New feature: Tour start backward planning

Following dispatching scenario can now be covered:
Tour contains a tour stop, which exact time of arrival is defined bythe customer, hence has an effect on the scheduling of the whole tour.
The previous tour stops haveto be planned backwards, from the requested time of arrival, so the truck wouldarrive on time. The tour stops, that follow the stop will be planned via the standardforward scheduling.
For calculating the rightstart time of the tour, the driving times and the activity durations is used.

Key points:
- New button 'Backward calculate tour start' in GPB gantt screens, in tour stop context menu

2023-08New feature98943
Dispatching and confirmation
New "time windows" feature is introduced to Trade and Transport orders

A new feature "time windows" has been introduced as:
- a permanent feature in CAPCargo Transport Module (Transport orders)
- as a parameterizable feature in Trade orders (Sales/Purchase/Transfer orders). This can be turned on/off from Trade & Distribution parameters (module overlapping) -> Pre-defined time windows.

Three types of time windows can be setup:
- Fixed time - this works basically like an 'appointment' or 'booking' for a specific time; when such a time window is used, the 'time from' field can be customized by user (ex. 17:30), while the 'time till' field is always greyed out and populated by default with value coming from 'time from' (ex. 17:30) - only one time window of this time type can be setup as masterdata
- Variable/manual time window - this works as a time interval fully customizable by user, where both 'time from' and 'time till' fields can be customized (ex. 17:30-18:00) - only one time window of this time type can be setup as masterdata
- Pre-defined time window - this works as a hard-coded interval predefined by master user (for example: 14:00-18:00). When user selects such a time window, 'from' and 'till' values cannot be further customized (fields are greyed out) and automatically populated with values pre-defined in masterdata table. Multiple time windows of this time type can be setup as masterdata

These time windows can be used in conjunction with the 'from' / 'till' fields on Transport orders, but not mandatory.

They can also be setup on Service Level Agreements (SLA). When SLA's are used, the time windows available in any time window lookup are dependent on what is setup on SLA.

Time windows can also be setup on Route/Zones as an additional criteria for route allocation (see new summary tab in Route/zone).

Time windows can also be used in filtering legs in OS.

In Sales/Purchase/Transfer orders, when enabled, time windows appear under the Delivery tab (Header/Lines) in separate sections (CAPcargo Load and CAPcargo Unload), together with other fields newly enabled here: Requested load/unload date from/to, Load/Unload time from/till). Time windows dependency on SLA setup is also valid for all Trade Orders.

Time windows have also been introduced on regular functions where the 'time from/till' fields already existed (eg. Change date/time on transport order; Change rough plan date)

Background info:
Logic of from/till time fields (both unload/load):
- There are the original "requested dates & times from/to" (e.g. customer wishes) which are valid for a certain date [range] and hence might or might not match the rough scheduling
- If they match the rough plan date, we call them "planning time windows" meaning, the requested date/time is interpreted by the system. If those “planning time windows” they don’t match, they remain empty.
- Hence, for both load and unload we have 2 sorts of date/times in the OS:
- Planning relevant data → Used for example for optimizer trying to respect those “relevant wishes”
- Original requirements for information → Only used for information and conflict management to indicate that those wishes might not be respected

2023-08New feature95474
Customer order management and pricing
Substitution contact specifiation

A substitution contact is a temporary contact (for example when main contact is on vacation). Substitution contact can be defined for each portal user in either D365 or directly in the user management of the portal. Besides the contact itself, a date range can be specified for which the substitution should be active.The substitution contact is shown on transport order in case the creation of the order is within the date range for which the substitution is specified.

Please note:
- in R36, the customer webportal implementation is not entirely finished, the substitution contact will appear on transport order only when portal user contact is specified as customer contact (on the transport order header)

2023-08New feature93706
Dispatching and confirmation
KNOWN ISSUE: GPB gantt screen refresh can sometimes get stuck in long running operations

When running a long operation from GPB, sometimes the tour might appear "loading" indefinitely, even though the process did already complete in D365. Example: "Set back to dispatching" on a big tour (eg. 50 stops).

The issue can be resolved by clicking the refresh button in GPB.

It´s currently being investigated whether this issue has existed always or if it´s a new issue.

2023-08Known issue100056
Geocoding the address was sometimes adjusting the City to a different value

The issue is caused by PTV geocoding database having not the latest/correct data in area of 'City' & 'District'. Then, for certain specific combinations, geocoding mechanism was failing in accurate match-sorting, and was 'correcting' the city (against PTV database), but to incorrect value.

Until PTV geocoding interface (and database) is upgraded, a new parameter 'Reduce importance of city/district' was introduced to Geo services parameterization (in main TMS parameters). When the parameter is activated, then (for the purpose of geocoding) the 'City' & 'District' are weighted less IF zip code & street & house number have perfect matches.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Warning designed for specific data constellation case when same activity is triggered twice on same address

In some uncommon data constellations, when totally different customer wishes are sent to Optimizer on different legs for same transport address, the algorithm may decide to insert "wait" activities more than once on same address. This is not supported by the actual TMS tours, and so a warning is thrown and written to the Optimizer tourplan log, so that user knows about this. Consequently, there will duration differences between optimizer and actual TMS tours durations.
We consider this to be a highly unlikely scenario, and will pursue a better solution only if real market data can be provided.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Bugfixes for incorrect Optimizer planning in certain data constellations

In certain data constellations, the Optimizer planning was less than optimal. Specific fixes were applied when:
- certain customer wish interval combinations on same address were used
- variable time for unloading was not always respected
- during updating existing TMS tours with extra transport legs, sometimes user got blocked during tour release.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
TMS tours created from Optimizer processes did not merge tourlines in case of different customer wishes

