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PTV xServer1 is replaced by PTV xServer2

PTV xServer 1 is many years old and hence is suggested to be replaced. PTV develops new features only on xServer 2 already for a while.

According to CAP support life cycle, xServer 1 is still supported in R25, R26, R27 and R28. In R29 it's removed from the product. From now on, CAPcargo is not investing into new features with xSever1 anymore but only in xServer2 (i.e. tunnel codes, dangerous goods, feature layers, better sequence optimization, general performance, etc).

The special situation with this deprecation is, that as customers have the right to run R28 unti its end of support, this also means, CAPcargo has to support hosting of xServer 1 latest until end of support of R28 (March 2023). - However, CAPcargo consultants will initialise the upgrade project with all customers as soon as possible, in order to benefit from the advantages of xServer 2 earlier than only in a year.

Each customer situation is to be analysed with CAPcargo consultants: Infrastructure, Configuration, Licenses, Map, etc

Please note:
- Known-issue at PTV xServer 2 for tour sequence optimization: See also known issue 89335 in this release letter

Other / General
KNOWN-ISSUE: PTV xServer2 Sequence optimization tour end issue for special case

Sequence optimization of tour by PTV xServer2 was successfully tested with several use cases, such as distribution tours (one big load, several unload stops), collection tour (several load stops, one big unload), mixed distribution and collection tour, load & unload at same tour stop, etc.

The following special case produces issues at the tour end:
- A mixed distribution/collection tour containing an order from A to B, and another order from B to A, whereas A and B are NOT the starting and ending depot
- In this scenario the system puts the A-unload at the same sort code like the tour end and visualizes it in GPB after the tour end. This is wrong.
- The tour has to be removed and re-created. No data corruption happened with the transport legs.
- If A and/or B are the starting or ending depot, then the case works fine.

- The reported issue is only with with the PTV xServer2, the previous PTV xServer [1.x] versions are not anyhow affected.
- All other features of PTV xServer2 work well, such as time/distance calculation.
- CAPcargo team will fix the issue in one of the next releases.

2022-04Known issue89335
Dispatching and confirmation
Wrong driving distance & time calculations between tour stops

Previously, in GPB gantt screens it could happen that when calculating driving distance & time on the tour (via PTV xServer interface), then the driving distance & time calculated results were wrongly saved (and shown) between tour stops. The issue was happing only in certain parameterization constellation and could be easily recognized by user (as the driving time & distance between each and every tour stop was the same as the total driving time & distance of the whole tour).

Dispatching and confirmationPreviously, the tour sequence optimization was not working correctly when launched from the GPB gantt screens2022-04Bug89261
IntegrationsWrong address details were being exported via 'TAL Transport legs' entity2022-04Bug89225
Dispatching and confirmation
Small enhancement of result info message of 'Generate/Update tour out of route/zone' process (when transport leg cannot be planned into existing tour)

Previously, the result info message show Transport address id (which has not much informational value to the user), it was replaced by address name & city.

2022-04New feature89152
Other / General
Package/model 'CAPcargo GPB Adapter D365' (CAPcargoGPBAdapterD365) was removed as obsolete, together with other obsolete objects (in task 88912 'Removal of Obsolete objects that were deprecated in 10.0-CAP18.0 or earlier release')

In case the package/model is used in some project customized implementation of GPB, a special precaution is needed as it will require additional changes of customized code.

2022-04New feature89124
Other / General
Repositioning of two menuitems in main menu 'CAPcargo Transport'

In main menu 'CAPcargo Transport', in 'Inquiries', following two menuitems were moved to 'Resources' sub-menu:
- 'Resource time view'
- 'Truck loading history'

2022-04New feature89107
Dispatching and confirmation
Performance improvement of dispatching actions on the tour

Performance improvement was done entirely only on the code level (by change of index in CLXTALPackageTourOrderLine table), without any negative effect on the functionality. Also the handling of tours (that don't have any packages) should be improved, as even there the check 'does the tour have any packages?' will perform better now.

2022-04New feature89060
Customer order management and pricing
Wrong saving of 'Controlling approved' flag in 'Open controlling' form (when opened from transport order form)

Previously, in the 'Order controlling' form, it could happen that when 'Controlling approved' flag was set/unset, the change was lost after the grid was refreshed. Same behaviour was noticed also when 'Invoice' flag was set/unset. Both issues were happening only when 'Order controlling' form was opened from transport order form and were corrected.

