TopicTitle & DetailsRelease MonthTask typeADO ID
Improvement of address geo-coding reliability, for addresses in Sweden & Denmark

Previously, the address geo-coding was not reliable for several countries. The address geo-code 'matching' mechanism was evaluating low matching level, even though the addresses were almost entirely correct. Behavior for addresses in Sweden & Denmark was corrected in this task, solution for remaining countries require upgrade of PTV xServer components (which will be done in future release only).

2023-11New feature101382
Toll cost calculation is newly reflecting also CO2 emission data of the vehicle

New classification of 'CO2 Emission class' has been added to the vehicle type and also to the individual vehicle record. As per PTV interface, 5 CO2 emission classes are supported, where 1 is the fallback for all vehicles not fitting to 2 -5. The higher the CO2 emission class, the higher the reduction of the toll costs.

Additionally, a new value 'EEV' has been added to 'Emission class' classification, as it was previously missing (both in vehicle type and also in individual vehicle record).

2023-11New feature100889
Closed streets can be now managed by drawing directly on the map

Newly, it is possible to register (and maintain) closed streets simply by drawing the geometry on the map.

2023-11New feature100468
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Vehicle range initialized from Vehicle type

In order to be consistent with the initialization of other technical data from vehicle type to vehicle during new vehicle creation or changing of vehicle type on vehicle, the range initially defined on vehicle type is initialized to vehicle. Afterwards, user can still customize the range on each individual vehicle.

2023-11New feature100969
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Stop Optimizer dispatching process when TMS general parameter for distance is not "km"

At the moment, Optimizer process logic only supports kilometers ("km") as unit of measurement for distance. Therefore, Optimizer dispatching process has been made to stop when the Distance Unit setup in Transport Parameters/General is something other than "km".
This will be adjusted in future releases to include other units of length measurement (ex. miles).

2023-11New feature100871
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
All information/warning/error messages (other than triggered by tourplan release) are written to the tourplan log

Not all information/warning/error messages generated by Optimizer dispatch process were properly written to the tourplan log. This is now fixed.

2023-11New feature99938
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
All information/warning/error messages triggered by tourplan release are written to the tourplan log.

Certain infologs (especially of type Warning/Error) possibly triggered during tourplan release were not written to the tourplan log. This is now fixed.

2023-11New feature99831
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Store parameters used in Optimizer dispatching on tourplan

A new grouping, named "Parameters" was added to the Optimizer tourplan Tour planning Details summary tab.
This grouping stores the relevant parameters defined by user in the Optimizer dispatch form:
- for Optimizer provider = Generic
> vehicle group
> resource combination plan
> planning mode and date
> number of selected transport legs (for dispatching, regardless of how many were actually planned or not in tours)

- for Optimizer provider = PTV xTour
> vehicle group
> resource combination plan
> planning mode and date
> target function optimizer
> calculation mode + string
> ignore HPRN
> number of selected transport legs (for dispatching, regardless of how many were actually planned or not in tours)

The vehicle group/resource combination plan ID's are stored with the assumption that their setup was valid at the moment of generating the particular tourplan. As a limitation, if user generates a tourplan with a certain resource combination plan (for example), then makes changes to the resource combination plan (adds vehicles, changes validity dates, breaks etc.) and then uses it to generate another tourplan, on both these tourplans the same resource combination ID will be stored, even though its details were effectively different from one run to another.
Additionally, if user then attempts to add new legs to existing TMS tours created with a particular resource combination plan, the correct vehicles will be used (Optimizer will respect the resource combination plan initially used and the vehicle(s) with proper row numbers), but using the latest resource combination plan line details.

On Tour PLan>Tour headers, the resource combination plan ID and row numbers are also stored (if used) in new separate columns.

