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Improvement of address geo-coding reliability, for addresses in Denmark

continuation of 101382 (from R38).

Addresses of certain Denmark cities were previously still geocoded unreliably, due to map base data issues of map provider. Newest map base data update resolves it.

2024-03New feature101759
Traffic delays displayed to user with results of Distance and time calculation

When existing parameter 'Use real time traffic data' is set to True, the Distance and time calculation infolog will additionally show any delay provided by PTV which exceeds the number of seconds parameterized in new parameter 'Traffic delay' (Transport parameters>Geo services>xServer parameter>Main).

2024-03New feature100523
Dispatching and confirmation
Driving distance & time of the transport leg subcontracting order is now calculated based on speed profile of the vehicle

Previously, for transport leg subcontracting orders (that was created for tour that has some vehicle resource allocated), the driving time & distance was previously calculated still with the speed profile of the default vehicle type of the transport order. Which is not precise and was enhanced. Newly, when transport leg subcontracting order (that is created for tour that has exactly one vehicle resource allocated) then the speed profile of the resource vehicle type is used.

2024-03New feature100387
xServer: Log request and response - improve usability and add possibility to clean up

The usability of Geo services log form has been improved. Additionally a cleanup batch has been added to clean up old logs.

Note: the logging should be enabled only temporarily for troubleshooting purposes.

2024-03New feature94769
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Introduce capability to plan in miles (step 1)

Up to now, Optimizer was only able to handle and display distances in kilometers. The possibility to see distances in miles is now being introduced to Optimizer tours (if Transport parameters setup for Distance unit will use enum value 'United States customary units' as System of units).

In step 1, the following limitations apply when using Optimization provider = PTV xTour:
-- that distance would be measured either in km or miles (regardless how they actually label the created Distance unit) (ex. 'meters' not allowed)
-- that the unit of measurement and the system unit behind it used for 'Distance (empty)' and 'Distance (loaded)' is the same as the one used for 'Distance'
-- that Vehicle Range on Vehicle masterdata and Speed profiles would still be setup as km equivalent (even if miles are used)
---- for example, for speed profile, if speed of 50 mph needs to be considered for calculations, then setup would be for 50 * 1.609344 = 80.46 (rounded down to 80)
---- if vehicle range is 500 miles, then actual setup would have to be 800 km (using same conversion rate)
-- understand that HPRN's would be built using vehicle types with speed profiles with speeds defined in kilometers/hour
-- Vehicle masterdata field 'Distance cost per kilometer' would still be setup as per km, instead of miles
-- any distance-related numbers visible in the downloadable request/response from tourplan continue to be expressed in meters
-- all KPI displayed in Tourplan form (both in KPI details tab and in Tour headers tab) related to cost will still be expressed as related to km setup, regardless of actual Transport parameters/distance unit used.
-- the 'Get distance and time' function in DistanceMatrix will still be expressed in km, since DiMa is only in km (PTV limitation)

When using Optimization provider = Generic, the import data entity has been updated with new fields for miles, which can be populated by external provider. If left empty, Optimizer will convert them to miles during import phase.

2024-03New feature104009
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Partial tour plan release implemented

The user is now able to partially release a tourplan. A new button was introduced on the Tour plan form >Tour headers section, so that user would be able to select one or more of the optimizer tours contained in a specific tourplan and release only those.
When one or more (but not all) optimizer tours in a tourplan are released in this way, the tourplan status becomes 'Partially released'.
This partial release works both on tourplans created from initial Optimizer dispatching or from updating of existing tours.
When parameters 'Auto create TMS tours' and/or 'Auto update TMS tours' are true during Optimizer dispatching, the entire tourplan will continue to be released.

2024-03New feature103686
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Introducing a new Optimizer provider: Generic system-to-system

A new Optimizer provider is being introduced, labeled'Generic - system to system'.
This provider basically adds hooks to the code base where acustomization should be implemented. The main process is that the hook providesthe internal business data which can be processed using CUS code and might becommunicated to any type of external API.
The result eventually needs to be written into the tour planwhere it finally will be processed using the release process of optimizer toursto create TMS tours.
CAP consultants should be contacted for further details into any possible implementation of this type.

2024-03New feature103261
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Prevent missing geocoordinates from blocking the Optimizer dispatching process

If even one of the addresses on Transport legs sent to Optimizer for dispatching had missing geocoordinates, the dispatching process would be stopped. To prevent this, a new Optimizer parameter was introduced in the Algorithm tab, labeled 'Missing geocoordinate tolerance'.
Three enums are available, and based on selection, the following Optimizer dispatching behavior can be expected:
-- Abort (default value) - process stops if even one address is not geocoordinated. User is informed via infolog regarding faulty address(es)
-- Skip legs - process continues, but Transport leg(s) containing faulty address(es) are skipped from dispatching altogether. User is informed via infolog regarding faulty address(es) and ID of skipped Transport legs.
-- Send all - this enum is available only when Optimization provider = Generic. In this case, all Transport legs are sent to Optimizer for export. User is informed via infolog regarding faulty address(es)

2024-03New feature103187
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Enhance logged information in case of addresses with missing geo-coordinates during Optimizer dispatching

The logged/displayed information for addresses with missing geo-coordinates detected during Optimizer dispatching was enhanced to contain:
-- address summary (zipcode, city, country)
-- TMS address ID (not available for onetime addresses)
-- Location ID
-- Address name
-- RecID (from table LogisticsPostalAddress, for advanced troubleshooting).

This is displayed both on Optimizer dispatching form and in the Optimizer logging table.