IntegrationsField 'Message per Order line' was added to the 'TAL Status message setup' data entity (as field was previously missing there)2022-04New feature88920
Other / General
Removal of Obsolete objects that were deprecated in 10.0-CAP18.0 or earlier release

Because fields have been removed from database tables, the usage data of some processes might be broken. In such case the user will get an error like: "A container for table (CIRTRATour) was packed with more fields than are currently defined on the table and cannot be safely unpacked. The container will need to be recreated with the new table metadata in order to be unpacked correctly."

The solution is to clear the usage data of that process (full list of processes and usage data object names below). In case of scheduled batch jobs the batch job should be set up again.

Potentially impacted processes and the technical name of the usage data that might need to be cleared (processes marked with asterisk * are reports):
- Clean up Mobile app tours (TALdraTourCleanupController)
- Distance and time calculation (TALgsTourTimeDistanceCalcController)
- Confirm & finalize tour (TALshiCompleteTourExecutionController)
- Sub-contracting order * (TALSubContractOrderController, TALSubContractOrder_SubTourController)
- Calculation tour additional cost (TALTourTACPriceCalculationService)
- Close tour (TALTourCloseController)
- Unloading list*, Loading list* (TALTourLoadUnloadListController)
- Release to warehouse - Tour (TALshiTourReleaseToWHSController, TALshiTourReleaseToWHSBatchController)
- Tour Report * (TALTourReportController)
- Way bill * (TALWayBillConsolidatedReportController)
- Work Instructions * (TALWorkInstructionsController)
- Contract finding transport order (TALTROContractFindBatchController)
- Price calculation transport order (TALTROPriceCalculationBatchController
- Update transport order tariff quantities from confirmation (TALTROUseConfirmedQtyController)
- Contract finding sub-contracting transport order (TALTROVendContractFindBatchController)
- Price calculation sub-contracting transport order (TALTROVendPriceCalculationBatchService)
- Generate transport legs (CLXTALTLegGenerationDataController)
- Order confirmation * (TALOrderConfirmationController)
- Print labels * (TALPalletLabelReportController)
- Track and Trace Batch (TALttRunbaseFormServiceController)
- Split back transportation cost / revenue to shipment lots (TALshiSplitCostRevenue2ShiLotController)
- Sub-contracting order (for transport order)* (TALSubContractOrder_TransOrderController)
- Time-distance calculation transport order (TALTROTimeDIstanceCalculationController)
- Way bill * (TALWayBillReportController)
- Print labels ZPL (TALZPLLabelPrintController)
- Correct transport legs (CLXTALTLegCorrectionDataController)
- Create tour from pre-planned legs (TALGenerateTourFromPrePlannedLegsController)
- Generate/Update tour out of route/zone (TALGenerateTourFromRouteController)

Master dataPreviously, on transport address form, it was not possible to geo-code address if it previously already failed (and address was marked with flag 'Geo-coding' failed)2022-04Bug88897
Dispatching and confirmation
Problematic refresh of the tour in GPB 'Resource Dispatching', after performing the 'Release for departure'

When performing the 'Release for departure' in GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen, then occasionally the tour failed to refresh automatically (and the refreshing spinning wheel stayed on the screen). The issue was especially noticed on the tours that were submitted to driver app (but could also happen on other tours). Issue was corrected.

New data entity for administration of qualification details

New data entity ''TAL Qualification details' was created, both for export and import projects.

2022-04New feature88877
Dispatching and confirmation
Distinguishing between 'requested' and 'provided' resource qualifications in GPB 'Resources' screen

New field 'Type' was added to the 'Qualification' tab in the GPB 'Resources' screen, to show whether the resource qualification is requested (ie. Type=Demand) or is provided (ie. Type=Provide).

2022-04New feature88837
Customer order management and pricingVisualization of the transport order load & unload addresses on the Bing map now respects also the address street number2022-04New feature88816
Shipment Builder
Error preventing tour 'Release to warehouse'

Previously, it could happen that when releasing tour to warehouse, the process was interrupted with error 'A container for table (CIRTRATour) was packed with more fields than are currently defined on the table and cannot be safely unpacked...'. The issue was corrected and error should not be encountered anymore.