2023-11New feature95416
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Vehicle operating and break intervals inconsistent when adding new legs to existing TMS tours via Optimizer dispatch process

When dispatching legs to Optimizer to create tourplans, vehicles are using certain operating and break intervals (both when using vehicle groups or resource combination plans for dispatching). But when attempt is made to add extra legs to existing tours which were created via Optimizer processes, the vehicles are no longer respecting the operating and break intervals initially used. This could lead to misleading tour planning in certain data constellation, and it is now fixed.

2023-11New feature95322
Dispatching and confirmation
GPB: Field "No. additional stops" in order screen moved under config key "Register additional stops"

"No. additional stops" field is moved under config key "Register additional stops". If the config key is ON, the field is visible in the grid in TAL and GPB OS. The feature "Register additional stops" though is not officially released and will soon be deprecated.

2023-11New feature101428
Dispatching and confirmation
Users are newly informed when some changes exist (that were previously saved, but are not yet 'asynchronously' processed)

Previously, when in 'asynchronous' synchronization mode, then when performing many actions in the GPB gantt screens, these actions could lead to unexpected loss of changes (that were previously saved, but not yet asynchronously processed). Newly, when such constellation is encountered then user is informed via new decision making dialog, and can either continue (with the loss of unprocessed changes) or cancel (to preserve these changes, so that these can be processed).

2023-11New feature101263
Dispatching and confirmation
GUI adjustment of columns, in GPB 'Resources' screen

Following issues were corrected:
- On part of the columns (not all) the width could not be widened/adjusted
- The columns that can't be widened, can only be shortened (reduced) in size, but afterwards the divider line between the columns is no longer active (and the column width is fixed, until full refresh, or restart of the screen

2023-11New feature101159
Dispatching and confirmation
Filtering performance improvement on the GPB 'Resources' screen

Previously, the filters in GPB 'Resources' screen were activated already during the typing the requested data letter by letter. At the same time the results were loaded and shown in the main section below. This was greatly slowing the search, as when the first letters were typed, there were potentially a lot of results (that needs to be loaded), and the refresh of the search was activated on every letter typed.

Newly, results from search in the filters are still displayed (in the dropdown menu) while typing, but the filtering is activated only after selecting one or more record (in the dropdown menu).

2023-11New feature101157
Dispatching and confirmation
Avoid overlap of GUI elements in GPB gantt screens (when resizing screens/windows)

When resizing GPB gantt screens/windows to smaller size, some GUI elements could previously get overlapped with each other. The behavior was especially happening to dedicated filters (above main gantt grid). GUI screen element handling was improved, to avoid such overlaps.

2023-11New feature101015
Dispatching and confirmation
GPB: Better visibility in order screen grid view about address information, including original and destination address

While planning legs it is helpful to see where legs are originally coming from resp. where they are eventually going (in case they are not going direct but via one or more cross dock depots).
This task enhances the visibility for the planner by showing the current legs address ID for load and unload. Moreover, the original address and destination address are also shown which allows for more efficient planning and grouping of order with the same destination (or destination route/zone).

Note: this feature will slow down the performance of loading data on the GPB Order Screen, therefore it should be used only when needed, and after evaluating the performance impact.

2023-11New feature100820
Dispatching and confirmationGPB: Order screen filter configuraton buttons moved from view-area to ribbon2023-11New feature100772
Dispatching and confirmation
Improvement of alignment of several filtering dropdowns, in GPB gantt screens

In the following filtering dropdowns, some columns were previously not aligned:
- Vehicle group
- Vehicle type
- Driver group
- Depot

Columns are now aligned, to improve user readability.

2023-11New feature99978
Dispatching and confirmation
Improvement of 'Backward calculate tour start' dialog in GPB gantt screens

Following enhancements were done in the dialog (that is opened when launching 'Backward calculate tour start' in GPB gantt screens):
- the previously existing D365 dialog (where dispatcher should enter/confirm the calculation parameters) was replaced by GPB dialog, to achieve more fluent user experience (and to preserve original selection of tour stop)
- separate picker for 'time' (previously, one common picker was used both for date & time)

2023-11New feature99948
Dispatching and confirmation
Change cross dock

User can do single and multi select change cross dock on transport legs. Select more legs which have depots and change to a different depot at once.
Changing the loading depot will change the unloading depot on predecessor leg.