2024-03New feature103147
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Calculate overall Tourplan KPI based on individual KPI imported on tourplan lines

The fields related to overall KPI details on imported tourplans done with Generic provider have been fixed to sum up imported KPI values on the individual tourplan lines.

2024-03New feature103091
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Resource combination plan placed under 'Optimizer base features' configuration key

Since the Resource combination plan is a feature which only works in conjunction with use of the CAPcargo Optimizer, the respective menuitem and forms were place under the 'Optimizer base features' configuration key.

2024-03New feature103013
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Basic check of tour plan consistency (transport leg point pairs) during release

When releasing tourplans imported by using Generic Optimizer provider, it is generally assumed that the structure of the tourplan is correct. However, a basic check was introduced so that during release, system would check whether the tourplan is consistent in the pairing of leg points (for every load leg point defined in import, there is also a corresponding unload leg point and viceversa). If any inconsistency is detected, it is flagged to the user by stopping the process for that particular tour and pointing out the exact leg point missing via infolog.

2024-03New feature102979
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Changes to Transport legs done during Optimizer dispatching processes are allowed, but flagged

During Optimizer dispatching processes, some details of the selected Transport legs may be changed (for example, quantity change). When the respective tourplan is generated and released, such TrLeg change does not stop the release process, but a warning is logged on tourplan.

2024-03New feature101639
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Adjust syntax of Internal optimizer tour ID to contain TMS tour ID during tour updates with additional TrLegs

When running updates to existing TMS tours by adding Transport Legs to them (Optimization provider = PTV xTour), some of the existing tours may have been assigned additional legs, others may not (depending on parameterization, etc). It was quite difficult to quickly identify which tours did get additional legs. To make this easier, those tours which got at least one additional leg assigned now have in the syntax of the Internal optimizer tour ID (in the OPT tourplan) included the actual TMS tour ID + '-opt_tour_id-' before the actual Internal optimizer tour ID returned by PTV.

2024-03New feature99960
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Warn user when resources used in Optimizer planning become unavailable between Dispatching and tourplan release

It is possible that resources which were available for a certain time interval when first queried by Optimizer for dispatching purposes, would become (at least partly) unavailable before resulting tourplan is released. This is especially significant in long-processing jobs, where other users could start planning currently unused resources, unaware of Optimizer planning processes. For such situations, warnings were introduced (displayed during manual tourplan release and also written to the tourplan log) so user would be aware that resources were meanwhile (partly) used, even though tourplan release/TMS tour creation process is not stopped.

2024-03New feature93964
Dispatching and confirmation
Depot filter 'Empty' interpretation enhancement (from GPB template data access)

Following enhancements were made in the GPB depot filter, when 'Empty' filter option is selected from the Depot dropdown menu:
- GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen: 'Empty' filter means that GPB will filter the legs where the Load depot and Unload depot are both transport addresses.
- GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen: 'Empty' filter means that start tour stop and end tour stop are both transport addresses, not depots.
- GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen: depot filter stays untouched, it filters by vehicle depot, so here 'Empty' means vehicles which don't have depot set in the Vehicle setup.

2024-03New feature103534
Subcontracting/IC invoicing
Display of Transport legs in direct subcontracting form opened from GPB to be aligned with TAL

When using function 'Create subcontracting order (Tr-leg)', the display was different when form opened from GPB OS vs from TAL (one line per TrLeg was displayed in TAL, two lines per TrLeg were displayed in GPB form). This was now fixed, so only one line per TrLeg is displayed in form, regardless from where it was opened.

2024-03New feature103444
Dispatching and confirmation
GPB data access rights - enhance criteria by vehicle group and driver group

continuation of 101979 (from R39).

Vehicle group and driver group were added in the data access template framework.
- Driver groups and Vehicle groups are added in the data access setup form for GPB.
- Empty filter option is not available for Driver groups and Vehicle groups in GPB 'Resource Dispatching" and GPB "Resources" screens, but is available as filter option in GPB 'Tour Dispatching' screen, since here it means tours without vehicles or drivers.
- Previously it was not possible to have filter by driver group and vehicle group and vehicle and driver, once one of these filters was set, the other one was accordingly disabled. Now the filters are enabled and the user can filter by driver group and vehicle group filter, and these combined work with OR condition.
- The Vehicle and Driver dropdowns are filtered based on the allowed/selected vehicle groups/driver groups accordingly, so in the Vehicle dropdown now the user can select only the vehicles from the allowed/selected vehicle groups, same applies for Driver dropdown based on allowed/selected Driver groups. If a Vehicle/Driver is selected and the user changes the selected Vehicle group/Driver group and the Vehicle/Driver is not in the newly selected Vehicle group/Driver group, the Driver/Vehicle selection is cleared.

2024-03New feature103242
Dispatching and confirmation
Yellow highlight for 'Show tours in GST'

When using the 'Show tour in GSR' option, the requested tour should be opened and relevant resources highlighted with a yellow box. Previously the highlight box was missing in the GST option. It has now been added to the 'Show tour in GST' option as well.

2024-03New feature103183
Dispatching and confirmation
Order references added to the 'hover the mouse over' tooltip info box (i-bubble) on tourstops in GPB screens

Order references related specifically to the load and unload addresses are also visible on corresponding tour stops in the GPB gantt screens (and on the corresponding leg in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen).

Load and unload references are shown on the mouse-over on the "i" icon, displaying the them with origin references.

2024-03New feature102233
Dispatching and confirmation
Show multiple address area (per transport leg) in GPB

If there are multiple order lines (with different address area) on the transport order, all of them are now shown in Loading/Unloading area section in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen).
Previously, only first address area was shown.