Improvement of the transport order EDI interface, to support the adding new order lines to existing transport orders

Previously, it was possible to change certain transport order (and line) fields via EDI interface, but adding the new order lines to existing transport order was not possible. This task enables it.

Important pre-requisite:
- The 'Update' EDI message must contain the already existing order lines (with the same 'LINENUM'), new order lines must have different LINENUM

Please note:
- The deletion of previously existing transport order lines (via EDI interface) is not supported

2022-04New feature88792
Dispatching and confirmationMissing automatic refresh of the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen when some tour was deleted2022-04Bug88759
Dispatching and confirmation
Date filters in 'Resource planning overview' form were previously not reliable

Following corrections were done on the 'Resource planning overview' form:
- Data filters do perform correctly now
- 'ETD calculated' fields were removed from the grid
- 'ETA calculated' fields were renamed to 'Start date/time' and 'End date/time'

Dispatching and confirmation
Performance improvement: Faster initialization of tour start address from predecessor tour

On transport type, there is a parameter 'Mode' (in the 'Dispatching' section, in 'Tour initialization' field group), via which it is possible to:
- initialize tour start address form the predecessor tour of the vehicle
- update end address of that predecessor tour based on the start address of the new tour

The performance of finding the predecessor tour is now faster because of a new index in the tour stops table.

2022-04New feature88722
Customer order management and pricingThe route animation in the leaflet map (in 'Calculation transport cost' form) was sometimes not working correctly, only part of the route was animated in some cases2022-04Bug88695
Dispatching and confirmation
Performance driven improvement of the Fitting/Non-Fitting resource evaluation in the GPB 'Resources' screen

Previously, in GPB 'Resources' screen, the Fitting/Non-Fitting evaluation of 'Qualifications' and 'Capacity' (aka. two vertical status bars on the left of each resource) were calculated via two separate web services. To improve the performance (ie. to reduce the data calls between GPB & D365 backend), both status bars are now calculated via one common service.

2022-04New feature88689
Dispatching and confirmation
In GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen, the carrying resource was sometimes not automatically assigned to the tour, after planning the order into tour (via drag & drop from GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen)

The issue was happening when resource id & vehicle id were not matching, ie. resources were parameterized in the way that the resource/vehicle link (or resource/trailer link) was established using different resource id & vehicle id. The issue was corrected and carrying resource assignment is automatically again performed (after drag & drop), for such resource parameterization.

Dispatching and confirmation
Performance driven improvement of process 'Generate/Update tour out of route/zone'

Improvement was done on the code structure level, without any negative impact on the functionality. Improvement is affecting also the 'Direct dispatch (route)' process on the transport order form, as it uses the same code.

2022-04New feature88596
Dispatching and confirmation
Duplicated visualization of multiselected resources in the dialog when adding resources to tours (via drag & drop from GPB 'Resources' screen)

Previously, it could happen that when selecting several resources and dragging them from GPB 'Resources' screen to tour, the info dialog (that shows which resources are to be planned to the tour) showed duplicated resources. The issue was especially happening when the same resource selection was previously planned into some tour, then removed from the tour, then again planned to another tour - and during this activity (ie. when reusing the same resource selection for planning/unplanning) the dialog showed duplicated resources. The issue was only in dialog visualization, the result (ie. resource allocation on the tour) was not duplicated. The issue was corrected and resource duplication should anymore occur during resource drag & drop action.

Premature termination of the transport order EDI periodic task, when certain error was encountered

Previously it could happen that when certain error during transport order EDI process was encountered, then whole EDI batch task was terminated (and no further orders were imported/updated). This was corrected, now when such error is encountered, then problematic record is skipped (and error log is populated) and batch task continues to process next records.

Other / GeneralSecurity role 'T&L Master Data Management Clerk' was wrongly assigned to license type 'Operations' (was changed to 'Team Members' license instead)2022-04Bug88545
Transport order EDI periodic task was finishing with 'Ended' status, even though some errors were encountered

Previously it could happen that the transport order EDI batch task was finishing with 'Ended' status, even though there were some errors encountered. The errors were available in the batch log, but it was not immediately clear to users that come errors were encountered. The issue was corrected and the transport order EDI batch now ends in 'Ended' only when no errors were encountered.