Note: If more transport legs from the SAME transport order are selected, only one will be updated with the new depot.

2023-11New feature95383
Dispatching and confirmation
GPB: Better handling of resources not being in a group

Vehicles or drivers are supposed to be in a vehicle or driver group to be available for GPB dispatching. Resources not being in such a group are not available in RS or in any filter lookups. However, if a non-grouped resource is still assigned to a tour (e.g. via dispatch light or tour-create-dialog or any other [inevitable] none-GPB process), the functionality though is not restricted, all processes work fine. The following limitations were removed:
- In Gantt level 2 (upper part) the resource bar shows a "?" as icon for this resource instead of the proper icon
- In Gantt Resource such a resource leg was not visible; in Gantt Tour it was

2023-11New feature95307
Dispatching and confirmation
GPB: Improvements in multi-selection of transport legs in order screen

Own button "select all" which pre-loads automatically the not yet loaded records (paging). Multi-selection can be used after filtering to handle/dispatch all records from the query with a simple selection.

2023-11New feature94317
Driver App
Configurable text to be shown on Signature screen in Driver app

It´s now possible to set up "Activity additional text" for Signature activity. This will be displayed in Driver app on the signature screen. The text can be a disclaimer or statement which the customer or driver acknowledges with their signature. It´s possible to set up translations for the text. The app will show the translation in customer language, based on orders that are handled on the tour stop.

2023-11New feature101245
Driver App
Provide better error messages in change tracking (including attachment handling)

If errors happen in Mobile app change tracking - especially in attachment handling - more detailed error messages are now shown in the batch log, helping to identify the issue. The batch job is also now more resilient to issues, not blocking of sending tours to Driver app if there are broken or too big attachments in D365.

2023-11New feature101103
Driver App
Driver app tour could not be created if corrupted (or too big) attachments exists

Improve error handling in Mobile app change tracking / Mobile app tour creation process: the process is now able to continue even if too big or corrupted attachments exist. Maximum supported size for Mobile app attachments is currently 4 MB.

2023-11New feature100703
Driver App
Show qualifications information in Driver app

Information about qualifications (related to orders or addresses) can now be shown in Driver app, either on the tour details level (inside tour stop box) or tour stop details level (inside activity box).

2023-11New feature100016
Driver App
Manual ETA can now be visualized also in the Driver app

If manually estimated time of arrival (aka 'manual ETA') is specified on the tour stop, it can now be also visualized also in the driver app. Prerequisite: feature has to be activated in transport type, via parameter 'Display Manual ETA on Tour Stop'.

2023-11New feature99904
Driver App
Show quantity information on tour stop

Information about loaded and unloaded quantities on each stop can now be shown in Driver app tour details screen.

2023-11New feature99901
Driver App
New "Checklist" feature in Driver app - PREVIEW

Note: this feature is in preview and there are known issues which will be fixed in an upcoming CAP release.

It´s now possible to set up "Checklist" activities via Instruction activity rules. In the app they show up on a separate checklist screen which is displayed when the user swipes/scans a load/unload activity. Checklists can be related to transport order, transport order line or package.

Supported activity types for checklist are:
- Input - Checkbox
- Input - Freetext
- Input - Number with decimals
- Input - Number without decimals

The description of checklist activities is taken from activity master data setup in D365. It´s also now possible to link Instruction activity rule to specific activity setup - until now it was a fixed 1:1 relation. With the new approach it´s for example possible to set up many Checkbox activities with different descriptions.

Known issues:
- Many problems with barcode scanning. It´s not recommended to use this feature with packages / barcodes at this point.