2024-03New feature91802
Driver App
Change of mobile app integration schema (important only for projects that do *NOT* use the CAPcargo middleware for mobile apps)

Relevant for customers who don´t use CAPcargo middleware and apps but use the Mobile app D365 integrations with their own app(s).

New fields in Mobile app tour line (TALdraTourLineEntity) - all new fields used in Appointment handling functionality (101335):
- APPOINTMENTNAME1-5 (5 string fields)
- APPOINTMENTPHONE1-5 (5 string fields)
- APPOINTMENTTIMETYPE (0: None, 1: Time window, 2: Fixed time)

New fields in Mobile app tour activity (TALdraTourActivityEntity):
- BLOCKCHANGES (0: Always, 1: Until signature, 2: Until departure) - used in Correction functionality 100403
- SIGNATUREID (string) - used in Correction functionality 100403
- ENDDATETIME (dateTime) - scheduling information for the activity

New fields in Mobile app activity feedback (TALdraTourActivityFeedbackEntity):
- REFERENCE2 (string) - used in Appointment handling functionality (101335)
- REFERENCE3 (string) - used in Appointment handling functionality (101335)

2024-03New feature104758
Driver App
Introducing a possibility to manage appointments in the Driver app

Driver can call to pickup or delivery contact in advance and agree on a specific timeslot for the pickup or delivery. Appointment details can be sent to the contact via the CAP.Transport message framework in D365.

2024-03New feature101335
Driver App
Allow changes until signature/departure

Note: this feature is in preview and there are known issues which will be fixed in an upcoming CAP release.

Driver can adjust already confirmed activities (only specific activity types) until signature or departure.

2024-03New feature100403
Driver App
Infolog messages handling improvement when sending certain tours to driver app/truck loading app

Following points were enhanced (related to infolog message handling when sending certain tours to driver app/truck loading app:
- Previously, it could happen that user was receiving conflicting infolog messages when sending certain tours to driver app/truck loading app. Eg. info message "Tour XXX will be sent to Driver app." and warning message "Cannot send tour XXX to Driver app.", so it was hard to understand which one is the first/last message. Newly, only the warning message is shown.
- Missing infolog message when sending tour to driver app fails (because there is no driver assigned)

2024-03New feature96333
Shipment Builder
Provide pickup & delivery information to warehouse

Previously, the transportation information that is moved to the temporary work transaction (for work breaks), work header, and work line were related to the pickup tour. The tour that is related to the warehouse where the goods are picked.
In terms of goods cross-docking case – certain amendments had to been done that changes this logic (use delivery information instead of pickup information), however, these amendments do not cover all the warehouse requirements. Therefore, further changes were needed: both the pickup and delivery information have to be moved to the warehouse.

Key points:
Warehouse information (on the work header and work line) were split into pickup and delivery information for the following fields:
- tour
- unloading sequence
- vehicle
- vehicle type

2024-03New feature103200
Shipment Builder
Direct delivery chain can be created via periodic task also when sourcing vendor is not defined the order line

Previously, the direct delivery chain could be created only manually (ie. via form button) or when sourcing vendor was defined the order line.

2024-03New feature103193
Shipment Builder
Add support for Inventory transactions archiving (standard D365 feature) - old Shipment builder

The first (no longer supported) version CAPcargo Shipment builder includes custom fields in InventTrans table. A small enhancement was needed to handle these fields also in Microsoft´s Inventory transactions archival feature. Without this enhancement it was not possible to activate the standard archival feature.

These CAPcargo fields are enabled only if configuration key "Data of Shipment builder (Based on InventTrans)" is enabled. If this configuration key is not enabled, then this enhancement has no functional impact.

2024-03New feature90997
Dispatching and confirmation
Default values for tour start & end address are now mandatory (in transport type), when transport type is activated for "Dispatching"

User is also informed via new infolog message, when trying to plan tours for transport types that have this default value parameterization missing.

2024-03New feature104516
Dispatching and confirmationPerformance improvement when generating tours from transport legs (via drag&drop from GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen to GPB 'Tour Dispatching'2024-03New feature104186
Dispatching and confirmation
Add a new setting in Transport type to enable/disable automatic carrying resource assignment

New setting "Auto assign carrying resource" has been added to Transport type. The default value is No. If this setting is enabled, automatic carrying resource assignment happens during some dispatching operations (drag and drop orders to tours or resources in GPB). This feature slows down the performance of the related processes.

Before adding this new setting, the system always tried to assign carrying resource in these processes. But because of following bugs, it did not work most of the time:
- 104132 Automatic carrying resource assignment only done for one Transport leg when multiple Transport legs are drag&dropped from OS to GSR
- 104163 Automatic carrying resource assignment in D&D order from GPB OS to GS with Ctrl button doesn´t work

After fixing the bug, it was noticed that the assignment has significant performance impact with large order volumes, therefore this new setting needed to be added.

2024-03New feature104182
Dispatching and confirmation
Drag & drop of Transport Legs from OS to GSR has performance lags in certain data constellations

In certain data constellations, due to the new tour start/end initialization feature (introduced with 92553 in Release 39), the tour creation via drag&drop of Transport legs on resource empty space in GSR took an unacceptable amount of time, compared with other constellations. This was fixed, so that in identical parameterization, the time needed to perform the same action would be similar.

2024-03New feature104091
Customer order management and pricing
Contact information handling on Default order change management improvements

When changing the Load/Unload address. The Load/Unload contact information will now be cleared and re-initialized from the default contact person of the address party if any is found.