Other / General
Removal of the security role 'T&L Shipment Builder System Administrator'

Security role 'T&L Shipment Builder System Administrator' was removed, as it was not effectively used in the TMS module.

2022-04New feature88492
Dispatching and confirmation
Several enhancements of the tour creation process (via drag & drop of orders to GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen)

Following improvements were done:
- Improved performance when a tour is created by drag & dropping orders from the GPB 'Transport orders /-legs' screen onto the individual resource white space in the GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen.
- Better logic for reusing the same tour stops instead of creating many stops in the same address.
- New parameter 'Tour sequence optimization in real-time' was added to main TMS parameters (to section 'Geo services'), via which it is possible to automatically launch tour sequence optimization during the 'drop' action.

2022-04New feature88478
Dispatching and confirmationTours could not be generated from default tours (correction of regression of release 10.0-CAP23.0)2022-04Bug88454
Dispatching and confirmation
Possibility to run/use the previous version of sequence optimization (of the tour)

As the core logic of sequence optimization (of the tour) was re-worked, for legacy purposes it is still possible to use the old/previous version of the sequence optimization. This was achieved by adding a new parameter 'Use legacy logic' to the dialog that is populated when sequence optimization is launched on the tour. When 'Use legacy logic' parameter is activated in the dialog, then the previous/old (ie. legacy) sequence optimization logic is used.

Please note:
- The legacy sequence optimization should be used only in individual cases (ie. when new sequence optimization logic does not work as expected). The parameter was added rather as a safety precaution, as during our internal testing we did not encounter any cases where new sequence optimization would be getting worse results than the old/legacy one. But if such cases are encountered during the testing (or during productive usage), then it is possible to individually revert to the old/legacy one.

2022-04New feature88421
Enabling the track & trace status messages for the transport order line

Previously, it was possible to create/send track & trace statuses only on following three levels:
- Transport order header
- Transport leg
- Package

This task introduces fourth level - newly it is possible to create/send track & trace status messages on the transport order line level.

Key points:
- New track & trace status was added (Status003 'Manual message order line')
- New checkbox parameter 'Message per Order line' was added to the 'Status message setup' form (which activates the sending of message per transport order line (similarly to previously existing 'Message per package' parameter))
- New button 'Manually create message' was added to the transport order line (to send messages manually).
- Transport order line reference was added to the track & trace wizard (to show for which order line are the status messages being created)

2022-04New feature88402
IntegrationsField 'Document type' was added to the 'TAL Activities' data entity (as field was previously missing there)2022-04New feature88400
Master dataDriver' form was previously showing also the workers that were not drivers (ie. workers with 'Worker type' = None)2022-04Bug88398
Customer order management and pricing
New calculation base for failed pickup/delivery tariff surcharge: percentage of freight amount

Previously it was possible to charge customers a surcharge for failed pickups and/or deliveries via a surcharge of type fix amount. Eg. 2 failed deliveries for 25 CHF each. Now, two new calculation bases ('Failed delivery order amount' & 'Failed pick-up order amount') have been introduced that allow to charge a percentage of the freight price as the surcharge amount.

The base of the calculation is still the number of failed pickups respectively the deliveries on order header. So for example when the original freight amount is 50 CHF and 1 failed delivery was applied against 100% the total price of the order would be 100CHF (50 CHF freight + 50 CHF failed delivery surcharge). In case of 2 failed deliveries against 50% would result in 100 CHF (50 CHF freight + 2x 25 CHF failed delivery surcharge = 50 CHF). The same logic applies for the failed pickup cases.

2022-04New feature88388
Dispatching and confirmation
Correction of the sequence optimization, when being used in PTV xServer2

Correction of known issue 88384 of release 10.0-CAP24.0.

Sequence optimization of tour was corrected and works now correctly also when PTV xServer2 is activated.

Dispatching and confirmation
Improvement of the info messages after sequence optimization on the tour

Info messages (that are shown after performing a sequence optimization on the tour) were enhanced, to give the user more details about the sequence optimization result.

2022-04New feature88376
Shipment Builder
Performance improvement of the transport order & shipment synchronization process (when launched from the tour)

The performance improvement was done on the code structural level, should not have any negative impact on functionality.

