It is always nice to close the year with an updated version. Since beginning of December 2015 the new CAPcargo feature release is available. A spot light to some fascinating new functionalities and read how trends can be taken into a modern TransportManagementSystem (TMS).

Shortly before closing the year the CAPcargo product team has managed to publish a new version based on the ERP system of Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R3 CU9, containing nearly 100 new or improved features. Only five weeks later, the same features were available also on AX2012 R3 CU10. A great effort which allowed several customers to continue respectively start their project on the desired version.

The new key word search functionality is a great help at the manual order registration, finding the appropriate customer or address. An important step to avoid address duplicates.

The empties management is much more flexible and allows the handling also of rented pallets, containers, etc. from e.g. CHEP, Loscam or EuroPool. In many countries to correct management of the empties can help to keep the costs low.

The existing contract and tariff management framework for customers and vendors (subcontractors) is already extremely flexible. Now it has been further improved to allow in the future also to work with variable criteria’s.

Not important whether a logistics service provider or a manufacturing company is using a TransportManagementSystem (TMS), the data exchange with partners is essential. The new Status Message Framework is allowing to send out configurable messages (XML file or e-mail) e.g. to a customer, when reaching a certain status (e.g. “your shipment has been delivered”). This is increasing the flexibility and reducing your IT operating costs.

Are your drivers paid based on the actual work, nearly like a subcontractor? Also this is now possible!

For manufacturing customers we have exciting news: new features are allowing now to ensure a same time delivery to the delivery point across several sales orders. But not only this. When knowing when the goods must reach the customer (‘just in time production’), the system is telling you now, on which dates the shipments have to leave the warehouses, even if they have to be shipped from several sites. Allowing a perfect cooperation between sales, warehouse and supply chain.

Dwight Eisenhower said: “a plan is nothing, planning is everything”. This is the daily life of a dispatcher. As soon as something has been planned, changes are needed. To support these modifications, it is now possible to move a tour line or a single order from one tour directly into another tour.

Offering customer tailored logistics services is one of the keys to make a transportation company successful. We are allowing you with the newly introduced ServiceLevelAgreements (SLA) to automatize such offerings. In a flexible framework you can define the exact service for a specific customer and the system will route and price the shipment accordingly. Unique services to unique customers!

A new release for a perfect start into the New Year.