The easy modifications methods to handle new code were for long time one of the key arguments why to use Dynamics AX. The layer and later implemented model approach were strong points. Has Microsoft given all the good reasons away with the change to the extension regime?

The introduction of the extension approach at Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations had a big impact on ISV’s. The CAPcargo solution is a large application. This is also needed in order to cover the business requirements in logistics, transportation and supply chain. However, for the historically grown CAPcargo solution this change to extensions was related to a big effort. In the meanwhile this work is completed and the application is overlayerings-free. With this step, migrations to newer versions will become much easier. This helps CAPcargo to provide new releases quicker and especially the usage of multiple ISV’s is getting much easier. Indeed good reasons.

Extension and overlayering description

Comparison overlayering and extension approach

This change has obviously also an impact on project specific enhancements, which were created usually with the overlayering approach. When migrating from AX2012 to D365 this switch must be taken into account. Positive is that the partner landscape and Microsoft have collected experiences, how to handle it.

Even though the testing efforts will become smaller, this work will remain important. Therefore we at CAPcargo have extensive test scripts in place. In every project we emphasis this fact and motivate the customer from the very beginning to build up business process test methods. Success in product and projects are a good reward.