TopicTitle & DetailsRelease MonthTask typeADO ID
Geo-servicesGUI of form "Address geo-coding/search" improved2024-07New feature97245
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Enhance Optimizer dispatching process to consider additional trailer newly introduced in various TAL processes (other than resource combination plan)

Field 'Additional trailer' was added in TAL on vehicle masterdata, tour header fields etc. (all places where 'Trailer' field already existed) in US 97244. Consequently, Optimizer had to be adjusted to take into consideration the additional trailer when dispatching to Optimizer by using Vehicle groups (since this was already implemented much earlier in Resource combination plan).

2024-07New feature107806
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Enhance HPRN description and creation process

The description field on the HPRN was enhanced as follows:

--it is now permanently enabled (it can be used for additional description even when the vehicle type does not have the geoservice layer = PTV_Truckattributes enabled)
--'hazardous goods' removed from label and helptext
-- company ID from where the HPRN is generated is added automatically as freetext with delimiter in this field. Can be further edited.
Disclaimer: Company ID being added to the HPRN description does NOT mean that the HPRN is applicable only to vehicle types in that particular company, only that it was generated from that company (could still be applicable to other vehicle types from other companies within same system/xServer setup).

Also, the HPRN creation process has been improved. In case user is attempting to create a duplicate or a not-allowed setup HPRN, the process stops immediately with clear error, so that user would understand why the request was not fulfilled.

2024-07New feature107503
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Remove Tour initialization-related parameters from Optimizer parameters (Algorithm tab) and initialize values from Transport Type parameterization

Since tourstart/end initialization has been enhanced (with US 92553) at the level of Transport type, the unique Optimizer parameterization for tourstart/end initialization has now been removed from tab Algorithm in Optimizer parameters and connected to main tourstart/end parameterization on Transport type.
In this way, Optimizer can now benefit from the possibility of customizing tourstart/end initialization by Transport Type and even default addresses, in case of initialization failure.
Optimizer tours are now fully aligned in this area with tours created by other dispatching processes.

This also means that, in case Optimizer does not find a Tourstart/end initialization value as requested by one level of parametezation (for example: Tour Start = predecessor tour on vehicle masterdata), process of dispatching will no longer stop, but continue looking for a value at the next level of parameterization (ex. Transport type tour start).

Setup warning: In order to avoid discrepancies in Optimizer tour initialization before and after release, please check that the Transport Types used for OPT dispatching are correctly aligned in setup with Optimizer.

2024-07New feature104995
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Validate order quantities and stop process

When using PTV xServer as the Optimization provider, there is a limitation of one million (1,000,000.00) for planned order quantities (regardless of unit of measurement). This is an unlikely scenario for planning unit quantities on Transport orders, except for user input mistakes. In such case, the Optimizer dispatching process stops and user is informed via error log regarding which Transport order ID's have such unacceptable data and must be corrected before process can continue.

2024-07New feature104436
Dispatching and confirmationGPB resource screen (RS) performance improved2024-07New feature107608
Dispatching and confirmationHelp labels were added to many buttons in GPB screens2024-07New feature107432
Dispatching and confirmationWeb address bar is now hidden in the browser window, if new D365 window is being launched from GPB screens2024-07New feature107388
Other / General
[RS] Changes to Details needed to reflect changes/new items in TAL on Vehicles

Due to recent changes in the Vehicle masterdata form, for consistency, the following changes are done as well in GPB RS:

In tab Details>Overview:
- In 'Vehicle dimensions' box
-- 'Axles' field is removed
-- 'Total permitted weight' field is added
- New box 'Technical details' is created and the following fields from Vehicle and their values are added:
-- Axles
-- Driving range
-- Engine
-- Transmission
-- Fuel Type
-- AdBlue
-- Board computer code

In tab Details>Cost:
- 'Board computer code' field removed from Cost box
- 'CO2 emission class' field is added after 'Emission class' in 'Toll cost' box
- Label is changed from 'Registered toll cost weight' field to 'Total permitted weight'

2024-07New feature107385
Other / General
[OS] Enhance 'Show totals footer' to sum up other numerical columns as per selection

Total sum in 'Show totals footer' OS row is now available for the following columns:
-- ADR points
-- Packages
-- Shared packages

2024-07New feature107128
Dispatching and confirmation
Enhance 'Select address' and 'Change address' dialogs to be consistent

The 'Select address' dialog (triggered by 'Insert tour stop' level 3 GS function) was enhanced to additionally display within form the fields Address/Description/City (which already existed in the 'Change address' dialog form).