2024-03New feature103980
Customer order management and pricing
Contact information change management improvements

If Customer account is changed, the system would open a dialog asking whether the Load/Unload address should be re-initialized. This has been expanded and another option is added asking the user whether the Contact information should be re-initialized as well. This new dialog also appears if the Load/Unload address is changed.

- If Customer account is changed and "Update contact information" is selected: then the contact information (Contact, Contact name, Primary Phone, Secondary Phone, Email) will be cleared and re-initialized from the default contact person of the newly selected Customer account party if any is found.

- If Customer account is changed and "Update contact information" is NOT selected: then the Contact field will be cleared (since contact persons are now directly tied to the Customer parties and can only be used for their respective party) but the remaining Contact information will be unchanged.

- If Customer account is changed and "Update load/unload address" and "Update contact information" are both selected: then the Load/Unload addresses will be cleared and re-initialized from the Customer account and the Load/Unload contact information will be cleared as well and re-initialized from the default contact person of the Load/Unload address party if any is found.

- If Customer account is changed and "Update load/unload address" is selected and "Update contact information" is NOT selected: then the Load/Unload addresses will be cleared and re-initialized from the Customer account. And the Contact field for the Load/Unload addresses will be cleared but the remaining Contact information will be unchanged.

- If Customer account is changed and "Update load/unload address" and "Update contact information" are both NOT selected: then the Contact person for the customer will be cleared but the remaining Contact information as well as the Load/Unload address and contact information will be unchanged.

- If Load/Unload address is changed and "Update contact information" is selected: then similarly the contact information for the Load/Unload address will be cleared and re-initialized from the default contact person of the Load/Unload address party if any is found.

- If Load/Unload address is changed and "Update contact information" is NOT selected: then the Contact field will cleared for the Load/Unload address but the remaining Contact information will be unchanged.

2024-03New feature103974
Customer order management and pricing
Contact information handling on "Create transport order" form

Customer contact:
- Contact and contact details can be selected or written for the selected Customer already on 'Create new transport order' form. Data is transferred to the created transport order.

Load/Unload contacts:
- New fields added in Create transport order form (Contact lookup; Contact name; Primary phone; Phone notice)
- Dropdown fields are displaying data (contacts) related to the selected load/unload address
- Values are transferred to the created transport order, nothing is "re-initialized" except Phone 2 and Email which are shown based on selected contact.

2024-03New feature103972
Subcontracting/IC order management and pricing
Subcontracting order header view form enhancement

The following enhancements are done on Subcontracting order/ Header view:
Fast tabs are rearranged and new one 'Dates' is added:
- General
- Addresses
- Dates
- Contract
- Financial dimensions
- Transport order
- Tour

Following fields in the tab Dates are added and renamed:
- Load/Unload dates fields from the Address tab --> Renamed to Rough scheduled date (load) and Rough scheduled date (unload)
- Distance/Time group from the Address tab are moved to Dates tab
- New fields called: Detail planning date/time (Load) and Detail planning date/time (Unload) are added.

2024-03New feature103716
Subcontracting/IC invoicing
"Delete order from dispatching" when partial confirmation exists on subcontracting order of Tr-Leg subcontracted without tour

When there was partial confirmation on a subcontracting order generated from subcontracting a Transport leg without tour, the "Delete order from dispatching" button on TRO grid was disabled. This can be confusing though to user, who would not easily recognize the reason for disabled button, since Transport order would still be in "Dispatched" status.
This was changed, so that button remains in this scenario enabled, but process of deleting order from dispatching would be stopped with a clear infolog.

2024-03New feature103661
Customer order management and pricing
New fields added to Create new package form: Total weight and Total volume

Two new fields added which are showing "Total weight" (below the two weight fields) and "Total volume" (below the three volume fields) in Create new package form.

2024-03New feature103416
Customer order management and pricing
Transport order creation could previously fail, when no 'Measurement unit' was specified (but some measures were entered)

New validation was introduced to order creation process, to ensure that 'Measurement unit' is specified when some measures are entered.

2024-03New feature103347
Other / General
Removal of CAPcargo object from standard D365 security roles & duties

CAPcargo objects were removed from following standard D365 security roles or duties:
- HcmWorkerMaintain
- InventTransferMaintain
- MCRSearchMaintain
- PurchOrderMaintain
- SalesOrderMaintain
- SalesQuotationToSalesOrderProcessEnable
- smmContactsMaintain

2024-03New feature103027
Customer order management and pricing
Unofficially released sub-module "Order reference management" deprecated

The unofficially released sub-module "Order reference management" (see separate config key) is replaced by a dedicated set of fixed order references (introduced in release CAP10.0.38.0, task 99478) and hence now deprecated. It was never officially supported/released, hence the life cycle policy does not apply.

2024-03New feature101947
Master data
"Create new driver" wizard enhancement

To avoid 2-step configuration (Driver creation wizard and Mobile apps user for this driver), a new step will be added to the existing Driver wizard (Step 7), where “Mobile app user” can be configured for the driver being created via the wizard.

This new step will be available only if CAPcargo Mobile apps are used (=corresponding licenses have been installed and configuration keys have been enabled).

2024-03New feature100894
Dispatching and confirmation
Transport order id added to the tour empties grid

Transport order id field was added to the tour empties grid in tour confirmation form. User can easily see which empties are belonging to which order.

2024-03New feature99452
Master data
Empties parameterization per planning unit has been deprecated/removed

Empties parameterization per planning unit (in the transport type) has been deprecated/removed. Empties parameterization is only possible per transport unit (in the transport type).