2023-11New feature96214
Shipment Builder
New feature: ability to plan D365 trade orders with date ranges (and time windows)

Previously, in D365 trade orders it was only possible to set an expected ship date and expected delivery date. Date ranges (or time windows) could not be managed, while in the CAPcargo standard TMS such features were supported. This tasks enhances the D365 standard solution and 'pushes' the additional date/time information through shipment builder to the CAPcargo entities.

2023-11New feature100734
Shipment Builder
Shipment builder redesign - Phase 1.3 (unofficially released)

The shipment builder (bridge between D365 trade orders and CAP transport order) is being redesigned in several phases. In R38, the 4rd phase is included which contains following functionality/improvements:
- Adapt Delivery Window logic
- Quantity split - Load line splitting
- Loading/Unloading list report
- Synchronization of transport orders in direct delivery chain

The redesign is not yet fully completed (as at least one phase will be still published in some future release), hence is not yet officially released/supported).

It's linked to a license configuration key which is not allowed to activate in productive environments. CAPcargo rejects all responsibility for using it in production.

2023-11New feature99572
Other / General
Enhanced user interface in Instruction activity rules form

Instruction activity rules form has been enhanced with a detail section in addition to the grid. This way it´s easier to see the settings of a selected record at one glance, without scrolling left and right.

2023-11New feature101738
Customer order management and pricingNew track & trace status message calculate value 'ETA calculated' has been added (which provides the estimated time of arrival of tour stop)2023-11New feature101457
Customer order management and pricing
Proper linking of 'Driver app' & 'Truck loading app' parameters on transport order header to license configuration key

Previously, flags 'Driver app' & 'Truck loading app' were always shown in the transport order header (in section 'Address', below work instruction fields). But these parameters are related only to 'not officially' released sub-module (for registration of additional stops), hence both parameters are now shown only when this sub-module is activated.

2023-11New feature101276
Certain performance optimization of TMS EDI processing (when validating import file/message for errors)

The optimization was done purely on the code structure level, without any impact on the functionality. Internal tests showed improvement up to 15%, depending on the complexity of the received orders.

2023-11New feature101068
Dispatching and confirmation
When planning transport legs onto existing tour (via drag & drop), tour stops are now merged even when dropping to tour end position

If multiple identical transport legs (ie. same addresses) were drag & dropped in tour end in GPB gantt screens, the system previouly created multiple new tour stops instead of just 2 stops where all orders would be placed.

2023-11New feature101027
Other / General
Deprecation of old subcontracting module - old subcontracting objects have been marked as deprecated in CAPcargo source code

Objects that are used with the old subcontracting feature have now been marked as deprecated in code and in "Changes in public APIs" document. This helps customer development team to detect customizations that need to be adjusted to fit the new subcontracting module.

See CAPcargo installation instructions for more information about the code and data migration into the new subcontracting feature.

2023-11New feature100513
New cleanup job for Imported transport orders

Replaces existing (now deprecated) "Checked imported order clean up" which was not working correctly - see 100240. This new cleanup removes both "Imported orders" and "Checked imported orders".

2023-11New feature100242
Batch job "Checked imported order clean up" has been deprecated

Batch job "Checked imported order clean up" has been deprecated. It did not work correctly, and will be replaced by a new cleanup which removes "Imported orders" and "Checked imported orders" - see 100242.

2023-11New feature100240
Subcontracting/IC order management and pricing
Improvements implemented in printing of subcontracting transport order report

Several improvements have been made to the Sub-contracting Transport order report print process:
- new fields added in SSRS default report for Sub-contracting Transport order
- Sub-contracting Transport order report language follows vendor language, if defined (with fallback to user language)
- Variable "transport order" enabled to be used in design of email template for Sub-contracting Transport order
- Address and contact information purpose will be used now to trigger email addresses to be used in sending out Sub-contracting Transport order reports
- SSRS report generated for Sub-contracting Transport order will be automatically attached to respective Transport Order as attachment

Note: This [legacy] transport order direct subcontracting (without dispatching) will be deprecated and replaced by the newly harmonized subcontracting order; see also 33598.