The 'Change address' dialog (triggered by Tourstop rightclick>Context menu>Change address menuitem selection) was enhance to display all address types available (previously, only enums None/Transport address/Depot were displayed). Also, the sorting of all addresses in the Address lookup field was corrected to show addresses in the same order sort as in the 'Select address' dialog.

2024-07New feature107101
Dispatching and confirmation
[GPB] Enable buttons even when no transport legs/tours are selected

The following buttons are now enabled without the need of selection of leg or tour in OS/GS:

Subcontracting header group --> Direct Subcontracting -->Subcontracting order
Dispatching header group --> Generate/Update tour out of route/zone

Dispatching header group --> Dispatch--> Generate tour from default tour

2024-07New feature107099
Dispatching and confirmation
GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen data loading performance when showing data behind complex relations

Several enhancements have been delivered in the background, so that the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' (aka. OS) screen data loading performance would be significantly improved when display of certain columns with complex relations behind is requested.

In this release the empties quantity & unit related fields are pre-calculated during dispatching operations, instead of calculated in real time when GPB loads the data. Pre-calculation is off by default (which also will prevent adding the empties related fields to OS) and can be enabled in GPB parameters:
- Go to Transport orders / -legs tab
- Enable "Show routes of origin and destination address in OS grid" and "Show opening hours in OS grid"
- Click "Calculate route values for origin and destination addresses"/ "Calculate opening hours values" button. This will calculate these fields in all pre-dispatched legs (=legs which are not yet in a tour). This initial calculation needs to be done just one time after enabling the feature and it only updates the legs that exist at that time. All upcoming legs will be automatically calculated when they're pre-dispatched or changed.

2024-07New feature106830
Dispatching and confirmationExtend the duration of "hover the mouse over" infolog showing in GPB Map screen when tours are being displayed (both airline & truck view)2024-07New feature105312
Dispatching and confirmation
New button "Qualifications" was added to "Manage" section in the GPB "Transport orders /-legs" screen

The button shows the overview of the qualifications per transport leg.

2024-07New feature104552
Dispatching and confirmation
Implement ability to select and copy text displayed in GS tour stop information 'bubbles'

Previously, all text visible on mouse-over in information boxes ('bubbles') next to GS tourstops could not be selected/copied.

Since these bubbles contain more than just Work instructions text (which could already be accessed/selected/copied by clicking the bubble to open a separate browser window), including order references, it was now made possible to select and copy (by using keyboard CTRL+C or mouse rightclick+Copy) any text displayed in the info bubble.

The displayed information bubble closes when clicking on the box top right 'x' or when clicking outside the box itself.

2024-07New feature103897
Dispatching and confirmation
Allow for selected cell(s) in OS grid to be copied

Previously, if a Transport order leg line was selected on OS grid, and user would press CTRL+C, the text in all cells would be copied to clipboard, which was not very precise (or useful).

This was changed, so that, when a Transport order leg line is selected, the CTRL+C keyboard press would actually copy the content of the very cell selected on the line.
Additionally, if user needs to copy the contents of several cells on the selected line, user just needs to hold down the ALT key while selecting several cells, then press CTRL+C.

2024-07New feature99687
Dispatching and confirmation
Introduction and handling of additional trailer in various processes

A new field, Additional trailer, has been introduced in various forms and connected processes, similar to already existing 'Passenger' field (which was also renamed 'Additional driver').
-- Vehicle masterdata
-- Vehicle creation wizard
-- DispLight Tour
-- Create new tour
-- Default tour
-- Route/zone

The tour start/end initialization process is not impacted by the additional trailer, only the main trailer connected to vehicle can be used as driver of initialization (in case of such TT parameterization). This is similar to additional driver no-init rule.

The resource fields in the tour header (Dispatch light) are now always in sync with GPB for the regular cases (when no more than 1 vehicle/1 trailer/1 additional trailer/1 driver/1 additional driver are planned to tour)

Additional trailer is always dependent on existence of main trailer in combination. Same dependency implemented for additional driver.