2024-03New feature99448
Subcontracting/IC invoicing
Integrate old 'Transport order sub-contracting' functionality into new subcontracting structure

Given the new harmonized subcontracting structure introduced in R37.2, the old 'Transport order sub-contracting' functionality has been overhauled as well. Several changes have thus been implemented:

Elements of 'old' Transport order sub-contracting' feature have been deprecated, such as:
-- Sub-contracting tab on Transport order ribbon
-- Sub-contracting summary tab on Transport order/Default order header and lines
-- Transport order status 'sub-contracted'
-- CAPcargo Transport module 'Sub-contracting transport order' menuitem

New elements/functionality introduced:
-- New grouping under 'Dispatching' tab on Transport order ribbon, named 'Direct subcontracting'
-- new subcontracting functionality creates a subcontracting order of type 'TRO subcontracting'
-- Form structure/price calculation/subcontracting order confirmation identical with those on 'TrLeg direct subcontracting (without tour)'
-- new CAPcargo Transport module 'Directly subcontracted transport orders' menuitem
-- financial dimensions on new type of subcontracting order initialized from renamed financial dimensions group 'Transport order direct subcontracting'
-- order status from 'Registered' to 'Dispatched' when TRO is directly subcontracted

No data migration has been provided. The old subcontracting fields on transport order are marked as legacy and kept in the system, to avoid data loss (in case the old feature was ever used)

New TRO direct subcontracting is provided only with configuration key '
Subcontracting structure: New/harmonized entities (Resource,Transport leg...)', as follows:
- Before R40, the old TRO SubCo co-exists as old world feature with the new world
- Starting with R40, TRO direct subcontracting will only exist in the new world . Thus, it can be used only with new configuration key activation.

2024-03New feature33597
Dispatching and confirmationKNOWN ISSUE: 'Change rough plan date' does not work when selecting multiple legs in GPB Orders Screen2024-03Known issue104756
Driver App
KNOWN ISSUE: Driver app - After reporting 'Goods damaged' the related load / unload activity can't be confirmed

If "Goods damaged" is reported on a load/unload activity in the driver app, then that activity can't be confirmed anymore.

Workaround is to first confirm (or report failed pickup/delivery) on the activity, then register the claim.

2024-03Known issue104725
Subcontracting/IC invoicing
KNOWN ISSUES: In subcontracting orders of type 'Direct subcontracting TrLeg (without tour)' or 'Direct subcontracting TRO'

For the newest modes of subcontracting orders implemented ('TrLeg subcontracting without tour' and 'TRO subcontracting'), there are some Known Issues:
--Cost from 'Direct subcontracting TrLeg (without tour)' subcontracting order is not visible in 'Statistics cost/revenue split (posted)' form - to be fixed in next release (#104621)
--Deleting a line from a Transport order which is directly subcontracted does not properly delete the corresponding line from the subcontracting order - to be fixed in next release (#ADO 104675)
--Deleting a line from a Transport order which is either directly subcontracted or subcontracted via TrLeg subcontracting, does not set 'Calculated' flag to 'false' on the corresponding TRO/TrLeg subcontracting order - to be fixed in next release (#ADO 104697)

2024-03Known issue104718
Customer order management and pricing
Unofficially released sub-module "Order reference management" deprecated

The unofficially released sub-module "Order reference management" (see separate config key) is replaced by a dedicated set of fixed order references (introduced in R38-99478) and hence now deprecated. It was never officially supported/released, hence the life cycle policy does not apply.

Subcontracting/IC order management and pricing
Subcontracting harmonization: New transport order direct subcontracting with own subcontracting order (no need of tour dispatching)

The old 'transport order direct subcontracting' is replaced by the refactored subcontracting (harmonized with resource and tr-leg subcontracting). Subcontracting of transport order without need of tour dispatching using the new 'leg direct subcontracting' (without tour) in the background. Will fulfill all the requirements of direct transport order subcontracting, but additionally also offer confirmation of data and track & trace, such as an own proper subcontracting order, same data source as the harmonized transport leg and resource subcontracting.

Also subcontracting default values on default orders will be removed and deprecated from the default order.

Customization data & code: It’s strongly recommended to synchronize with CAPcargo project team about the needed action points on such customizations.

No data migration is provided. The old subcontracting fields on transport order we mark as legacy and keep them in the system, to not lose data if somebody really needed once some old data.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Data migration task - to populate new 'miles' related fields for Optimizer

Data migration task for 104009.

Data migration task populates following new fields in table TALoptKPI::
- generalDistanceMiles
- generalDistanceMilesEmpty

2024-03Data conversion104036
Other / General
Data migration task - to change default background color (of column fields) from 'black' to 'white'

Data migration task for 100536.

Data migration task updates parameterization of background color (of column fields) for GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen from 'black' to 'white'. In case some other color was already specified in the parameters - then this color is preserved.

2024-03Data conversion103997
Other / General
Data migration task - to fill missing 'Means of transport' on the transport orders

Data migration task for 103516.

Data migration task populates 'Means of transport' field on the transport orders (if it was previously empty), from 'Default means of transportation' field (from transport type).

