We often hear the question: “When will the CAPcargo application be available for running on Microsoft Dynamics 365?” The good news: very soon!

A quick look back; in the summer of 2016, CAPcargo migrated the TransportManagementSystem to the, at the time called, The New Microsoft Dynamics AX platform. At that moment, as probably most of all ISV partners, we were faced by massive technical challenges and had to accept many technical compromises in order to make the application running. About at the same time Microsoft announced that they will bring out a new version in late 2016, which could be operated as a “hybrid model” (data set stored locally and in the cloud). We at CAPcargo (and many of our customers) were concerned about the unclear technical concept i.e. the impact if our customers operating AX warehouse potentially locally and at the same time, use our application in the cloud. As a matter of fact, this “hybrid model” has never been published and a new technical approach was needed. We were at that time not sure, whether we could offer a seamless migration path to our customers. As a consequence of this unclear Microsoft roadmap, CAPcargo decided not to publish back then the available application. It was a difficult decision, but our commitment to the market was stronger, in order to bring out only stable versions.

Cloud and Edge deployment

In the meanwhile, a lot has passed. The few name changes are not very important, probably just confusing everybody. The current release is today named: “Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition, July 2017 release”, which is a part of the platform “Dynamics 365 Unified Operations” (not easy to follow…). More important is that we are having a much more stable platform and finally a version which can be deployed locally (on-premise) or in the cloud. Microsoft is calling this Cloud + Edge deployment.

Based on these positive signs, in January 2017, CAPcargo took up the D365 track again. In the background many elements had to be adjusted to allow a smoother and quicker migration. At the same time, the integration into the “new warehouse module” has been heavily enhanced. Good for D365, but also for our existing AX2012 customers.

CTP 1 expected in early August 2017

Today, after 3 months of intensive migration efforts, our application is running again on D365 and regression testing has been launched. We expect to release a first CommunityTechnicalPreview release (CTP 1) in early August 2017. At the same time we will continue adjusting our application to the needs of the platform and will modify the user interface step by step. It is expected that we will make about every month available an update for our various D365 projects.

Even though we expect some further platform modifications, this is a good time for publishing the CAPcargo 365 application and launching Dynamics 365 projects. Also looking forward to the next Dynamics name changes…