2022-04New feature88292
Dispatching and confirmation
Performance driven enhancement of the 'Resource planning overview' form

Following points were changed in the 'Resource planning overview' form, to achieve a better performance and improve user experience:
- Menuitem 'Refresh' was added to the form (to the 'Resource leg' menuitem section in top action ribbon), which (re)loads the form with currently set filters
- The form now doesn't load data automatically upon initial form opening (as the initial date filters are usually too generic and lot of potentially unnecessary data was loaded). So after initial fast form opening, users can now set desired filters and load the data via new 'Refresh' menuitem

2022-04New feature88247
Customer order management and pricing
Wrong order reference on the pre-order

Order id reference was previously filled on the pre-order (in the order header, in 'Setup' section', in the field 'Pre-order'), which was wrong, as the (pre-)order id reference shall be filled only on the target transport orders (that were created from pre-order).

Other / General
Relocation of the GPB web browser cache file path to the same path as the MSAL cache file

GPB web browser cache file path has been relocated to following path on the clients (to be stored in the same patch as MSAL cache):

The change is pure technical (without any effect on the front end), to have a consistent structure of GPB cache files.

2022-04New feature88240
Customer order management and pricing
Infolog correction when creating a new transport pre-order

When a new transport pre-order was created, the info message 'Transport offer(s) successfully generated.' was shown. The info message was corrected, now it shows 'Transport pre-order(s) successfully generated.'

Shipment Builder
Performance improvement of the shipment builder process, for D365 purchase orders

Shipment builder processes (which are related to D365 purchase order) should have a better performance.
The improvement was done on the code structure level, without any impact on the functionality itself.

2022-04New feature88140
Dispatching and confirmation
Improvement of the tour stop selection process in GPB

Following improvements were done:
- The mechanism to focus previously selected tour stop in the tour was enhanced, as the tour stop 'view point' could get sometimes reset to first tour stop position (and previously selected tour stop was thus not directly displayed on the screen).
- It could also happen, that previously selected tour stop was de-selected after certain dispatcher actions.

2022-04New feature88113
Shipment BuilderLoad date to' was not filled on transport orders (which were created from return orders)2022-04Bug87814
Master data
Not possible to import qualifications to the vehicle type

Importing qualifications to the vehicle type was previously failing (with error "Insert not allowed for field 'Qualification type(QualificationType)'". The issue was corrected.

IntegrationsAddress area related fields were added to the 'TAL Qualifications' data entity2022-04New feature87727
Dispatching and confirmation
Conflict for missing certificate for the driver was sometimes not detected

Conflicts255 ('Qualification - missing certificate for driver') was previously sometimes not detected during conflict analysis. The issue was especially happening for qualifications which were requested by transport address (or address areas) and driver's certificate was expired.
The issue was corrected and Conflict255 is now detected also when qualification is requested from address (or from address area).

IntegrationsData entity 'TAL Status message criteria line' was previously failing for importing2022-04Bug87673
Master dataNo validation of transport unit during setting up of the container type mapping2022-04Bug87659
Master data
'The selected address is no longer effective.' infolog on orders after manual reset of the 'Geo-coding failed' flag on the address

On address details (in the global address book), it was previously possible to manually reset flag 'Geo-coding failed'. The issue was that the manual reset of the flag was creating new address version (which caused certain complication for already existing orders that were using the address). The issue was corrected and the 'Geo-coding failed' is disabled for user manual changes, as the flag is managed by the address correction processes (that do not create a new address versions).

Dispatching and confirmation
Instruction activity rules shall not be manually created by dispatcher

Previously, it was possible to add manually new instruction activities in the GPB gantt screens (on the tour stop level). This was not foreseen (as instruction activities should be created by instruction activity rules) and could lead to unexpected situations, where manually created instruction activities were removed during instruction activity.
To support manual adding of instruction activities in GPB, it would require further changes (which are not currently planned).

Therefore, it is not possible anymore to create manually instruction activities, as the instruction activities were removed from the activity lookup (where dispatcher select which new activity shall be added).