GPB enhancements:
GS, level 2:
On mouse-over icon for trailer with 'Additional trailer' role, the Resource text field now contains not just the Resource ID, but also the text 'Additional trailer'. Same was implemented for 'Additional driver'.
GSR, level 1:
On mouse-over tour visualized on GSR from perspective of additional trailer, a new line was added with text 'Resource: Additional trailer'. Same was implemented for 'Additional driver'.
When resource has trailer+additional trailer, a new icon is displayed on main selection line, showing two trailers.

2024-07New feature97244
Dispatching and confirmationDriving break activity translation is not displayed in GS level 2 and 3 (activities tab)2024-07New feature95477
Shipment Builder
Order reference is now displayed in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen

It has been requested by multiple departments to show trade order identification number in planning, in order to make searching for plannable orders easier. Although this information is available on the Goods management form, but when looking for orders that way is considered too time consuming.

Therefore, if the ‘Single order’ parameter is activated on the shipment building group of CAPcargo shipment based transport orders, then the identification number of the trade order is now taken over by the transport order, added to the Customer reference existing field.

Furthermore, this customer reference is shown directly in the grid of the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen (also for non-shipment builder orders).

2024-07New feature107681
Shipment Builder
Shipment builder redesign - Phase 1.4 (unofficially released)

The following features are implemented in the new version of shipment builder:
- split back transport cost/revenue to shipment lines and generate miscellaneous charges on purchase/sales order lines
- finalize shipment builder related buttons in GPB dispacthing screens and GPB Transport orders/-legs screen
- quantity split and quantity adjustment functionality supports all features that are available in the current version of shipment builder
- blocking direct delivery chain creation out of a sales order that is already in transportation
- writing rough plan dates back from transportation to sales order line at pre-dispatching (new physical fields are used instead of updating confirmed dates, new physical status field is used instead of TMS rough scheduling flag, supports all order types)
- introducing create/update dialog for direct delivery, non-WHS, and sales return order based transport orders (functionality is parameterizable)

The redesign is not yet fully completed (as at least one phase will be still published in some future release), hence is not yet officially released/supported).

It's linked to a license configuration key which is not allowed to activate in productive environments. CAPcargo rejects all responsibility for using it in production.

2024-07New feature104882
Shipment Builder
Site field is removed from Depot form

Field 'Site' from the Depot form is removed as it was not used anywhere in the code. It was planned to be used for some business processes, but it become obsolete with the latest redesigns.

2024-07New feature104635
Other / General
Rename certain address initialization buttons on the 'Create new tour' form

On the 'Create new tour' form, two of the address initialization buttons were:
--Init from vehicle (home)
--Init from trailer (home)
These labels (as well as accompanying helptexts) were somewhat misleading, since vehicles/trailers do not have 'home' addresses in the same way as drivers do, and the functionality actually triggered 'depot' address initialization.
These labels are now changed to:
--Init from vehicle depot
--Init from trailer depot

The functionality of these buttons remained unchanged.

2024-07New feature108014
Other / General
Description of resource to be added in the resource unavailability form

The resource description was added next to the Resource ID in the resource unavailability form.

2024-07New feature107762
Dispatching and confirmationImproving performance of cleaning type determination when cleaning conflicts 160 and 260 are activated2024-07New feature107416
Customer order management and pricing
Flag 'C/R statistics calculation up-to-date' from Transport Order header not properly reset in all scenarios

Events triggered in a certain order on the subcontracting order related to a particular Transport order did not always properly reset the value of flag 'C/R statistics calculation up-to-date' to false.

2024-07New feature107341
Customer order management and pricing
Surcharge "Reduction value" (in tariff surcharge group) can now be specified in 2 decimals (previously only 'integer' amounts were possible)

"Reduction value" field was also added to the 'TALContractAddonTypeGroup' data entity.

2024-07New feature107331
Dispatching and confirmation
'Strategic tour routing' not triggered in certain constellations

The 'Strategic tour routing' was not properly triggered in all constellations, based on general Transport parameters setup:
--Dispatch TRO directly to new tour
--Generate tour from transport leg
--Drag&drop Transport leg directly on GS
--Drag&drop Transport leg on GS while holding CTRL

The 'Strategic tour routing' parameter is now available on the 'Create new tour' form, with default value coming from the general Transport parameter. User is then able to change it manually for a particular transaction.