2024-03Data conversion103523
Geo-servicesxData enpoint (in xServer parameters) was previously available only when Optimizer license configuration key was activated2024-03Bug104738
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Clarify logged error on tourplan when no resource assembly sent to Optimizer via vehicle groups has any availability at all

In certain data constellations, all resources in a vehicle group (trucks, or the combinations of truck/trailer/driver) may be fully unavailable for Optimizer dispatching. But in such case, if user still tried to dispatch to such a vehicle group, the resulting errors in tourplan log would be unclear as to the reason for process failure.
This was now fixed, so that the Optimizer dispatching process stops immediately, if such data constellation is detected, with clear warnings and error messages.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Customer wish as defined on Transport Orders was not always respected during Optimizer dispatching

In Optimizer dispatching, customer wish was not consistently respected for usage of the various combinations of Load/Unload Date From/To with Load/Unload parameter 'Applied on', especially visible when changing Optimizer mode to 'Ignore rough planning' during dispatching.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Incoherent warning when dispatching preloaded and non-preloaded Transport legs to Optimizer

In certain data constellations (when preloaded transport legs were dispatched to Optimizer together with some non-preloaded legs, or unloading at same address as preloaded legs), a warning was displayed/logged to inform the user that the longest time interval defined as fixed on the load/unload activities was selected for Optimizer processing on that address, given current Optimizer provider xTour limitations. This warning was not quite clear, so the text itself was improved. Also, the warning is not being displayed when fixed time for load/unload is 00:00. This also works as a workaround for not taking into consideration any fixed loading time for preloaded legs.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
GPB OS '[Sent to] Optimizer' flag incorrectly set when exporting Transport legs to Generic provider

When Transport legs were exported to Optimizer using a Generic provider, the legs sent would be marked with GPB OS flag '[Sent to] Optimizer' even in some cases when process would stop and legs would not be really sent (example: when legs contained non-geocoded addresses).
This was changed, so that only the Transport Legs really associated with a Optimizer tourplan (Generic provider) would be marked as 'Sent to Optimizer'.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Transport leg 'stolen' from existing tour and added to Optimizer-generated tour

When running longer Optimizer dispatching processes, it is possible that a user would manually plan into a TMS tour one or more Transport legs already taken into consideration by Optimizer for dispatching. In such case, when the tourplan was released, the Transport leg(s) in question were basically unplanned from the manual tour ('stolen') and planned into the Optimizer-generated tour. The behavior itself is correct, but undesirable. The process will now stop from releasing the affected Optimizer tour and display/log error(s) concerning this particular reason.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Moving existing tours created with Optimizer to a date without validity in resource combination plan used

If actual tours were created via Optimizer dispatching processes by using resource combination with certain validity, and then user tried to update those tours with extra transport legs via Optimizer and update the planning date to another one than originally used, it was possible to actually move tours to a date for which there was no validity defined in the original resource combination plan.
This was fixed, so that, if at least one of the TMS tours selected for update are related to a resource for which there is no validity defined in the resource combination plan for the new roughplan date, the process would be stopped with proper warning.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)Missing decimal point in displayresult of function Distance Matrices information>Get distance and time2024-03Bug91446
Dispatching and confirmation
GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen: SLA and temperature fields get blank after refresh when it has color setup

Resolved an issue where SLA and Temperature fields would appear blank after refreshing the leg when Goods Management form gets closed. The SLA and Temperature fields in OS grid now correctly retain their data and background/text color, ensuring accurate tracking of service level agreements and temperature.

Dispatching and confirmation
Creating a tour by drag&drop of legs from GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen onto GPB gantt screens (without holding ctrl-button) - timezone issue with the planned start time of the tour

When creating new tours by drag&drop, the planned start time of the tour did not match the drop location on GPB gantt screen, instead a timezone offset was wrongly applied.

Dispatching and confirmation
Hide qualifications tab when Check qualifications is disabled in GPB parameters

The user experience is enhanced as the Qualifications tab is now hidden (in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen) automatically when the 'Check qualifications' option is disabled in GPB parameters.

Dispatching and confirmation
[GSR] Init tour start address button triggers same dialog as init tour end address button

Though functionality itself was executed correctly, the text of the dialog triggered by the 'Init tour start address' button in GSR displayed the same text as the one triggered by 'Init tour start end address'.

Dispatching and confirmation
Endless loading wheel on tours (in GPB gantt screens) when distance and time calculation is done

When selecting multiple tours in GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen and performing distance/time calculation, after the result is returned, one of the selected tours was correctly displayed, while others had the loading wheel on (even though process is done).

Dispatching and confirmation
Endless loading wheel on tours when release for departure is ongoing

When selecting multiple tours and doing "Release for departure", if another tour is clicked while waiting for a response, the loading wheels for the previously selected tours were still active.

Driver App
"Send to Driver app" button could create multiple Driver app tours if Synchronous change tracking is used

If the Synchronous change tracking is used, the user was able to click many times quickly on the "Send to Driver app" button and the multiple identical Driver app tours were created.

Since this process can take even several seconds, then there are many processes running in parallel, the "Send to Driver app" button is disabled during this process running. The button is enabled again once the process is done.

Dispatching and confirmation
Wrong contact person info in GPB gantt screens (Orders tab)

Previously when there was a depot split on a transport leg and the legs were planned in tours, then when the Depot stop was selected, the contact information was shown from the original address (which would not be relevant for the selected tour stop). This is now fixed and the orders tab doesn't show incorrect contact information. Additionally there is a new section 'Contact details' added to the address tab which will show the contact information for the address of the selected tour stop.

Dispatching and confirmation
'Analyze Conflict' (normal button) previously checked and launched additional processes

When running conflict analysis (from dedicated button) on tour in GPB gantt screens, additional processes were also triggered (processes from Process button). It is fixed and only conflict analysis main process is called.

Dispatching and confirmation
Default background color (of column fields) in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen is newly set to 'white'

Previously, the default value of GPB OS background color (of column fields) was "0" which is black.
Newly, the default value of the GPB OS background color (of column fields) is set to "16777215" which is white.