2023-11New feature99480
Customer order management and pricing
Introduction of additional references on Transport Orders

Several freetext reference fields were added on Transport order:

On Transport Order header:
- Customer reference [existing] - printed on invoice
- Customer reference invoice - printed on invoice
- External WMS reference
- Sender reference
- Loading reference - printed on tour report
- Receiver reference
- Unloading reference - printed on tour report

On Transport Order line(s):
- Contract reference - printed on invoice

Contract reference was added on contract/-version/-relation, from where it is initialized on Transport Order.
Customer reference invoice was added to the Default order header.
Customer reference invoice was added as a Header criteria on Rule collective invoice.
Contract reference was added as a Line criteria on Rule collective invoice.
Customer reference invoice and Contract reference were added as grid filters in Customer invoicing pool.
Contract reference was added as filter criteria in Customer invoicing pool.

Copy Transport Order function was enhanced.
Customer invoicing process was enhanced with a new field "Document" - printed on invoice.

This enhanced feature set will replace the not-officially released sub-module "Order reference management", a beta framework for dynamic references. Will be deprecated in one of the next releases.

2023-11New feature99478
Dispatching and confirmation
GPB Gantt: WORK SPACE functionality deprecated

Old feature "Gantt-Workspace" in both Resource- and Tour-Gantt were removed. Legacy functionality allowed to drag one or several transport legs to a tour, holding Ctrl-key pressed, in order then to manually in detail specify the tour stop sequence by dragging load or unload from the work space to the tour stops.

Batch job "Checked imported order clean up" has been deprecated

Batch job "Checked imported order clean up" has been deprecated. It did not work correctly, and will be replaced by a new cleanup which removes "Imported orders" and "Checked imported orders" - see 100242.

Dispatching and confirmation
Populate new field "Activity" in Instruction activity rule

When setting up instruction activity rules, it´s now possible to choose from multiple suitable Actions (=Tour activity master data). For example, it´s now possible to have many "Input - Freetext" activities with different descriptions, and use them in different instruction activity rules.

This enhancement is needed in "Driver app - Checklist" feature (96214).

The data migration job populates this new "Activity" field on all Instruction activity rules that are related to "Actions".

2023-11Data conversion100134
Address geo-coding error could previously sometimes crash the EDI import process

Issue was corrected in the following way:
- Failed address geo-coding does not anymore crash the EDI import process, the problematic record is just skipped (and EDI batch continues over)
- New 'Skip automatic geo-coding' parameter was added to import group, to be able to disable whole address geo-coding during EDI order import

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Qualifications requested by Transport order do not appear in the Optimizer request (regression)

In case of dispatching legs to Optimizer by using PTV xTour as a provider, the qualifications requested by Transport order were omitted from the request. This was now fixed.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Incremental push export of tourplans changes all tourplan statuses to "Exported", regardless of Optimizer provider or tourplan status

When exporting tourplans by using incremental push only as default refresh type, all tourplan statuses were changes to "Exported", regardless of Optimizer provider or whether initial status was in fact "Ready for export" or something different.
To solve this, two new elements were added to the data entity which can be used for filtering tours in the export project:
- Optimizer provider
- tour plan status

By properly configuring these additional fields, only the intended tourplans are both exported and have their status be changed to "Exported".

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Load/unload activities displayed on GS level 2 in incorrect location on tours coming from Optimizer

In the case where some waiting activity was planned by Optimizer at a particular location (for load or unload, for example, when arriving too early and having to wait for a customer wish/opening hours interval), in GS level 2 the waiting activity was displayed on the actual TMS tour 'after' the load/unload activity, instead of 'before'.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Parameters "First load address in tour"/"Last unload address in tour" were not always respected

Tour start/end parameters "First load address in tour"/"Last unload address in tour" were not respected in the process of adding new legs to existing tours by Optimizer dispatching, causing errors or suboptimal results. This has been fixed.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Discrepancies in table TalOptTourLine between data in ActivityStart and ActivityEnd

Even though the Optimizer tour itself was generated and released correctly, in table TalOptTourLine, the ActivityEnd timestamp was sometimes before ActivityStart timestamp on one line, then recover the difference on the next line. These discrepancies could even be exported via data entity. This has been fixed.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Optimizer dispatching does not respect time intervals defined on midterm driver plan, only dates.