2022-04New feature87526
IntegrationsUnable to import message template group lines ('TAL Status message template lines' data entity)2022-04Bug87519
Dispatching and confirmation
Enhanced logic for creating/reusing tour stops when adding transport legs to tour

Following mechanism are now applied when adding transport legs to tour:
- When adding orders to existing tour, also tour start/end addresses are considered when the system evaluates whether to put the order to existing stop or create a new tour stop
- When new tour is created from transport legs via Drag&Drop to GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen, system doesn't create multiple stops for the same address anymore (if many legs had the same load/unload address)
- However some processes still can create 'duplicate' stops in tour start/end address:
- Dispatch Transport order directly to a new tour
- Create tour from transport leg (used also by Drag&Drop orders to GPB 'Resource Dispatching' screen)
- When the tour initialization mode (on the transport type) is activated (ie. when set to 'From predecessor tour' or to 'To predecessor tour'), then the current tour start & first loading tour stops are not merged (for 'From predecessor tour' setup) or the predecessor tour end & last unloading is split (for 'To predecessor tour' setup)
- These exceptions exist because the tour/start end address is quite often changed after the tour was created. And it can only be changed if the start/end address doesn't have any orders. Therefore 'extra' empty stops are created in tour start/end.

2022-04New feature87504
New data entity for administration of billing proposal matching rules

New data entity 'TAL Billing proposal matching rule' was created, both for export and import projects.

Please note:
- only soft criteria on the 'Billing proposal matching rule' are available for import/update

2022-04New feature87449
Other / General
Introducing a general mechanism, how to remove obsolete data migration jobs

Data migration jobs are usually used when there is a data model change. Quite often they are used to move data from old (now obsolete) field to a new field/table. The nature of the data migration jobs is that they are only relevant when moving from a specific CAP version to a newer version. Once the life cycle of the certain release is over, its data migration jobs are no longer relevant, as all projects are either upgraded (ie. the data migration tasks were already run) or the direct upgrade is not anymore supported. Previously, there was no mechanism to remove such obsolete data migration jobs and they were just cumulating in the application.

This enhancement is introducing a general mechanism for removing old/historical data migration jobs.
In this release some data migration jobs have been already removed - mostly the ones related to upgrading data from the (obsolete) fields that were now completely removed in the 88912 task ('Remove of Obsolete objects that were deprecated in 10.0-CAP18.0 or earlier release'). But there are still older data migration jobs, which will be processed (ie. removed) in some future release(s), via this new general mechanism.

2022-04New feature87424
New data entity for administration of Transport delivery terms

New data entity 'TAL Transport delivery terms' was created, both for export and import projects.

Additionally, two previously existing data entities were renamed, to avoid user confusion (and to be able to distinguish better between data entities):
- 'TAL Delivery terms' was renamed to 'TAL Incoterms'
- 'TAL Delivery terms line' was renamed to 'TAL Incoterms line'

2022-04New feature87376
Dispatching and confirmation
Customer wished timeslot (for loading/unloading of the transport order) was sometimes not respected in transport leg

The issue was only happening when some customer wished time slot was specified on the transport order (eg. 'Unload date' was on 8.4.2022, from 10:00 to 12:00), but no 'Unload date to' was specified. In these cases (ie. when 'Load date to' or 'Unload date to' were empty), the system then failed to promote the customer wished timeslot (eg. from 10:00 to 12:00) to corresponding transport leg.

Customer order management and pricing
Performance of copying of transport order was enhanced

'Copy Order' feature on transport order form was enhanced, the copying or orders shall be faster now.

2022-04New feature87291
Dispatching and confirmation
Reducing the amount of decimal places in capacity utilization form

'Show capacity' form (launchable from the GPB gantt screens, from context menu of the tour stops) previously showed unnecessary amount of decimal places, which was not too convenient (and did not have any informational gain). The amount of decimal places was thus reduced, to show the used capacity only with one decimal place.

2022-04New feature87284
Dispatching and confirmation
Automatic driving time & distance calculation of the tour was not precise in certain parameterizations

If main parameter 'Tour distance/time calculation in real time' was enabled, then the automatic driving distance & time calculation did run too early in 'Create tour from transport leg' process. The issue was corrected, and automatic driving distance & time calculation is launched after the strategic routing process (to ensure that resulting driving time & distance calculation on the tour reflects the result of strategic routing).