2024-07New feature107192
Dispatching and confirmation
Distance and Time calculation not done when creating tours by Drag&Drop of Transport Legs to GS using the CTRL key

When parameter Transport parameters>Geo services>'Tour distance/time calculation in real time' = True, the Distance and Time calculation was done when creating new tours by drag&drop of Transport Legs on GS directly. But the same did not happen when user drag&dropped Transport Legs on GS while holding CTRL key, to first open the 'Create new tour' form in order to further customize the tour._x000D_
The process has now been fixed so that the Distance and Time calculation is also done in the second case.

2024-07New feature107147
Master data
Fields related to import attachments in Transport parameters placed in separate grouping

Two fields related to import attachments in Transport parameters>General>Transport order ('Number of retries' and 'Code') have been placed under a separate grouping, 'Import Attachments'. Also, the field previously labeled 'Code' received a clearer label and helptext ('External code for imported document attachment').

2024-07New feature107130
Customer order management and pricingUI improvements on Order controlling form, moving buttons into top action pane2024-07New feature107051
Other / General
Add/Remove button naming inconsistent in Vehicle wizard/Qualifications step

In section 'Qualifications requested', the buttons to add/remove qualifications were named 'New'/'Delete'.
In section 'Qualifications provided', the buttons to add/remove qualifications were named 'Add'/'Remove'.
For UI consistency, all buttons have been aligned to show 'Add'/'Remove'.

2024-07New feature106732
Customer order management and pricing
Remove 'Vehicle master data' flag from 'Copy vehicle' form

The 'Vehicle master data' flag was always displayed as a disabled field on the 'Copy vehicle' form, since it was never supposed to be editable in this form. Consequently, it has been now removed from the form.

2024-07New feature106713
Master data
Effective from/Effective till fields to be added to the 'Copy vehicle' form

The fields 'Effective from' and 'Effective till' are now added to the 'Copy vehicle' form. However, they are not initialized with pre-existing values in these fields from the to-be-copied vehicle, but always blank. Fields are not mandatory. Blank values are interpreted as 'forever'.

2024-07New feature106700
Master data
Validation already existing on Transport type (for Tour start/end parameterization) to be implemented in other forms

Similarly to the validation already implemented on Transport type (when 'truck/trailer' = trailer, then tourstart/end parameterization is not allowed to be 'Driver home'), the same is now implemented at level of vehicle type, vehicle masterdata, vehicle creation wizard and vehicle data entity import.

2024-07New feature106692
Subcontracting/IC order management and pricing
Improve mechanism of finding and handling resources on tour for auto-creation of Tr-Leg subcontracting orders [additional trailer]

With the introduction of the additional trailer (US 97244), the mechanism of finding and handling resources on tour for auto-creation of Tr-Leg subcontracting orders (initially improved in previous release on US 101023) had to be enhanced to include the additional trailer resource in this mechanism.

2024-07New feature106669
Subcontracting/IC invoicingTransport type to be displayed on invoice pool lines for subcontracting orders of type Tr-leg or Tr-order subcontracting2024-07New feature105401
Customer order management and pricingIn T&T Status message template form, button "Translations" was moved to the position above the template lines (previously button was in top action ribbon pane, where it seemed as 'template header related' - but is in fact "template line" related)2024-07New feature105148
Customer invoicing
Empties invoice: Mark as CAP invoice

Also empties invoices are now marked by "CAPcargo Transport" flag, meaning they are now considered as CAPcargo invoice. Previously, only CAPcargo customer invoices were marked by "CAPcargo Transport" flag.

2024-07New feature104933
Dispatching and confirmation
Redesign "Dispatch directly to new tour" process and rearrange "Create new tour" dialog

"Dispatch directly to new tour" process was redesigned and now it uses the "Create new tour" dialog which is used also in other processes where tours are created. The primary driver for this was to unify the handling of initializing tour start/end address, which we had enhanced recently. We decided that we want to unify the tour creation processes in general so that we only one place and process to maintain and test.

We have also rearranged the user interface of "Create new tour" dialog.

Customizations in the old "Dispatch directly to new tour" need to be evaluated and in most cases moved to a different place.

A significant enhancement in the 'Create new tour' form (regardless from where it was triggered) is the on-the-fly initialization of the Tour Start/End addresses directly in the form based on input from user and considering background tourstart/end parameterization (ex. populate vehicle field, the Addresses are re-init based on settings, if any behind that vehicle; same with main trailer/main driver/Transport type). As a result of this, no further initialization of Tour Start/End addresses is considered AFTER user presses OK (which was the case with the old 'Dispatch directly into new tour' form).