When planning drivers by using midterm driver plan as an option for driver combination on vehicle, the Optimizer was limited at considering only the date of a particular driver for availability in the proces of dispatching, not the time of day itself. This has been partially fixed, for the case when on a particular day, one vehicle ends a driver assignment at a particular time or starts a driver assignment at a particular time (though not yet for the case when both events happen on the same vehicle in the same day).

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Tourplan is created and remains in "Calculating" status when user cancels Optimizer dispatching process

When a user attempted dispatching some legs via Optimizer, but then in Optimizer dispatching form, for any reason, user pressed "Cancel", the process was correctly aborted, but a tourplan ID was still created, and remained stuck in "Calculating" status. This has now been corrected, so that, if user abandons the Optimizer dispatching process (by pressing Cancel in the Optimizer dispatch form, or simply closing the form without clicking OK), a tourplan ID is not even created anymore.
As part of the solution for this issue, the tourplan ID field has also been removed from the Optimizer dispatch form.

Dispatching and confirmationGPB app unresponsiveness (ie. app froze) could be encountered after setting gantt screen 'Date' filters to certain date & time combination2023-11Bug102022
Dispatching and confirmationChanging the column sequence (in tour stop 'Activities' fly-out window, in GPB gantt screens) via drag & drop was previously possible only for users with system administrator role2023-11Bug102019
Dispatching and confirmationTour gantt bar lenght and ETA values on tour end stop were previously not automatically refreshed after 'Sequence optimization' was performed2023-11Bug101967
Dispatching and confirmation
Duplicate showing of driver, in 'Assigned resources' section (in GPB 'Resources' screen)

The issue was happening when some 'Fixed combination' of driver & passenger was assigned. Then, the passenger was not shown at all (but driver was shown twice).

Dispatching and confirmationOccasional 'utc time zone' error when planning multiple transport legs into tour(s) in GPB gantt screens, via drag & drop2023-11Bug101862
Dispatching and confirmationDirect opening of the GPB (via 'GPB - Resource Dispatching' menuitem in 'Dispatch light - Tours' form in D365) was sometimes malfunctioning2023-11Bug101846
Dispatching and confirmationIn GPB gantt screens, the tour detail section expander (that opens/closes the tour detail section) stopped working when tour detail section was resized2023-11Bug101657
Dispatching and confirmationWrong tour details were shown GPB gantt screens, when user selected a resource and changed filters to some other date (where resource was assigned to some other tour)2023-11Bug101470
Dispatching and confirmationFilter SCM status' menu item group labels could be previously changed directly within GPB gantt client browser2023-11Bug101446
Shipment BuilderError in packing slip posting (from GPB gantt screens), when new shipment builder configuration key was activated2023-11Bug101350
Dispatching and confirmation
In GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen, 'Refresh all' action was sometimes not refreshing all data

The issue was observed when making resource related changes (eg. specifying new vehicle icons, or assigning new tours to resources etc.). Then, 'Refresh all' was sometimes not reflecting these changes.

Dispatching and confirmationStuck loading icon on GPB tour gantt bar, when changing assigned resource leg length/duration2023-11Bug101009
Dispatching and confirmationResource icon 'Airplane' was previously not displayed correctly in the GPB gantt screen (in resource assignment section of the tour)2023-11Bug100313
Dispatching and confirmation
Randomly disappearing resources when horizontal scrolling in planned resources (in GPB 'Resources' screen)

When horizontally scrolling in planned resources (in GPB 'Resources' screen), sometimes the individual resources were randomly disappearing. Issue was happening especially when more resources were in the group (ie. 40+ resources).