Customer order management and pricingWhen generating transport order from default order, the 'Plus date' field in the dialog parameters was not respected in certain parameterizations2022-04Bug87068
Master data
Possibility to manage drivers via TAL standard security roles (ie. linking existing worker to existing resource)

Previously, to assign an existing worker to resource was previously possible only for users that have security role of 'Human resource assistant' (or 'Human resource manager'). This was not ideal as both aforementioned Microsoft D365 roles grant too much privilege to the user. This was now enhanced, to assign an existing worker to resource newly requires only 'T&L Resource clerk D365' security role.

2022-04New feature87039
Dispatching and confirmation
PTV xServer2 interface didn't reflect the weight of the transport order, for driving time & distance determination

The issue was happening only in PTV xServer2 interface and was corrected.
PTV xServer1 interface was not affected, there the transport order weight was reflected correctly.

Dispatching and confirmation
Enabling the usage of tunnel codes in the PTV xServer interface (both xServer1 & xServer2 is supported)

The official tunnel restriction codes are now taken into account for extended route calculation. Therefore the truck attribute data contain segment attributes to indicate the tunnel category.

The tunnel codes are included in the functionality and can be used when different dangerous goods are added to the transport order line.

For xServer2, following tunnel codes shall be used: A, B, C, D, E
For xServer1, following tunnel codes shall be used: 0, 131, 121, 111, 101

2022-04New feature86126
Master data
Address search periodic task could fail

In certain data constellation, it could happen that the address periodic task (to update search data) was failing with some error infolog. The issue was corrected.

Dispatching and confirmation
Wrong driving distance calculation when distance unit 'Miles' set in PTV xServer2 parameters

Previously it could happen, that driving distance calculation was in certain constellations calculated wrongly. The issue was only happening when PTV xServer2 was used and when PTV default distance unit was set to 'Miles' in main parameters. The issue was corrected and the default PTV distance unit can newly be only 'Kilometres' when PTV xServer2 is used.

Please note:
- the TAL default distance unit can still be set to 'Kilometres' in main parameters, even when PTV xServer2 is used.

Customer order management and pricingVolume of the package (eg. in cubic meters) is newly calculated from the package dimensions (eg. from depth/width/height) in case the conversion between measurement units is defined2022-04New feature85568
Driver App
Enhancement of the calculation of load/unload quantity fields in the driver/truck loading app form

Mobile app tour forms even previously showed load/unload quantity of the related tour stop. But due to recent new mobile app features, the previous simple logic was not 100% reliable. Especially in following cases the quantity was not show correctly:
- Load and unload of a tour stop happen in different apps
- Same tour stop is sent to both apps for any reason (this quantity still showed all load/unload quantities in both app tours)
- Same tour stop has many truck loading app tours (one per carrying resource)

The load/unload quantity logic was enhanced the the driver/truck loading app form, to cover also these cases.

2022-04New feature85034
Possibility to remove status messages from the system

'Delete' button was newly added to the status message form. so it is possible to remove status messages. Please note, only messages in status 'Sent', 'Cancelled' and 'Error' can be deleted.

2022-04New feature84478
Dispatching and confirmation
New periodic task, for automated creation of tours from default tours

New periodic task 'Generate tour from default tour' has been added to the system, it is accessible in main menu in the following path:
- CAPcargo Transport -> Periodic -> Dispaching -> Generate tour from default tour

So it is now possible to generate tours from default tours automatically, via scheduled periodic task.

2022-04New feature82798
Dispatching and confirmation
Performance driven redesign of the 'Generate tour out of default tour' process

Code of 'Generate tour out of default tour' process was completely re-written, to achieve a better performance and easier maintenance in the long run. For users the changes are not so visible, as the changes were done mostly on the code level.

Please notice:
- The 'Select all' menuitem in the 'Generate tour out of default tour' dialog was removed, users should use the standard D365 'select all' checkbox above the grid
- It is still possible to use wildcards in the dedicated filters 'Transport type' & 'Dept.'. So for example setting up the filter Transport type '1,2' is supported

2022-04New feature82797
Customer order management and pricing
Re-enabling wildcard usage in inaccurate address on transport offer

Historically (ie. in TMS AX2012), it was possible to use wildcards in the inaccurate address of the transport offer. So, for transport offers, it was possible to specify address for example in the following way:
- Country = CHE
- ZipCode = 830*

This functionality was later lost, during upporting the TMS module to D365 (and to newer versions of PTV xServer).
This task restores this functionality.