2024-07New feature103360
Customer order management and pricing
Introducing a feature to convert "preliminary" order collection into "definitive" (with current content, without recreation)

Previously, it was only possible to run only "definitive" order collection, which "recreated" the "definitive" collection based on current data (ie. the "definitive" results could differ to "preliminary" results).

2024-07New feature102631
Customer invoicing
Add Contract reference as criteria in "Create and post invoice batch"

The 'Contract reference' field from Transport order lines>Contract tab had previously already been added to rule collective invoice as a parameter, and in TRO invoice pool as a filtering criteria. It was now also added to the 'Create and post invoice batch' dialog form as another filtering criteria for the customer invoice pool transactions.

2024-07New feature101909
Dispatching and confirmation
Remove and deprecate 'Empties' field on 'Tour line' tab in Tour confirmation

The 'Empties' field which previously existed on the 'Tour line' tab in Tour confirmation was removed and deprecated. All information regarding empties is already available in separate 'Empties' tab in Tour confirmation form.

2024-07New feature96349
Dispatching and confirmation
New independent CAPcargo Department table and filter

In the previous versions, the department filter was linked to D365 financial dimension. If the department dimension was used in D365, but financial dimensions not really used in transportation (e.g. the user not assigned to a department), this could lead to issues in GPB filtering.

If department is used in transportation, then often differently than in the rest of the ERP, i.e. with an "own purpose" (e.g. geographically, traffic, type of transport, etc). Therefore we now provide an independent entity 'CAPcargo Department' to be used only for transport purposes, mainly for filtering.

The new CAPcargo department field is available mostly on transaction [header] data (orders, legs, tours...), on template data (default orders/tours, routes...) and on master data 'user/worker' and 'vehicles'. It serves mainly as filter purpose in dispatching (GPB) and is initialized so far only by the user/worker or from template data if defined. - Hence the user/worker can be assigned to [existing logic] D365 standard operation unit (=financial dimension) as e.g. "transport department", but more specifically in the CAPcargo department as e.g. "national transports". If the CAPcargo Department is filled on the user/worker, it is initialized to all filters in CAPcargo Transport.

Note: The existing purpose of financial dimensions in CAPcargo Transport (e.g. initialization and posting on order line level) will stay untouched. Also the advanced framework of initialization rules. - New: the financial dimensions are only used for financial purposes, not filtering anymore.

2024-07New feature96320
Subcontracting/IC order management and pricingKNOWN ISSUE: Confirmed tariff qty for transport leg subcontracting orders not properly working in certain setups2024-07Known issue108581
Other / General
Data migration task - to update customer references on existing shipment-based transport orders

Data migration task for 107681.

Data migration job updates customer reference on existing shipment-based transport orders.

2024-07Data conversion107683
Other / General
Data migration task - to correct corrupt city data in LogisticsPostalAddress

Data migration task for 107198.

Data migraton task finds and updates LogisticsPostalAddress records where City and CityRecId are not pointing to the same City. The value in City field is more trusted and will update CityRecId correspondingly by finding LogisticsAddressCity record where country, city and zip code match the values in LogisticsPostalAddress.

2024-07Data conversion108050
Other / General
Data migration task - to repopulate the 'new' reduction value field on Surcharge Groups form with existing values in old field

Data migration task for 107331

Since the Reduction value field on Surcharge Groups form essentially had to be changed (in order to provide the enhancement from whole numbers to numbers with decimals), this data migration takes the existing values in the old field (>0) and populates them to the new field.

2024-07Data conversion107427
Other / General
Data migration task - to populate 'Cleaning type name' and 'Cleaning type efficiency level' on tour activity

Data migration task for 107416.

Data migration job fills in the new fields 'Cleaning type name' and 'Cleaning type efficiency level' in the Tour activity table for the existing tour activities of type cleaning. The cleaning type of the cleaning tour activity is defined on the activity itself.

2024-07Data conversion107418
Dispatching and confirmationTour stop sequence optimization was previously failing in certain data constellation (resulted into unhandled error)2024-07Bug108547
Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Qualifications always treated by Optimizer as being requested from a resource, even when not necessarily so

Even when a qualification was not setup to be requested from a resource (motor vehicle/trailer/driver), Optimizer treated it that way.
This led to potentially orders being declared unplannable by Optimizer as no resource fulfilled that qualification, when in fact that qualification had a different purpose (for example, just to declare the co-loading restrictions between 2 commodities).