Dispatching and confirmationIn GPB 'Resources Dispatching' screen, the unavailable resources were shown as available (ie. without any assignment)2023-11Bug93628
Driver AppNo beep/sound upon successful/unsuccessful scan in the Driver app2023-11Bug102009
Driver AppParent activity was sometimes not automatically confirmed in the driver app, even though all child activities were actually confirmed2023-11Bug101461
Driver App
Issues in "Driver can rearrange tour stops" feature

Three issues in "Driver can rearrange tour stops" feature have been fixed:
1. Planned arrival times shown/hidden wrongly. Should be shown if the driver hasn´t rearranged the stops.
2. User can change tour end if the tour has cancelled (="deleted") tour stops.
3. Custom sequence is sometimes lost without apparent reason.

Driver App
Attachments were not sent out from D365 to Driver app (issue was happening only on some installations)

Previously, it could happen that attachments were not sent out from D365 to Driver app. The issue was happening only on certain systems/installations and was related to incompatible .dll component combination.

Driver App
If taking many pictures for one "Picture" activity, sometimes not all pictures were succesfully sent to D365

This was caused by duplicate filenames being used for many pictures - timestamp was used as part of the filename but many pictures had same timestamp. Now the timestamp precision has been increased to avoid duplicates.

Shipment BuilderTransport order (and Transport legs) buttons were previously accessible on the sales order form only to users with 'System administrator' security role2023-11Bug101794
Shipment BuilderProduct variant specific unit conversion was previously found only when Retail module configuration key was active2023-11Bug101478
Shipment BuilderIn 'Delivery remainder' dialog, cancellation of the total quantity (via 'Cancel quantity' button) was previously not possible2023-11Bug101210
Shipment Builder
Qualification assignment was previously not working in some direct delivery chain scenarios

The issue was caused because direct deliver chain was previously not correctly registered in the CAPcargo shipment builder table, when registered by New->Direct delivery button on sales order header.

Shipment Builder
Duplicated load and load line for purchase order, when re-approving via workflow

Previously, when a purchase order was re-approved via workflow, a new load and load line was created for the purchase order line, causing a discrepancy between purchase order line / inventory transaction quantity and load line quantity. The issue was corrected.

Shipment Builder
Loss of shipment Id (on load line), during 'Release to WHS'

When the 'Release to WHS' is called, then the Load build logic is performed. The issue was that it also cleared the Shipment Id on every Load Id, even though the Load line already has a work.

Newly, resetting the shipment id is done only when there is no work linked to the load line (ie. work created quantity is not 0)

Shipment Builder
In certain circumstances, shipment building criteria were previously sometimes inconsistent

In case the "Pre-defined time windows" were enabled, there was an issue with the shipment builder criteria. Users could get different results depending on their language settings. This was not correct as it could lead to removing of shipment lots from shipments. The issue was corrected.

Shipment Builder
Change of 'Requested load date from' (or 'Requested collection date') was previously not possible on purchase order line

On purchase order line, change of 'Requested load date from' (or 'Requested collection date') was previously not possible, as users were blocked by error validation 'Date cannot be changed because if would lead to having the load date of transport order later than the unload.' The issue was corrected and both fields can be changed now (as following related fields are automatically re-calculated):
- 'Requested load date to'
- 'Requested receipt date'
- 'Requested unload date from'
- 'Requested unload date to'

Shipment Builder
Transport type parameters (for change of load/unload dates of existing shipments) were sometimes not respected in the shipment builder process

The issue was happening only when load/unload date were changed on the trade order headers. Then, the validation was not applied. The issue was corrected and newly also the change of header date fields is validated.

Subcontracting/IC order management and pricing
Tariff level not properly initialized on subcontracting order

In the particular case when user manually selected on a new subcontracting order the contract/-version/-relation and then try to calculate the price, the tariff level would not initialize correctly (both for Resource and Tr-leg subcontracting), and an error would stop the process. This was now fixed.