Key points:
- It is possible to use wildcards in the zipcode specification (without any city) on the transport offer. Driving time & distance can be calculated for such offers, even the price calculation. So users can create offers (and thru offers also transport orders) with really general (ie. rough) specification of loading/unloading addresses.
- It is also possible to transform such offers into transport orders. Driving time & distance can be calculated for such transport orders, even the price calculation.
- When generating transport legs from orders (that contain some inaccurate address), the user is informed (that order contains inaccurate address), but the leg creation is possible (after user approval).
- Tours with inaccurate addresses are thus also supported, incl. driving time & distance calculation (incl. map visualization).

2022-04New feature79911
Dispatching and confirmationPerformance improvement: Changing the tour start/end datetime is now faster2022-04New feature79421
Dispatching and confirmationTour section vertical scrollbar (that is appearing when there are more tour stops than could fit onto one screen) width was enlarged. As previously the scrollbar in both GPB gantt screens was too narrow2022-04New feature49630
Customer invoicing
In certain circumstances the reversal of the invoice (ie. issuing a credit note for invoice) was not possible

The issue was caused by inconsistent data (caused by pro-forma printout process) and was corrected by introducing following validations to the pro-forma invoice process, to avoid that such inconsistent are created):
- the pro-forma printout process cannot be launched as scheduled batch task
- print management is deactivated for pro-forma printout process
- it is not possible to deactivate the 'Pro forma' flag during the pro-forma printout process

2022-04New feature34334
Customer order management and pricing
Missing auto refresh on the manual order surcharge form after removal of calculated surcharge

Previously, when calculated surcharge was removed in the manual order surcharges form, the form was not automatically refreshed and had to be refreshed manually. This was causing a bad user experience, especially when removing more surcharges. Manual order surcharge form was enhanced, and is now automatically refreshed after surcharge removal.

2022-04New feature25842
Master dataIn 'Cross docking rule' form, the 'Departure zone' & 'Destination zone' lookups were not showing any zones, when 'Departure/Destination zone codes' were set to 'Address group'2022-04Bug25764
Master dataWrong column name in the 'Obstacle factor' form (the 'ZIP code' column was wrongly named as 'Obstacle factor')2022-04Bug25740
Customer order management and pricing
Multiple same surcharge types in the tariff surcharge definition

Previously, it was possible to have the same surcharge type stored on the multiple tariff surcharges (within the same contract version or contract relation). This caused certain issues during price calculation - in some cases only the first surcharge type was calculated. The issue was corrected and new form validation was added to the tariff surcharge master data form, to ensure that the surcharge type is unique across the tariff surcharges (within the same contract version or contract relation).

Master dataPreviously it was possible to manually specify 'Criteria type' on the service level agreements. This was corrected (and field is newly locked for user changes) as the criteria type shall be only automatically determined from the weekday criteria id2022-04Bug25646
Subcontracting/IC order management and pricing
Possibility to select an inactive contract on the intercompany order line

On intercompany order line, it was possible to select a contract that was inactive. The issues was corrected and inactive contracts are now not shown in the contract lookup on the intercompany order line.

Customer order management and pricing
Wrong invoice details of the invoice for third party surcharge

When third party surcharge is being invoiced, system produces a separate invoice to main order invoice. The issue was that the invoice for third party surcharges was initializing invoice details (eg. language, payment conditions etc.) from the invoice account of the main order, which was not correct. The issue was corrected and the invoice details are now initialized from the invoice account of the third party surcharge.

Dispatching and confirmation
In certain constellations, the user 'wished' tour start time was not respected during tour creation

Previously, it could happen that when creating new tours (that should start exactly on the same time as is the UTC time zone shift (of the tour start address)), then the tour start time was overruled by default 'Start time' (from the main TMS parameters). The issue was corrected and the default 'Start time' (from the main TMS parameters) is applied only when no tour start time is provided.

Customer order management and pricing
Removal of the address contact data in 'Good management' forms

Address contact data section was removed from the 'Goods management' forms, as it was not actively used by projects.

Following address contact data fields were thus removed:
- 'Description'
- 'Type'
- 'Contact number/address'
- 'Extension'

2022-04New feature25173