The Optimizer request has been now enhanced to consider a qualification as 'Required Vehicle Equipment' only when the qualification setup contains in Details at least one line of type 'static' where the criteria used is motor vehicle/trailer/driver.

Optimizer (Preview/CTP)
Difficult to delete a Resource combination plan

When user wants to delete a resource combination plan (for any reasons), first the individual lines of the resource combination plan have to be deleted. If any of these lines have been used at least once in the creation of Optimizer tour plan(s), they cannot be deleted unless the related tour plans are deleted first.
But to identify all tourplans dependent on a resource combination plan can be quite tricky. Thus a new menuitem was introduced: 'Show dependent tour plans'. Clicking this menuitem will display an infolog with all tour plans which are using the selected resource combination plan, as well as a link to open directly the particular tour plan.
This is another tool to assist the user when deleting resource combination plans, which supplements the already-existing periodical function of cleaning up tour plans.

Dispatching and confirmation
Missing refresh of GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen, after closing D365 browser window

When changing some data in the D365 browser window (that was launched from the GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen), it could previously happen that GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen was not automatically refreshed after closing the D365 browser window.

Dispatching and confirmation
Drag&Drop from OS to GSR - tour stops not always visible in lvl3

In some constellations, when legs were drag & dropped on resource in GSR lvl1. tour was properly created, but the tour details in lvl3 were not displayed. This was now fixed, tour stops are always loaded and displayed in lvl3 as soon as tour is created.

Dispatching and confirmation
[GPB Resource Screen] Details tab>Cost elements not displayed when Vehicle ID <> Resource ID

Previously, when the Vehicle ID was not identical to the related Resource ID, the cost elements in the Details tab of the GPB Resource screen were displayed with 0 values, instead of the actual values defined on the Vehicle>Cost tab.

Dispatching and confirmation
Resources which are not part of a vehicle group were previously shown on Y-axis in GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen

After a similar issue was fixed in R18, we found, that since R40 in GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen also vehicles (which are not in a vehicle group) are listed again. This is wrong according to the current design. Since GPB does not pre-load the needed master data of such vehicles, dispatching orders to such vehicles (by new function drag&drop from GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen) can lead to corrupt data and unstable situations, due to missing detail data.

The issue is fixed, and currently the resources which are not part of a Vehicle group are not displayed on the Y-axis in GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen.
If such resource is assigned to a tour in D365, and user search for such tour in GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen - there will be no results shown.

Other / General
[GS] All vehicles are displayed in Vehicle filter even if Vehicle group already selected

Previously, even if a Vehicle group was already selected in GS filter, the Vehicles lookup still displayed all vehicles available. This was fixed, so that only the vehicles from the selected vehicle group would be displayed in the lookup.

Same issue was fixed for Driver group selection --> Driver lookup.

Dispatching and confirmationThe leg counter (Selected / Pre-loaded / Total records) was previously sometimes not updated correctly, when new legs were pre-dispatched and user scrolled down in GPB "Transport orders /-legs", to load them onto the screen2024-07Bug107010
Dispatching and confirmation
Unhandled system errors during "Release to depot" process

The issue was especially happening when print related sub-processes were activated for "Release to depot" process.

Dispatching and confirmationIncorrect filtering of the custom fields in GPB 'Transport orders /-legs" screen, under certain filter constellation2024-07Bug106636
Dispatching and confirmation
GPB Gantt Resources (GSR): Tour bar is not shown if tour start is confirmed earlier than planned

We have the designed philosophy to show a tour (Gantt-bar) at its PLANNED START time, even if its tour start confirmed later or earlier. Idea is to have the dispatcher find his tour better, according to his PLAN. There is also a minimum duration for the bar length if the tour duration is very short or not yet calculated.
Now, there was a bug, that if the tour start is [substantially, e.g. 1+ days] earlier than planned, the minimum duration would not kick-in and the tour bar was not shown at all. This was fixed with this task, the tour now shows correctly at the planned tour start time with a minimum duration and clearly indicates though the confirmed dates/times in the tour stop boxes or the tool tips.