IntegrationsStatus messages were previously generated only when email configuration was in place (even though status messages were delivered in other communication means)2023-11Bug101647
Several fields were previously missing in the 'Vehicle' data entity

Following fields were added:
- IconsDescription - Icon description
- draCaptureVehicleMileage - Activate mileage registration in Driver app
- TourStartLocation - Tour start
- TourEndLocation - Tour end
- optDistanceCostPerKilometer - Distance cost per kilometer
- optFixedCostPerTour - Fixed cost per tour
- optTravelTimeCostPerHour - Travel time cost per hour

Subcontracting/IC invoicingEmpty 'Subcontracting mode' value in invoice pool, for collective subcontracting orders2023-11Bug101286
IntegrationsIn 'TAL Time class' data entity, several 'time' related number fields were previously exported/imported without decimal places2023-11Bug101013
Subcontracting/IC order management and pricing
Main manu queries {for showing sub-contracting orders with document handling issues] were showing also orders that have no issues

Following main menu queries were affected (and are now corrected):
- 'Sub-contracting transport leg with document handling issues'
- 'Sub-contracting tour with document handling issues'

In TMS EDI forms, only the date of creation was previously shown in the 'Created date & time' field

Now also the time of creation is shown in the 'Created date & time' field.

Subcontracting/IC order management and pricing
Tr-Leg Subcontracting (LTL) order not created in failed delivery (automatic case)

On a tour executed with Tr-leg subcontracted resources, in case of a failed delivery (triggered from driver app during tour confirmation while Transport Parameters>Dispatching>Tour>Subcontracting>Auto subcontracting order creation at failed delivery = true), the system correctly created on same tour another leg to return the failed delivery to depot, but failed to create the corresponding Tr-Leg (LTL) order for that leg at the same time. This has been fixed only for the new (harmonized) subcontracting world.

Subcontracting/IC order management and pricing
Tr-Leg Subcontracting (LTL) order not created in failed delivery (manual case)

On a tour executed with Tr-leg subcontracted resources, in case of a failed delivery (triggered from TMS during tour confirmation while Transport Parameters>Dispatching>Tour>Subcontracting>Auto subcontracting order creation at failed delivery = true), the system correctly created on same tour another leg to return the failed delivery to depot, but failed to create the corresponding Tr-Leg (LTL) order for that leg at the same time. This has been fixed only for the new (harmonized) subcontracting world.

Driver App
Change of mobile app integration schema (important only for projects that do *NOT* use the CAPcargo middleware for mobile apps)

In case of mobile app custom implementation (either Driver app or Truck loading app), the change of integration schema has to be reflected in the custom implementation, to ensure that mobile app continue working even after the upgrade to 10.0-CAP38.0.

New Mobile app activity types
- Checkbox (36) - User can answer a yes/no question by ticking (or not ticking) a checkbox
- Number without decimals (37) - User must enter a number, no decimal value (vs. existing decimal input - 33).

New fields in Mobile app tour activity (TALdraTourActivityEntity):
-- Used to distinguish activities for the new Checklist functionality (96214). Contains ActivityId of the checklist "base" activity. Checklist base activity contains CHECKLISTID that points to the activity´s own ACTIVITYID

-- Used for sorting activities on the new checklist screen

2023-11New feature102106
Subcontracting/IC invoicing
KNOWN ISSUE: New SubCo world: Price calculation of subcontracting Tr-leg only works with certain values of parameter 'Service provision date [fixed in R39]

When the new harmonized sub subcontracting structure is activated, the calculation and invoicing of 'Subcontracting Tr-leg' does not work if general transport parameter 'Service provision date Tr-leg subcontracting' is set to one of these values:
- [leg] load date
- [leg] unload date

If any other value of the parameter is used, the processes work normally.

Update: This was fixed in R39 (#103410)

2024-02Known issue103430