Driver App
No visibility of reason code description in driver app, when registering a "General incident"

When registering a "General incident" in the driver app (claim which is not related to orders or vehicles), the user must choose a reason code. Previously, the lookup contained only reason code id, not the description of the reason code. For all other claim types it worked correctly. The issue was corrected.

Driver AppActivity, Sequence and Action Type were previously sometimes displayed twice in the Checklist in the Driver App tour form.2024-03Bug103089
Driver App
Adjusting length of driver resource leg was previously sometimes not handled correctly

The issue was especially happening when driver resource leg length was adjusted after the tour has been sent to driver app.

Shipment Builder
'Partial release to warehouse' was not possible in shipment builder redesign

Following issue was corrected in the area of shipment builder redesign:
- partial release to warehouse was not possible

Please note: the issues were only happening when license configuration key 'Shipment builder' was activated in **Not officially released sub-modules**

Subcontracting/IC invoicing
Misleading dialog appears during address/date change on TRO when subcontracted as TRO/TrLeg subco without tour

When Transport order was subcontracted as TRO/TrLeg subco without tour, and user attempted change of date or time directly on TRO (while no confirmation was yet done on subcontracting order(s)), a dialog would appear with text: "Customer invoiced Do you want to launch that action?" The text relating to 'Customer invoiced' was a remnant from old TRO subcontracting feature, and did not have any effect on the date/time change functionality. This dialog has been cleaned up.

Master dataLost field focus in Activities form when selecting a time class line2024-03Bug104490
Dispatching and confirmation
Tour start (local) field in "Crete new tour" form is not working correctly

Previously there were two fields for Tour start time in "Create new tour" form. One was supposed to show the start time in user time zone, the other in timezone of the tour start address.
These fields were not working together nicely. The "Tour start in user timezone" field has been removed and only "Tour start (local)" remains (and has been fixed).

Master dataDriver wizard' button (in 'Driver' form, in 'CAPcargo Transport' section) was previously accessible only to users with "System administrator" security role2024-03Bug104237
Dispatching and confirmation
"Init from route/zone" in "Create new tour" dialog decreased the tour start date by 1 day

In Create new tour dialog, if a Route/Zone is selected, and the user clicks "Init from Route/Zone" the tour date was decreased by one day. This happened only if the selected route/zone did not have a tour start time defined (it was 00:00).

Dispatching and confirmation
Automatic carrying resource assignment in D&D order from GPB OS to GS with Ctrl button doesn´t work

If user drags&drops multiple Transport legs from GPB OS to Tour Gantt or Resource Gantt, while holding Ctrl-button, "New tour" dialog is opened. When entering the needed info and clicking OK, a tour is created. Automatic carrying resource assignment should happen during the tour creation but it didn´t happen.

Dispatching and confirmationResource (effective from/till) validation was previously not peformed correctly in case of fix combination resources (truck/trailer)2024-03Bug104159
Dispatching and confirmation
Automatic carrying resource assignment only done for one Transport leg when multiple Transport legs are drag&dropped from OS to GSR

If user drag&dropped multiple Transport legs from GPB OS to a vehicle in GSR, a new tour was created, and only one of those legs was automatically assigned to the carrying resource. This has been fixed, so that all legs would have carrying resource assignments.

Subcontracting/IC invoicing
Service provision date for subcontracting orders of type 'Resource' connected to wrong Transport parameter

For determination of service provision date during price calculation, subcontracting orders of type 'Resource' were incorrectly affected by same setup of same parameter as the subcontracting orders of type 'Tr-Leg'. This led to impossibility of contract finding in some setup constellations. This was now fixed, and service provision date for subcontracting orders of type 'Resource' now depends on setup for parameter 'Service provision date tour' (Transport parameters>Pricing - Contract finding>Service provision date).

Customer order management and pricing
Creating new contact person for loading/unloading on Default order form was not working

When trying to create a new contact person for loading/unloading using the '+' buttons above the contact field, an error was preventing it from working and the contact person could not be used on the default order. This has now been fixed and adding new contact persons works properly.

Customer order management and pricing"Clean up imported transport orders" periodic task was previously accessible only to users with 'System administrator' security role2024-03Bug103945
Subcontracting/IC invoicingCalculated' flag on subcontracting order header not reset to 'False' when 'Calculated' flag on subcontracting order line becomes 'False'2024-03Bug103837
Dispatching and confirmation
Qualifications with 'or' criteria were not interpreted correctly (acted previously as 'and' conditions)

When setting up qualifications, a certain criteria can be specified (in the 'details' grid). When more criteria were defined on the same line (eg. Motor Vehicle, Trailer), then previously these were handled as 'and' conditions (meaning that qualification had to be provided by both Motor Vehicle AND Trailer, otherwise conflict is raised in conflict management). Newly, such multiple criteria are treated as 'or' conditions (meaning that qualification had to be provided either by Motor Vehicle OR by Trailer).

Customer order management and pricing
Contact person info not initialized in correct sequence on Transport order form

Previously when changing the Load/Unload contact person the Phone; email; internet address and phone secondary were always initialized from the Load/Unload address. This has been fixed and when a Contact person is selected the contact info will be initialized from the contact person and only when there is no Contact person selected and no contact info entered manually will it be initialized from the address.