Shipment Builder
Collection address of sales return order was linked to the legal entity (should be linked to the customer instead)

When a new address was created from the Create sales return order dialog or sales return order header, the address was linked to the legal entity. This is now changed, and the address now is linked to the customer of the sales return order since the goods are collected from a customer related location.

Shipment BuilderPlanning quantities were previously sometimes not updated on transport order line after load line splitting2024-07Bug105178
Shipment Builder
Error when sourcing vendor is used without direct delivery

An error was shown at automatic purchase order creation from sales order when sourcing vendor was used without direct delivery (Sourcing vendor field = not empty, Direct delivery field = Stock). This is fixed, so no error message pops up anymore.

Dispatching and confirmation
When TT Tour start/end parameterization = First load address/Last unload address in tour, initialization is incorrect if address is not a transport address

Previously, when Transport Type Tour start/end parameterization is set to 'First load address' and/or 'Last unload address in tour', initialization of tour start/end is incorrect when address used for load/unlod is a onetime address.

The behavior was now fixed to be consistent with the initialization in case of TMS address usage.

Error displayed about missing tourstart/end initialization was also suppressed.

Dispatching and confirmation
The 'predecessor tour' Tour Start init value is not triggered unless the vehicle has at least one driver in fixed combination defined on it.

Previously, if the vehicle used for dispatching did not have at least one driver defined as part of the driver fixed combination logic, the predecessor tour (if so parameterized) was not used for initialization of tour start.
This was fixed so that the initialization is not dependent anymore on driver setup.

Other / General
Security setup (eg. role/duty/privilege) of several buttons was adjusted

Security setup (eg. role/duty/privilege) of following buttons was adjusted:
-- Offer to order
-- Address on map
-- Close pre-order
-- Create new packages for all order lines
-- New collective order
-- Conflict analysis
-- Confirm without dispatching
-- Undo confirmation
-- Confirm directly

Customer order management and pricingSpot price calculation of transport order could previously fail if transport order had several order lines2024-07Bug107924
Dispatching and confirmation
Generate tour from default tour not available in GS when no tour selected

Now it's possible again to generate default tours without having to select an existing tour first.

Subcontracting/IC order management and pricingVehicle with an "effective from" date previously could not be used in the contract criteria assignment2024-07Bug107749
Dispatching and confirmation
Missing or wrong warning triggered in certain cases of tour start/end initialization

In certain setup constellations, when the tour start/end initialization engine could not decide from which resource to initialize tour start/end addresses, it would throw the wrong error (mentioning tour start, instead of tour end), or not throw it at all. This was now clarified and fixed.

Customer order management and pricing"The iterator does not designate a valid element." error in order controlling form2024-07Bug107628
Customer order management and pricing
Correction of contact details handling on Transport order creation form

The following corrections related to contact details initialization were done on Transport order creation form:
- Customer contact details are reinitialized from customer, when customer contact person is removed
- Address contact details are reinitialized from load/unload address, when address contact person is removed

Customer order management and pricing
Order calculation id reference was previously sometimes not removed from order lines, when price calculation was deleted

The issue was especially happening when tariff level was changed on the calculated order line (that was part of order collection).

Dispatching and confirmationIf driver & passenger combination was specified via midterm driver plan, then only driver was assigned to a tour when generating tour from transport legs2024-07Bug107467
Dispatching and confirmation
Wrong volume quantity on transport legs/tours (after partial quantity split)

When performing partial quantity split on transport leg (in goods management form), then the volume of the split quantity was evaluated based on the volume calculated from transport unit conversion, even though specific measurements per transport unit were used and displayed on transport order. This leads to wrong and sometimes absurd results (ex. negative values for volume on leg/tour).

Dispatching and confirmation
Transport leg quantity was previously sometimes not recalculated after an order line is removed from order

The issue was especially happening when transport order was split into different legs.

Dispatching and confirmation
Tour start/end addresses initialize the wrong driver home address

In some data setup constellations, when tour start/end parameterization was set to 'Driver home', the home address of the passenger resource was initialized, instead of the main driver home address.

Corrupt city data in LogisticsPostalAddress

If a postal address is updated from an address suggestion from PTV geo services, the updated address might have wrong data in CityRecId field. This happens if the selected address suggestion has different city than the one that was originally used in the address. Our code which updates the address from the suggestion did not update CityRecId field, now it does. There's also a data correction job to find and fix existing address data that has this issue.