In case of dispatching to Optimizer legs with same address, but different customer wishes, the TMS tours resulting from Optimizer dispatching did not in all cases properly merge the 'different' tourstops (difference being made by customer wish, not address itself). This has been fixed.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Optimizer tours details do not always display the city/zip/location name

Sometimes, in the Optimized tours details, some of the lines (even though well planned) were missing the city/zipcode/location name. The line-by-line result was ok, but pieces of missing data made for a confusing list to the end user.
This has been fixed.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
KPI details area improvements

The KPI area of the Optimizer tourplan (both at the level of individual Optimized tours in grid, and as summary values in KPI details summary tab) has been improved:
- cost calculations formulas are accurate
- costs have been split in two different categories: Optimizer costs and Resource costs
- Optimizer costs are KPI calculations done based on monetary cost values from Vehicle setup (Optimizer tab)
- Resource costs are KPI calculations done based on cost values from Vehicle setup (Technical data)

None of these values are mandatory for Optimizer dispatching.

Dispatching and confirmationClicking on 'i' icon in GPB Resources screen was previously leading to system error, if no resource was selected2023-08Bug99980
Dispatching and confirmationPre-loading function (in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen) could be previously used only by users with 'System administrator' security role2023-08Bug99384
Dispatching and confirmation
Visualization of duration of tour in GPB gantt screens was previously sometimes not correct

The issue was only happening when some transport order had 'customer wished' dates greater than 1 day and 'Show deviation to customer wish' parameters was activated and GPB gantt screen was zoomed in to the deepest zoom-level.

Dispatching and confirmationIn GPB Map screen, the summary pins (of loading/unloading tour stops) were sometimes not being displayed on the map screen2023-08Bug99115
Dispatching and confirmation
Setting/unsetting the 'pre-loading' on the transport legs (in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen) showed all transport legs (even though some of them were originally filtered out via date filter)

Setting/Unsetting transport legs as 'pre-loaded' previously reset the date filter. This could lead to dispatcher misunderstanding, as more transport legs could get shown in the grid, after performing the 'pre-loading' setting or unsetting.

Additionally, in such constellation, the transport leg counter showed unreliable results.

Both issues were corrected.

Dispatching and confirmationCorrection of help label formatting, for 'Goods pre-loaded' checkbox, in the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen2023-08Bug96785
Dispatching and confirmation"Withdraw from Driver app" dialog was sometimes launched during 'Set tour back to dispatching' process, even the tour was not previously sent to driver app2023-08Bug95172
Dispatching and confirmationChange Unload address' button in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen was in some cases not working properly2023-08Bug94637
Dispatching and confirmationWhen blocking/unblocking transport legs (in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen), the resulting info messages were sometimes duplicated2023-08Bug94437
Driver App
New tour stops were sometimes not sent to Driver app if multiple stops were added simultaneously to existing tour

The issue was especially happening when more new tour stops were added to existing tour in very short time spread (ie. were added at once, before the nearest change tracking batch execution).

Driver AppMobile app change tracking was improved, to avoid having orphaned records (that point to deleted tours)2023-08Bug99203
Shipment BuilderError when deleting a tour stop (with load/unload) when sequence was switched on for the WHS info bridge2023-08Bug99670
Shipment BuilderShipment builder 'Change tracker' was previously launched even though the sales return order did not have any shipment2023-08Bug99549
Shipment BuilderView details' of the trade order id (on the 'Goods management' form) was previously not opening the correct sales return order2023-08Bug99437
Shipment BuilderSales order line previously sometimes could not be removed from transportation, due to validation 'Change in the Delivery type field is not allowed'2023-08Bug99397
Shipment BuilderCustomer wish' rough scheduling transport leg dates were previously not updated from trade order (line), when dates were adjusted on the trade order (line)2023-08Bug95987
Several fields were not handled correctly in the 'TALTour' data entity

Following fields were previously not handled correctly in the 'TALTour' data entity:
- RecipientPersonnelNumber
- LoadLogisticsLocationId
- UnloadLogisticsLocationId
- TotalTime
- TotalTimeDelivery
- TotalDistance
- TotalDistanceDelivery

These fields were not exported.

Dispatching and confirmationDeletion of tour stop (which is included in some resource leg, but resource leg doesn't start/end exactly on this tour stop) was previously not possible2023-08Bug99465
Customer invoicing
Date validity of finance dimension was previously not respected when initializing finance dimensions to transport entities

Newly, the date validity is respected when initializing finance dimensions to transport entities. Following mechanism is applied:
- For individual entities (eg. orders), a service provision date is used for finance dimension date validity check
- For grouped entities (eg. order collection), a system date is used for finance dimension date validity check

Subcontracting/IC order management and pricingService level agreement criteria (ie. SLA) were previously not respected when applying tariff surcharge automatically during price calculation of Tour sub-contracting order (FTL)2023-08Bug95985
Dispatching and confirmation
When changing rough plan date, the successor transport legs were previously sometimes not re-scheduled corectly

The issue was especially happening when 'Exact date for forward planning' parameter was set to 'End date'.

Dispatching and confirmation
'Drag and drop' of the whole tour was sometimes not working in GPB gantt screens

Following actions were previously not possible (and were corrected):
- horizontal drag & drop of the whole tour in both GPB gantt screens (ie. to shifting the tour planning into past/future)
- vertical drag & drop of the whole tour in GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen (ie. to re-planning the tour into another truck)