Subcontracting/IC invoicing
Cost detail in Cost/Revenue form on Transport Order does not display costs from Subcontracting orders without tour

Cost coming from Subcontracting order without tour was not displayed in the Cost/Revenue form on Transport order.
This has been fixed, and additional changes were made (to acomodate also the new subcontracting order of type 'TRO subcontracting' - see more details on ADO 33597):

Cost origin enum 'from tour' has been renamed 'from dispatching' and includes all costs related to:
-- Resource subcontracting order
-- TrLeg subcontracting order
-- TrLeg direct subcontracting (without tour)
-- Tour additional cost
-- Resource cost

Cost origin enum 'from transport order' has been adjusted to include all costs related to:
-- Transport order additional cost
-- TRO direct subcontracting

Subcontracting/IC invoicing
'Delete order from dispatching' action does not delete subcontracting order without tour

If a Transport leg is directly subcontracted without tour, in case there is partial/full confirmation on the subcontracting order, process is stopped when user tries to "delete order from dispatching" from Transport order side.
But if there is no confirmation on the subcontracting order, the same action deletes the Transport order from dispatching, but does not delete the subcontracting order, which remains connected to the Transport order, creating confusion and potentially data corruption.
This was now fixed, so that the subcontracting order (of type Tr-leg) will be automatically deleted when user presses "Delete order from dispatching" (in case no confirmation exists yet on subcontracting order).

'Means of transport' could not be previously imported when transport order was created via EDI

Previously, when creating transport orders from imported orders, the 'Means of transport' was initialized always from the transport type, even if 'Means of transport' was imported (and was different from the one specified on transport type). The issue was corrected, 'Means of transport' is newly initialized from transport type only when not provided by import file.

Dispatching and confirmation
Certain dialog regarding accruals posting triggered during tour confirmation appears even when accruals posting general parameter is false

During manual tour confirmation, a dialog asking "Triggered by the confirmation, accruals would be postedautomatically. Since one (or more) subcontracting order/cost is not yetcalculated, the confirmation process will not be able to post accruals. Theaccruals can also be manually posted directly on the subcontracting order/cost.Do you still want to continue with confirmation?" would appear even when parameter 'Post accruals' in Transport Parameters>Invoice>Invoice Transport>Accruals was set to false.
This was now fixed.

Master dataIn Activities form, the activity record focus was previously lost (ie. focus was reset to first activity), when some activity line was selected2024-03Bug103490
Dispatching and confirmation
Activities defined on 'Activity time per address' are wrongly created on adjacent tourstart or end

When certain activities were defined in tab 'Activity time per address' on a Transport address, and that Transport address was used for loading, some of these activities were also mistakenly assigned to the tourstart (similar behavior also on unload/tour end).

Other / General
Grouping Overview in Work instructions on Transport address is missing

The grouping 'Overview' in Work instructions form on Transport address (containing fields 'Name' an 'Work order description') was not visible by default anymore. This was now fixed.

Dispatching and confirmation
Tour Release for Departure process takes too long when Status message framework is in synchronous mode

When parameter 'Create status messages' (Transport parameters>Dispatching>Tour>Track and Trace) was set to 'Synchronous', the tour release for departure process took a long time. This was improved significantly.

Subcontracting/IC order management and pricingCreation of collective order for subcontracting order without tour (ie. direct subcontracting) was previously not possible2024-03Bug103452
Customer order management and pricingCreating new contact person for loading/unloading (via buttons "Contact details load" & "Contact details unload") was previously not working on transport order form2024-03Bug102995
Customer order management and pricing
Contact person lookups were showing contacts from the customer/vendor party

Previously, the contact person load/unload lookups were showing the contact person of the customer/vendor account. Which was wrong and is fixed under this task; only contact persons of load/unload address can be assigned as load/unload contact persons.

Dispatching and confirmation
Usage of drivers as vehicles, in "Create new tour" form

New validation was added to prevent using drivers as vehicles in 'Create new tour' form.

Customer order management and pricing
Measurements per transport units not initialized on Transport order

In the following constellations, the measurements per transport units were not properly initialized, but now fixed:
- When transport unit is marked as "default" on Transport type
-- (a) on TRO create wizard
-- (b) when adding lines manually to transport order

- When transport orders are imported

Customer order management and pricing
Tare weight and volume were lost during manual package creation

Tare weight and volume are now correctly calculated (and saved), when manually creating packages.

Customer order management and pricing
Several issues were corrected, in the area of package creation & maintain

Following issues were corrected, in the area of package creation & maintain:
- Initialization of default package unit (from transport unit setup) when adding new packages to existing order) was not working; system previously initialized only from default package unit (from main TMS parameters)
- Adding a new package previously sometimes did not update the order line planning qty
- Deletion of package was previously not updating the order line planning qty

Dispatching and confirmation
Tour start / end address can't be changed if there is confirmation

If there´s confirmation on the start/end stop it´s not possible anymore to change tour start/end address even if the tour is in status Dispatching.
Changing the address is possible only if nothing has been confirmed on the corresponding stop. If any of the following is done then it is not possible to change the address:
- Arrived
- And package confirmed
- Any TOL confirmed
- Any activity confirmed
- Departed

Customer order management and pricing
"Tariff quantity initialization status" fields on transport order line were previously sometimes initialized incorrectly

The issue was only happening when "Tariff quantity initialization status" fields should have been initialized from contract version or contract relation. Previously, only contract itself was used as initialization source and contract version & relation initialization rules were ignored.

Subcontracting/IC invoicing
Pressing 'Use confirmed quantity' on a Resource subcontracting order results in error

When pressing 'Use confirmed quantity' on a subcontracting order of type 'Resource subcontracting' after confirming on tour a different quantity than initially planned, error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" was displayed. This was now fixed, so that with proper parameterization on contract ('Use confirmed quantity'<>'None'), the confirmed quantity would be used in calculating tariff quantity on subcontracting order.