We believe that it's unlikely that the data issue would impact business processes.

Customer order management and pricing
Modification on POD report

Couple of modification were done on the POD report:
- Only vehicles are displayed on the report, drivers are not needed.
- Package details are now also available on the report.
- Time from Date section is removed, only dates are displayed.
- The local time zone of the delivery is now displayed (and respected).

Other / General
Text "ActionPaneTab" appears on Contract criteria form

The 'ActionPaneTab' contained only one menuitem 'Generate predefined criteria'. For smoother usability, the tab was removed and the menuitem was added directly to the top of the form.

Other / General
Unrecognized process-stopping error when customiziong financial dimensions in the invoice automation setup

Previously, when creating a new invoice automation rule via setup wizard or editing an existing invoice automation rule, if user inserted a new financial dimension reference without also selecting a valid value, an unrecognized label ID was displayed.
This was fixed, so that user is properly informed that the reason the process is stopped is because of no/wrong selection in the dimension value of the newly created row.

Master dataWhen registering new drivers (via dedicated wizard), their employment start date could sometimes be wrong (it could get offset by time zone)2024-07Bug106635
Subcontracting/IC order management and pricing
Correction of two bugs in subcontracting order area

Following bugs were corrected in subcontracting order area:
- contact person editing
- logical imperfection in part "when all tour order lines are confirmed"

Other / General
Not possible to create drivers (D365 workers / employees) with CAPcargo roles

Security role T&L Resource Clerk D365 was enhanced to include the needed privileges to create D365 workers / employees. This is needed for driver creation process. Additionally, privileges for maintaining calendars were added to the role.

Because of the changes, T&L Resource Clerk D365 role now requires "Activity" Microsoft D365 license instead of "Team Members" license. Please refer to Microsoft D365 licensing guide if needed.

Dispatching and confirmation
Passenger not initialized during dispatching when driver combination logic = midterm driver plan

When vehicle is parameterized so that the Driver combination logic = Mid-term driver plan, and in the Mid-term driver plan, both a driver and a passenger are setup for the vehicle, the Passenger ID is not initialized automatically in the 'Create new tour' form or on the Tour header, when the vehicle is entered in corresponding field. The Driver field was correctly initialized, and now the Passenger initialization was also corrected.

Customer order management and pricingOrder references (stored on transport order header) could get removed, after certain sequence of field editing2024-07Bug105082
Customer order management and pricingIn certain constellations, the conflict analysis on transport order showed incorrectly a conflict for business hours (when it should not)2024-07Bug104977
Customer order management and pricingDefault finance dimension was not initialized to order line when the finance dimension value was "suspended" via company override2024-07Bug104572
Dispatching and confirmation
Duration of activity defined on Tour start/end address stays on tourstart/end even after re-initialized to a different address

Previously, when an activity was defined on an address in the 'Activity time per address' tab, its duration was properly initialized to tour start/end, but then was not properlly removed from the tourstop(s) when the tourstart/end was re-initialized to another address (which did not have such activity defined on address). The reverse process had the same weakness.
Both cases were now fixed.

Dispatching and confirmation
Resource assignment for trailer created according to fixed combination in vehicle masterdata, instead of actual values in field

Previously, when changing from one vehicle to another on tour header, the fixed combination of trailer(s) would follow automatically, and corresponding resource legs would be created. But if user would manually modify such fixed combination, the new resource legs would still be created following the trailer(s) as defined on the fixed combination on vehicle masterdata, instead of the actual trailer(s) defined for particular tour.
This was fixed, so that the resource legs are always created based on actual input into the resource fields on the tour header.

Master dataDeletion of transport unit was previously possible even though the transport unit was already assigned to a transport type2024-07Bug102582
Customer order management and pricingWhen launched as scheduled task, the definitive order collection previously reset the tariff level from "Collect" to "Simple"2024-07Bug101674
Customer order management and pricingSeveral fields were initialized from Contract/Version/Relation to transport order header only after price calculation (these should be initialized already after contract finding)2024-07Bug101672
Master data
Empties units can be removed even if used in empties transactions on Tour confirmation or setup on Transport addresses

Previously, it was possible to delete an Empties unit even if it was already used on an Empties transaction in Tour confirmation, or already setup on Transport address>Empties management.
Deleting such an Empties unit is now prevented and user is informed with corresponding warnings.